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Module 3 Unit 8 Lesson 3 language points_图文

Unit 8 Adventure
Lesson 3 Marco Polo
高一 3, 4班 李春萍

To deal with language points ■ do some exercises to use them ■ To finish off the test

Part I


1. He was also confused by the black stones people used to burn for fuel. = People used a kind of black stones. The stones could burn and were used as fuel. He was also confused by these black stones. 他也对人们用作燃料的黑色石头感到 困惑不解。

[结构分析] people used to burn for fuel是省略引 导词that / which的定语从句,用来 修饰the black stones。若还原了引导 词,则that / which作used的宾语, 定语从句部分的to和for都表示目的。

2. Marco was asked the question, “Was it all true?”, to which he replied, “I have only told half of what I saw!” = People asked Marco, “Was it all true?” He replied, “Yes. I have only told part of what I saw. Other parts are more unbelievable.”

有人问马可:“你讲的故事都是真的 吗?”他回答道:“我讲的只是我所 看到的一半。”

[结构分析] 直接引语“Was it all true?”作 the question 的同位语;to which he replied是定语从 句,修饰前面的 the question,其中to位 置移到了关系代词which之前。what I saw是名词性从句,在此处作of的宾语。

Part II


1. Read the passage again and match the words in the box with their definitions. a) in turn b) wealthy c) author d) break out e) stand by 1) start 2) as a result 3) insist that something is true 4) writer 5) rich

Part III

Language Points

1. Not long after his return, a local war broke out near his town. 他回去后不久,在他的家乡附近爆发了一 场区域性的战争。 [点拨] break out (指火灾、疾病、战争、暴动、 暴乱等坏事)突然发生,爆发(没有被动 形式)如: Bird flu broke out in Vietnam.

take place(通常指“变化”)发生(没有被 动形式) happen (通常指偶然的事件或事故)发生 (没有被动形式)

broke out 1) A big earthquake _________ in Tangshan in 1976, which caused great damage. have taken place 2) Great changes _____________ in our city,

which encourages us a lot. happened 3) This morning a car accident __________ on the bridge.

2. He went to a city where iron was produced in huge quantities. [点拨] Quantity 作名词,表示“数量;量”; in huge / large quantities 表示“大量”。 又如: The cost of our products can be lower if they are produced in large quantities. 如果大批量生产的话,我们的产品的成 本会降低。

[拓展] (1) a quantity of 表示“一些”; (2) 与quantity形似的quality表示“质量”。 如: A large quantity of products was produced in a short time, so the quality of them couldn’t be guaranteed. 因为在短时间内生产出了大量的产品, 所以它们的质量没有保证。

[即时演练] 翻译句子: (1) 卸下(unload)一些石油后,那艘船重 新启航了。 The ship set sail again after unloading a quantity of oil. (2) 介绍您的商品时请把数量、质量、 价格包括进去。 When introducing your product, please include its quantity, quality and price.

3. Marco, in turn, was amazed by how beautiful and powerful China was. [点拨] in turn 表示“依次;轮流”。又如: We clean the classroom in turn. 我们轮流打扫教室。 in turn 在课文原句中可理解为“轮到; 反过来”。 [拓展] 包含turn的常见搭配还有: by turns 轮流

take turns (in) doing sth / take turns to do sth 轮流干某事 it’s one’s turn to do sth 轮到某人干某事 [即时演练] 完成句子。 (1) My brother and I do the housework _______________ (轮流). in _______________ (轮流) to look (2) Weturn take after the child. turns (3) It’s _____________________ (轮到我 们值日) our turns to be on duty today.

4. But Marco always stood by his tales. [点拨] stand by在此处表示“忠于……;坚 持……;支持……”。又如: He stands by what he said. 他坚持他说的话。 [拓展]
(1) stand by还可以表示“袖手旁观”。如:

I cannot just stand by when someone I know is suffering. 我认识的人受苦时,我不可能袖手旁观。

(2) 包含stand的常见搭配还有: stand for 代表 stand out 突出;显眼 [即时演练] 完成句子。 stand by (1) Don’t just __________. Come and give me a hand. (2) It is easy to identify, because its obvious stand colour makes it ____________. out stand for (3) Each flag hanging here ____________ an organization that has participated in the activity.


Complete the sentences using the words in the box. in turn, wealthy, author, break out, stand by 1) He became _________ through hard wealthy work and careful saving. author 2) He is a successful __________. He has already written three best selling novels.

3) The president told the reporter that he wanted to __________ his earlier stand by statement. 4) In the past, without clean running water, disease would often ___________ in break cities. out 5) The customer praised the manager, who, in turn ___________ praised his staff.

1. Review the Grammar Summary 4,

on Page 93.
2. Finish off Exx.1-7 on Pages 70-71. 3. Prepare a brief introduction to Marco Polo based on the outline given below.


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