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2015 年春季信息杯上海市中小学生英语听力竞赛试卷(小学组)附 答案
注意事项: 1.请在答题卡上相应的位置写好自己的姓名、学校、年级、准考证号。 2.本试卷共 50 小题。竞赛结束时,请将试卷和答题卡一并交回。 3.播放录音时,可先将答案划在试卷上。录音内容结束后,你将有十分钟的时间将试 卷上的答案转涂到答题卡上。

一、听句子,从题中所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出你在句中所听到的那个单词。每 个句子朗读一遍。(共 10 分,每小题 1 分) 1. A. taught B. bought C. thought D. brought 2. A. sleeping B. skiing C. swimming D. skating 3. A. older B. warmer C. cooler D. colder 4. A. headache B. toothache C. backache D. stomachache 5. A. health B. wealth C. healthy D. wealthy 6. A. beat B. meat C. treat D. meet 7. A. sleepy B. typing C. speeding D. weeping 8. A. sour B. shower C. flower D. tower 9. A. small B. ask C. manager D. caused 10. A. postpone B. photograph C. photocopy D. physics

二、听短对话和对话后的问题,从题中所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出最佳选项,并 将答题卡上的相应位置涂黑。每段对话和问题朗读一遍。(共 60 分,每小题 2 分) 11. A. 2:20. B. 2:40. C. 3:00 D. 3:20. 12. A. $3. B. $6. C. $12. D. $15. 13. A. 21. B. 23. C. 25. D. 30. 14. A. A T-shirt. B. A camera. C. A pen. D. A purse. 15. A. Husband and wife. B. Teacher and student. C. Doctor and patient. D. Boss and secretary. 16. A. In the library. B. In the restaurant. C. In the park. D. In the hospital. 17. A. Have a piano lesson. B. Take photos. C. Watch a drama. D. Go for a swim. 18. A. Visit their parents. B. Stay at home. C. Have a barbecue. D. Go shopping. 19. A. The traffic is not convenient. B. It’s too close to busy roads. C. Rooms are not big enough. D. There is no swimming pool. 20. A. Because he forgot the party. B. Because he couldn’t find a gas station. C. Because he was lost. D. Because he ran out of money. 21. A. Husband and wife. B. Brother and sister.

22. 23. 24. 25.

26. 27. 28. 29. 30.

31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38.

39. 40.

C. Teacher and student. D. Clerk and customer. A. Sam turned it in. B. He lost his key. C. It was in the lock. D. He got it from Sam. A. Coffee. B. A chocolate milk shake. C. Tea. D. A vegetable salad. A. Look at the bus schedule. B. Ask the policeman for help. C. Go and ask the staff. D. Buy tickets online. A. He is a sales manager in the company. B. He is being interviewed for a job. C. He is talking to the sales manager in the company. D. He is having a business meeting now. A. Her new responsibilities in the company. B. Her job prospects. C. Customers’ feedback. D. The director’s opinion of her work. A. Combine her training with dieting. B. Repeat the training every three days. C. Avoid too much physical training. D. Include weightlifting in the program. A. When she will return home. B. Whether she can go by herself. C. Whether she can travel by air. D. When she will completely recover. A. Switch off the refrigerator for a while. B. Have someone repair the refrigerator. C. Ask the man to help her. D. Buy a refrigerator of better quality. A. It’s good for health to have some ice cream. B. He can’t eat any snacks because of his toothache. C. He doesn’t believe in what the doctor says. D. He can’t eat ice cream though he feels hot. A. At a meeting. B. In a restaurant. C. At home. D. On his way. A. To try his luck at another restaurant. B. To book a table for Tuesday. C. To book a smaller table. D. To cancel his dinner plans. A. A noisy night. B. Life in town. C. A place of living. D. Buying a flat. A. Find a player. B. Watch a game. C. Play basketball. D. Join the man. A. Saturday. B. Sunday. C. Monday. D. Friday A. The cost of fixing the window. B. The difficulty of cleaning it up. C. The possible harm to the people. D. The punishment he will get. A. Peter doesn’t like to be bothered. B. The machine was just repaired. C. The man couldn’t make any copies. D. The man can learn to use the machine. A. The man will buy some envelopes for the woman. B. The man will take the woman to town. C. The woman will have to go and buy some envelopes herself. D. The woman has written several letters today. A. Because she is energetic. B. Because the seat is occupied. C. Because she feels tired. D. Because it makes her feel dizzy. A. He is surprised that Dan did not fail. B. He is working especially hard on physics. C. He wonders how Dan’s history course went. D. He wants to pass the management course.


三、听长对话和短文, 每段对话或短文后有几个小题,从题中所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项 中选出最佳选项,并将答题卡上的相应位置涂黑。每段对话和短文读两遍,问题朗读一遍。 (共 30 分;每小题 3 分) 听长对话,回答第 41~44 小题 41. A. Because he goes out so late. C. Because he is ill. 42. A. She hates them. C. She is confident about them. 43. A. Studying all night does help. C. Getting nervous can help. 44. A. He should go to the cinema. C. He does need some exercise.

B. Because he hasn’t seen a doctor. D. Because he works so hard on his exam. B. She likes them. D. She is nervous about them. B. Having enough sleep is helpful. D. Going to a party every weekend is good. B. He should stay up all night. D. He used to go out very often.

听短文, 回答第 45~47 小题? 45. A. As a part-time employee. B. As a senior manager. C. As a store manager. D. As a junior manager. 46. A. Because he already had one. B. Because I had to pay the bills first. C. Because I knew my boss would give me one. D. Because I was not paid by the company. 47. A. My son is much more important than a glove. B. My boss knows about kids much. C. Kindness is more important to workers than money. D. My boss should become a senior manager. 听短文, 回答第 48~50 小题? 48. A. To satisfy the needs of their family. B. To fully realize their potential. C. To make money for early retirement. D. To gain a sense of their personal worth. 49. A. They may have to continue to work in old age. B. They may regret the time they wasted. C. They may have nobody to depend on in the future. D. They may have fewer job opportunities. 50. A. Make wise use of our time. B. Enjoy ourselves while we can. C. Save as much money as we can. D. Work hard and play hard.







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