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在解答根据所给词的适当形式填空时: 首先,要阅读句子,正确理解句意,虽 然题中已经给出应填单词的相应提示, 但这并不与答案完全吻合。 其次,正确分析句子的语法结构和应 填词的在句子中充当的成分,有利于正 确判断应填词的词性。


在中考中,常见的的词性转换会涉及到: 名词→ 形容词, 如 danger-dangerous. 动词→形容词,如 : use-useful
形容词 →名词 , 如:difficult- difficulty 形容词→副词,如:lucky- luckily.

同时,要注意题干中的固定搭配, 根据固定搭配做出相应的变形; 有时,要根据句子中词汇的提示 判断所填词的形式,有冠词,应 填名词的正确形式。若为动词, 应注意人称,数,时态,语态及 非谓语动词形式。

若为形容词,副词应注意等 级变化。 最后,把变化好的词放到句 中检查,看看句子是否通顺 完整。此外,还要注意正确 规范地拼写出单词。

Let’s review!


1 be动词单复数 is 1)There ____( be ) a pair of shoes under

the bed.

2 Tom and I ____ ( be ) in the sameclass. 3)Where ____ ( be ) you just now?
4)Anna ____ ( be ) one friend of mine.


名词的单复数 children 1 )How mang ____ ( child ) in your class.
2) I have two ____ ( knife ) .
men 3) A few ____ ( man) workers were knives

working at 4:00 yesterday afternoon.

.4) The boys ____ ( boy) are playing football on the playground now.
teeth ( tooth) three 5) We should brush our ____ times a day.

注意:名词的变化规则: 1 规则变化的复数形式
A、 一般情况下加-s 如 book –books girl– girls

pen –pens

B 、以s,x,ch,sh或o 结尾的加-es 如 bus –buses box—boxes watch—watches dish—dishes tomato—tomatoes C 、 以辅音字母加y的单词把变为i加-es 如 city –cities country—counties baby—babies D 、以f或fe 结尾的,把f或fe 变成v加-es 如 leaf—leaves knife—knives life—lives wife—wives

2 不规则变化的复数形式

A 、元音发生变化的:man—men foot—feet tooth—teeth mouse—mice (老鼠)


B 、词尾发生变化的:child—children C 、单复数形式相同的:deer—deer sheep—sheep

注意:1 不可数名词没有复数形式,不能用

a/an修饰,但可用some, any, a little, much修饰。 如 some milk , much money, a little time 2 在句中做主语 时当单三用:

3 代词的单复数变化 this—these that—those I—we you—you


eg.1) Those ____ (that) are strawberries. his (he ) homework. 2) Lin Tao never does ____ 二名词所有格
1 单数名词和不以-s结尾的复数名词的所有格通常在词 尾加-‘s,my sister ’s pen; women ‘s work 如以-s是结尾的复数名词的所有格在词尾加’。 如 Teachers’ Day .

2 如果表示两者共同拥有,只在最

后一个名词后加-’s 即可; Linder and Tina ’s uncle

如果表示两者各自拥有,则每个名 词后都加-‘s。 children‘s and men’s clothes

3 ―of +名词所有格”这种形式被称 为名词的双重所有格,常用来表示 整体中的一部分。 如: a teacher of my brother’s

4 表示时间,国家等无生命得事物的 名词,可在词尾 加’s或 ’ 来构成所 有格。 如: today‘s news two hours’ walk

三 人称代词和物主代词

1 人称代词----- 主格 We 1) ____(our) are having a Chinese class now. she 2) Does ____(her) have a new bike? you (your) like? 3) Which pen do ____ I 4) On Christmas Day ____(my) got many gifts. 2 人称代词---- 宾格 (在句中作宾语,一般用在动词或介词之后。)
1)Let me ____(mine) have a look. her 2) David is behind ____(she) .

your 1)What is ____(you) job? 2)Miss Li is their ____ (them) English teacher.

3 形容词性物主代词

4 名词性物主代词 Mine his 5 The school bag is ____(his) .____(my) is over there.
四 基数词和序数词 1 基数词表示数量 2 序数词表示顺序 eg.Lily is nine years old. Her mum will have the ninth birthday party for her.

基数词变序数词口诀:one— first , two--second three-- third ,其余之后 th.eight减t( eighth ), nine去e( ninth ), f代替ve,y变为ie ,然后再加th. tweny-( twentieth ). 几十几,要注意,个位变序要牢记。

五 动词—时态 1 一般现在时 A 主语为第三人称单数 动词的变化

Lives 1)He ____ (live) in a small town. goes 2)Susan often ____(go) to school on foot. 若句子前已有助动词,后面的动词就用原形。 do 1) She does not ____(do) her homework on Saturday and Sunday. 2) Does Ben____ (like) animals?
B 其它情况,动词用原形 have (have) lunch at half past elever. 1) I usually____ 2) They ____(read) English every day. read

现在进行时—―be + v-ing‖ drawing (draw) a horse. 1) Look,I am ____ are singing 2) Listen, the students _____ (sing) an English song. aren ‘ t having 3)We _____ ( not have) a PE class now.

3 一般过去时 A 规则变化 1) She picked ___ (pick) lots of pears last weekend. 2) I dropped ___ ( drop)my pencil just now. B 不规则变化 was (is) at home yesterday. 1) The mobile phone ___ 2) We had __ (have) a good time on New Year?s Day. C 在否定句中和疑问句中有助动词,后用动词原形。 1 ) Did you visit ___ (visit) the zoo on Monday? 2)They didn‘t watch ___ (watch)TV yesterday evening.

4 一般将来时 A :be going to +动词原形
is going to buy(buy) some notebooks next week. He __________

B : will+动词原形
will go They_____ (go) home tomorrow.

六现在完成时态:have/has +done

I have __ already finished ___ (finish) reading the book. It is very interesting.

七 过去完成时态:had+done By the time I got to the bus stantion gone (go). The bus had _____ 八 动词--非谓语形式 1 不定式 to drink I would like ______ (drink) some milk. 2 动名词 playing We enjoy ____ (play) basketball

九 其它 1 情态动词 dance She can ___ (dance) beautifully.

2 祈使句 Don ‘t open (not open)the door,please. ________ 3 国家和国籍的转化 Nancy comes from America _____ (American). She is American ______ (America)

4 表示否定的变化 Mr. Green goes to work by bike,but Mr.White doesn ___‘t (does). 5 形容词和副词
well 1)She speaks Chinese _____ (good). carefully (careful). .2) Please listen _____ 3) Luckily ____ (lucky), I didn‘t hurt myself.

6 被动语态: be done be allowed Teenagers should not ________ (not allow ) to get their ears pierced. 七 固定搭配 enjoy doing sth. would like to do sth. be worth doing sth prefer to do sth rather than do sth help oneslf to sth can’t help doing sth had better (not)do sth….

用所给词的适当形式填空 invitation 1 Did you get an _____ (invite) to her party? comes 2I‘ll call you as soon as he ____ (come) back. more interesting 3 This book is much _______________ (interesting) than that one.

to stay 4 I prefer ____ (stay) at home go rather than ___ ( go) shopping

5 Shanghai is one of the cities biggest_______( city) in China.
buying 6 Tony spent 20 yuan_____ ( buy) the pen.

7 By the time we got to the cinema , had been on ( begin ) for a few the movie _________ minutes
to learn (learn) 8 It is important for us _____ English well. repaired (repair) 9 My uncle got his car _________ last week. 10 We will go to senior high gradulating (gradulate). scholl after__________


初中英语 动词填空解题方法

1.根据时间状语确定时态 2.根据上、下文来确定时态 有些句子没有明显的时间状语, 又不能用时 态呼应规则来对照, 这时就可以根据上下文内 容来判断时间关系, 确定正确时态。

3.根据主从句的关系来确定时态 在主从复合句中, 主句谓语动词与从句谓 语动词的时态是相互照应的。即我们所说的时 态一致。

二、注意所填动词的语态 初中英语中, 学生应掌握两种语态: 主动语态和被动语态。

主动语态: 表示主语是动作的执行者, 其基本 形式为: 主语+动词( 宾语) 。 e.g. I parked my car outside the school。

被动语态: 表示主语是动作的承受者, 其形 式常为: 主语+be+及物动词的过去分词( p.p) +by+动作的执行者。 by 短语如 无必要指出则可省略。 e.g.Many trees are planted every year.

在英语的各类词性中, 动词是一个很关键的词性, 它是 构成句子的灵魂, 一个句子没有动词则只能是词汇的叠 加,少了动词的句子根本不能成立。 根据动词在句子中的作用,可分为谓语动词和非谓语动词, 谓语动词在句子中做谓语,体现时态和数, 非谓语动词在句子 中起非谓语作用, 它的形式是不定式、动名词、过去分词 ( 现在分词) , 可担任主语、宾语、补语、状语、定语等, 它 们不受主语的人称和数的制约, 但非谓语动词本身根据句子 要求也会有时态和语态的变化。

四、实战练习:用所给动 词的正确形式完成短文。






QQ is one of the most popular chat tools among teenagers. We 1______ it as an important chat tool in our daily life because it has some advantages. First, we can make lots of friends on QQ. It is easy to find the person who 2_________ the same interest as us,

and we can talk with him or her happily. Second, we can also join a QQ group to find the information we need. For example, if we want to learn English well, we can choose 3_________ a group with many English lovers in it. Third, we can also play games with

our friends on QQ and always have brings fun.QQ 4_________ us lots of benefits(好处),but it can also cause some problems. It's dangerous to tell strangers on QQ our real personal information like telephone number, address and ID number. If we spend too chatting 0nline, it won't much time 5_________ be good for our study and health.

Hello,every.It‘s my turn to be on duty is today. Today is Friday.Everyone 1 ____ here except Li Ping. Time 2____ flies quichly. The exam is coming 3_____.Before our our graduation,I to express would like 4__________ my thanks to our teachers and classmates.With your help,I have made great



, express, fly, come

prograss. We have been getting on well with each other for these years.I hope all of us can 5succeed _____ in the exam and have a bright future! Best wishes to us all. That‘s all.Thank you. (2015 黔南州初中毕业考试英语模拟试题)

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