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M1 Unit2 Grammar and usage

M1 Unit2
年 学 级:ZX-12 科:YY

Grammar and usage
编号 NO:004 编写时间:2013-11-09 上课时间:

主备人: 复备人: 高三英语组

1. To revise the important and difficult language points 教学 目标

2. To develop and practice the abilities of analyzing and solving problems, 3. To grasp the methods of solving problems and improve the skills of reading and writing. Analyze and solve problems, grasp the method of solving problems

教学重点 教学难点

Improve the skills of reading and writing. Most of them can finish the exercises on time, but they couldn’t finish them 学情分析 correctly, so more exercises are needed.
教学媒体 PPT, Bb 教 学 过 程 复 备 栏

Step 1 Revision and Lead-in Step 2 Grammar I 1. Ask the students to read the two attributive clauses in Point on page 28 and then point out the antecedents in them. And then tell the function of each antecedent in the clause. 2. Read the two sentences in Point 2. (They informal English and the preposition is usually put at the end of the attributive clause. ) 3. Judge whether the following sentences are true or false. 1)Dad is a person to who I can easily talk. (F) 2)Dad is a person whom I can easily talk to. (T) 3)Dad is a person I can easily talk to. (T) 4)Dad is a person to that I can easily talk. (F) 5)Dad is a person that I can easily talk to. (T) 6)Dad is a person who I can easily talk to. (T) 4. Practice 1)The two things were their children’s excellent performance in study and their happy family life. The parents felt very proud of them. 2)I shall never forget the day. We first met on that day. 3)He has lost the key to the drawer. The papers for the meeting were kept in the drawer. 4)Can you lend me the magazine? You talked about it with your classmates yesterday. 5)Antarctica is covered with thick ice all year round. We know

very little about it. Ask the students to combine two sentences into one. Pay attention to the prepositions 注: 介词+关系代词 whom 介词 ? 关系代词?

?w hom人 ?which物

(1)关系代词的确定 先行词指物: 介+which 先行词指人: 介+whom (2)介词的确定 技巧: ① 根据定语从句的谓语动词来判断 The picture for which he paid 2000 dollars was drawn by a famous painter. The picture on which he spent 2000 dollars was drawn by a famous painter. ② 根据先行词特殊性 The speed at which the machine operates is show on the computer. ③ 特例 I don’t like the way in which/that/省略 you speak to her. 注: 1. 介词+which=when/where/why ④ 有些介词不可提前 This is a boy that we must look after/took care of. 类似的词组: look for/look after/take good care of 等 ⑤ 介词+whom/which+不定式(相当于一个定语从句)

Step3.Exercises to consolidate Step5 Homework:

1. To consolidate what they have learnt in class 2. To finish the rest exercises on paper

教后 反思



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