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【金榜新学案】人教必修4 Unit 4 Body language第一学时_图文


Reading and Comprehension

1.What’s the purpose of language?

To communicate with others, to tell and express our thoughts, feelings, reactions etc.
2.Can you think of different ways for people to meet or

Handshake, a loving hug, a kiss on the cheek, two palms together, bowing.

3.Can you give some examples of body language?
Shrugging one’s shoulders(耸肩),shaking one’s head(摇 头),nodding one’s head up and down(上下点头 ),frown(皱 眉),smile(微笑),blow a kiss(飞吻),scratch one’s head(挠 头) .

Task 1 快速阅读课文Communication: No Problem? 以约30词写 出文章的段落大意。 温馨提示: 本文文体为夹叙夹议,写摘要时,要扣住 几个具体事例及其文章想说明的道理:了解身势语的重要 性。 _______________________________________________ ______________________________________

The text gives some examples showing that people from different cultures may use different body language, so studying international customs may help avoid difficulties in today’s world of cultural crossroad.

Task 2 根据课文内容,选择正确答案。 1.Which is the main idea of the text? (

C )

A.There are different customs in different countries. B.Foreigners should follow the customs of the country where they are visiting. C.People use body movements to send messages and different body movements have different meanings.

D.The importance of knowing customs.

2.Which two persons will shake hands after being
introduced according to the text? (

C )

A.Akira Nagata and George Cook. B.Ahmed Aziz and Darlene Coulon. C.Darlene Coulon and George Cook. D.Ahmed Aziz and Julia Smith.

3.When a man from Colombia and a lady from France are introduced to each other,what will they do as greeting according to the text? ( B ) A.The man will approach the lady and try to touch and kiss the lady on the cheek while she will step back.

B.They will shake hands and then kiss each other twice on each cheek.
C.The man will nod at the lady and she will smile back. D.They will bow to each other.

4.If two men stand close to each other while talking,

they cannot be from ________. (

A )
B.Spain Arab country


5.“Tony approached Julia”.The underlined word in line 11 has the same meaning as that of the sentence

____________. (

B )

A.The lion’s approach drove away the small animals B.As you approach the town,you’ll see the college on the left C.It might be possible to approach the problem in a different way D.Oil prices have approached their highest level for almost ten years

Task 3

Not all cultures greet each other the same way. Name Tony Garcia Julia Smith Akira Nagata country How to greet

4.________Julia, Colombia 5.__________her shoulder and 6. ________her on the cheek! 1.______ Stepped back.
Japan 7.________

George Cook Ahmed Aziz Darlene Coulon

2._____ Reached his 8.________out.

Moved very 9.________to me. Jordan Asked a question and 10.____my hand. Simply 11.________at girls. Shook hands and kissed each other 3._____ 12.________ on each cheek.

1.Britain 2.Canada 3.France?4.Approached 5.touched 6.kissed 7.Bowed 8.hand 9.close 10.shook 11.nodded 12.twice?

Task 4 根据课文内容,在下列空格中填上恰当的词语,使文 章连贯完整。 If you have a chance to observe several foreign visitors from different countries getting together,you’ll surely experience some 1.________ that will happen among them in body language due to the difference of their 2.________.For example,when at the first meeting,Colombians like to 3.________ others,4.________ their shoulders,while British will keep a certain distance from others;Canadians will 5.________,while Japanese will 6.________.From the above examples,we know that all cultures don’t 7.________ each other in the same way.

In short,as well as 8.________,our body language can also express our 9.________ through physical distance,actions or posture. But remember that 10.______of the actions or posture is good or bad,and they are only the ways of 11.________ with people. Different cultures result in different body language. (1)misunderstandings (2)cultures (3)approach? (4)touch (5)shake hands (6)bow (7)greet? (8)spoken language (9)feelings (10)none? (11)communicating?

一、请将课文Communication: No Problem?译成汉语, 然后参考“译文助读”自主勘误。 译文助读

昨天,我和另一个同学代表我们大学的学生会去首都 国际机场迎接今年的国际学生。他们来北京大学学习。我 们会首先把他们带到宿舍,然后去学生食堂。在等了半个 小时之后,我看见几个年轻人走进了等候区,好奇地向四 周张望。站着观察了他们一分钟后,我便走过去打招呼。

第一个到达的是从哥伦比亚来的托尼· 加西亚,随后紧 跟着的是英国的朱莉娅· 史密斯。在与他们碰面并介绍他们 彼此认识之后,我(对看到的情景)感到很吃惊,托尼走近朱 莉娅,摸了摸她的肩,并亲了她的脸!她后退了几步,看上 去有些吃惊,并举起了手,好像是在自卫。我猜想这里可能 有个大的误会。随后,来自日本的永田明微笑着走了进来, 同时进来的还有加拿大的乔治· 库克。当我为他们作介绍时, 乔治把手伸向了这位日本学生。然而此时永田明正在鞠躬, 他的鼻子碰到了乔治伸过来的手。两个人都互相道了歉—— 这又是一个文化差异。

另一位国际学生艾哈迈德· 阿齐兹是约旦人。昨天我向 他作自我介绍时,他靠我很近。我往后退了一点儿,他又上 前问了我一个问题,然后同我握手。法国的达琳· 库隆匆忙 走进门的时候,她认出了托尼· 加西亚微笑的面孔。两个人 握了握手,并且在对方的面颊上吻了两下。通常,法国成年 人见到熟人就是这么做的。而艾哈迈德· 阿齐兹只是朝女孩 们点了点头。来自中东或一些穆斯林国家的男士,在谈话时 通常站得离其它男士很近,但一般不会与女士接触。

随着认识的国际朋友越来越多,我也了解到更多不同文化 背景下的“身势语”。各种文化背景下的人互致问候的方式不 尽相同,身体接触和相互间距的程度也不尽相同。用口头语言 交流的同时,人们使用不出声的语言——身体间的距离、动作 和姿态等,来表达情感。比如,英国人通常不会站在离别人太 近的地方,也不会一见面就(用身体)接触陌生人。但是,来自 像西班牙、意大利或南美等国家的人会站在离别人很近的地方, 而且很可能(用身体)接触对方。现在世界上大多数人见面都会 相互握手问候,但有些文化(背景下的人)会采取另外一些寒暄 的方式。比如,日本人就更愿意鞠躬。 这些行为都无所谓好与坏,只不过是文化发展的不同方式 而已。然而我发现身势语的文化习俗是多元的——同一个(民族) 文化中也并非所有成员的行为都一样。但总的说来,在当今文 化交融的世界,学习不同国家的习俗肯定能帮助我们避免交往 中的困难。

二、 将下列词语译成英语,然后参考Unit 4的词汇表 自主勘误。 1.1.安逸, 减轻,缓解n.&v. ____________________ 2.代表, 象征v. ____________________

3.接近, 方法, 途径 n.&v.____________________ 4.迎接,问候 v. 1.ease 2.represent ____________________ 3.approach 4.greet

5.保卫, 保护 v.
6. 作用, 功能 n.& v. 7.背对, 背弃

____________________ ____________________

8. 相反
9.丢脸 10.总的说来

____________________ ____________________


8.on the contrary? general ?

7.turn one’s back to 9.lose face

三、佳句背诵 1.她后退了几步,看上去有些吃惊,并举起了手,好 像是在自卫。 She stepped________ appearing________ and put up her hands, ________. 2.但是,来自像西班牙、意大利或南美等国家的人会 站在离别人很近的地方,而且很可能(用身体)接触对方。 However, people from places ________ Spain, Italy ________ South American countries approach others closely and______ to touch them. 1.back, surprised, as if in defence?, or, are more likely?

3.但总的说来,在当今文化交融的世界,学习不 同国家的习俗肯定能帮助我们避免交往中的困难。

________, though, studying international customs can certainly help ________in today’s world of________!
3.In general, avoid difficulties, cultural crossroads


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