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【新步步高】(江苏专用)2016版高考英语二轮复习 第二部分 语法 专题八 名词性从句

考点 1 what 引导的名词性从句


1.A ship in harbor is safe,but that’s not________ships are built for.(2015·安 徽,25) A.what B.whom C.why D.when

2.If you swim in a river or lake,be sure to investigate ________ is below the water surface.Often there are rocks or branches hidden in the water.(2015·浙江,6) A.what B.who C.that D.whoever

3.Reading her biography,I was lost in admiration for ________ Doris Lessing had achieved in literature.(2015·陕西,19) A.what B.that C.why

4.—What a mess! You are always so lazy! —I’m not to blame,mum.I am ________ you have made me.(2014·江苏,26) 考点归纳 what 引导的名词性从句是历年高考的热点,what 在句中可以作主语、宾语、表语等。 What can be done today can’t be put off till tomorrow. 今天能做的事不要推到明天去做(今日事今日毕)。 Computers can only give out what has been stored in them. 计算机只能提供贮存在它里面的信息。 This is what we have been doing these days. 这就是我们近日来一直在做的事。 考点 2 when,where,how,why 引导的名词性从句 B.what C.that D.who

1.We must find out ________ Karl is coming,so we can book a room for him.(2015·重 庆,8) A.when C.where D.why

2.________ we understand things has a lot to do with what we feel.(2015·北京, 35)


A.Where B.How C.Why


3 . The exhibition tells us________we should do something to stop air pollution.(2015·四川,8) A.where B.why C.what D.which

4.________ Li Bai,a great Chinese poet,was born is known to the public,but some won’t accept it.(2015·江苏,25) A.That B.Why C.Where D.How

5.You have to know ________ you’re going if you are to plan the best way of getting there.(2015·湖南,26) A.what B.that C.where D.who

6. Grandma pointed to the hospital and said, “That’s ________ I was born.”(2014·四 川,2) A.when 考点归纳 连接副词指的是既具有副词的特点,同时又能引导从句的词,主要有 when,where,how, why,whenever,wherever 等。这些词在从句中既作特定的成分,又有具体的含义,不能省 略。大多数连接副词表示疑问意义。 When we shall meet again is unknown. 我们何时才能再相见还不知道呢。(when 引导主语从句,表示疑问) I don’t know how I can get out of such trouble. 我真不知道如何才能摆脱这种困境。(how 引导宾语从句,表示疑问) This is where the accident happened. 这是事故发生的地方。(where 引导表语从句,不表疑问) I have no idea why he left here. 我不知道他为什么离开这里。(why 引导同位语从句,表示疑问) 考点 3 连词 whether 和 that 引导的名词性从句 C.why D.where

1.I truly believe ________ beauty comes from within.(2015·北京,33) A.that B.where C.what D.why

2.It remains to be seen ________ the newly formed committee’s policy can be put into practice.(2013·陕西,20)


B.which C.what


3.The only way to succeed at the highest level is to have total belief ________ you are better than anyone else on the sports field.(2013·浙江,16) B.that 考点归纳 that,whether 既不是连接代词也不是连接副词,在从句中不充当任何成分,只起到连接从 句的功能。that 没有实际意义,而 whether 意为“是否”。 That you don’t like him is none of my business. 你不喜欢他不关我的事。(主语从句) It is still under discussion whether the old bus station should be replaced with a modern hotel or not.(2011·重庆,22) 老汽车站是否应该被一个现代化的宾馆代替仍然在讨论之中。(主语从句) I don’t know whether or not he will come. 我不知道他是否会来。(宾语从句) The fact is that we should depend on ourselves. 事实就是我们应该依靠自己。(表语从句) We have some doubt whether they can complete the task on time. 我们怀疑他们是否能按时完成任务。(同位语从句) 考点 4 wh?ever 引导的名词性从句 C.which D.whether

1.Some people believe ________ has happened before or is happening now will repeat itself in the future.(2014·北京,33) A.whatever C.wherever B.whenever D.however

2.________ one of you breaks the window will have to pay for it.(2013·江西,30) A.Whoever C.Whichever B.Whatever D.Wherever

3.We promise ________ attends the party a chance to have a photo taken with the movie star.(2012·福建,35) A.who C.whoever B.whom D.whomever

考点归纳 whichever,whatever,whoever 引导名词性从句,它们本身有词义,既有连接从句的作用, 又在从句中分别充当主语、宾语、 定语成分。 起强调作用, 意思是“无论??, 不管??”。 The club will give whoever wins a prize. 俱乐部将给得胜者奖励。(宾语从句) I believe whatever he says. 我相信他所说的一切。(宾语从句) Whoever wants to reach a distant goal must take many small steps. 不论谁,要想达到一个远大的目标,就必须采取许多细小的步骤。(主语从句) 解题方法 方法 1 位置判断法

根据名词性从句的句子特点及其所处的位置, 判断出属于哪一种从句, 从而确定连接词的种 类,也有助于对句子的理解。 What he said astonished us. 他所说的话使我们很惊奇。(从句在主语位置,为主语从句) Everything depends on whether you have enough money. 一切都看你是否有足够多的钱。(从句在介词后,作介词的宾语,为宾语从句) The question is where we’ll go this Sunday. 问题是我们这周日去哪儿。(从句在 is 后,为表语从句) He expressed the hope that he would come to China again. 他表达了再来中国的愿望。(从句在抽象名词后,对名词进行解释说明,为同位语从句) (1)________ some people regard as a drawback is seen as a plus by many others. A.Whether B.What 答案 B 解析 句意为: 一些人眼中的缺点是别人眼中的优点。 分析句子可知, ________ some people regard as a drawback 为主语从句,且从句中缺宾语,只能用 what 来引导;that 引导主语 从句不作成分。 (2)One reason for her preference for city life is ________ she can have easy access to places like shops and restaurants. A.that

C.That D.How

C.what 答案 A


解析 系动词 is 之后是一个表语从句,而从句的结构完整,不缺少任何成分,所以用 that 引导。 方法 2 语序判断法

一般来说,名词性从句中(当然不只是名词性从句,其他从句也是如此),从句的语序要用陈 述语序,这样也就很容易作答了。 When changing lanes,a driver should use his turning signal to let other drivers know ________. A.he is entering which lane B.which lane he is entering he entering which lane D.which lane is he entering 答案 B 解析 which 引导的句子作 know 的宾语,句子用陈述语序。故 B 项为正确答案。 方法 3 句子成分分析法

看从句缺不缺成分,不缺就用 that,whether 或 if;缺成分就用 wh?类连接词(包括 how, because 等)。 (1)We haven’t discussed yet ________ we are going to place our new furniture. A.that C.what 答案 D 解析 句意为:我们还没有讨论把我们的新家具放在哪里。分析句子可知,此题考查宾语从 句。宾语从句中缺少地点状语,因此选择 D。 (2)As a new graduate,he doesn’t know ________ it takes to start a business here. C.when 答案 B 解析 句意为:作为一名新毕业生,他不知道需要什么才能在这里开始经营。空格后的宾语 从句中 takes 是动词,其后缺少宾语,所以引导该宾语从句的连接词要用 what。

B.which D.where

B.what D.which

1.If I could interview him,I would ask him what made him an astronaut and how he was trained.(2015·安徽) 如果我能采访他,我会问他,是什么让他成为了宇航员以及他是如何训练的。 2.I would also like to know how he felt in space and whether space travel is such great fun as I have read.(2015·安徽) 我还想问他在太空的感受以及太空旅行是否和我在书上读到的那样有趣。 3.If we are in the habit of raising doubts as to whether what we are told is true, we can find the correct answer and learn more.(2015·湖北) 如果我们养成质疑我们所接受的东西是否真实的习惯, 我们就能发现正确的答案并且会学到 很多东西。 4.The reasons are as follows:(2015·湖南) 理由如下: 5 . I would appreciate it if I was offered with an opportunity to display my talent.(2015·陕西) 如果提供给我一个展示才能的机会我将非常感激。 6.I learned from your post that you want to improve your Mandarin.(2015·四川) 我从海报上得知你想提高你的普通话水平。 7.That’s why I am writing to you.(2015·全国Ⅰ) 那就是我给你写信的原因。 8.Firstly,it is an obvious sign that what I have done is appreciated by the teacher especially in public.(2015·湖南) 首先,我的行为被老师当众赞赏是一个明显的迹象。 提醒:完成作业 强化练(八)


二轮专题强化练 强化练(八)强化练(八) 名词性从句 (建议用时:12 分钟) 1.—How do you find the new cell phone? —Oh,quite good.A new function has been developed on this new type ________ it can show you vividly what is around the person you are talking to.(2015·泰州二模, 29) B.which C.what D.that

2.The single most shattering statistic about life in America in the late 1990s was ________ tobacco killed more people than the combined total of those who died from AIDS,car accidents,alcohol,murder,suicide,illegal drugs and fire.(2015·常 州二模,27) A.what B.when C.that D.where

3.She is ________ is known as a nosy person—she is always dying to know what’s going on in others’ lives.(2015·苏锡常镇二模,28) A.what B.who C.whom D.that

4.Having a good command of the language of the country where you are going to study is necessary , because language skills affect ________ you perform

academically.(2015·苏锡常镇一模,28) B.that C.what D.when

5.Now all of our concentration is on ________ it is that the global environment will return to normal.(2015·南通、连云港二模,26) A.which B.what C.where D.when 6.—What is upsetting you,dear? —________ it is necessary for us to move our home to the city.(2014·南通第二次 调研,25) A.Why C.That B.How D.Whether

7.The question was frequently referred to at the conference ________ it is a good idea to build nuclear power plants in developed cities.(2014·苏北四市一模,29) A.why C.that B.where D.whether

8.—What impresses you most about Mrs.Flower’s garden,the flowers,the bushes or whatever? —________ the garden is laid out. A.Where B.How C.Because D.When 9.In the English language,sentence stress is like word stress and is ________ gives English its rhythm. A.when B.why C.that D.what

10.A project has recently been launched by the charity organization ________ people should donate books to remote mountainous schools. A.that B.what C.which

11.There is a strong possibility ________ man will mainly depend on solar energy in the future. A.that B.which C.what D.when

12.What I really doubt is ________ the western media,as they say,is really that objective and just. A.which B.what C.whether D.that 13.It is still a complete mystery ________ caused the accident. A.what C.that D.where

14.There is no possibility ________ he will keep his word.He is always telling lies. B.whether C.when D.that 15. It has been announced that the award will be given to ________ has made the largest donation to charity this year. A.anyone C.whomever B.the one D.whoever

16.—I drove to Zhuhai for the air show last week. —Is that ________ you had a few days off?

A.why C.what

B.when D.where

17.Father made a promise ________ I passed the exam,he would buy me a PS4. A.if C.whether B.that if D.that

18.Dozens of people were waiting with a camera for ________ seemed like hours, hoping to catch a glimpse of the US First Lady,Michelle Obama. A.that C.which B.when D.what

19.Everyone in the village is very friendly.It doesn’t matter ________ you have lived there for a short or a long time. A.why C.whether D.when

20.First?class players of football must have excellent ball control,but it is not just ________ they do with their feet ________ counts.;that C.what;that B.that;what D.whether;what


学生用书答案精析 专题八 名词性从句 考点 1 1.A [考查表语从句的引导词。句意为:船停在港口里是很安全的,但这并非建造船的目

的。空格后引导从句作表语,表语从句中的 for 后缺少宾语,用 what 引导,故选 A。why 和 when 是连接副词,不能作宾语;whom 指人。] 2.A [考查宾语从句的引导词。句意为:如果你在河里或湖里游泳的话,务必调查清楚水

面之下有什么。水中经常隐藏着石头或树枝。分析句子结构可知,此处 investigate 后跟宾 语从句,从句缺少主语,故用 what 引导。who 与 whoever 都可以作主语,但是不符合句意; that 在名词性从句中仅仅起连接作用,不作句子成分。] 3.A [考查宾语从句的引导词。句意为:读了多丽丝·莱辛的传记,我对她在文学上取得

的成就钦佩不已。分析句子结构可知,介词 for 后接的是宾语从句,从句中缺少 achieve 的宾语,故用 what 引导。] 4.B [考查表语从句的引导词。句意为:——这么乱!你总是这么懒!——妈妈,要怪也

不应当怪我啊。我这么懒也是你惯出来的。分析句子结构可知,I am 后是表语从句,引导 词 what 在从句中作 me 的补足语, 相当于 the one/person that, 即 I am the one/person that you have made me。] 考点 2 1. A [考查宾语从句。 句意为: 我们一定要搞清楚 Karl 什么时候来, 以便我们给他订房间。 由句意可知,要给 Karl 订房间,那么就要清楚他来这里的时间,故选 when。] 2.B [考查主语从句。句意为:我们怎样理解事物与我们所感觉到的东西有很大关系。 分 析句子结构可知“________ we understand things”为主语从句,结合句意可知选 B。] 3.B [考查宾语从句。句意为:这个展览告诉了我们为什么我们要做些事情来阻止空气污

染。宾语从句中缺少状语,故选项 C、D 错误;where 引导地点状语从句,不符合题意,故 选 why,表示“??的原因”。] 4.C [考查主语从句。句意为:李白,一个伟大的中国诗人,其出生地是众所周知的,但

也有一些人不接受它。“Where Li Bai...was born”作该句子的主语,表示“李白出生的 地方”。]



哪里去。分析句子结构可知,know 后的________ you’re going 是宾语从句,从句中缺少 地点状语,故用 where。] 6.D [考查表语从句。由题干中“the hospital”可知,此处指“我出生的地方”,故用

where 引导表语从句。句意为:奶奶指着那个医院说:“那就是我出生的地方。”] 考点 3 1.A [考查宾语从句。句意为:我真的相信美来自人的内心。分析句子结构可知,宾语从

句意思完整只缺连接词,故选 A。] 2.D [考查主语从句。句意为:新成立的委员会提出的方针能否实行还有待观察。It 作形 式主语,whether 引导的从句是真正的主语。] 3.B [考查同位语从句的连接词。空格后面的从句解释说明 belief 的具体内容,是同位语 从句,且从句中不缺少任何成分,所以用 that 引导。] 考点 4 1. A [考查宾语从句。 believe 后是宾语从句且从句中缺少主语, 四个选项中只有 whatever

可以作主语。] 2.C [whoever 意为“无论是谁,任何人”,其后不能和 one 连用;whatever 无论是什么; whichever 无论哪一个;wherever 无论哪儿。句意为:你们中无论是谁打破了窗户都要负责 赔偿。根据句意可知,C 项合适。] 3. C [句意为: 无论是谁参加晚会, 我们都许诺给他/她一个和电影明星拍照的机会。 promise

sb.sth.许诺某人某事,即 promise 后跟双宾语,whoever attends the party 为 whoever 引导的名词性从句, 充当 promise 的宾语, 因为从句缺少主语, 故不能选择宾格形式的 whom 和 whomever,而 who 表示特指,由句意可知此处表示泛指,故 C 项为正确答案。]


二轮专题强化练答案精析 强化练(八) 1.D 名词性从句


新手机上开发了一个新功能, 能把正在跟你通话的人周边的环境生动地展现给你。 从句意思、 结构完整,应用 that 引导同位语从句来补充说明 a new function 的具体内容。故选 D 项。] 2.C [考查名词性从句。句意为:在 20 世纪 90 年代后期,在美国有一项关于生命的最令 人震惊的统计是死于烟草的人数超过了死于艾滋病、车祸、酗酒、谋杀、自杀、非法毒品和 火灾的总人数。was 后是表语从句,从句是一个完整的句子,因此直接用 that 来引导。故 选 C 项。] 3.A [考查表语从句。句意为:她是为人们所知的那种爱管闲事的人——她总是渴望知道

其他人的生活中正在发生什么。________ is known as a nosy person 为表语从句,从句 中缺少主语,排除 C 项;that 在名词性从句中没有意义,也没有句法功能,只能起引导作 用,排除 D 项;此处谈论的是她的个性、性格,而不是指她是谁,排除 B 项。故选 A 项。] 4.A [考查宾语从句。句意为:精通你将去的那个国家的语言是必要的,因为语言技能会

对你在学术上如何表现产生影响。affect 后为宾语从句,从句缺少方式状语。故选 A 项。] 5.D [句意为:现在我们的注意力都集中在地球环境何时回归到正常状态上。空后是介词

on 的宾语从句,宾语从句又用的是强调句型。强调句型特殊疑问句的结构为:特殊疑问词 +is/was+it+that+其他成分?此处用了陈述语序。该句中缺少时间状语,故选 D。] 6.D [考查主语从句。句意为:——亲爱的,什么事情让你不开心啊?——我们是否有必

要搬家去城市(让我不开心)。根据问题 What is upsetting you,dear?可知是对主语进行 提问,也就是说回答的内容应作________ is upsetting me.的主语,根据句意可知,此处 应用 whether“是否”,其完整的回答应该是 Whether it is necessary for us to move our home to the city is upsetting me.。故选 D 项。] 7.D [考查同位语从句。句意为:在发达城市建立核电站是不是个好主意这个问题在会议

上经常被提到。本句包含一个同位语从句,补充说明 question 的具体内容,即在发达城市 建立核电站是不是个好主意这个问题,由于该同位语从句较长,被放在了句子的后面。故选 D 项。]


8.B [考查名词性从句。句意为:——什么让你对 Flower 太太的花园印象最深刻,是花、 灌木还是其他诸如此类的东西?——是花园布置的方式。lay out 布置,给说话者留下最深 刻印象的是花园布置的方式。故选 B 项。] 9.D [考查表语从句。句意为:在英语中,句子重音就像单词重音一样,给英语以韵律。

根据句子结构可以发现 is 之后为表语从句,从句缺少主语,并且指代物,故选 what。] 10.A [考查同位语从句。句意为:这个慈善机构最近发起了一项慈善项目,人们应该把书 捐给偏远山区学校。that 引导同位语从句补充说明 project 的具体内容。] 11.A [考查名词性从句。句意为:人类在将来主要依赖太阳能是非常可能的。There is a strong possibility that...很可能??,??的可能性很大。空后是 possibility 的同位 语,从句中不缺少成分且语意完整,应用 that 引导同位语从句。故选 A 项。] 12. C [考查表语从句。 句意为: 我确实怀疑西方媒体是否像他们说的那样客观公正。 whether 是否。] 13.A [考查名词性从句。句意为:什么引起的事故仍然是一个不解之谜。这是一个主从复 合句,it 为形式主语,空后引导的为主语从句,且从句中缺主语,故选 A。] 14.D [考查同位语从句。句意为:他会守信用是不可能的。他总是撒谎。that 引导同位

语从句作 no possibility 的同位语。] 15.D [考查名词性从句。句意为:据宣布,该奖将会发给今年对慈善做出最大贡献的人。 空处引导介词 to 的宾语从句又在从句中作主语。故选 D。] 16.A [考查表语从句。句意为:——上周我开车去珠海参加航空展了。——那就是你请假 的原因吗?由句意可知 A 项符合题意。] 17.B [考查同位语从句。句意为:父亲许诺如果我考试及格,他会给我买一个 PS4。make

a promise 答应,许诺,题干中 promise 后跟同位语从句,用 that 引导,解释说明 promise 的内容,同位语从句中包含了 if 引导的条件状语从句,故选 B。] 18.D [考查宾语从句。句意为:很多人拿着相机等待似乎数个小时,希望能看一眼美国第 一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马。空格处引导的句子作介词 for 的宾语,从句中缺少主语,所以用 what。] 19.C [考查主语从句。句意为:村里的每一个人都很友好,跟你在那儿住的时间长短没关 系。whether...or...“是??或者??”,符合句意。] 20.C [考查名词性从句与强调句型。第一空引导主语从句,从句中缺宾语,故排除 A、B、

D;第二空应该填强调句的引导词 that。]


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