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高二英语选修七 Unit 2 Robots 知识点.doc

选修 7

Unit 2 Robots


Unit 2 Robots
Knowledge aims:
Get the students to know some useful words and expressions.

Ability aims:
1. Develop the students’ reading ability and let them learn different reading skills. 2. Train the students’ ability to collect useful information by themselves.

Emotional aims:
Learn about literary work about science, Robots and Science fiction writer- Isaac Asimov

Language Points
1.desire [典例] We all desire happiness and health.我们都希望幸福健康。 We desire to have a good result. 我们希望有个好结果 He desires you to go to see him at once.他要求你马上去见他。 =he desires that you should go to see him at once.. She desires that you (should) see her at once. 她要你立即见她。 He has a strong desire for knowledge / to learn. 他有强烈的求知欲. She played a piece at others’ desire/by desire. 她应邀演奏了一曲。 [归纳总结]: desire n.渴望 vt.想要 desire sth.渴望得到某物 desire to do sth.希望/渴望做某事 desire that sb.(should) do 要求…… have a desire for sth./to do sth.渴望得到某物/希望做某事 meet one’s desire 满足某人的欲望 at one’s desire 照某人的希望

2. sympathy n.同情 [典例] 1. He gave the poor child some money out of sympathy.出于同情,他给了这个穷孩子一点钱。 2. He is in sympathy with their beliefs. 他与他们的信仰一致. 3.After hearing the story, he felt sympathy for her present situation. 听完这个故事,他对她目前的情况深感同情。 [归纳总结]: sympathy n. 同情;同感;同情心 express sympathy for 慰问 feel /have sympathy for 同情某人 in sympathy with 同情; 赞成; 和...一致

选修 7 out of sympathy 出于同情

Unit 2 Robots win sympathy of 博得...的同情


3.embarrass 1. Don’t embarrass them with (by asking) personal questions. 2. I felt embarrassed by my being late. 3. The general expressed sympathy for the wounded soldier. 4. Do you have/feel sympathy for the beggars lying beside the road. [归纳总结]: embarrass: embarrassed / embarrassing: adj. embarrass sb. with sth./ by doing sth. 做…使某人尴尬/窘迫 4.accompany 【 v. 】 [典例] 1. Lightning usually accompanies thunder. 2. I’d like you to accompany me to the supermarket 3. The president appeared and was accompanied by six strong bodyguards. 4. When retuning hometown, he was shown around the city accompanied by his old classmates. [归纳总结]: accompany vt.陪伴 accompany sb. to a place 陪伴某人去某地 accompany sth. with/by sth. 与…同时存在 5.declare vt. [典例] 1. They will declare the results of the election soon. 2. The judge declared him (to be) the winner of the competition. 3. I declared this conference (to be) open. 4. She declared (that) she was right. [归纳总结]: declare vt. 宣布;声明;表明;说明;宣称 declare +n. 宣告 declare+n.+(to be) n./ adj. 宣布…为… declare +(that)从句 宣称;声称 declare war on/ upon 对…宣战 declare against/for…声明反对/赞成 6.envy vt.嫉妒 [典例] 1. All her workmates envied her (for) her promotion.所有的同事都羡慕她的晋升。

选修 7

Unit 2 Robots


2. His talent for music becomes the envy of the other competitors.他在音乐方面的天分让其他人对 手感到羡慕。 3.He was filled with envy of me / at my success . 4. Their new house made them the envy of their neighbors. 他们的新房子受到邻居的羡慕。 5.He made the fault witness out of envy. 出于妒忌,他作了伪证 [归纳总结]: envy vt. & n. 忌妒;羡慕 envy sb. (for)sth.妒忌/羡慕某人某物 become the envy of sb.成为令人嫉妒/羡慕的事物 envy sb. doing sth. 羡慕某人做某事 envy ( n ) of sb / at sth 妒忌某人 / 事 out of envy 出于嫉妒/羡慕 重点词组 1. test out 考验;试验 [典例] 1. This model had been tested out before it was put into production. 这个型号经过试验后才进行大批量生产。 2. Before the lecture, the professor is used to testing out the whole experiment. 上课前,这个教授习惯先将整个实验试验一番。 [归纳总结]: test on sb./sth.在……(身上)做实验/试验 2. ring up [典例] On arriving at the airport, he rang up his mother to say everything was ok. 一到达机场,他就打电话给他母亲报平安。 I have to ring off now because my friend is waiting for me.我朋友在等我,我得挂电话了。 [归纳总结]: 打电话给……call up ring (sb) up call (sb) up give sb a call/ring; make a (telephone) call call sb on the telephone phone/telephone sb 挂断电话 ring off; hang up 回电话

选修 7 call back; ring back

Unit 2 Robots


3.turn around [典例] He heard a voice but when he turned around, he saw nobody. 他听到声音,但转身却没发现有人。 He suddenly turned around and saw me. 那年轻的女士无法想象要是她的丈夫背叛她的话会是怎么样。 The young lady cannot imagine what if her husband turns against her.虽然贫穷, 但是女孩毅然地拒 绝了别人的帮助。 Though poor, the girl turned down others’ help firmly. [归纳总结]: turn around 转身;回转;旋转;好转,有起色 turn against 背叛;反抗,使对抗 turn away 把(脸)转过去;抛弃 turn off 解雇;关掉;使失去兴趣 turn on 开(电灯,收音机,自来水) turn out 结果是;证明是;生产(产品) turn up 出现/调大(音量) turn down 拒绝,调小(音量) 4.leave…alone [典例] I have told you to leave my things alone . Leave my book alone. Let me alone to do it. He was asked to leave for another city in 24 hours. The teacher required us to leave out some unnecessary words in our essays. 听到警报,警察丢下家人冲出去看发生了什么事。 Hearing the alarm, the policeman left his family behind and rushed out to see what happened. [归纳总结]: leave…alone 不管;不打扰;让…独自待着 leave behind 留下;忘带;遗留 leave out 省去;排除;遗漏 leave behind 留下,遗留 leave aside(把某事)搁置一边 leave for 出发前往 leave out 省去,遗漏,不考虑 bound to [典例]

选修 7

Unit 2 Robots


We missed the bus. We're bound to be late.我们错过了那趟车,我们肯定要迟到了。 She's bound to be mayor.她注定会成为市长。 他那么用功,一定会成功的。 With much hard work, he is bound to succeed. 这项新发现对于人类必定大有用处。 The new discovery is bound to be of great service to mankind. [归纳总结]: be bound to 一定做……

l. They desired that they the right to vote. A. had B. have C. are D. were 2. Nick is looking for another job because he feels that nothing he does his boss. A. serves B. satisfies C. promises D. support 3. His wife, to whom he for 20 years , was childless. A. had married B. married C. has married D. had been married 4. A Tales of Two Cities is a novel. It helps us to understand the history of England and French of that time. A. more than B. not more than C. no more than D. less than 5. I'm sorry to tell you that I on the play ground. A. forget your books B. forgot your books behind C. have left your books alone D. left your books behind 6. ---Why are you smiling at me? --------- You look in that hat. A. absent-minded B. absurd C. gifted D. wise 7.She was so sad because she failed in the math test. Let’s her . A. leave … behind B. leave … alone C. leave … aside D. leave … out 8. It is he often breaks the school rules makes his teacher unsatisfied with him. A. what that B. that what C. that that D. what what 9. It was at this shop I bought my skirt. How about coming to my home to have a look tonight? A. that B. where C. which D. what 10. People have been complaining about SK-II recently and think the advertisements always persuade people the products which are not so good. A. buy B. to buy C. buying D. bought 11. He has been for three weeks. We’d better find another person to fill his place. A. absent B. left C. gone D. resigned 12. I am going to the post office. Do you have any letter ? A. to be sent B. to send C. sending D. sent 13. After a whole afternoon’s heated discussion, they finally to us what had been decided.

选修 7

Unit 2 Robots


A. told B. declared C. stated D. made 14. The accident happened on such an evening with strong winds by heavy rain. A. appeared B. happened C. accompanied D. mixed 15. Her clear and elegant prose her from most other journalists. A. sets … aside B. sets … down C. sets … apart D. sets … up 16. She felt _____ about wearing the improper garment in the party. A. embarrassing B. embarrass C. to embarrass D. embarrassed 17.The boss had his workers _______ all day long. A. working B. work C. worked D. works 18. She had a computer at home, and her parents desired that she _____ all her work at home. A. do B. does C. must do D. would do 19. Don't leave matches or cigarettes on the table within the ______ of little children. A. hand B. reach C. space D. distance 20. We were having lunch when the clock ________ twelve. A. beat B. struck C. hit D. impressed 21. How I envy you ________ an extra day’s holiday. A. getting B. to get C. get D. to getting 22. Harry is _______ my neighbor. He is also a good friend of mine. A. less than B. at least C. at most D. more than 23. They appeared ________ me, so I had to explain to them. A .misunderstanding B. misunderstood C. to be misunderstood D. to have misunderstood 24. The happy look on his face _____ that he had passed the final examination successfully. A. explained B. suggested C. expressed D. described 25. Last week I had my watch _______ and I had my father _______ a new one for me. A. steal; buying B. stolen; to buy C. stolen; buy D. steal; to buy 26. The mother, an ____ lady dressed in the latest Paris fashion walked behind her son. A. grateful B. considerate C. elegant D. brilliant 27. Peter _____ the papers he was marking and reached for his cigarettes and matches. A. set out B. set off C. set in D. set aside

1. The mother didn’t know ___ to blame for the broken glass as it happened while she was out. A. who B. when C. how D. what 2. I `ve worked with children before, so I know what ____ in my new job. A. expected B. to expect C. to be expecting D. expects 3. The managers discussed the plan that they would like to see ____ the next year. A. carry out B. carrying out C. carried out D. to carryout 4. The purpose of new technologies is to make life easier, _____ it more difficult. A. not make B. not to make C. not making D. do not make

选修 7

Unit 2 Robots


5. Robert is said ____ abroad, but I don` t know what country he studied in. A. to have studied B. to study C. to be studying D. to have studying 6. I would love _____ to the party last night but I have to work extra hours to finish a report. A. to go B. to have gone C. going D. having gone 7. The patient was warned ______ oily food after the operation. A. to eat not B. eating not C. not to eat D. not eating 8. We agreed ____ here but so far she hasn` t turned up yet. A. having met B. meeting C. to meet D. to have met 9. Rather than ____ on a crowded bus, he always prefers ________ a bicycle. A. ride; ride B. riding; riding C. ride; to ride D. to ride; riding 10. Clarles Babbage is generally considered ______ the first computer. A. to have invented B. inventing C. to invent D. having invented Key: ABCBA BCCCA

1.It remains ___ whether Jim` ll be fit enough to play in the finals. A. seen B. to be seen C. seeing D. to see 2.If the weather had been better, we could have had a picnic. But it ____ all day. A. rained B. rains C. has rained D. is raining 3.----Did the book give the information you need? ---- Yes. But ____ it . I had to read the entire book. A. to find B. find C. to be finding D. finding 4. He tried his best to solve the problem,____ difficult it was. A. however B. no matter C. whatever D. although 5. All there gifts must be mailed immediately _____ in time for Christmas. A. in order to have received B. in order to receive C. so as to be receiver D. so as to be receiving 6. In our childhood, we were after ____ by grandma to pay attention to our table manners. A. demanded B. reminded C. allowed D. hoped 7. ______ matters most in learning English is enough practice. A. What B. Why C. Where D. Which 8. -----Excuse me, sir, where is Room 301? ----- Just a minute. I `ll have Bob _____ you to your room. A. show B. shows C. to show D. showing 9. Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) ______ birds kept in cages in order to have the pleasure of setting them free. A. is said to be buying B. is said to have bought C. had said to buy D. has said to have bought 10. ----- You should apologize to her, Barry. ----- ______ , but it` s not going to be easy. A. I suppose so B. I feel so

选修 7 C. I prefer to D. I like to Key: BAAAC BAABA

Unit 2 Robots




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