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Unit1 What are those farmers doing? What do you grow on your farm,Uncle Chen? So many things.There are fruit trees in this field.You can pick some apples or oranges from the trees if you want.They are delicious.And in that field we grow rice. What are those farmers doing? They are cutting grass to feed the animals.We give it to the cows and sheep. Do you have any other animals on the farm? Oh yes.We have a few goats and pigs.And we also have some geese. I see them on the river.They look lovely.

Unit2 A country life is a healthy life Hi.My name is Li Wei.I am eleven years old and I live on a small farm with my mum,dad and grandparents.I love living in the country,but I’m usually very busy.Every day I wake up 5 a.m. and help my father milk the cows.We have more than 50 cows,so I always have plenty of fresh milk for breakfast.After breakfast I ride my bike to school.It takes about 40 minutes.My school is very small.There are 48 pupils and only one classroom.We must all learn together.When I get home after

school,there is still much work to do.After I finish my homework,I feed our chickens and help my parents with other housework.I am always busy but I never feel tired,because I have plenty of exercise,clean air and fresh food every day.So I think a country life is a healthy life.

Unit3 Where are you from? Children.We have a new student in our class.This is David. Hi,David.Where are you from? I’m from New Youk City in America.I was born there. Do you like living in our city? Oh,yes.It is small but quiet.The streets are very clean and the people are nice.Things here are cheap,too. What ’s New York like? It ’s big and modern city but it ’s quite noisy.And everything is very expensive in New York.

Unit4 I like the city very much Dear Lily, My holiday in the city is very interesting.It is very different to our home on the farm.In the city,there are so many cars.The traffic is very heavy and the streets are crowded and

dirty.Sometimes I am afraid to go outside.And It is very noisy too.At night,I can’t go to sleep because there are too many cars.But there are many nice things here too.There are many supermarkets here and they sell lots of different things.There are also many beautiful modern buildings.There is much more to do in the city than in the countryside.At home we have only one shop and one cinema,but in this city there are many theatres and parks.I can play all day.I like the city very much but I really miss you and the farm.I can’t wait to get back home and see all my friends. Love, Li Wei

Unit5 What ’s the matter with you? Jiamin.You don’t look well.What ’s the matter with you? I feel ill.I have a stomachache.Maybe I ate some bad food. I’m sorry to hear that.You should see a doctor. I did.I went to the hospital this morning.I stayed there for two hours. And what did the doctor say? He gave me a check-up and asked me to take this medicine three times a day for one week.

You should be careful,Jiamin.Your health is very important. I think you’ll be well soon. Thank you.

Unit6 The secret to good health Mr Li is not a doctor or a nurse,but he knows the secret to good health.He is 80 years old but looks only 60.He says you can do some simple things to stay healthy.First,get plenty of sleep,at least 8 hours each night,so you will feel good for the next day.Second,keep a good diet.Eat more vegetables and less meat.Don’t eat too much sweet or oily food.And drink tea or water,not coke or coffee.Third,take plenty of exercise.Mr Li walks for one hour in the park every morning and sometimes dances with his friends there.Finally,Mr Li thinks the most important thing for a healthy life is to be happy.He never worries too much and always has a smile on his face.That ’s why,even at 80,his hair is still black and not white.

Unit7 what did you do yesterday? Yestoday was Children’s Day.Tell me,children,what did you do? I went shopping with my mother.I bought a new pair of sports shoes.Do you like them?

They look great.I played basketball at the park.It was so much fun.But my mum was angry because I came home late. And you Ben?Where did you go yestoday? I stayed at home all day.In the morning I cleaned my room and in the afternoon I did my homework.It was no fun at all. Poor Ben!

Unit8 A trip to Hong Kong Dear Diary, Last weakend my mother,Ben and I went on a trip to Hong Kong.We travelled there by train and stayed with my cousin.Ben said he was very excited because it was his first visit to the island.On our first day my cousin took us to Disneyland.We took a photo with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and played lots of different games. We had hamburgers and chips for lunch.I think I ate a little too much because later I felt ill.Ben sat with me until I felt better.He was so kind.The next day we went shopping.When we were on the street,we met Xiaoling and her mum.I was very surprised because I didn’t know they came to Hong Kong,too.We all had lunch together and talk about our trip.

Unit9 Was I a good girl back then? Mum,who is that in the picture? That ’s you,when you were five years old. Really?My hair was very long then,wasn’t it? Yes,it was.Before,you liked long hair very much,but now you always keep it short. Was I a good girl back then? Oh yes,a very good girl.When you were five,you were quiet and very polite.But now… But now?But now I am still very good!!

Unit10 Then and now Three years ago,Ben came to live in China with his parents.Before then,he lived in England and life was very different. When he was in England,Ben lived in a small village in the countryside.It had only two shops and most of the people worked on farms.Ben’s village school was very small too.There were only 150 pupils.His home was nearby so he walked to school every day. But now,Ben lives in a big city.The city has many people,cars and tall buildings.In the city,Ben goes to a very big school.It has

more than 1000 pupils.His home is far away,so every day he takes the bus.On the bus,he sees people going to work in modern office buildings and department stores. Ben loves the city.There are many things to do and he has lots of friends.But sometimes he missed the quiet life of his English village.

Unit11 I like the Spring Festival best What is your favourite festival,Xiaoling? I like the Spring Festival best.It is so much fun. What do people do during the Spring Festival? So many things.The Spring Festival is the Chinese New Year,so people usually clean their houses and buy new clothes to make everything new and fresh. And do you give each other gifts? Children don’t give gifts,but parents will give their children some lucky money.So we all love it. When is the Spring Festival? Usually it is in January or February.We will go to visit our family and wish them a happy Spring Festival.We will also have a big dinner with jiaozi and lots of other delicious food. It sounds great.

Unit12 Christmas In many countries,Christmas is the most important festival of the year.Christmas is always on December 25th,and before that day people will put up a large Christmas tree in their home.Under the Christmas tree they put many gifts for everyone to share.Children are always very excited at Christmas because they can get many wonderful presents from Father Christmas.Father Christmas is a fat happy man in red clothes.He brings gifts to all the children.He comes to their home on the night before Christmas and puts their gifts under the tree or in a sock.Then on Christmas morning the children hurry to open their gifts.Families and friends come together on that day for a big Christmas lunch or dinner.They often eat ham,potatoes and a Christmas turkey.Everyone sings many wonderful Christmas songs.It really is a happy time.



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