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必修2《Unit4 Cyberspace Lesson1 Tomorrow s world Language Points》课件(北师大版)

Lesson 1 Tomorrow’s World Language Points

1.The movies that make up Star Wars are about wars in space.

make up 构成,组成
? ? ? ? ? ? ? make up 编造;化妆;弥补;组成 be made up of 由· · · · · · 组成 be made of 用· · · · · 制成(看得出原材料) be made from 用· · · · · · 制成(看不出原材料) be made by 被· · · · 制造 be made in 在某地制造 make out 理解,弄清楚;辨认出

?e.g. 这个班由20位女生和25位男生组成。 The class is made up of 20 girls and 25 boys. 20 girls and 25 boys make up the class

come true 成为现实 e.g. 他当演员的愿望实现了。 His wish to be an actor has come true.

2. Which of the predictions in them have already come true?

注意:realize 和 come true (实现) (1)realize 为及物动词,后跟宾语。 (2)come true 为不及物动词词组,后不跟宾语。 e.g. 最后我的梦想实现了。

My dream came true at last. I realized my dream at last.

3. harm v. n. 伤害
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? v. harm sth. / sb. 伤害某物/某人 吸烟有害健康。 Smoking harms your health. n. do harm to sb./ sth. 对某人/某物有害 do sb. / sth. harm 对某人/物有害 吸烟有害健康。 Smoking does harm to our health. harmless adj. 无害的 补充:___________ harmful ___________ adj. 有害的 be harmful to sth. 对某物有害 __________________

4. affect v.影响 (侧重负面影响)
? ? ? ? ? ? e.g.吸烟影响健康。 Smoking affects health. 区分:___________ n.影响 effect 对· · · 有影响 ________________ have an effect on e.g. 你认为这药对他有作用吗? Do you think the medicine will have any effect on him? ? 注意:affection n. 喜爱,钟爱 ? influence n. v. 影响(暗含对他人的感 情,思想以及对行为的控制及左右的程度。)

4. Find out
? Find(找到,发现) ? find the book ? find the people there friendly ? Find out(经过努力找出,查明) ? find out the truth ? Look for

Line 1 1. in the last thirty years in the past


=in the past thirty years (常用于现在完成时)



?Line 4 In 1983, there were only 200 computers connected to the Internet. = which were connected to the Internet. computer 和connect 是被动关系,因此connected to 是过去分词做定语来修饰computer,相当于一个 定语从句。

? It is surprising that there were 300 gold coins buried underground. ? =which were buried underground. ? 真是令人惊奇,地下埋了300 枚金币。 ? There were many people watching the big fire in the street yesterday. ? =who watched the big fire in the street yesterday. ? 昨天有很多人在街上看着那大火。 ? People 和watching 是主动关系watching 是现在分词做定语表主动来修饰people 相 当于定语从句。

Line 10 be pessimistic about e.g. 我对目前的局势感到悲观。 I’m rather pessimistic about the present situation. be optimistic about 对…乐观 补充: __________________

Line 11 attack v. n. 攻击,进攻;(疾病)侵袭
e.g. 那个男人持刀向他行凶。 The man attacked him with a knife. (v.) n. make an attack on/ upon 向· · · 进攻 be under attack 遭受攻击 e.g. 他们决定向敌人进攻。

They decided to make an attack on the enemy.

Line 19 crash n. v. 碰撞,撞击
? e.g. 当车撞到树上时,三个人死了。 ? Three people were killed when their car crashed into a tree. V. ? 一个女孩在昨天的车祸中死了。 ? A girl was killed yesterday in a car crash. n.

Line 24 7. find out holiday offers
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

查找节日特惠价 offer (1) n. 提供,提议,出价 e.g. 感谢你提供的帮助。 Thank you for your offer of help. He made me an offer of 500 pounds for the house. (2) v. 提供 Offer sth for sth offer sb. sth. = offer sth. to sb.提供某人某物 e.g. 他们给了我一个更好的职位。 They offered me a better position. offer to do sth.主动提出帮忙做… (= make an offer to do) 他主动提出要把自行车借给我。 He offered to lend me his bike.

? Line 30. It is clear that we are going to see a huge growth in shopping on the Internet. ? 很显然,我们将会看到网上购物的大增长。 ? It作形式主语,真实主语是 that引出的主语从句。 ? = That we are going to see a huge growth in shopping on the Internet is clear.
? 类似的用法有It is +necessary/ important/ possible/ clear/ obvious/ natural + that …等。 ? e.g. 很奇怪没有人知道他去哪了。 ? It’s strange that nobody knows where he has gone.

? Line 45. the use of computers with sounds and
pictures that make you feel as if you are in a real situation. ? (虚拟世界)是计算机通过声音和图像模拟现实,以使人 感到仿佛置身于一个真实的空间。

? as if =as though 连词, “仿佛, 好像”, 引导方式状语从 句,或用在look, seem, sound, taste, smell, feel等系 动词后作表语从句。 ? (1)若从句中所表示的是事实或可能性很大,用陈述语气。 ? (2)若所表示的不是事实,而是假设或主观想象,通常用 虚拟语气。 ? It seems as if she is going to cry. ? It seems as if she were ten years younger.

语气和时态、语态一样,是动词的一种形式,表明 说话者的目的和意图。英语中有四种语气: 1. 陈述语气: The weather is fine.

2. 疑问语气:Do you have a camera?
3. 祈使语气:Come in and have a seat. 4. 虚拟语气:If I were you, I would forgive Mary.


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