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高级英语Lesson Two Hiroshima

Little Boy


Paul Tibbets









Lesson Two
Hiroshima—the “Liveliest” City in Japan


I. Pre-Text Questions
II. Background Information
1. A-Bomb 2. Hiroshima and the nuclear attack 3. Post-war Hiroshima

III. Detailed Study of the Text IV. Bird-View Study of the Text
1. Structure 2. Writing Style and Techniques

V. Discussion

What do you think is the possible motivation for th author to begin his essay with words chanted by a stationmaster? must What do the word indicate here?

implies accelerated motion without loosing slide contact with the slippery surface
slip suggests involuntary rather than voluntary, sometimes even definitely implying a loss of footing and a fall

rather close to slide, means to move smoothly, glide quietly and continuously as is characteristic of dances




Plane ______ down to the airfield.

Tom Sawyer ______ past the door without anyone noticing.
Yesterday Jenny _______ on a patch of ice and sprained her ankle. came to a stop smoothly and effortlessly slipped to a stop


occupy one’s thoughts, esp. as a be on one’s mind on source of worry

My deputy has resigned, so I’ve a lot on my mind now.
in bear/keep sth./sb. in mind remember sth.


We have no vacancies now, but we’ll certainly bear your application in mind.
far greater adv. adj./adv. -er/est

far; even; still; a lot; much; two-years older; a head taller






the preoccupation state of being engrossed; absorption of the attention or intellect kimono

rub shoulders with (informal) meet and mix with (people)
In his job he’s rubbing shoulders with film stars all the time. This is not the sort of club where the great rub shoulders with the humble. teenager ten + age + er What does kimonos and western dress represent respectively? 16

rite n.

ritual adj.

Can you guess what their ritual formula of gratitude and respect would be? facades

whose door popped open at the very sight of a trave as soon as the taxi driver saw a traveler, he immediately opened the door grin

to draw back the lips and bare the teeth, often it is a spontaneous expression of mirth, good humor, approval, or triumph

smile most general, it can cover a wide range of feeling, from affection to malice She met his eye with her sweet hospitable smile. Tom saw a smile of contempt pass over the young man's features. 17

Finally my boss grinned his approval. martyred city the city that has been made to suffer

The tall building of the martyred city…in response to the driver’s sharp twists of the wheel. The high buildings passed swiftly and when the driver made abrupt changes of direction, we sometimes swung to one side, sometimes to the other side in response to the swaying motion of the car.


a suspension of movement or progress, especially a temporary one

Why does the author use the phrase “I found myself”? What is the indicated meaning of this phrase? Why did the usher give “a long, almost musical sigh”? sketch a map draw roughly and quickly with outlines but little detail

on account of; because of usu. sth. good or beneficial happens; thanks to it could be used ironically Thanks to your timely help, we passed the crisis. Thanks to his brilliant leadership, our company is now bankrupt.

the strange emotion which had overwhelmed me at the station returned I was again overcome by a guilty conscience as I had been when I first arrived at the station crush bombard to press between opposing bodies so as to break or injure suggests showering with bombs or shells or figuratively with words

The fleet anchored in the bay and bombarded the town.
The television star was bombarded with invitations.

Nobody can spare the time for a holiday at the moment. 4. to use with restraint Don’t spare the butter. I thought somehow I had been spared: I thought for some reason or other no harm had been done to me testing What genetic damage from alliteration the radiation are these Japanese afraid of? treating



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