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初二英语期中考试模拟卷 初二英语期中考试模拟卷
一. 单项选择:(20%) 1. What can you see ____ the back of the classroom? a. in b. at c. in the d. at the 2. If you don't feel like doing the housework, you may ____ look after the baby. a. choose to b. chooses c. chose d. chose to 3. My teacher asked me to ____ something about my favorite subject. a. tell b. say c. speak d. talk 4. How delicious the ____ is! a. pieces of bread b. cakes c. bread d. oranges 5. After half an ____ walk, I got home. a. hour's b. minute's c. minute d. hour 6. I waited ____ your call the whole night. Why ____ you ring? a. for, don't b. for, didn't c. to, don't d. to, didn't 7. I'm too tired, let's ____ out. a. go b. not go c. not to go d. don't go 8. The players ____ Class 3 are ____ the same team. a. in, at b. in, on c. from, on d. from, at 9. There are many trees on ____ sides of the road. a. each b. every c. all d. both 10. Please remember me ____ your parents. a. to b. for c. at d. in 11. I have a yellow cat ____ four black ears. a. have b. has c. with d. of 12. The police ____ coming soon. a. is b. are going to c. are going to be d. are 13. I met him at ____. a. doctor b. farmer c. the farmer d. the doctor's 14. He can speak English as ____ as his brother. a. good b. well c. quick d. beautiful 15. "in the middle of the day" means ____. a. in the afternoon b. at one o'clock c. at noon d. in the morning 16. You'd better ____ go out tonight. There's going to be a storm. a. not to b. not c. / d. don't 17. Every night the sounds of the shoes ____. a. wake him up b. wake up him c. wakes him up d. wakes up him 18. They lived ____ the eighth floor ____ the tall building last year. a. in, in b. on, on c. in, on d. on, in

19. The boy broke the window. His teacher got angry ____ him. a. at b. with c. to d. from 20. It ____ almost every night. a. is happen b. happens c. is happening d. is happened 二. 完形填空:(10%) The wolf and the fox wanted to eat the rabbit, but it wasn't __1__ to catch him. One day the wolf said to the fox, "You go home and __2__ in bed. I'll tell the rabbit that you are dead. When he comes to look at you, you can jump up and __3__ him." That's a good idea," said the fox. He went home at __4__. The wolf went to the rabbit's house and knocked at the door. "Who __5__?" asked the rabbit. "__6__ the wolf. I've come to tell you that the fox is dead." Then the wolf went away. The rabbit went to the fox's house. He looked in through the window and saw the fox __7__ in bed with his eyes closed. He thought, "Is the fox really dead or is he pretending (假装) to be dead? If he's not dead, he'll catch me when I go __8__ him." so he said, "The wolf says that the fox is dead. But he doesn't look __9__ a dead fox. The mouth of a dead fox is always open." __10__ the fox heard this, he thought, "I'll show him that I'm dead." So he opened his mouth. The rabbit knew that the fox wasn't dead, and he ran as quickly as he could. 1. a. difficult b. good c. funny d. easy 2. a. lie b. lay c. lying d. lied 3. a. hold b. catch c. drive d. killed 4. a. once b. first c. last d. twice 5. a. are you b. is it c. is he d. are they 6. a. I'm b. It is c. He is d. This is 7. a. to lie b. lie c. lying d. lied 8. a. beside b. near c. at d. for 9. a. like b. as c. as d. at 10. a. After b. When c. Till d. Until 三. 阅读理解:(10%) A Mr. White was a quite busy lawyer (律师). He always worked all day. Sometimes he could not have a rest on Sunday, so he usually forgot the date. Last Saturday, he remembered it was his wife's birthday. "I often forgot her birthday." He said to himself. "But not this time." Then he went to a flower shop and bought some beautiful flowers on his way home. He gave the flowers to Mrs. White and said, "Happy Birthday! January 15 is your birthday. I don't forget it." "Yes. But my birthday was yesterday. It's January 16 today. Anyway, thank you all the same," said Mrs. White. 1. Mr. White was a ____ man, so he usually forgot something. a. great b. busy c. happy d. good 2. Mr. White thought that Saturday was ____.

a. Jan. 13 b. Jan. 14 c. Jan. 15 d. Jan. 16 3. He bought some flowers ____. a. after he go home b. before he finished his work c. on Sunday d. before he got home 4. When Mr. White gave his wife the flowers, she ____. a. was very happy because Mr. White remembered it b. was not happy because Mr. White forgot that c. also said "Thank you" d. said nothing 5. From this passage we know that Mr. White ____. a. remembered his wife's birthday, but forgot the date b. forgot his wife's birthday, but remembered the date c. remembered the date and his wife's birthday d. forgot the day and his wife's birthday B Fred liked fish very much, and when he had enough money, he always bought it in the market and took it home. But when his wife saw the fish, she always said to herself, "Good. Now I'll ask my friends to have lunch and we will eat the fish." So when Fred came home in the evening, the fish was never there. And his wife always said, "Oh, your cat ate it. She is a very bad animal." And she gave Fred soup and bread for his dinner. But one evening when this happened, Fred became very angry. He took the cat and his wife to the shop near his home and weighed the cat carefully. Then he turned to his wife and said, "My fish weighed three pounds. This cat weighs three pounds, too. My fish is here, you see. Then where is my cat?" 6. Fred always bought some fish in the market when ____. a. he liked it b. his wife asked him to do so c. he had enough money d. he came back from work 7. Fred was very angry one evening when he got home because ____. a. his cat had eaten his fish b. he couldn't see the fish c. he ate soup and bread for his supper instead of fish d. his wife liked to eat fish 8. Fred took the cat and his wife to the shop to ____. a. weigh the cat b. buy another fish c. to expose (揭露) his wife's lie d. to find out his fish for dinner 9. In fact ____ ate the fish. a. the cat b. his wife c. Fred d. his wife and her friends 10. From the passage we can be sure that ____. a. Fred got on well with his wife b. Fred's wife loved him c. Fred liked to eat fish d. his wife was fond of eating but hated working 四. 动词填空:(10%) 1. That's the most interesting book I ____ ever ____ (read).

2. When I ____ (have) an English lesson, my friend ____ (listen) to the talk. 3. He must ____ (do) his homework now. He always ____ (do) his homework at this time. 4. How much of the film ____ you ____ (see) the other day? 5. When ____ you ____ (be) there? 6. I ____ (lose) the dictionary I ____ (buy) last month. 7. Thomas ____ (call) Tom by the others. 五. 介、副词填空:(10%) 1. The parents are angry ____ what he said. 2. Don't be too strict ____ the kids. 3. If you work hard ____ the science, you'll soon catch ____ ____ the others. 4. Who can stop him ____ doing this. 5. I should arrive ____ Suzhou at five. But the train arrived ____ the station at six. That's ____ I was late for the meeting. 6. He went to the city with nothing ____ some old clothes. 六. 短文改错:(10%) 1. It was a Christmas, but there was a big party in the house. 2. Guests (客人) came and went, but the party went. 3. Then the bell ring. Several people shouted, "Come in!" 4. A small man came in and closed the door before him. 5. Nobody knew him so the host (主人) went to meet him and 6. took him to have drink. The man sat there happily for an hour. 7. Then suddenly (突然) he stopped and looked at the host. "Did 8. you know me?" he asked. "Nobody asked me to that party. 9. I don't know you. I don't know your husband and I don't know any of your 10. guest. My wife and I wanted you to move the car before our house. 七. 句型转换:(10%) 1. I don't know the meaning of the word. (改为同义句) I don't know what ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____. I don't know what ____ ____ ____ ____ ____. I don't know what ____ ____ ____. 2. There's little water in the bottle. There's ____ ____ water in the bottle. 3. How much is the book? ____ ____ ____ ____ the book? 八. 汉译英:(20%) 1. 他还是一个小孩子,你不可以让他再哭了。 He is ____ a little child. You mustn’t _____ _____ _____ _____. 2. 带些水果给孤老们真是个不错的主意。 _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ the lonely old some fruit. 3. 不要让他生气了。

Don't ____ ____ ____. 4. 他们三个先后到达了终点,他们是胜利者。 They three got to the ____, _____ _____ _____ _____.

参 考 答 案
一. 单项选择:(20%) 1. B 2. A 3. B 4. C 5. A 6. B 7. B 8. C 9. D 10. A 11. C 12. D 13. D 14. B 15. C 16. B 17. A 18. D 19. B 20. B 二. 完形填空:(10%) 1. C 2. A 3. B 4. A 5. B 6. B 7. C 8. B 9. A 10. B 三. 阅读理解:(10%) 1B 2. C 3. D 4. C 5. A 6. C 7. C 8. C 9. D 10. C 四. 动词填空:(10%) 1. have, read 2. was having, was listening 3. be doing, does 4. did, see 5. will / are, be / going to be 6. lost / have lost, bought 7. is called 五. 介、副词填空:(10%) 1. at 2. with 3. at / on, up, with 4. from 5. in, at, why 6. except / but 六. 短文改错:(10%) 1. but --- and / so 2. went --- went on 3. ring --- rang 4. before --- behind 5. so --- but 6. drink --- a drink 7. Did --- Do 8. that --- this / the 9. husband --- wife 10. guest --- guests 七. 句型转换:(10%) 1. the meaning of the word is / you mean by the word / the word means 2. nearly / almost no, hardly any 3. What's the price of 八. 汉译英:(20%) 1. still, keep him from crying 2. It is a good idea to take 3. make him angry 4. end, they were the winners



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