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Unit2 Working the Land 基础巩固练习 一

巩固练习 一
一. 单词填空 66. A ________ (化学的) change takes place in paper when it burns. 67. We must r________ ourselves of these old ideas(摆脱). 68. Not having had food for over forty hours, we were all weak from h_________(饥饿). 69. Because of the heavy rain the l________ of the lake has risen 6 inches. 70. It was a new form of ________ (细菌) and nobody knew how it would affect humans. 71. The cookies are made from g________ and fruit(谷物). 73. The violent film is not ________(合适的) for children. 74. This food provides the ________(营养) your dog needs. 75. The average ________(产量) of the factory is 20 cars a day. 二.选词填空 would rather, be satisfied with, thanks to, insist on, care about, refer to,

lead a, exchange for, rid of 1) He got the first prize in the speech contest. His teacher _________ his performance. 2) It is really a hot day. I _________ stay in the house with air-conditioning than go out shopping. 3) Please________ the last page of the book for answers after doing the exercises. 4) _________ your help, we could finish the task on time. 5) Most of the people in remote mountainous area ________ _________ poor _______. 6) Next week I will fly to Britain on business. Now I want to ________ some RMB yuan __________ British pounds. 7) When a child knows that he __________, he feels safe and secure. 8) The girl struggled to__________ herself _________ her fears. 9) Some schools _________ their students wearing school uniforms. 三.单选 1. I regret ______ you that my daughter has already regretted ______ out with you. So leave her alone and don’t bother her any more. A. telling; dating B. to tell; to date C. to tell; dating D. telling; to date

2. The father has been ____ for many years in order that his only son can be ____ with higher education. A. fighting; served B. struggling; equipped C. working; offered D. laboring; received 3. I regret ______ you that my daughter has already regretted ______ out with you. So leave her alone and don’t bother her any more. A. telling; dating B. to tell; to date C. to tell; dating D. telling; to date 4. It was reported that the plane I was to have taken crashed soon after it took off. _______ the traffic jam, I was five minutes late for the plane. A. As a result of B. Thanks to C. Because of D. on account of 5. Just as exercise helps _______our bodies, reading helps _____ our mind, broadening our vision into the world A. found; found B. to put up; to put up C. to build up; to build up D. to set up; to set up 6. ---Would you like to ______the performance of newly developed energy-saving device?

---Sorry, but I am not in the position to ______. A. make a comment on; comment B. have a comment with; comment on C. build up comments on; comment on D. come up with a comment on; comment 7. It is really disturbing to me that my once best friend _______ to me recently. Worse still, I don’t know what I have done wrong. A. avoids to talk B. escapes talking C. stops to talk D. avoids talking 8. The young graduate ______ his vegetable farm so successfully that soon he became No 1 vegetable producer in the area. A. made B. performed C. worked D. discovered

9.At times the balance in nature is ________, resulting in a number of possibly unforeseen effects. A.troubled B.confused C.disturbed D.puzzled
10.The children talked so loudly at dinner table that I had to struggle ________. be heard have heard C.hearing D.being heard 11.—Robert is indeed a wise man. —Oh,yes.How often I have regretted ________ his advice! take B.taking C.not to take D.not taking 12.I regret________you that we are unable to offer you employment. A.informing B.having informed inform informed 13.Lydia really regrets ________ out of high school.She has really had to struggle to make a living because of that decision. A.drop drop C.dropping D.dropped 14.Nick is looking for another job because he feels that nothing he does________his boss. A.serves B.satisfies C.promises D.supports 15.Public attention at the moment is focused ________ the problem of environment balance. A.into B.towards C.about D.on 16.—Would you rather ________ there tomorrow? —No.I’d rather he ________ there instead of me. go;will go B.go;went C.go;will go D. going; shall go 17. ________to the man’s timely coming,the________boy was saved. A. Thanking; drown B. Thanks; drowned C. Thanked; drowns D. Thanks; drowning 18.New ________ show that the economy of our country is continuing to grow. A.welfares B.Nationalities C.statistics D.schedules 19.The water froze inside the pipe,causing it to ________and burst. A.expand B.export C.reduce D.behave

巩固练习一 答案

66.chemical 67.rid 71. grain


69. level

70. bacteria

73. suitable

74. nutrition

75. output

2. 1) was satisfied with 2) would rather 3) refer to 4) Thanks to 5) lead a 6) exchange for 7) is cared about 8) rid of 9) insist on


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