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Unit3 Life in future 学案 单元要点预览 词语 辨析 1. surrounding / environment 2.swiftly / fast / quick / soon 1.settlement n. 定居;解决 定居; settle 居 2. surrounding 词形 物;环境 变化 3. press v. 按;压;逼迫 4.require v. 需要;要求;命令 需要;要求; 5. impression n. 印象 感想 印象, 感想, 词 汇 部 分 重点 单词 pressure n. 压, 压力 压力, requirement n. 需要;要求;命令 需要;要求; impress v. 印, 留下印象 n. 周围的事 surround v. 包围 围绕 包围, v. 安放 使定居 安排 安家 定 安放, 使定居, 安排; 安家,

1. private adj. 私人的;私有的 私人的; 2. settlement n. 定居;解决 定居; 3. impression 4. remind n. 印象;感想;印记 印象;感想;

v. 提醒;使想起 提醒;

5. previous adj. 在前的;早先的 在前的; 6. lack v. 缺乏;没有 缺乏; n. 缺乏;短缺的东西 缺乏;

7. require v.需要;要求;命令 需要;要求; 需要 8. assist v. 援助;帮助;协助 援助;帮助; 1.take up 重点 all directions 向四面八方 词组 4.lose sight of / catch sight of 不再看见....../ 瞥见…… 不再看见 瞥见 5.sweep up 打扫;横扫 打扫; 1. What problems do you think people in the future will have overcome? 重点句子 2. This is similar to the “jet lag” you get when flying,… 重点语法 过去分词做状语 拿起;接受;开始;继续 拿起;接受;开始; similar to 与……相似 相似

一.词语辨析 1. surrounding / environment n. 环境 指周围或附近的一切事物;环境 常用复数) 环境(常用复数 【解释】surrounding 指周围或附近的一切事物 环境 常用复数 解释】 environment 指生态环境,自然环境(与 the 连用 还指影响个体或事物行为或发展的环境 指生态环境,自然环境 与 连用);还指影响个体或事物行为或发展的环境 还指影响个体或事物行为或发展的环境. 【练习】选择 surrounding 或 environment 并用其适当的形式填空 练习】 1)Good work cannot be done in unpleasant or uncomfortable ) .


2)A happy family provides a loving ) 3)The house is in beautiful ) 4)It is our duty to protect the ) 5)Moss grows best in a shady, damp ) 2. swift/fast/quick/soon 【解释】swift 指运动的流畅性与稳靠性 解释】 fast 更多指运动中的人或物 quick 大多指花费极少时间或反应或动作的敏捷 soon 时间副词 指先后发生的两件事之间的时间间隔短 时间副词,指先后发生的两件事之间的时间间隔短 选择 swift/fast/quick 或 soon 并用其适当的形式填空 1)A ) 2)Only her ) 3)He has a ) 4)Let's eat a ) 5) ) .

for its children.

from pollution. .

car knocked down a boy in the main street. 飞驰的汽车; 飞驰的汽车; reaction prevented an accident. 她的快捷反应避免了一次事故。 她的快捷反应避免了一次事故。 but unclear handwriting 流畅但不清楚的书法笔迹 snack. 让我们吃一顿快餐吧 让我们吃一顿快餐吧! we will arrive in Hongkong.

二.词形变化 1. settlement n. 定居;解决 定居; settle v. 安放 使定居 安排 安家 定居 安放, 使定居, 安排; 安家,

2. surrounding n. 周围的事物; surround v. 包围 围绕 周围的事物; 包围, 环境 3. press v. 按;压;逼迫 4. require v. 需要;要求;命令 需要;要求; 5. impression n. 印象 感想 印象, 感想, pressure n. 压, 压力 压力, requirement n. 需要;要求;命令 需要;要求; impress v. 印, 留下印象

【练习】根据句子结构,用括号内所提供词的适当形式填空 练习】根据句子结构, 1) ) city really enjoys nice 2)It’s time you ) 3)- What’s your ) by green hill on the north and south and a blue sea on the east, this .(surrounding) your difference with your father. (settlement) of the new teacher? me most is his

- He is a kind and handsome young man, but what sense of humour. (impression) 4) is ) It not all students obey the 5)The nurse ) stopped the bleeding at last. (press)

that all students should wear the school uniform in school, but . (require) the wound and the to the arm


三.重点词汇 1. private adj. 1)私人的;个人的 2)私下的 保密的; 私人的; 私下的, 保密的 私人的 私下的 [典例 典例] 典例 1) When children grow up, they are eager to get private rooms for themselves. 当孩子长大了,他们都渴望有自己的房间。 当孩子长大了,他们都渴望有自己的房间。 2) I wish to have a private talk with you. 我想私底下和你谈谈。 我想私底下和你谈谈。 [练习 汉译英 练习] 练习 1)老师应该允许孩子具有自己的观点。 )老师应该允许孩子具有自己的观点。 _______________________________________________________________________________ 2)私下讨论后,他们达成令人满意的协议。 )私下讨论后,他们达成令人满意的协议。 _______________________________________________________________________________

2. settlement n. 1) 定居点[C] 定居点 [典例 典例] 典例

2)(解决纷争的)协议[C] (解决纷争的)协议

3) 解决,处理[U] 解决,处理

1) The Indians often attacked the settlements of the colonist. 印地安人经常袭击殖民者的定居点。 印地安人经常袭击殖民者的定居点。 2) The strikers and the employers have reached a settlement over new working conditions. 罢工者已经与顾主就新的工作条件达成了协议。 罢工者已经与顾主就新的工作条件达成了协议。 3) After the settlement of our differences, we became friends. 消除分歧后,我们成了朋友。 消除分歧后,我们成了朋友。 [重点用法 重点用法] 重点用法 settle v. 定居

come to a settlement 解决; 决定; 和解 解决 决定 settle in Canada 定居加拿大 settle down 安顿下来:过稳定有序的生活: 安顿下来:过稳定有序的生活: [练习 汉译英 练习] 练习 1) 他与家人安顿下来务农 _______________________________________________________________________________ 2) 她丈夫死后,她定居北京 她丈夫死后,她定居北京 _______________________________________________________________________________


3. impression [典例 典例] 典例

n. 印;印痕;印记;印象;意念;概念 印痕;印记;印象;意念;

1) Your performance gave me a strong impression.你的表演给我留下了很深的印象。 .你的表演给我留下了很深的印象。 2) What I said made no impression on him.我的话对他不起作用。 .我的话对他不起作用。 [重点用法 重点用法] 重点用法 impress v. 留下印象 impress sth. on/upon one's mind 把……牢记在心上 / 牢记在心上 have an impression of sth./doing sth. / that…对某事/做某事有印象 / 对某事 做某事有印象 对某 make an impression on sb. 给某人留下印象 make no impression on 对…… 无影响/效果 无影响/ give sb. a favorable impression 给某人以好印象 an impression of sb's foot 某人的脚印 [练习 汉译英 练习] 练习 1) 我隐约记得我们以前曾经见过面 _______________________________________________________________________________ 2) 你对他的印象如何 你对他的印象如何? _______________________________________________________________________________ 3) 我父亲让我铭记艰苦劳动的价值。 我父亲让我铭记艰苦劳动的价值。 _______________________________________________________________________________

4. remind [典例 典例] 典例

v. 提醒;使想起 提醒;

1) The picture reminds me of my college days.这张照片使我想起了大学里的日子。 .这张照片使我想起了大学里的日子。 2) Remind me to write to father.请提醒我给父亲写信。 .请提醒我给父亲写信。 3) Please remind me that I must call her up before nine.请提醒我九点前给她打个电话。 请提醒我九点前给她打个电话。 请提醒我九点前给她打个电话 [重点用法 重点用法] 重点用法 remind sb. of sth. = remind sb. about... 提醒某人某事; 提醒某人某事; remind sb. that 也可以表示 提醒某人做某事”或“使某人想起去做某事 。 也可以表示“提醒某人做某事 或 使某人想起去做某事 使某人想起去做某事”。 提醒某人做某事 [考例 单项填空 考例]单项填空 考例 What you said just now_____ me of that American professor. A. mentioned B. informed C. reminded

D. memorized

【解析】remind sb. of sth.使/让某人想起某事;informed sb. of sth.通知某人事情。A,D 都无 解析】 使 让某人想起某事; 通知某人事情。 让某人想起某事 通知某人事情 此结构。答案: 。 此结构。答案:C。 [练习 根据句子的意思在横线里填入适当的词。 练习]根据句子的意思在横线里填入适当的词。 练习 根据句子的意思在横线里填入适当的词 1) Please remind yourself often mistakes. . 2) Please remind him _______________ (post) the letters. your weak points , shortcomings and

5. previous [重点用法 重点用法] 重点用法

adj. 先的 前的 事前的 以前的 先的, 前的; 事前的;

previous to 在……之前 之前 [典例 典例] 典例 1)He did better in his previous study.他在预习方面做得好。 ) 他在预习方面做得好。 他在预习方面做得好 2)His previous attempt was successful. 他以前的尝试成功了。 ) 他以前的尝试成功了。 3)Previous to the conference we had discussed the matter. ) 在会议召开之前,我们讨论了这个问题 在会议召开之前 我们讨论了这个问题. 我们讨论了这个问题 [练习 汉译英 练习] 练习 1)你以前有过这种工作经验吗? )你以前有过这种工作经验吗? _______________________________________________________________________________ 2)来这里之前,我为你准备了文件 )来这里之前 我为你准备了文件 我为你准备了文件. _______________________________________________________________________________

6. lack


缺乏; 缺乏;没有

n. 缺乏;短缺的东西 缺乏;

[重点用法 重点用法] 重点用法 lack sth. (wisdom/common sense/money 缺乏智慧/常识/金钱 / / 缺乏智慧/常识 金钱) 金钱 be lacking in (courage/determination to do...) 缺乏做某事的勇气/决心 缺乏做某事的勇气/ / a/the lack of… ……的缺乏 / 的缺乏 for lack of 因缺乏…… 因缺乏 have no lack of 不缺乏 [典例 典例] 典例 1) You will not be lacking in support from me. 你将得到我的帮助 2) I lacked for nothing. 我不需要任何东西 [练习 用 lack 的适当形式填空。 练习]用 的适当形式填空。 练习 1) Though (1ack)money,his parents managed to send him to university. , .


2) He completely 3) She is 4)

conscience. . in responsibility. of rest makes her look tired.

7. require [重点用法 重点用法] 重点用法

v. 需要;要求;命令 需要;要求;

require + n./ pron. /doing sth. / to do sth. / that-clause [典例 典例] 典例 1) This suggestion will require careful thought. 这建议需要仔细考虑。 这建议需要仔细考虑。 2) To carry out this plan would require increasing our staff by 50%. %. 执行这—计划需要增加 %的人员。 执行这 计划需要增加 50%的人员。 [练习 用括号里所给词的适当形式填空。 练习]用括号里所给词的适当形式填空 练习 用括号里所给词的适当形式填空。 1) His health requires that he _____(go)to bed early. . 2) The floor requires _______ (wash). .

8. assist [重点用法 重点用法] 重点用法

vt./vi. 帮助;援助订;参与;出席 / 帮助;援助订;参与;

assist sb. in/with sth. 辅助 某人)某事 辅助(某人 某事 某人 assist sb. in doing sth. 辅助 某人)做某事 辅助(某人 做某事 某人 assist sb. to do sth. 辅助 某人)做某事 辅助(某人 做某事 某人 assist with 帮助 照料,做);在……上给予帮助 帮助(照料, ; 照料 上给予帮助 [典例 典例] 典例 1)I am willing to assist you whenever there is an opportunity.有机会我愿随时帮你。 .有机会我愿随时帮你。 2)I'm afraid I can't assist you,you have to go and see the manager. , . 我恐怕帮不上忙,你得去找经理。 我恐怕帮不上忙,你得去找经理。 3)The headmaster assists with a lot of things when free. . 有空时校长帮忙做了很多事。 有空时校长帮忙做了很多事。 4)You will be required to assist Mrs.Smith in preparing a report. . . 你将要帮助史密斯夫人准备一份报告。 你将要帮助史密斯夫人准备一份报告。 [练习 根据句子的意思在括号里填入适当的词。 练习] 根据句子的意思在括号里填入适当的词。 练习 1) The young nurse was very nervous when she ________ in her first operation. . 2) A team of nurses __________ the doctor ________ performing me operation. . 3) She employed a woman to _____ her _____ the housework

4) Good glasses will ________ you _________ read. .

四.重点词组 1. take up [典例 典例] 典例 1) This table takes up too much room.这张桌子太占地方。 .这张桌子太占地方。 2) She has taken up a job as a teacher.她当上老师了。 .她当上老师了。 3) This chapter takes up where the last one off. 本章继续上一章的内容。 . 本章继续上一章的内容。 [短语归纳 短语归纳] 短语归纳 take off 脱掉(衣服等) 起飞:打折:作为折扣而减价: 脱掉(衣服等) 起飞:打折:作为折扣而减价: ;起飞 ; take over 接管:获得对 的控制或管理 接管:获得对…的控制或管理 take apart 拆开:分开后将…分成许多部分 拆开:分开后将 分成许多部分 take for 把…视作:误认为 视作: 视作 take …for granted 认为 认为……是理所当然 是理所当然 take down 写下 记下 写下,记下 take back 收回 诺言 收回(诺言 诺言); [练习 根据括号里所给的汉语补全句子或翻译句子。 练习] 根据括号里所给的汉语补全句子或翻译句子。 练习 1) To keep healthy,Professor Johnson , regular form of exercise after he retired. . 2) Helen always helps her mother even though going to school 据)most of her day. . 3) 你以为我是个傻瓜吗 你以为我是个傻瓜吗? _______________________________________________________________________________ 4) 不要把沉默误认为是同意。 不要把沉默误认为是同意。 _______________________________________________________________________________ (从事,占 从事, 从事 (从事;开始做 从事;开始做)cycling as a 从事 从事; 时间 空间、注意力、 ; 时间、 从事;占(时间、空间、注意力、等);继续

2. be similar to 与……相似 相似 [典例 典例] 典例 1) His views are similar to mine.他的观点与我的很相似 他的观点与我的很相似. 他的观点与我的很相似 2) They are similar to each other in appearance.他们在长相上非常相似。 他们在长相上非常相似。 他们在长相上非常相似 [相似短语归纳 相似短语归纳] 相似短语归纳 be familiar to …对某人来说是熟悉的 对某人来说是熟悉的

be familiar with 某人对…很熟悉 某人对 很熟悉 in a similar way 以与 相似的方式 以与...相似的方式 [练习 汉译英 练习] 练习 1)如果我们总是以相似的方法去思考 我们几乎不能跳出这个圈子。 )如果我们总是以相似的方法去思考,我们几乎不能跳出这个圈子 相似的方法去思考 我们几乎不能跳出这个圈子。 _______________________________________________________________________________ 2)在经济发展方面,印度和中国很相似。 )在经济发展方面 印度和中国很相似 印度和中国很相似。 _______________________________________________________________________________

3. lose sight of / catch sight of 不再看见....../ 瞥见…… 不再看见 瞥见 [重点用法] 重点用法 get/have (a) sight of 看见,发现 / 看见, at (the) sight of 一看见 at first sight 乍一见 out of sight 不被看见,在视线之外 不被看见, out of sight of 在……看不见的地方 看不见的地方 in/within sight 被见到,在视线内 / 被见到, in/within sight of 在……看得见的地方 / 看得见的地方 [练习 汉译英 练习] 练习 1)他一直挥手直至火车消失在视线中 )他一直挥手直至火车消失在视线中. _______________________________________________________________________________ 2)尽管忙于家务,那个母亲也能让孩子不走出她的视线。 )尽管忙于家务,那个母亲也能让孩子不走出她的视线。 _______________________________________________________________________________ 3)一看到这幅画,教授就被深深地吸引住了。 )一看到这幅画 教授就被深深地吸引住了 教授就被深深地吸引住了。 _______________________________________________________________________________

4. sweep up 打扫;横扫 打扫; [短语归纳 短语归纳] 短语归纳 sweep aside 放[堆]到一边 不予理会 到一边, 堆 到一边 sweep away 扫清 迅速消灭 肃清 冲走 扫清, 迅速消灭, 肃清, sweep off 扫清 吹走 大量清除 扫清; 吹走; sweep out 扫掉 清除 扫掉; sweep over 将...一扫而光 一扫而光

[练习 选择短语并用恰当的形式填空。 练习]选择短语并用恰当的形式填空。 练习 选择短语并用恰当的形式填空 1) After the party, the house needed ____________. 2) The leaves were _________ into the air by the strong wind.

五.重点句子 1.What problems do you think people in the future will have overcome? . 你认为未来的人们将克服什么问题? 你认为未来的人们将克服什么问题 [解释 此句为复杂疑问句,其句式结构为:疑问词 解释] 此句为复杂疑问句,其句式结构为:疑问词+do you think+其余部分 其余部分为陈 其余部分(其余部分为陈 解释 其余部分 述语序),do you think 为插入成分 。能用于此句型的动词有 : think,believe,suppose, 为插入成分。能用于此句型的动词有: 述语序 , , , imagine,suggest,expect 等。 , , [典例 典例] 典例 1)Who do you think is the tallest in your class? 你认为在你们班谁最高 你认为在你们班谁最高? 2)What do you believe matters when we take up the work? 你认为我们从事这项工作什么东西最要紧? 你认为我们从事这项工作什么东西最要紧 3)Who do you suppose will win the game? 你认为谁会赢得这比赛 你认为谁会赢得这比赛? [注意 注意] 注意 1) 如果此句型的动词后面的从句里有否定意义,往往要把否定前置。如: 如果此句型的动词后面的从句里有否定意义,往往要把否定前置。 I don't think it’s right to do so.我想这样做是不对的。 不对的。 .我想这样做是不对的 2) 该句型变反意疑问句,主句主语是第一人称且是现在时态时,反问部分与从句一致,否 该句型变反意疑问句,主句主语是第一人称且是现在时态时,反问部分与从句一致, 则与主句一致。 则与主句一致。如: I think that he has been to Beijing,hasn't he? , He thinks that their team are sure to win the game,doesn't he? , [练习 汉译英 练习] 练习 1)你觉得我们什么时候见面好 你觉得我们什么时候见面好? 你觉得我们什么时候见面好 _______________________________________________________________________________ 2)我想他们马上就到 我想他们马上就到. 我想他们马上就到 _______________________________________________________________________________

2. This is similar to the “jet lag” you get when flying, … 这与你在飞行过程中的时差反应是相类似的。 这与你在飞行过程中的时差反应是相类似的。 [解释 When flying 是 when you are flying 的省略形式。在有些表时间、条件、方式或让步 解释] 的省略形式。在有些表时间、条件、 解释 的从句中,如果谓语包含有动词 ,主语又和主句的主语一致, 的从句中,如果谓语包含有动词 be,主语又和主句的主语一致,或者主语是 it,就常常可 , 动词省略。 以把从句中的主语和 be 动词省略。 [典例 典例] 典例

1) When asked where’s the toilet, the waitress showed the way politely to the guest. 当被问及厕所在哪时,服务员非常有礼貌地给客人带路。 当被问及厕所在哪时,服务员非常有礼貌地给客人带路。 2) Until finishing the homework, the child was allowed to watch the cartoon film. 直至完成作业,小孩才允许看卡通片。 直至完成作业,小孩才允许看卡通片。 允许看卡通片 3) If necessary, you can call help from the police.有必要时,你可以求助警察局。 有必要时, 有必要时 你可以求助警察局。 [练习 汉译英 练习] 练习 1) 即使被打致死,他依然保守秘密。 即使被打致死,他依然保守秘密。 _______________________________________________________________________________ 2)可能的话,到机场来接我。 )可能的话,到机场来接我。 _______________________________________________________________________________ 3)过马路时,孩子们被要求停下观望再手牵手通过。 )过马路时,孩子们被要求停下观望再手牵手通过。 _______________________________________________________________________________

六.课文词汇等填空:根据课文内容完成下面语法填空,注意单词拼写和词语用法 课文词汇等填空:根据课文内容完成下面语法填空, Li Qiang took up a prize 1) ) AD 3008. Although he 3) ) he won last year and traveled to the 2) ) (遭受)“time lag”,he was transported 4) 遭受) , ) (混淆 by the new 6) 混淆) 混淆 ) (环

(safe) into the future in a time capsule. 5) )

境), he was hit by a lack of fresh air and his head ached. He had to put on a mask to get enough oxygen. Then he flew behind Wang Ping in a hovering carriage. 7 ) (arrive) at Wang Ping' s home, Li Qiang 8) ) 9) ) (make)of trees, a brown floor and soft lighting. 10) ) ) into bed and fell fast asleep. (exhaust), Li Qiang slid (show) into a large room with a wall

来个单词概括课文大意或将下面的短文译成英语。 七.课文大意概括:阅读课文,试用 30 来个单词概括课文大意或将下面的短文译成英语。 课文大意概括:阅读课文, 生活的印象,和他如何被安全的运到未来世界, 本文显示了李强对未来公元 3008 生活的印象,和他如何被安全的运到未来世界,如何 使用新的装置抵达汪平家的以及他在那儿所见所为。 使用新的装置抵达汪平家的以及他在那儿所见所为。 The passage shows


七.课文大意概括 The passage shows Li Qiang’s impressions of the future life in AD 3008 and how he was transported safely into the future and how he used the new equipments to get to Wang Ping’s home . And what he saw and did there.

八.课文佳句背诵与仿写 1.【原句】The seats were comfortable and after a calming drink, which made us sleepy, our 【原句】 eyes closed. [模仿要点 句子结构:定语从句插入在状语和主句之间 模仿要点]句子结构 模仿要点 句子结构: 【模仿 1】这件工作非常艰辛,休息一会以后,使我们又恢复了精力,我们又继续干活。 】这件工作非常艰辛,休息一会以后,使我们又恢复了精力,我们又继续干活。

【模仿 2】他从自行车上摔下来,被实施急救后,这使流血止住了,他被马上送到医院。 】他从自行车上摔下来,被实施急救后,这使流血止住了,他被马上送到医院。

2.【原句】I got lost when we reached the place that looked like a large market because of the 【原句】 people flying by in all direction. [模仿要点 句子结构: 时间状语+定语从句)插入在句子中间,通常放在句首。 模仿要点] (时间状语 模仿要点 句子结构: 时间状语+定语从句)插入在句子中间,通常放在句首。 ( 【模仿 1】当我到达一个看上去像一个公园的地方时我感到惊讶,因为人们沐浴在柔和的阳 】当我到达一个看上去像一个公园的地方时我感到惊讶, 光下或在树荫下下棋。 光下或在树荫下下棋。

【模仿 2】当我读老舍写的小说时,我非常着迷因为里面有趣的故事。 】当我读老舍写的小说时,我非常着迷因为里面有趣的故事。


九.语法: 语法: Unit 3 Grammar 过去分词做状语 过去分词作状语主要是说明谓语动作发生的背景或条件;表示原因、时间、条件、 过去分词作状语主要是说明谓语动作发生的背景或条件;表示原因、时间、条件、让 步、方式或伴随情况等。过去分词可置于主句前,也可置于主句后,用逗号与主句隔开。 方式或伴随情况等。过去分词可置于主句前,也可置于主句后,用逗号与主句隔开。 过去分词作状语表示被动的和完成的动作。 过去分词作状语表示被动的和完成的动作。 1. 原因状语 Choked by the heavy smoke, he could hardly breathe. 他被浓烟呛了,几乎不能呼吸了。 他被浓烟呛了,几乎不能呼吸了。 Caught in a heavy rain, he was all wet. 因为淋了一场大雨,所以他全身湿透了。 因为淋了一场大雨,所以他全身湿透了。 Frightened by the noise in the night, the girl didn’t dare to sleep in her room. 受到夜晚响声的惊吓,那姑娘不敢睡在她的房间。 受到夜晚响声的惊吓,那姑娘不敢睡在她的房间。 2. 时间状语 Left to itself in the room, the baby began to cry. 当被孤独地留在房间里时,婴儿哭了起来。 当被孤独地留在房间里时,婴儿哭了起来。 Asked why he did it, the monitor said it was his duty. 当被问及这件事时,班长说这是他的职责。 当被问及这件事时,班长说这是他的职责。 Approached in the dark, the lights looked lonely and purposeless. 在黑暗中走近时。那些电灯显得孤单而无意义。 在黑暗中走近时。那些电灯显得孤单而无意义。 3. 条件状语 Seen in this aspect, the matter isn’t as serious as people generally suppose. 如果从这个角度看,问题并不像人们一般预料的那样 严重 严重。 如果从这个角度看,问题并不像人们一般预料的那样`严重。 Grown in rich soil, these seeds can grow fast. 如果种在肥沃的土壤里,这些种子能长得很 如果种在肥沃的土壤里, 快。 Given better attention, the accident could have been avoided. 要是多加注意,那次事故就能避免了。 要是多加注意,那次事故就能避免了。 Watered more, these cabbages could have grown better. 如果多浇点水,这些大白菜还可以长的得更好。 如果多浇点水,这些大白菜还可以长的得更好。 Compared with you, we still have a long way to go. 和你相比,我们还有很大的差距。 和你相比,我们还有很大的差距。 4. 方式或伴随状语 Surrounded by his students, the professor sat there cheerfully. 那位教授在学生的簇拥下,兴高采烈地坐在那儿。 那位教授在学生的簇拥下,兴高采烈地坐在那儿。 He stood there silently, moved to tears. 他静静地站在那里,被感动得热泪盈眶。 他静静地站在那里,被感动得热泪盈眶。 地站在那里 The old man went into the room, supported by his wife.

那位老人在妻子的搀扶下,走进了房间。 那位老人在妻子的搀扶下 走进了房间。 走进了房间 5. 让步状语 Beaten by the police and sent to jail, Gandi created the principle of nonviolent resistance. 尽管受警察的殴打,被投入监狱,甘地却首创了非暴力抵抗的原则。 尽管受警察的殴打,被投入监狱,甘地却首创了非暴力抵抗的原则。 Defeated again, he didn’t lose heart. 尽管再次被击败,但他没有灰心。 尽管再次被击败,但他没有灰心。 Waited by others for over half an hour, he didn’t turn up at the meeting. 尽管别人等了他半个多小时,他还是没有到会。 尽管别人等了他半个多小时,他还是没有到会。 6.独立成份(插入语) 独立成份(插入语) 独立成份 Given good weather, our ship will reach Shanghai on Monday evening. 假如天气好,我们的船将于星期一晚上到达上海。 假如天气好,我们的船将于星期一晚上到达上海。 I’d come and see you in New York, given the chance. 如果有机会,我就到纽约来看你。 如果有机会,我就到纽约来看你。 Generally speaking, people all believe what he has said. 一般说来,人们都相信他所说的。 一般说来,人们都相信他所说的。

★注意:明确过去分词作状语时的逻辑主语,进一步认识过去分词作状语 注意:明确过去分词作状语时的逻辑主语, 过去分词作状语时其逻辑主语为主句的主语。例如: 过去分词作状语时其逻辑主语为主句的主语。例如: Given another hour, I can also work out this problem. 再给我一个小时,我也能解这道题。 再给我一个小时,我也能解这道题。 析:given 为过去分词作状语,它的逻辑主语为主句主语 I ,即 I 被再给一个小时。 为过去分词作状语 被再给一个小时。 Seen from the top of the hill, the city looks more beautiful to us. 从山顶看城市,城市显得更漂亮。 从山顶看城市,城市显得更漂亮。 析:seen 为过去分词作状语,表“被看” 由语境可知,它的逻辑主语必须是城市,而不是 为过去分词作状语, 被看” 由语境可知,它的逻辑主语必须是城市, , “我们” 因为“我们”应主动看城市。 我们” 因为“我们”应主动看城市。 , 值得注意的是,如果过去分词作状语时,前面再加逻辑主语, 值得注意的是,如果过去分词作状语时,前面再加逻辑主语,主句的主语就不再是分 词的逻辑主语,这种带逻辑主语的过去分词结构实际上属于独立主格结构。例如: 词的逻辑主语,这种带逻辑主语的过去分词结构实际上属于独立主格结构。例如: 独立主格结构 The signal given, the bus started. 信号一发出,汽车就开动了。 信号一发出,汽车就开动了。 析:the signal 是 given 的逻辑主语,因此主句主语 the bus 就不是 given 的逻辑主语。 的逻辑主语, 的逻辑主语。 Her head held high, she went by. 她把头昂得高高地从这儿走了过去。 她把头昂得高高地从这儿走了过去。 析:her head 是 held high 的逻辑主语,因此主句主语 she 就不再是 held high 的逻辑主 的逻辑主语, 语。

★现在分词与过去分词作状语的区别 1.逻辑关系 逻辑关系


现在分词作状语与过去分词作状语的最主要区别在于:两者与所修饰的主句的主语的逻辑 现在分词作状语与过去分词作状语的最主要区别在于: 与过去分词作状语的最主要区别在于 关系的区别。 关系的区别。 1) 现在分词作状语时,现在分词所表示的动作与句子主语之间构成逻辑上的主动关系。 ) 现在分词作状语时,现在分词所表示的动作与句子主语之间构成逻辑上的主动关系。 He went out, shutting the door behind him. 他出去后将门随手关上。 他出去后将门随手关上。 Not knowing what to do, he went to his parents for help. 由于不知如何办是好,他去找父母帮忙。 由于不知如何办是好,他去找父母帮忙。 2) 过去分词作状语时,过去分词所表示的动作与句子主语之间构成逻辑上的被动关系。 ) 过去分词作状语时,过去分词所表示的动作与句子主语之间构成逻辑上的被动关系。 Given more encouragement, the boy could have behaved better. 如果多给这个孩子一些鼓励,他本来会表现得更好。 如果多给这个孩子一些鼓励,他本来会表现得更好。 Faced with difficulties, we must try to overcome them. 在遇到困难时,我们必须设法克服。 在遇到困难时,我们必须设法克服。 3) 部分过去分词来源于系表结构,作状语时不表示 被动关系 ,其前不用 being。这样的 ) 部分过去分词来源于系表结构,作状语时不表示“被动关系 被动关系”, 。 过去分词及短语常见的有: in 陷入某种状态)seated 坐着的) hidden 躲着) stationed 过去分词及短语常见的有: lost (陷入某种状态) 、 (坐着的) 、 (躲着) 、 (驻扎) 驻扎) 、lost/absorbed(沉溺于) born in(出身于) 、 (沉溺于) 、 (出身于) 、dressed in(穿着) 、 (穿着) 、tired of(厌烦 、 ( 了)等。 Lost/Absorbed in deep thought, he didn’t hear the sound. 因为沉溺于思考中,所以他没有听到那个声音。 因为沉溺于思考中,所以他没有听到那个声音。 Born in this beautiful town, he hates to leave it. 出生于这个美丽的小镇,他不愿离开它。 出生于这个美丽的小镇,他不愿离开它。 2.时间概念 . 过去分词所表示的动作发生在谓语动作之前,或表示“一种状态 ,与谓语动作同时发生或 过去分词所表示的动作发生在谓语动作之前, 或表示 一种状态”, 一种状态 存在。 存在。 现在分词的一般式(doing)表示的动作与谓语动作同时发生或在说话时正在进行;现在分词 现在分词的一般式 表示的动作与谓语动作同时发生或在说话时正在进行; 表示的动作与谓语动作同时发生或在说话时正在进行 的完成式(having done)表示发生在谓语动作之前的一个 主动”动作; 的完成式 表示发生在谓语动作之前的一个“主动 动作; 表示发生在谓语动作之前的一个 主动 动作 现在分词的完成式的被 动式(having been done)常和表示次数的短语及时间段 常和表示次数的短语及时间段(for+一段时间 连用,表示发生在谓语 一段时间)连用 动式 常和表示次数的短语及时间段 一段时间 连用, 动作之前的一个“被动动作 ,这种情况下不能用过去分词替换,其它情况下通常被过去分 动作之前的一个 被动动作”,这种情况下不能用过去分词替换, 被动动作 词所替换,使句式更简洁。 词所替换,使句式更简洁。 Written in a hurry, this article was not so good. 因为写得匆忙,这篇文章不是很好。 因为写得匆忙,这篇文章不是很好。 Reading carefully, he found something he hadn’t known before. 他仔细读书时,发现了一些从前不知道的东西。 他仔细读书时,发现了一些从前不知道的东西。 Having finished his homework, he went home. 完成了作业,他就回家了。 完成了作业,他就回家了。 Having been discussed several times, the decision was finally made. 进行了几次讨论后,终于做出了决定。 进行了几次讨论后,终于做出了决定。


练习一 练习一:用所给动词的正确形式填空 1. 2. reporting 3. weeks on the farm. 4. 5.He went to bed shoes on. 6. He had an accident 7. I like reading the novels 8. The girl (drive) to work yesterday. (write ) by Zhang Ailing. (write) a letter in the study is my cousin. (repair). (look) out of the window, I saw some children playing hide-and-seek. (drink), and when he woke up, he found he still had his (dress) in a white uniform, he looks more like a cook than a doctor. (put ) into use in April 2000, the hotline was meant for residents water and heating supply breakdown. (attract) by the beauty of nature, the girl decided to spend another two

9. There is something wrong with my car and I have to get it 10. I want the doors of my new house 11. There was a 12. He was 13. The story was so (paint) white.

(surprise) look on his face. (excite) at the good news. (move) that he was (move) to tears.

练习二: 练习二:选择题 1. A. Beaten 2. black and blue, the lady couldn’t move. B. Beating C. To be beaten D. To beat themselves. C. Hunted, hiding D. Hunted, to

everywhere, the wolves had no where B. To hunt, to hide

A. Hunting, hiding hide


3. The teacher walked to the lab, A. followed by his students C. and followed by his students 4. When

. B. his students followed D. both A and B

into the warm room, ice soon changes into water. B. heated, and taking D. heated or taken nothing can be done to change it. C. beginning D. begun by his naughty

A. heating and taking C. heating or taken

5. The research is so designed that once A. begins 6. The boy. A. following; following C. following; followed 7. B. having begun

morning, the father came into the lonely house,

B. followed; followed D. followed; following

these pictures, I couldn’t help thinking of those days when I was in Beijing and from the top of a thirty-storeyed building, Beijing looks more magnificent.

A. Seeing; seen 8.

B. Seen; seeing

C. Seeing; seeing

D. Seen; seen

better attention, the vegetables could have grown better with the sun shining brightly in the sky and them light. B. Given; given C. Giving; giving D. Given; giving

A. Giving; given 9.

in 1636, Harvard is one of the most famous universities in the United States. B. It was founded C. Founded D. Founding

A. Being found

10. _______ such heavy pollution already, it may now be too late to clean up the river. A. Having suffered B. Suffering C. To suffer D. Suffered

11. Prices of daily goods ________ through a computer can be lower than store prices. A. are bought B. bought C. been bought D. buying

12. Mr. Smith, _______ of the ________ speech, started to read a novel. A. tired; boring B. tiring; bored C. tired; bored D. tiring; boring

13. John received an invitation to dinner, and with his work ____, he gladly accepted it. A. finished B. finishing C. having finished D. was finished


Unit 3 单元自测 一.完形填空 字数: 字数:186 完成时间: 14 完成时间: 分钟 难度: 难度:***

First aid is emergency care for a victim of sudden illness or injury until more skillful medical treatment is available; It may save a life or 1) ) certain vital signs including pulse,

temperature, a clear airway (气道 and breathing. In minor emergencies, first aid may 气道), 气道 prevent a victim's condition from turning worse and provide relief from 2) ) case of the critically injured, a few minutes can make the 3) ) recovery and loss of' life. First aid measures depend upon the provider's level of knowledge and skill. Knowing what not to do is as 4 ) as knowing what to do in an emergency. 5 ) . In the

between complete

moving a person with a neck injury, for example, can lead to permanent spinal (脊柱的 脊柱的) 脊柱的 injury and paralysis (瘫痪 瘫痪). 瘫痪 Despite the variety of possible injuries, several 6) ) emergencies. The first step is to call for 7) ) conscious, of first aid apply to all

medical help. Next, the victim, if

should be reassured that medical aid has been requested, and asked for 8) )

to provide any first aid. Unless the accident 9) ) suffer further injury, do not 10) ) 1. A. change 2. A. pain 3. A. fact 4. A. important 5. A. Improperly 6. A. theories 7. A. international 8. A. arrangement 9. A. location 10. A. touch B. have B. damage B. emergency B. soon B. Repeatedly B. principles B. educated B. intention B. process B. move the victim. C. improve C. infection C. difficulty C. available C. Swiftly C. schemes C. direct C. permission C. scene C. control

becomes unsafe or the victim may

D. heal D. pressure D. difference D. useful D. Completely D. instructions D. professional D. operation D. place D. examine

二.语法填空 字数:132 字数: 完成时间:9 分钟 完成时间:

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Chen Ping and his sister Chen Ying dreamed about taking a great bike trip since middle school. After 1) ) make their dream come 2) ) idea to cycle 4) ) (graduate) from college, they finally got the chance to (truth). His sister 3 ) the Mekong River. They also made 5) ) (think) of the cousins

interested in cycling. Wang Wei stuck to the idea 6) )

they found the source and

began their journey there. When she heard that the source of the Mekong River is 7) ) Qinghai Province, she wouldn't change her mind. She even felt 8) ) when she knew that their journey would begin at 9) ) (excite)

altitude of more than

5,000 meters. Before the trip they found a large atlas in the library, from 10 ) they knew clearly about the Mekong River.

三.阅读理解 词数: 词数:337 完成时间: 完成时间:8 分钟 难度: 难度:***

The Gisbornes have recently completed a twelve-day trip on their solar-powered electric boat, the Loon. They traveled down the Erie and Oswego canals for twelve days before reaching Albany, New York. Monte Gisbome, the captain of the Loon, said that this marks the first time that anyone has traveled down American canal system using solar electric energy as the primary (主要的 fuel source. 主要的) 主要的 The Tamarack Lake Electric Boat Company designed the Loon. It is a boat with solar

panels (太阳能板 mounted (安装在 on its top which provide 738 watts of electricity using 太阳能板) 安装在) 太阳能板 安装在 energy from the sun. It also has a 48 volt deep-cycle battery that has a range of thirty miles. It has a top speed of five miles per hour. The boat is "solar-assisted" rather than "solar-driven" because it has a battery charger (电池充电器) which is built into the boat. It can help power the boat when the solar 电池充电器 电池充电 panels do not collect enough energy. Monte Gisbome talked about the boat in an interview. "The problem with technology these days is that it produces too much heat and too little energy for motion. My boat is at least eight times more efficient than a gas-powered boat, which means that it saves me a lot of money and keeps the environment clean. Even in these technologically advanced times, some of the more popular gas-powered boats are terribly inefficient, which means that they cost a lot of money to use every day, and they make the water very dirty." He also mentioned that the solar panels can provide the boat with about 16 km of free travel on a sunny day. "For most customers, 16 km is enough and," Monte Gisborne said, "even if you travel 32 km in one day, as long as you don't use it the next day, you have nothing to worry about because the battery won't run out of power." For this reason, these boats are perfect toys for weekend use but not much more than that. It' s best to leave them in the sun during the week to let the battery charge and then use them on weekends. In other words, if you need to use a boat every day you may still need to use a gas-powered boat. 1. From the passage, we can learn that ______________. A. the Loon was the first solar-powered boat to set sail in America B. the Loon gets all its electricity from the sun via solar panels C. Tamarack Lake Electric Boat Company designed the first solar-powered boat D. Gisborne first designed the solar panels for the boat 2. What does Gusborne think is the best part of his boat? A. It is almost as fast as other boats. B. It only needs to use energy from water. C. It uses energy more efficiently. D. Its battery charges quickly. 3. What is the shortcoming of the solar-powered boat? A. It is not very good for everyday use. B. It is not environmentally friendly. C. It is not as fast as gas-powered boats.


D. It is too slow for people who use boats a lot. 4. What can we infer about the solar-powered electric boats from the last paragraph? A. They can meet the needs of fishermen. B. They are not as good as gas-powered boats for Sunday boat rides. C. They are suitable for going out on a lake with the family on Sundays. D. People who like toys should use them on weekends. 5. The passage mainly talks about ___________. A. the Gisbornes' 12-day trip to New York B. the first solar-powered boat across American canal system C. a new invention to replace gas-powered boats D. the shortcomings of solar-powered boats for everyday use

四.基础写作 目前,互联网的使用日益普及。你班同学正在进行一个辩论赛,你是正方的代表, 目前,互联网的使用日益普及。你班同学正在进行一个辩论赛,你是正方的代表,负 责把你的小组的意见向全班陈述,题目为 责把你的小组的意见向全班陈述,题目为“Advantages of Studying on the Internet”。请根据 。 提示,选择适当内容支持自己的看法,用英语写一篇短文。 提示,选择适当内容支持自己的看法,用英语写一篇短文。 要点如下: 要点如下: 1.可以随时随地学习。 .可以随时随地学习。 2.可以自由选择学习内容。 .可以自由选择学习内容。 3.可以随时与老师讨论问题并递交作业。 .可以随时与老师讨论问题并递交作业。 [写作要求 写作要求) 写作要求 1.必须使用 5 个句子介绍全部所给的内容。 . 个句子介绍全部所给的内容。 2.将 5 个句子组织成连贯的一篇短文,使用必要的连接词。 . 个句子组织成连贯的一篇短文,使用必要的连接词。


Unit 3 参考答案: 参考答案: 一.词语辨析 1. 1)surroundings ) 5)environment ) 2. 1)fast ) 二.词形变化 1)Surrounded; surroundings ) 2)settled; 3)impression; impresses ) ) 4)required; requirement ) 5)pressed; pressure ) 三.重点词汇 1. 1) Teachers should allow children to have their private opinion. 2) They reached a satisfying agreement after the private discussion. 2. 1) He settled down as a farmer with his families. 2) After the death of her husband, she settled in Beijing.

2)environment )

3)surroundings 4)environment ) )

2)quick )

3)swift )

4)quick )

5)Soon )

3. 1) I have an impression that we have met once before. 2) What's your impression of him? 3) My father impressed on me the value of hard work. 4. 1) of 2) to post

5. 1)Do you have any previous experience of this kind of job? ) 2)Previous to coming here, I prepared all the documents for you. ) 6. 1) lacking 7. 1) (should) go 8. 1)was assisting 四.重点词组 1. 1) took up 2) takes up 2) lacked 3) lacking 4) Lack

2)washing 2)assisted; in 3) assist; with 4)assist; to

3) Do you take me for a fool? 4) Don't take silence for approval. 2. 1) We can hardly escape the circle if we still think in a similar way. 2) India is very similar to China in the development of economy. 3. 1) He waved until the train was out of sight. 2) Though busy with housework, the mother still can keep her child in sight. 3) At the sight of the painting, the professor was attracted deeply. 4. 1)sweeping up ) 五.重点句子 1. 1) When do you think is convenient for us to have a meeting? 2) I believe they will arrive shortly. 2. 1) Though beaten to death, he still kept the secret. 2) If possible, please come to meet me at the airport. 3) When crossing the road, the children are required to stop to look around and walk hand in hand. 六.课文词汇等填空 1. that 2. year 3. suffered from 7. Arriving 4. safely 5. Confused 9. made 10. Exhausted 2)sweep off )

6. surroundings 七.课文大意概括

8. was shown

The passage shows Li Qiang’s impressions of the future life in AD 3008 and how he was transported safely into the future and how he used the new equipments to get to Wang Ping’s home . And what he saw and did there. 八.课文佳句背诵与仿写


1. 【模仿 1】The job was very tough and after a short rest, which refreshed ourselves again, 】 we went on with our job. 【模仿 2】He fell off his bike after being carried out first aid, which stopped his bleeding, he 】 was sent to hospital without delay. 2. 【模仿 1】I got amazed when we reached the place that looked like a park because of the 】 people bathing in the soft sunshine or playing chess in the shade of the trees.

I 【模仿 2】 was fascinated when I was reading the book that was written by Lao She because 】 of its interesting stories. 九.语法: 语法: 练习一 1. Dressed 7. written 12. excited 2. Put 3. Attracted 9. repaired 4. Looking 10. painted 5. drunk 11. surprised 6. driving

8. writing

13. moving, moved 6-10 CADCA 11-13 BAA

练习二: 练习二:1-5 ADADD

Unit 3 单元自测 一.完形填空 1. C。 improve:增进;使…….好转。 。 :增进; 好转。 好转 2. A。根据这句话可以看出:急救有可能防止受害人的情况变得更坏,并减轻痛苦。 。根据这句话可以看出: 救有可能防止受害人的情况变得更坏,并减轻痛苦。 3. D。 依据前文可以推断 , 急救的实施与否对于能否救命或痊愈有很大不同 。 make a 。 依据前文可以推断, 急救的实施与否对于能否救命或痊愈有很大不同。 difference: 关系重大, 大不相同。 关系重大 大不相同。 4. A。important 和…….一样重要。 。 一样重要。 一样重要 5. A。由前文可知,在急救中,知道不该做的和知道该做的事情一样重要,因此不适当地搬 。由前文可知,在急救中,知道不该做的和知道该做的事情一样重要, 动受害人是非常危险的。 动受害人是非常危险的。 6. B。依据后文可推知,下面介绍的是几项急救原则。 。依据后文可推知,下面介绍的是几项急救原则。 7. D。急救第一步,首先是请专业人员到来。 。急救第一步,首先是请专业人员到来。 8. C。依据前文可知,急救过程中应该有很多要注意的事项,因此在获得许可后才能提供急 。依据前文可知,急救过程中应该有很多要注意的事项,因此在获得许可后才能提供急 救。 9. C。scene(事故)发生的地点。 。 (事故)发生的地点。 10. B。除非出事现场情况危急,否则不能搬动受害者。 。除非出事现场情况危急,否则不能搬动受害者。 二.语法填空 1.graduation . 6.that . . 2.true . 3.thought . . 4.along . 10.which . 5.their .

8.excited .

本文讲的是王坤和他姐姐要沿湄公河做自行车旅行的计划。 本文讲的是王坤和他姐姐要沿湄公河做自行车旅行的计划。


1.graduation 在介词后作宾语,要用名词形式。 . 在介词后作宾语,要用名词形式。 2.true 意思是梦想实现,表示“实现 用 come true。 . 意思是梦想实现, 实现”用 实现 。 3.thought 因上下文都是叙述过去的事,用一般过去式。 . 因上下文都是叙述过去的事,用一般过去式。 4.along 表示“沿着 ,用介词 along。 . 表示 沿着”, 。 沿着 5.their 指王坤和他姐姐王薇他们两个人的表兄弟。 . 指王坤和他姐姐王薇他们两个人的表兄弟。 6.that 引导 the idea 的同位语从句,从句中不缺任何句子成分,故填 that。 . 的同位语从句,从句中不缺任何句子成分, 。 表示位置关系在(青海 境内,用介词“in”。 . 表示位置关系在 青海)境内,用介词 。 青海 境内 8.excited 因 felt 是系动词,在其后作表语应用形容词,表示某人 感到兴奋 ,用 excited。 . 是系动词,在其后作表语应用形容词,表示某人“感到兴奋 感到兴奋”, 。 因表示“在……的高度 是 at an altitude of…。 . 因表示 在 的高度”是 。 的高度 10.which 引导定语从句,先行词是 atlas;先行词是物,在直接在介词后只能用 which。 . 引导定语从句, ;先行词是物, 。 三.阅读理解 Gisbornes 一家完成了 12 天的运河旅行,不过使这次旅行与众不同的是他们的船主要 天的运河旅行, 依靠太阳能来驱使行进。 依靠太阳能来驱使行进。 1. B。 。 推理判断题。根据文章第二、三段以及最后一段的第二句可知, 推理判断题。根据文章第二、三段以及最后一段的第二句可知,the Loon 的能量 来源主要是依靠太阳能。当船运行的时候,太阳能板直接捕捉太阳能并把它转化 来源主要是依靠太阳能。 当船运行的时候, 成电能,而当这种直接获取的电能不够使用的时候,它就使用电池里早已经蓄好 成电能, 而当这种直接获取的电能不够使用的时候, 的电能作为补充。而从最后一段的第二句可知,电池里的电也是在平常的时候把 的电能作为补充。而从最后一段的第二句可知,电池里的电也是在平常的时候把 它放到外面吸收太阳能作为储备的,由此可知 B 项正确。 它放到外面吸收太阳能作为储备的, 项正确。 2. C。 。 细节理解题。根据文章第四段的“My boat is at least eight times more efficient than 细节理解题。根据文章第四段的 a gas-powered boat, which means that it saves me a lot of money and keeps the environment clean.”可知答案选择 C 项。 可知答案选择 3. A。 。 推理判断题。根据文章最后一段最后一句“In other words, if you need to use a boat 推理判断题。根据文章最后一段最后一句 every day you may still need to use a gas-powered boat.”可知这种船不适合每日使 可知这种船不适合每日使 用。 4. C。 。 推理判断题。根据文章最后一段第一句可知如果是周日泛舟湖面的话,这种船还 推理判断题。 根据文章最后一段第一句可知如果是周日泛舟湖面的话, 是很适用的。 是很适用的。 5. B。 。 主旨大意题。文章主要讲述了第一条在美国运河航行的由太阳能驱动的电船,the 主旨大意题。文章主要讲述了第一条在美国运河航行的由太阳能驱动的电船,

Loon,介绍了它的构造以及优点和缺点等。 ,介绍了它的构造以及优点和缺点等。 四.基础写作 Advantages of Studying on the Internet Nowadays the Internet is more and more popular, and I think it's a good way of studying. Firstly, the Internet enables people to study whenever and wherever it's convenient. Secondly, they can also choose to study whatever they are interested in, while a traditional school doesn't provide such great freedom. Thirdly, they can discuss questions with teachers on the Internet immediately they have any questions and assignments can be handed in by

clicking it away on the Internet, too. I love studying on the Internet, for it brings a lot more choices and freedom.



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