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人教新课标必修5 UNIT5 First aid reading 课件(共33张PPT)

To preserve life

To relieve pain

functions of first aid To protect the victim from further harm

Unit5 First aid

What is first aid?
illness , fall ill , injury , temporary
temporary First aid is a ____________ form of help falls ill given to someone who suddenly ______or gets injured before a doctor can be found. illness is not serious, injury or ______ Often the_______ but there are other times when giving first aid quickly will save one’s life. Can anybody give first aid?

What has happened in each picture? What kind of first aid should be given?

a snake bite


a sprained ankle


a broken arm a nosebleed

First aid quiz
How would you stop severe bleeding?
A.cover the wound with plastic B. wash the wound C. do nothing as the bleeding will stop by itself D. put a bandage over the wound and then press on it 伤口 绷带

To treat a choke, you should make him /her spit by patting him/her on the back. A. True

B. False

Make him /her spit by patting him/her on the back.

Don’t slap his back, which 用力猛拍 may make things worse.

If you get a nosebleed, gently let your head back to stop the bleeding. A. True B. False (It may lead the blood into the throat and easily cause choking.)

sit down and bend his head forward and pinch (捏) his nose


treat a hurt ankle
The best way to treat a hurt ankle is to: A. Put an ice pack on your ankle. B. Put a heating pad(垫子)around your ankle. C. Keep on walking and jumping.

a snake bite

A snake has bitten him on the leg. What kind of first aid you should give in the situation ?

Don’t try to suck out the poison(毒液); Apply pressure to the bitten area with your hands and then with a bandage firmly over the bite. Do not move the victim.

Match main idea with each part
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 A.Causes of burns B.The functions of skin C.First aid treatment

D.Characteristics of burns

E.Types of burns

Task one: Read Part 1 to 4 to answer three questions

1.What are functions of skin?
warm or _____. cool It keeps you _____ from losing It prevents your body ____ ____ water ____. cold heat pain It is where you feel ____,____or____. of touch sense ____ It gives you your _____ _____

essential Act as a barrier against…

three layers of skin. There are ______
the top layer

the second layer
the third layer tissue under the skin The skin is the ________ largest organ, essential and also very __________.


causes of burns
How can we get burnt?

hot liquids




the sun



4. How many types of burns? (P3)
first degree burns : only the top layer of the skin example ?

second degree burns : both the top and the second layer of the skin example ?
third degree burns : all three layer of the skin and any tissue and organs under the skin example ?

5. What are the characteristics of different burns?



characteristics of burns
Types Charateristics


first degree burns second degree burns

dry ,red , mildly swollen mildly painful
rough, red, swollen Blisters extremely painful


third degree burns

black, white, charred, swollen Little or no


First aid treatment

find 6 steps about first aid for burns








burned area

What can’t we do about first aid for burns?

remove the clothing that is ? Do not _______ stuck to the burns.
icy water. ? Do not cool the burns with _____
? Do not put cold water on _____ thirddegree burns.

put butter, oil, ointment on burns. ? Do not ____
? Do not ____ rub the burns, it will break the blisters.

What type of burn does the little girl receive?

① place cool, clean, wet cloths on the burn ② keep cloths cool by putting them back in the cold water, squeezing them out and placing them on the burn over and over again. ③ Get the girl to the doctor or hospital.

1. Read the whole passage as fluently as you can!
2. Review the important words and phrased.
3.Get more about first aid from the newspaper, magazine or the Internet

Take clothing off the burned area unless it is stuck to the burn.
Take off other clothing and jewelry near burns.

Place burns under gently running water for about 10 minutes.

Dip the burns under cool water to stop the pain and prevent or reduce swelling.

Place cool, clean, wet cloths on burns until the pain is not so bad.

If the injuries are second degree or third degree burns, get the victim to the doctor or hospital at once.


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