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高二英语+选修6 Module4 Music

Module 4 Music 一、重点讲解
Ⅰ.重点单词聚焦 1.It was such a r________to hear that Marta was found safe and well.c 答案: relief 2.I’m looking for work;are there any positions v________in your firm? 答案: vancant 3.Young as he is,he has a large________(收藏) of stamps. 答案: collection 4.She is a lively young woman;her________(抱负,雄心) is to become a movie star. 答案: ambition 5.The award is________(颁发) to the excellent director from all over the country. 答案: presented 6.He was________(沮丧的) because he had not passed his maths examination. 答案: depressed 7.She made a________(自愿的) decision to leave the job. 答案: voluntary 8.They have successfully________(结合) the old with the new in practice. 答案: combined 9.I consider it a great________(荣幸) to be invited to dinner. 答案: honour 10.You seem much more________(放松的) after you’ve changed your job. 答案: relaxed Ⅱ.重点短语扫描 1. 与??进行来往 2. 突然间 3. 赋予??生命(生命力,活力) 4. 伴着音乐跳舞 5. 与??情况相同 6. 与??有关 7. 依靠,依赖 8. 除此之外 9. 一定会,肯定会 10. 与??情况相同 11. 利用,凭借,依赖,临近 12. 举办音乐会 Ⅲ.课文原句突破 1.She graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music,________ she also studied the guzheng in 1993. 她毕业于上海音乐学院,1993 年她还在那里学习弹奏古筝。 All things are easy that are done willingly.做事乐意,诸事容易。 教育 戴氏

答案: where 2.It’s________ ________ ________classical Chinese music. 中国古典音乐也是一样。 答案: the same with 3. It’ s OK to have your own idea of how to complete the task, ________ ________ ________it’ s clear in your mind how you are going to finish.只要你有能完成任务的清晰思路,有自己的想 法也不错。 答案: as long as 4.________ ________they start to play,it is clear the members of Twelve Girls Band are among the most gifted musicians in the world.她们一开始演奏,就立刻证明了女子十二乐坊的成员是 世界上最有天赋的音乐家。 答案: The moment 5.________ ________ ________the awards themselves,there are also performances by famous artists at the ceremony. 除了大奖本身以外,颁奖典礼上还有著名艺术家的表演。 答案: In addition to 6.________,the Grammys are not________ ________by some musicians or music fans. 因此,格莱美并不为某些音乐家或音乐迷看重。 答案: Therefore;taken seriously

1、combine v.结合,联合 (教材原句 P45)The pipa sounds and the pauses combine to make a poetry of sound. 琵琶的声音和停顿结合在一起,给声音赋予了诗的意境。 归纳总结 (1)be combined with 与??相结合 combine...with/and...把??与??结合起来 (2)combination n.结合,联合,合并,化合,化合物 in combination (with)(与??)联合起来 ①We should combine the theory with the practice. 我们应该把理论和实践结合起来。 ②In our daily life,we should combine work with pleasure. 在日常生活中,我们应该将娱乐与工作结合在一起。 ③Two of the smaller groups had combined to form one large team.这些小群体中有两个已经联 合组成了一个大型的队伍。 ④The firm is working on a new product in combination with several overseas partners. 这家公司与几家海外合伙人在联合开发新产品。

1.完成句子 ①使我们非常高兴的是,此次旅行将把出差和娱乐结合起来。 Much to our joy,the trip will________________________________ All things are easy that are done willingly.做事乐意,诸事容易。 教育 戴氏

__________________. ②几种因素凑在一起,伤害了我们的友谊。 Several factors had__________________________________our friendship. 答案: ①combine business with pleasure ②combined to harm 2、relax v.使放松,使轻松,使(身体某部位)松弛,放松 (教材原句 P49)If you have a feeling of relief,do you feel relaxed and happy,or tense and sad? 如果你有一种解脱的感觉,你是感到放松快乐还是紧张难过? 归纳总结 (1)relax sb./sth.使某人/某物放松 relax rules/controls/regulations.放宽规定/控制/管制 (2)relaxing adj.使人放松的 relaxed adj.轻松的,舒适的 relaxation n.放松,放宽;消遣,娱乐 ①A nice hot bath should help to relax you. 好好洗个热水澡会帮助你放松。 ②When I get home from work I like to relax with the newspaper. 我下班回到家里,喜欢看看报纸,放松一下。 ③You can’t afford to relax your concentration for a moment. 你必须集中精力,一刻都不能放松。 ④Liu Xiang appeared relaxed and confident before the match in the Guangdong Asian Game. 刘翔在广东亚运会比赛前显得镇定而自信。 ⑤I play the piano for relaxation.我弹钢琴自娱。 当堂过手 2.完成句子 盖尔躺在阳光下,看来非常轻松愉快。 Mr Smith was lying in the sun___________________________ _____________________________________________. 答案: looking very relaxed and happy 3.(天津高考)—I just can’t stop worrying about the result of the job interview. —________.There’s nothing you can do now but wait. A.Relax B.Go ahead C.Go for it D.Good luck 解析: 此题考查学生对对话及情景的理解以及对选项中动词短语的掌握情况。 由对话内容 可知一方对于面试结果表示担忧;另一方安慰其耐心等待。故 A 项为正确答案。 “放松”用 于缓解对方压力。B 项用以同意对方的建议或鼓励对方去做“开始吧,去做吧” ;C 项“不 要犹豫不决,要全力以赴” ;D 项用于预祝对方好运“祝你好运” 。 答案: A 3、honour [U] 荣誉,光荣;尊敬,敬意;[C] 使人感到光荣的人或事;vt.尊敬;给以荣誉 归纳总结 All things are easy that are done willingly.做事乐意,诸事容易。 教育 戴氏

(1)give/show honour to sb.尊敬(敬重)??
?to do sth. have the honour? ?of doing sth.


in honour of sb./sth. 为了纪念??;为向??表示敬意;祝贺?? (2)be honoured for 因??而受到尊敬 be/feel honoured by 对??感到荣幸 honour sb.with...用??表示尊重;把??授予 ①Children should be taught to show honour to their elders. 应该教育孩子尊敬长者。 ②For the Chinese football team,winning tomorrow’s game is a matter of national honour. 对中国足球队来说,在明天的比赛中获胜事关国家荣誉。 ③Earlier this year I had the honour of visiting the Summer Palace.今年早些时候, 我有幸去参观 了颐和园。 ④I’m honoured to be invited to speak at the meeting. 被邀请在会议上发言,我感到非常荣幸。 ⑤There will be a party in honour of his success. 为庆祝他的成功将举行一个晚会。 当堂过手 4.(北京高考)I feel greatly honored________into their society. welcome B.welcoming be welcomed D.welcomed 解析: 考查非谓语动词。feel/be honoured to do sth.做某事感到很荣幸,我是被欢迎的,所 以用 to be welcomed。 答案: C 5.Washington,a state of the USA,was named________one of the greatest American presidents. honour of favor of the honour of D.instead of 解析: in honour of 是固定词组,意为“为了??纪念??” 。 答案: A 4.present v.赠送,颁发(礼物、奖品等);提出,提交 (教材原句 P55)The Grammy Awards are presented every year in the music industry in the United States. 美国音乐界每年都颁发格莱美奖。 ?present sb.with sth. (1)? 赠送某人某物 ?present sth. to sb.

All things are easy that are done willingly.做事乐意,诸事容易。 教育


at present目前,现在 ? ? (2)?at the present time目前,现在 ? ?for the present暂时 (3)be present at 出席,参加 ①They presented him with a bunch of flowers. 他们献给他一束鲜花。 ②The company presented a watch to each retired worker. =The company presented each retired worker with a watch. 公司给每位退休工人赠送一块手表。 ③How many people were present at the meeting? 到会的有多少人? ④I’m not at all satisfied with the present situation. 我对目前的情况一点都不满意。 当堂过手 6.(2009·北京卷)All of them try to use the power of the workstation________information in a more effective way. A.presenting B.presented C.being presented present 解析: 此题考查非谓语的用法。通过句意可知要用不定式作状语表示目的。为了更好的展 示信息。所以答案为 D 项。 答案: D 7.(浙江高考)There are plenty of jobs________in the western part of the country. A.present B.available C.precious D.convenient 解析: 此题考查形容词词义辨析。present 目前的,现在的,在场的;available 可得到的, 可获得的,有效的;precious 珍贵的;convenient 方便的,便利的。句意为:在这个国家的 西部可以得到大量的工作机会。 答案: B 5、(be) true of/for 与??情况相同;对??适用 (教材原句 P63)The same is true of my second instrument,the guzheng musicians.对于我的第二 种乐器古筝,情况也是如此。 ①Students need a lot of practice and this is particularly true of teachers.学生需要大量的练习, 教 师尤其如此。 ②Most of what has been said about the Smiths is also true of the Johnsons. 对史密斯家所作的评论大多数也符合约翰逊家的情况。 ③One’s dream do not always come true. 人的梦想并非总能实现。 ④This picture is true to life.这幅画很逼真。 当堂过手 All things are easy that are done willingly.做事乐意,诸事容易。 教育 戴氏

8.Driving a car needs a lot of practice and this is true________studying English. A.of 解析: 句意为:开车需要大量的练习,学习英语也是如此。be true of 与??情况相同, 符合句意。 答案: A 6.draw upon/on 利用,凭借,依赖,临近 (教材原句 P53)Drawing upon more than 1,500 years of Chinese music,Twelve Girls Band mixes this rich tradition with classical, folk and contemporary sounds.利用中国 1 500 多年的音乐文化, “女子十二乐坊”将这浓厚的传统与古典,民族与现代声音巧妙融合。 当堂过手 draw near/close(时间、空间的)临近 draw a conclusion (from)从(??)中得出结论 draw one’s attention to sth.有意使某人注意某物 draw one’s eye 吸引某人的目光 ①As an actor,you have to draw upon/on your experience to create believable characters. 作为演员,你必须利用自己的经验去塑造可信的角色。 ②I had to draw on/upon my parents’ saving to pay for my tuition.我得动用父母的存款来付我 的学费。 ③Christmas is drawing on/near.圣诞节马上就要到了。 ④I’d like to draw your attention to the no smoking rule. 我希望你们注意禁止吸烟的规定。 当堂过手 9.He________his childhood memories for the material of most of his stories. A.turns on on C.draws on D.tries on 解析: 句意为:他把童年的记忆作为他很多故事的材料。draw on 利用,凭借,符合句意。 turn on 打开,出现;work on 从事;try on 尝试。 答案: C 10.________upon his own efforts,he succeeded in getting the job in that company in the end. A.Drawn B.Drawing C.To draw D.Draw 解析: draw upon 意为“利用;凭借;依赖” ,与主语 he 之间是主动关系,因此用动词?ing 形式短语作状语。句意为“依靠他自己的努力,他最终成功地在那家公司找到了工作” 。 答案: B 7、give life to 赋予??生命(生命力,活力) (教材原句 P45)They give life to the whole painting and they allow people to come into the picture,like a dialogue.它们给整幅画带来生机,也使人们融入画中,就像与画进行对话。 归纳总结 All things are easy that are done willingly.做事乐意,诸事容易。 教育 戴氏

(1)give one’s life to 献身于 lead/live 过着??的生活 save one’s life 挽救生命 lose one’s life 丧生
?come to life变得生动/有趣;突然开始运作/工作 ? ? ? ?bring life使某物更生动/有趣

(2)be true to life 忠实于生活 full of life 充满活力的 ①In the story the artist gives life to the statue. 在这个故事中,艺术家赋予塑像以生命。 ②He would give his life to keep the bridge safe. 就是牺牲生命,他也要保住大桥。 ③In the past,people lived/led a hard life. 在过去,人们过着艰苦的生活。 ④A large number of people lost their lives in the Wenchuan Earthquake.许许多多的人在汶 川地震中丧生。 ⑤The game really came to life in the second half. 下半场比赛变得很刺激。 11.完成句子 He determined to________________(献身于) the great cause of communism. 答案: give his own life to

(教材原句 P45)It is the same with classical Chinese music.中国古典音乐也是一样。 It is the same with...=So it is with...该句型既用于肯定句,也用于否定句,陈述两种以上 的情况相同。 ①He is very clever but he doesn’ t work hard, so it is the same with his sister (so it is with his sister). 他很聪明,但不努力,他姐姐也是这样 —Tom likes playing basketball but he can’t play well. ? ? ?——汤姆喜欢打篮球,但他打得不好。 ? ?—So it with Jack./It is the same with Jack.——杰克也是。 (1)“So+(与前句相同的)主语+助动词”表示赞同,so 译为“确实”,主谓不倒装。

All things are easy that are done willingly.做事乐意,诸事容易。 教育


? ?—She can speak French.——她会讲法语。 ③? ?—So she can.——她确实会讲法语。 ?

(2)nor/neither+连系动词/情态动词/助动词+主语,表示另一主语与前面所述的否定概 念相同。意义为“??也一样不??也不”。 ④My sister can’t swim,nor/neither can her husband. 我姐姐不会游泳,她丈夫也不会。 ⑤I don’t know and neither/nor do I care.我不知道,也不关心。 (3)so+助动词+主语,表示与前面所陈述的动作或情况有着相同的肯定概念,其中 so 代替上文所陈述的动作或状态,意为“也是这样,也是如此” 。这一结构只用于肯定句。 ⑥I study in this school and so does my brother. 我在这所学校学习,我弟弟也是如此。 ⑦If you go to school early tomorrow,so shall I. 如果明天你上学早,我也早去。 当堂过手 12.These children are polite and never speak loudly in class.________. A.So are you C.Neither do you B.So you are D.It is the same with you

解析: 空前的句子既有肯定又有否定, 表示与上文情况相同时, 句式应为 It is the same with...。A 项表示上文为肯定情况,B 项表示某人/物的确如此,C 项表示上文为否定情况。 答案: D

Ⅰ.完成句子 1 . Varieties of entertainment can________________________( 赋予??生命 ) boring daily living. 答案: give life to 2 . ________________________________( 突 然 ) , he forgot how to spell the word “pronunciation” . 答案: All of a sudden 3.There’s a postage fee_________________________________ _______________________________________(除??之外还)the repair charge. 答案: in addition to 4. The sun sets and rises each day, and________________________________(与??情况相同) the fortunes in your life. 答案: it’s the same with 5.Every choice we have made must be considered and____________________(认真对待). 答案: taken seriously All things are easy that are done willingly.做事乐意,诸事容易。 教育 戴氏

6.What you say is true,but you’ve_____________________ ___________________________________________________(没理解要点) of my argument. 答案: missed the point 7.He________________(凭借) his childhood memories for the material of most of his stories. 答案: drew upon 8.The quality of your life largely__________________(依靠) your interpersonal relationship. 答案: depends on Ⅱ .易错模块 1.(辽宁高考)Bill wasn’t happy about the delay of the report by Jason,and________. A.I was neither B.neither was I C.I was either D.either was I 解析: 句意为:比尔对贾森做报告推迟这件事表示不高兴,我也不高兴。根据题意可知, 我也不(高兴),neither/nor+系动词/助动词/情态动词+sb.表示某人也不(同意或赞成上文的 观点),易把 either 看做 neither,无 either was I 句式,故选 B。 答案: B 2.(全国高考)If Joe’s wife won’t go to the party,________. A.he will either B.neither will he C.he neither will D.either he will 解析: 考查倒装句。其形式为 neither/nor+助动词+主语。 答案: B 3.(江西高考)—I reminded you not to forget the appointment. —________. A.So you did B.So I do not C.So did you D.So do I 解析: 本题考查固定句式用法。So+主语+助动词/连系动词/情态动词表示对别人说法予 以认可。 答案: A 4.(全国高考)—I would never come to this restaurant again.The food is terrible. —________. A.Nor am I B.Neither would I C.Same with me D.So do I 解析: 不同的主语,相同的情形(否定)故要倒装。下句意为“我也永不再来这家餐馆”。 答案: B .—I like to surf the Internet but I don’t like to watch TV. —________. A.So do I B.Nor do I C.As do I D.So it is with me 解析: So it is/was with...“……也这样”,主要用来表示“一个人的多种情况与另一个人的多 种情况是一致的”。 答案: D 6.—David has made great progress recently. —________,and________. All things are easy that are done willingly.做事乐意,诸事容易。 教育 戴氏

A.So he has;so you have B.So he has;so have you C.So has he;so have you D.So has he;so you have 解析: 此题前一空考查的是对上文的肯定; 第二个空考查的是同样的情况也适用于另一主 语。 答案: B Ⅲ .语法专练 本单元语法——现在完成进行式 1.(2010· 江苏卷)—Why,Jack,you look so tired! —Well,I________the house and I must finish the work tomorrow. A.was painting B.will be painting C.have painted D.have been painting 解析: 答话人叙述的是现在的事实,再结合答语中的时间状 语可知答话人从过去到现在一直在粉刷房子,而且还要持续下去,所以用现在完成进行时。 答案: D 2.(2010· 天津卷)We________on this project for four hours.Let’s have a rest. A.are working B.have been working C.worked D.had worked 解析: 后面的 Let’s have a rest 说明到现在为止我们一直在工作, 应用现在完成进行时表示 持续进行的动作。 答案: B 3.(2011· 湖北八校一联)My eyes are getting tired.I________for two hours.I think I’ll take a rest. A.have read C.would have read D.have been reading 解析: 由 I’ll take a rest 可知现在还在读,根据 for two hours 可断定用完成进行时。 答案: D 4.(2011· 福建检测)Since the beginning of the vacation,I______across the country,and my next stop is the Wuyi Mountains. A.had traveled B.will travel C.have been traveling D.was traveling 解析: 考查动词的时态。 该题的时间状语为 since+过去的时间点, 结合后面的“my next stop is the Wuyi Mountains”可以看出这里应该用现在完成进行时,表示从过去开始的动作一直持 续到现在,并可能持续下去。 答案: C 5.Excuse me,Marcia,a reporter from Vanity Fair________all day.Could you speak to her now? A.phones B.has phoned C.has been phoning D.phoned 解析: 句意为:打扰了,Marcia,一名 Vanity Fair 的记者打了一整天的电话。你现在可以 接她的电话吗?根据句意和时间状语 all day 可知,此句需用现在完成进行时表示说话人的 一种情感,如:不满,抱怨,责备等。注意,现在完成时表示到目前为止动作可能已经结束, 侧重对现在产生的影响或结果。 答案: C All things are easy that are done willingly.做事乐意,诸事容易。 教育 戴氏

完形填空部分: BRITISH newspapers are among the oldest and most famous in the world. 1 recently big changes have seen these traditional publications try to 2 the modern world. After 216 years, The Times has halved its 3 to become much smaller. In fact, the paper has 4 its size in half from a broadsheet to tabloid. In Britain the newspaper market is 5 between the larger broadsheets and the smaller tabloids. These terms 6 the size of the papers' pages but there is also a clear 7 in content. Broadsheets such as The Times, the Guardian and Daily Telegraph are 8 papers. They cover a broad range of political, economic and international issues. Their stories are also 9 long and use quite formal language. Tabloids have far more stories about 10 serious issues such as celebrities' love lives. Their stories are shorter and use more simple language. Tabloids of-ten have bigger pictures. Britain's 11 newspaper, the Sun, is a tabloid and has a naked 12 on page three every day. By 13 to the size of a tabloid, The Times is following in the footsteps of a less 14 broadsheet paper the Independent. 15 changed to tabloid last year and saw its sales increase 16 . Although both papers have 17 to the smaller size, the content of the papers has 18 the same. They are both still serious papers. The two papers claim that people 19 the smaller size easier to handle when they travel to work on the bus or the train in the morning. 20 says its new size is "compact", not tabloid. 1. A. Then B. So C. And D. But 2. A. match B. suit C. fit D. change 3. A. length B. size C. width D. thickness 4. A. cut B. added C. enlarged D. printed 5. A. divided B. separated C. arranged D. marked 6. A. turn into B. refer to C. think about D. connect with 7. A. meaning B. mark C. difference D. sign 8. A. old B. interesting C. modern D. serious 9. A. possibly B. especially C. reasonably D. not 10. A. more B. less C. even D. quite 11. A. best-selling B. good-looking C.slow-moving D. ugly-looking 12. A. line B. page C. paragraph D. edition 13. A. going B. getting C. changing D. coming 14. A. important B. welcoming C. helpful D. famous 15. A. It B. This C. That D. They 16. A. slowly B. greatly C. little D. usually 17. A. halved B. made C. switched D. cut 18. A. become B. found C. left D. remained 19. A. find B. hope C. expect D. agree 20. A. The Independent B. The Times C. The Guardion D. Daily Telegraph 1.D 从后文内容看. 《泰晤士报》历经 216 年后缩小版面,进行改革,此处应为转折关系, 用 But。 All things are easy that are done willingly.做事乐意,诸事容易。 教育 戴氏

2.C 使……适应。D 逻辑不符,match 意为“……与……相配”,suit 指某物适合某人,某人 适合做 某事。 3.B 大小、尺寸、规模,指报纸则为版面,长度、宽度、厚度都不能表述报纸的版面。 4.A cut 削减,减少。B 增加,c 扩大,D 印刷,均不合文意。 5.A 分为,分成。B 离开,C 安排,D 作记号。 6.B 涉及、提及。A 变成,C 考虑,D 联系,均不符合文意。 7.C 从 but 表转折之意看应为 difference。 8.D 从后文叙述的其内容为政、经、国际问题以及文章相当长、语言正式看应为 serious。 9.C 相当地。A、B、D 不符合逻辑和文意。 10.B less serious 不太严肃,从 more stories 和 love lives 恋情知 A、C、D 都不对。 11.A 畅销的。从其内容更市民化、生活化知其畅销。 12.B 一般说来,big picture 不存在在哪行或哪段,且报纸一般不存在印刷几版的问题,只 能是在第 3 页(版)。 13.C 变成,变为;由文章第一段可知。 14.D 从后文叙述两报虽经缩版,但内容不变,仍为严肃报纸知 A、B、C 不合文意,只不 过大版面特色不复存在,故较之往昔其名气稍逊一筹。 15.A It 指代 The Times。 16.B 从全文的主旨是英国报业的成功改革看,可以推定 greatly 为正确答案。 17.C switch 此处相当于 change。 18.D 保留原样,有主观的含意,A、B 均指客观发生的状态,left 不合文意。 19.A 指读者在客观上对已有事实的发现,B、c 表达的不是已有事实,D 不合逻辑。 20.B,文章叙述的主体是《泰晤士报》 ,答案自然为 B。 阅读理解部分: A With only about 1,000 pandas left in the world, China is desperately trying to clone the animal and save the endangered species. That’s a move similar to what a Texas A & M University researchers have been undertaking for the past five years in a project called “Noah’s Ark”. Noah’s Ark is aimed at collecting eggs, embryos, semen and DNA of endangered animals and storing them in liquid nitrogen (氮). If certain species should die out, Dr. Duane Kraemer, a professor in Texas A&M’S College of Veterinary Medicine, says there would be enough of the basic building blocks to reintroduce the species in the future. It is estimated that as many as 2,000 species of mammals, birds and reptiles will die out in over 100 years. The panda, native only to China, is in danger of becoming extinct in the next 25 years. This week, Chinese scientists said they grew an embryo introducing cells from a dead female panda into the egg cells of a Japanese white rabbit. They are now trying to implant the embryo into a host animal. The entire procedure could take from three to five years to complete. “The nuclear transfer (核子移植) of one species to another is not easy, and the lack of available panda eggs could be a major problem,” Kraemer believes. “They will probably have to do several hundred transfers to result in one pregnancy (having a baby). It takes a long time and All things are easy that are done willingly.做事乐意,诸事容易。 教育 戴氏

it’s difficult, but this could be groundbreaking science if it works. They are certainly not putting any live pandas at risk, so it is worth the effort,” adds Kraemer, who is one of the leaders of the Project at Texas A&M, the first-ever attempt at cloning a dog. “They are trying to do something that’s never been done, and this is very similar to our work in Noah’s Ark. We’re both trying to save animals that face extinction. I certainly appreciate their effort and there’s a lot we can learn from what they are attempting to do. It’s a research that is very much needed”. 1. The underlined word “groundbreaking” probably has the similar meaning to ______. A. creative B. destructive C. historical D. surprising 2.The aim of “Noah’s Ark” project is to . A.make effort to clone the endangered pandas endangered animals from dying out C.collect DNA of endangered animals to study D.transfer the nuclear of one animal to another 3.According to Professor Kraemer, the major problem in cloning pandas would be the lack of . A.available panda eggs animals C.qualified researchers D.enough money 4.The best title for the passage may be . A.China’s Success in Pandas Cloning B.The First Cloned Panda in the World C.Exploring the Possibility to Clone Pandas D.China —— the Native Place of Pandas Forever 5.From the passage we know that . A.Kraemer and his team have succeeded in cloning a dog B.scientists try to implant a panda’s egg into a rabbit C.Kraemer will work with Chinese scientists in clone researches D.about two thousand of species will probably die out in a century

All things are easy that are done willingly.做事乐意,诸事容易。 教育




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