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2014 高考英语阅读理解基础练(33)及答案

The Cost of Higher Education Individuals (个人) should pay for their higher education. A university education is of huge and direct benefit to the individual. Graduates earn more than non-graduates. Meanwhile, social mobility is ever more dependent on having a degree. However, only some people have it. So the individual, not the taxpayers, should pay for it. There are pressing calls on the resources (资源) of the government. Using taxpayers' money to help a small number of people to earn high incomes in the future is not one of them. Full government funding (资助) is not very good for universities. Adam Smith worked in a Scottish university whose teachers lived off student fees. He knew and looked down upon 18th-century Oxford, where the academics lived comfortably off the income received from the government. Guaranteed salaries, Smith argued, were the enemy of hard work; and when the academics were lazy and incompetent, the students were similarly lazy. If students have to pay for their education, they not only work harder, but also demand more from their teachers. And their teachers have to keep them satisfied. If that means taking teaching seriously, and giving less time to their own research interests, that is surely something to celebrate. Many people believe that higher education should be free because it is good for the economy (经 济). Many graduates clearly do contribute to national wealth, but so do all the businesses that invest (投资) and create jobs. If you believe that the government should pay for higher education because graduates are economically productive, you should also believe that the government should pay part of business costs. Anyone promising to create jobs should receive a gift of capital from the government to invest. Therefore, it is the individual, not the government, who should pay for their university education. 13. The underlined word "them" in Paragraph 2 refers to ______. A. taxpayers B. pressing calls C. college graduates D. government resources

14. The author thinks that with full government funding ______. A. teachers are less satisfied C. students will become more competent B. students are more demanding D. teachers will spend less time on teaching

15. The author mentions businesses in Paragraph 5 in order to ______.
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A. argue against free university education B. call on them to finance students' studies C. encourage graduates to go into business D. show their contribution to higher education


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阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 A February4, 2012 saw the take-off of a new rising NBA star- Jeremy Lin. Among professional basketball players, Jeremy Lin’s background is not typical. He graduated from Harvard University, which sends few players to the NBA, and he is the only Chinese-American NBA player. But when you watch him on the court, there is no doubt that he belongs there. He moves with speed and grace that demonstrate years of faithful practice, which is fueled by a love for basketball. Lin’s enjoyment to basketball actually began in Taiwan. When Lin’s father moved to U.S.,his interest in the sport only grew and he passed on this love of baskeball to his son,introducing him to the game at the age of five. The young Lin spent much of his youth playing basketball for fun. In high school, Lin dreamed of playing in the NBA.When he applied for college,he was not offered a single sports scholarship. However,after his admission to Harvard ,he was offere d a place on its college basketball team. During Lin’s time at Harvard, his basketball career began to speed up. He scored 1,482 points, making him one of the highest scorers in Ivy League history. When he graduated, no professional teams offered Lin a contract, but he was invited to play in the NBA Summer League. He played well and ended up eagerly singning a contract with the Golden State Warriors. At first, playing in professional g ames filled Lin with excitement. He treasured opportunities
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to meet players he had been watching on TV for years. But slowly, the excitement wore off and was replaced by anxiety. In a few very difficult months, he was cut by two teams before the New York Knicks picked him up. But he had the courage and determination to stick to his dream, so he put himself into hard training to get ready for his opportunity to come, Then his moment arrived on February4, 2012,on which his excellent performance made him famous overnight. Aftet that, he led the Knicks to their fifth straight victory. The Associated Press called Lin“the most surprising story in the NBA.”Knicks fans developed the nickname for him“linsanity”(林发疯).Time magazine released its 2012 list of the 100“Most Influential People in the World”, Jermy Lin included. 56.What might be the author’s purpose in writing the text? A.To make readers interested in great basketball players. B.To praise Jeremy Lin for his skills and determination. C.To list Lin’s wonderful performances in NBA team. D.To give a brief introduction to Lin’s road to an outstanding basketball player.
【答案】D 【解析】 文章叙述了林书豪从 5 岁开始打篮球, 中学时的梦想, 读哈佛时篮球事业起步到加入 NBA 后的成功可以看出,此题答案选 D。

57.Which of the following is of little help in Lin’s success? A.His graduationg from Harvard University C.His years of hardwork
【答案】A 【解析】从文中第二段前两句可知他从哈佛毕业对他的成功帮助不大。第三段第二句可知他父亲对他 影响很大。从第二段最后一句可知他经过了长时间的训练,而且他热爱篮球。

B.His father’s influence D.His devotion to basketball

58.What does the underlined phrase“wore off “in Paragraph7 probably mean? A.worked out
【答案】C 【解析】起初在专业队里打球让他很激动, 但慢慢地, 激动被焦虑所替代。所以 worse off 的意思
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B.rose up

C.died away

D.kept up

是激动渐渐消失,所以选 C。

59.Which of the following is TRUE of Jeremy Lin? A. Lin learned to play basketball when he was eight. B. Lin is the most outstanding player in NBA.

C. Lin’s career for professional games was a great success at first. D. Before Lin there was no Chinese-American NBA players.
【答案】D 【解析】从第二段第二句 he is the only Chinese-American NBA player“他是唯一的华裔 NBA 球


60. Which is the right order for Lin’s l ife? a. He made an excellent performance on Feb,4. b. He was fired by the Golden State Warriors. c. He was invited to play in the NBA Summer League. d. He graduated from Harvard University. e. He became famous overnight. A. a,d,c,b,e
【答案】B 【解析】先对比 a,d 的先后顺序,很容易知道他先毕业后进入 New York Knicks 打球;所以排除




A,C。 再比较 b,c 的顺序,从地 6 段可知 c 发生在前, 所以选 B.

61.We can conclude from the text that A. Lin didn’t have a smooth road in NBA. B. Lin got an easy entry into NBA.


C. NBA prefers graduates from Harvard University. D. Lin didn’t show his basketball talents in Harvard University.
【答案】A 【解析】从倒数第三段可知, 在与 New York Knicks 签约前,他被 2 个队拒绝。可知他的 NBA

之路并不容易。 、
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任务型阅读(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 请认真阅读下列短文,并根据所读内容在文章后表格中的空格里填入 1 个最恰当的单词。 注意:每个空格只填 1 个单词。 How we look and how we appear to others probably worries us more when we are in our teens or early twenties than at any other time in our life. Few of us are content to accept ourselves as we are, and few are brave enough to ignore the trends of fashion. Most fashion magazines or TV advertisements try to persuade us that we should dress in a certain way or behave in a certain manner. If we do, they tell us, we will be able to meet new people with confidence and deal with every situation confidently and without embarrassment. Changing fashion, of course, does not apply just to dress. A barber today does not cut a boy’s hair in the same way as he used to, and girls do not make up in the same way as their mothers and grandmothers did. The advertisers show us the latest fashionable styles and we are constantly under pressure to follow the fashion in case our friends think we are odd or dull. What causes fashions to change? Sometimes convenience or practical necessity or just the fancy of an influential person can establish a fashion. Take hats for example. In cold climates, early buildings were cold inside, so people wore hats indoors as well as outside. In recent times, the late President Kennedy caused a depression in the American hat industry by not wearing hats, and more American men followed his example. There is also a cyclical(周期性的) pattern in fashion. In the 1920s in Europe and America, short skirts became fashionable. After World War II, they dropped to ankle length. Then they got shorter and shorter until the miniskirt was in fashion. After a few more years, skirts became longer again. Today, society is much freer and easier than it used to be. It is no longer necessary to dress like everyone else. Within reason, you can dress as you like or do your hair the way you like instead of the way you should because it is the fashion. The popularity of jeans and the “untidy” look seems to be a reaction against the increasingly expensive fashion of the top fashion houses. At the same time, appearance is still important in certain circumstances and then we must choose our clothes carefully. It would be foolish to go to an interview for a job in a law firm wearing jeans and
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a sweater, and it would be discourteous(失礼的) to vi sit some distinguished scholar looking as if we were going to the beach or a night club. However, you need never feel depressed if you don’t look like the latest fashion photo. Look around you and you’ll see that no one else does either! Fashion Change People’s (16) ▲ fashion People are able to feel more confident or less (18) ▲ if they dress themselves fashionably. Influences of fashion
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towards Ordinary people just (17) ▲ the trends of fashion passively.

Fashion or dressing (19) ▲ may have to rush constantly to keep up with the fashion. Sometimes a fashion comes into existence (21) ▲ 201) ▲ of fashion changing to

convenience or practical necessity, or just because people (22) ▲ an influential person. Some old fashion may come back to (23) ▲ after a certain

Cyclical pattern in fashion period of time. People tend to dress freely to show their personal (24) ▲ Fashion today instead of going after popularity. We do need to dress ourselves properly on some (25) ▲ but we Writer’s attitude don’t have to be in fashion all the way.


16. attitude

17. follow

18. embarrassed

19 industries/businesses 2 0 Causes 21. due 22. admire 23. life

24 characteristics

2 5. occasions

阅读理解(第一节 20 小题。第二节 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 50 分)
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第一节:阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项,并在答 题纸上将该选项标号涂黑。 A Scientists have long understood the key role that oceans play in regulating the Earth’s climate.Oceans cover 70 percent of the globe and store a thousand times more heat than the atmosphere does.What’s newer is the understanding of how this key component of our climate system responds to global warming. A brake on global warming—for now One of the ocean’s most important climate functions is absorbing heat and carbon dioxide (CO2), one of the gases that cause global warming.Acting as a heat sponge (海绵), the oceans have absorbed huge amounts of heat and CO2 in the last forty years.

The most recent scientific report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) also notes with concern that the ocean is acidifying because of increased absorption of atmospheric CO2, and thus causing a threat for shell-forming species.Sharp increases in carbon dioxide levels will cause further acidification of the ocean. Currents distributing heat Another important role the oceans play is that of distributor. Oceans deliver heat and life-sustaining nutrients around the globe.Just as blood vessels bring oxygen and nutrients to cells in the human body, the ocean’s currents carry oxygen, nutrients and heat throughout the Earth. ocean distributes 25 to 50 percent of the energy the planet receives from the sun. The For example, the Gulf Stream carries heat across the Atlantic.This warm current gives northwestern Europe a milder climate than it would normally have so far north.A change to the ocean’s circulation (循环) patterns could throw Europe into a colder period, even as the rest of world experiences warmer temperatures. 1.We can infer from the passage that _____.
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A.the oceans cause global warming C.the oceans release nutrients and heat

B.the oceans stop global warming D.the ocean ecosystems face more dangers

2.From the passage we can learn that the ocean’s currents _____. A.produce oxygen and nutrients everywhere B.absorb 25~50% of the energy from the sun C.distribute heat and nutrients around D.change the ocean’s circulation patterns 3.Which of the following is NOT the result of the ocean absorbing heat and carbon dioxide? A.It causes further acidification. B.It affects shell-forming species.

C.It makes the atmosphere hotter. D.It regulates the Earth’s climate. 4.This passage mainly talks about ______. A.the roles of oceans C.ocean currents warming D.carbon dioxide


Lockers(储物柜)have been the symbol of American high school for decades. But walk down any hallway of the new Germantown High School in Madison County, Mississippi, and you won’t spot a single locker. New technology such as e-books, interactive(互动的) assignments and Web-based learning is making lockers in American high school a thing of the past. Officials from schools that have listed several benefits: less noise, less delay and an increased sense of safety. “It’s all to create an environment that’s student-friendly”, said Ronnie McGehee, chief official of the Madison County School district. Getting rid of lockers can also cut hundreds of thous ands in construction costs. Madison County saved $200,000 by not including lockers in the new high school, Mc Gehee said.
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It is also believed that removing lockers could help prevent school violence. ”Lockers give kids a place to hide things”, said Mike Nelson, founder of a safety- training group. Nelson believes that some school shootings and other incidents could have been prevented if there had been no lockers. However, Andrew Booth, a 10th-grader at Gemantown High, said there are some disadvantages of not having a locker. “ It can make your book bag really heavy”, he said . The 16-year-old has four textbooks “plus notebooks and a binder(活页夹)” to carry to school each day. He said some teachers have shelves at the back of the classroom on which students can leave their bags. Others provide an extra set of textbooks in the classroom, so students don’t have to carry books from home. New York architect Pestr Lippman said schools will have to address such concerns and find ways to give studets a “sense of space” “If you are carryin g books around, it does limit your flexibility in the classrooms,” he said. Lippman said he would like to see schools starting to use the new free space to provide less structured learning opprtunities for students, including gathering areas and learning centers. “If you think about a school with just rows of lockers-there’s nowhere for learning opportunities in that”, he said. 62. What does the text mainly talk about? A. The history and development of lockers in US high schools. B. The influence of new technology on some US high schools. C. The trend of getting rid of lockers in US high schools. D. The advantages and disadvantages of lockers in US high schools.
【答案】C 【解析】根据文章最后一段最后一句,如果学校有成行的储物柜,就没有学习的机会。 可知去掉储 物柜,在美国中学中是一种趋势。

63. A ccording to the text, lockers are being taken away from US schools A. due to the spread of new technology. B. in response to parents’requests C. for the students’secutity at school
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D. to save construction costs
【答案】A 【解析】根据第二段可知。新技术像电子图书,交互式作业,基于网络的学习等正使储物柜成为美国 中学的一件过去的东西。

64. What is not the advantage of getting rid of lockers? A. Saving money. C. Preventing school violence.
【答案】D 【解析】从第 6 段第 2 句 It can make your book bag really heavy 可以看出答案选 D。

B. Making less noise. D. Making book bags heavy.

65. What is Andrew Booth’s attitude to removing lockers? A. Copmlaining
【答案】A 【解析】第 6 段主要说的是 disadvantages.没有了储物柜书包变得沉重了。可知答案选 A。

B. Approving.

C. Ignorant.

D. Favorable.

66. What does Lippman suggest schools that have removed lockers should do? A. Give students as much freedom as possible in the classroom. B. Provide studcnts with an extra sat of textbooks in the classroom. C. Moke more learning opportunities for students in the new free space. D. Put shelves at the back of the classroom for students to leave their bags.
【答案】C 【解析】根据最后一段可知答案选 C。

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