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Unit 1 Art 一. 单词拼写(须用本单元的单词和词汇) 1. The word “honesty” is an a____________ noun. 2. Which do you like better, his paintings or s______________? 3. There are many art g_____________ in New York. 4. They are put on an e______________ of French paintings next week. 5. An a________________ country is always ready to start a war 6. His a_______ is to be a successful writer. 7. You’ll soon be c____________ that she is right , though you think not now. 8. The prisoners a___________ to escape, but failed. 9. The keys are in the p________________ of the boss. 10. She was the f__________ of everyone’s attention at the party. 11. In the picture the tree is the s__________ of life while the snake stands for evil. 12. He has lost his b____________ in the God. 13. The expert p____that there will be an earthquake in that area in the near future. 14. He made a r__________ drawing of a horse. (他画了一匹栩栩如生的马) 15. I’m afraid I have never been much of a ________________(学者). 16. You look r_______________ (可笑的)in those tight jeans. 17. The professor made a ______________ speech. ( 可能引起争议的) 18. Was Johnson _________ (同时代的)with Shakespeare ? 19. Would you please let me know your p_______________ address( 固定地址 ) ? 20. White has been always a ______(象征) of purity (纯洁) in Western cultures. 21. The government is ______ (目的) at a 50% reduction in unemployment. 22. I quickly ______(集中注意力) the camera on the children when they turned out. 23. We’ve already bought the house, but we won’t take ______ (拥有) of it until next Wednesday. 5. The bank refused to help the company; ______, ( 结果) it went bankrupt (破产). 24. The fat old man looked ______ ( 荒谬的) in his tight pink trousers. 25. We went to an ______ ( 展示) of Chinese paintings at the museum. 26. Historians regard the Tang Dynasty, with its capital at Chang’an, as a high point in Chinese ______ (文明) —equal, or even superior, to the Han period. 27. Lucy won a ______ ( 奖学金) to study at Oxford. 28. The car accident has caused ______ (永恒) damage to Mary’s eyesight; she will not be able to see things for the rest of her life. 二.根据句意选择合适的词或词组的恰当形式填空。 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------focus on feel like look through in the flesh break away from scores of lead to a great deal in possession of consequently convince of full of on the other hand bunch ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.When she wore the dress, Jane ___________ a princess. 2.They are _____________ urgent problems at present. 3.The thief managed to _____________________the policeman. 4.Your explanation has _______ me _____ a clear understanding.
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5.I was _________________ a magazine in the bedroom when she called me. 6.You can’t be __________________????__ the house until all the papers have been signed. 7.I got up late and ___________ I was late for my plane for Beijing. 8.I have __________ CDs at home. Would you like to come and enjoy some. 9.The film star looks thinner ________________ than in the photograph. 10.We should value it , because it has cost us ____________. 11. He hurried home, ________ fear. 12.We couldn’t _____________ him _____ his mistake. 13.On one hand I valued his friendship, but ________________________ I disliked his self-pride and selfishness. 三. 句子翻译。 1.“福斯特先生从未去过中国, 所以对中国了解得很少。” Mr. Foster has never been to China.______________, he knows very little about it. 2.他劝我应该学法律。 He ________________me that I should study law. 3.她有丰富的教学经验。 She has ___ _______ ________ _____ teaching experience. 4.足球比赛的比分是四比一。 The ________ in the football game was 4 - 1. 5.我们有相同的宗教信仰。 We share the same ______ . Unit 2 一. 单词拼写(须用本单元的单词和词汇) 1.If you taste some seawater, you will find it s_________2.We must consider a problem in all it’s a___________. 3.She lives in a charming c_________ in the countryside. 4.Li Shizhen’s Bencaogangmu has been t_____________ into many languages. 5.Most girls like wearing a d__________ ring. 6.Her face become red with__________(生气), and she couldn’t say anything. 7.The deep ________(悲伤) she felt was obvious in the expression of her face. 8.A voice came from _______(黑暗), but she couldn’t see anyone. 9.My friends were wearing two or three sweaters for extra _________(温暖). 10.If you are easy to get lost, you’d better take a ________(指南针)with you. 11.No word can c_______ my thanks to you at the moment. 12.We have learned a new sentence p_______ in this unit. 13.The ______(背诵) habit must be formed when you are young. 14.An _______(合适) method must be found to deal with such situation. 15._______(分析)the difficult sentences helps to understand the text well. 16.The music is written in a _______ (节奏) of three beats to a bar. 17.I’m ________ (等待) their reply. 18 The songs of birds ______ (唤醒) me. 19. Don’t take it seriously, he was only ______ (开玩笑) 20.. English is a _______ (分支) of Germanic family of languages.
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21. Colors like red ______ (传达 ) a sense of energy and strength. 22. This accident is a ______ (重复,翻版) of one that happened three weeks ago. 23. I ______ (担心) to think what will happen if my mother finds out. 24. She is in prison ______ (等待着) trial. 25. You’ve painted the room blue all over; what a ____________ ( 变化,转换)! 26. The Earth ______ ( 旋转) on its own axis (轴) once every 24 hours. 27. Life has many joys and ______ .( 悲伤) 28. Jeans are not ______ (合适的,恰当的) for a formal party. 29. At school the other children always ______________ ( 取笑, 逗弄 ) me because I was fat. 30. Mothers are often the ones who provide ______ ( 情感 ) support for the family. 31.______, it isn’t so bad as you expected. 32.His noble example ________ the rest of us to work harder. 33. Colors like red ______ (传达 ) a sense of energy and strength. 34. This accident is a ______ (重复,翻版) of one that happened three weeks ago. 35. I ______ (担心) to think what will happen if my mother finds out. 36. She is in prison ______ (等待着) trial. 37. You’ve painted the room blue all over; what a ____________ ( 变化,转换)! 38. The Earth ______ ( 旋转) on its own axis (轴) once every 24 hours. 39. Life has many joys and ______ .( 悲伤) 40. Jeans are not ______ (合适的,恰当的) for a formal party. 41. At school the other children always ______________ ( 取笑, 逗弄 ) me because I was fat. 42. Mothers are often the ones who provide ______ ( 情感 ) support for the family. 二 . 根据句意选择合适的词或词组的恰当形式填空。 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------run away take one’s eye off make up of make sense stay up inspire run out of be popular with at least by chance go over take it easy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.We should often _______ what we have learned, or we will forget it later. 2.As a matter of fact, not all the theories ________. 3.Without saying anything, that boy _______quickly. 4.It’s bad for your health if you often ______ too late. 5.The little boy didn’t _________ the toy. 6.Until now, we still haven’t know what kind of thing _________it. 7.That beautiful song _________ the teenagers. 8.Whatever the result may be, _______ we should try our best to do it. 9.Perhaps everyone can make a serious mistake_______. 10.If we continue to destroy and waste the natural resources like this, we will ______it sooner or later Unit 3 A healthy life 一. 单词拼写(须用本单元的单词和词汇) 1.The accident is d_____ to your careless driving. 2.My children have become hopelessly a_________ to television.
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3.She found it necessary to a__________ her child to getting up early. 4.He was a_______ of his body so he decided to go on a diet and do more exercise. 5.With exams only a week away, I am under a lot of s_____. 6.M______ health is as important as physical health. 7.Now that I am p________, I eat a good diet because I want my baby to be born healthy. 8.So I did the wrong thing! Well, nobody is _________(完美的) 9.My father has q_____ smoking. 10.The door opened _______(自动地) as we approached. 11.Some ______ (年青人)have got into the habit of taking drugs. 12.In spite of the heavy rain, she m________ to get there on time. 13. Things can easily go wrong when people are under ______. (压力 ) 14. She was a person _______________ (习惯)to having eight hours’ sleep at night. 15. His daughter looked such a mess that he was ______ (羞愧) of her. 16. They are carrying out some research on the effects of _____________ ( 香烟) smoking 17. Mr. Li is a heavy smoker, that is, he is ______ ______ ( 上瘾 ) to smoking. 18. His problem is not physical but _________. ( 精神的) 19. “How he managed it is beyond my _____________. (理解) ” MEANS “I cannot understand how he managed it.” 20. He worked so hard that _____________ ( 最终) he made himself ill. 21. Fishing and mountain-climbing are his favorite ________________ ( 放松方法) . 22. He accepted his friend’s _______________ (挑战) to swim across the river. 二.根据句意选择合适的词或词组的恰当形式填空。 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------addicted to due to ashamed of decide on be accustomed to manage to at risk remind benefit from leave out get close to a great deal deal with ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.His father has become _________________ drugs. 2.I’m sorry for_______ the important point in your speech 3.His grandfather has _______________ life in the mountains from his childhood. 4.I benefited from my teacher’s advice 5.How do you______________ to carry such a heavy box? 6.These pictures ______ me of my school days. 7.I have ________________ buying a bike for my brother’s birthday. 8.You will be _________ , if you go on board in such bad weather. 9.His success is entirely _______ his hard work. 三. 句子翻译。 1.她名扬四海应归功于他的支持。 Her worldwide fame is __________his support. 2.她觉得有必要让孩子养成早起的好习惯。 She found it necessary to________ her child _________getting up early. 3.尽管戴着眼镜她还是不能看得很清楚。in spite of She can’t see very well_________ her glasses.
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4.今天好热啊, 我想去游泳。 It’s so hot today. I______________ going swimming. 5.那个女孩养成了阅读时玩弄头发的习惯。 The girl has____________ the habit of playing with her hair while reading. 6.她一怀孕就戒了烟。 She __________smoking when she got pregnant. Unit 4 Global warming I.单词拼写 1. A _______(广泛传播的)flu epidemic affected eighteen western states. 2. There has been serious _______(分歧) between the two political over the question. 3. He couldn’t stand terrible English ________(气候). 4. The population had ________(减少) from about 8,300,000 in 1845 to less than 6,600,000in 1851. 5. The _______(平均数)of 3, 6and 9 is 6. 6. A child who can remember 3000 English words at the age of 3 would be called an unusual p_______. 7. The food was enough in q______, but not very good in quality, 8. Though he is less than one year old, he is strong enough to walk s______. 9. The tsunamis(海啸) smashing into India Ocean coastlines, which killed 125,000 people in 12 different countries was a terrible c________. 10. In c_____ of a terrible earthquake the whole city was destroyed. II. 词组活用 1. If she could _______ the condition there, we could take her. 2. They were ______ their military strength for a drive against the city. 3. Your support will certainly ______ in our cause. 4. On the one hand, you accept her presents; ______, you are rude to the whole family. What really is your attitude to them. 5. You have made a few mistakes, but _____ you have done well. 6. I ______ (比较) the copy with the original, but there wasn’ t much difference. 7. International terrorism is not just a recent ______________.(氛围,气氛). 8. We’ve had ______ (大量 ) of rain this summer. 9. They were glad they had survived the ___________( 灾难) . 10. The __________ ( 范畴,范围 ) of his interests may be seen from the subjects on which he has written books. 11. Have you got time for a _________(瞥一眼) at this report? 12. The population _____________ ( 下降 )from 8.3 million in 1845 to 6.6 million in 1851. 13. That school puts ___________ (强调) on arithmetic and reading. 14. The rights of the __________( 个人权利) are perhaps the most important rights in a free society. 15. Nobody knows how this world came into _________ 存在. Unit 5 I. 单词拼写 1. The story ______(使兴奋)the little boy very much.
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2. On hot days we often go _____(洗澡) in the river. 3. I can’t _____(评价) his ability without seeing his work. 4. I got into a _____(惊慌) when I found the door was locked. 5. The studied the German market to find the _____( 可 能 性 )there for investment. 6. It was a cold, wet day and the children were b_____. 7. It’s many years since Mount Vesuvius e_______. 8. He drew f______ animals with two heads and large wings. 9. I’m a______ to get home to open my presents. 10. They had to c_____ tomorrow’s football match because of the bad weather. II. 词组活用 1. _______ most woman, she was indeed very fortunate. 2. I’ll __________ to arrive on time. 3. He ___________ the list and chose one immediately. 4. With these words, the speaker _________ towards the exit of the hall. 5. You are _______ in trusting him. 6. There have been several vocalnic ______________ (喷发) in this area this year. 7. _____________,(不幸的是) they were out when I called. 8. “Do you think I should forgive him?” “No, ______ ( 完全地) not!” 9. The thing that____________( 留下印象) me most about her books is the way she draws her characters. 10. More help in the office would _____-______( 减轻) me from some of this responsibility. 11. We waited with ____________ ( 忧虑) for news of her safe arrival. 12. The program deals with subjects as ________(多样的) as pop music and ancient Greek drama. 13. The crowd _________- (受惊吓) at the sound of the explosion (爆炸). 14. Some books are to be tasted, others to be ___________( 吞咽), and some few to be chewed and digested. 15. They have ________( 保证) that any faulty parts will be replaced free of charge.

答案 Uint 1 一. 单词拼写(须用本单元的单词和词汇)
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1.abstrcat 2.sculptures 3.galleries 4.exhibition 5.aggressive 6.aim 7.convinc ed 8.attempted 9.possession 10.focus 11.symbol 12.belief 13.predict alistic 15.scholar 16.rediculous 17.controversial 18.contemporary 19.perma nent 二 . 根据句意选择合适的词或词组的恰当形式填空。 1.felt like 2,focusing on 3.break away from 4.led to 5.looking through possession of 7.consequently 8.scores of the flesh 10.a great deal 11.full of 12.convinced 13.on the other hand 三 . 句 子 翻 译 。 1. Consequently 2.convinced 3.a great deal of 4.score 5.religion

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