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Unit 2 The Olympic
1. compete vi.比赛;竞争 联想拓展 compete with 与……竞争 compete for 竞争以获得…… compete with/against sb. for sth. 为得到某物与某人竞争 compete in (a game, a match) 参加;在……方面竞争 competition n.比赛;竞争


He believed that nobody could compete with/against him. 他认为没有人能和他竞争。 He has now competed in two Olympics. 他已经参加过两届奥运会了。 高手过招 (2)用方框内所给短语的适当形式填空 compete with/compete against/compete for/compete in ①It’s difficult for small markets to big ones. ②Will you the 100-metre race? ③The two athletes will the gold medal. 解析: (2)①compete with/against ②compete in ③compete for 2. admit vt.&vi.准许进入;容许;接纳(常用被动结构);承认 联想拓展 be admitted (to/into) 被准许进入…… admit (to) sth./doing 承认某事/做过某事 admit that 承认…… admit sb./sth. to be 承认……是 It is/was admitted that 普遍认为…… Only 200 children were admitted to/into the school every year. 那时每年只有 200 名儿童获准入学。 Will you admit having broken the window? 你承不承认你打破了窗户? They freely admit that they still have a lot to learn. 他们坦率承认,他们要学的东西还很多。 He admitted his words to be mistaken. 他承认自己的话错了。 高手过招 (1)单项填空
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Little Tom admitted in the examination, that he wouldn’t do that in future. (2009· 山东东营模块检测) 12· A. to cheat; to promises B. cheating; promised C. having cheated; promising D. to have cheated; promised (2)完成句子 ②幸运的是,去年他被一所名牌大学录取了。 Luckily, he a key university last year. 解析:(1) 选 C。考查非谓语动词。动词 admit 后常接动名词作宾语,即:admit doing 或 admit having done,意为“承认做过某事”,据此排除 A、D 两项。句 意为:小汤姆承认在考试中作弊了,并保证今后不再这样做。由于第二个空白 处前面没有连词 and,因此 admit 与 promise 不是两个并列的谓语动词,用 promised 形式是错误的, 而要用 promising 作伴随状语,故答案为 C 项。 ②was admitted to/into 3. replace vt. 代替;取代;替换 常用结构: replace sth. 代替;取代…… replace sb. as 取代某人而成为 replace sb./sth. with/by 用……替换,以……接替 Teachers will never be replaced by computers in the classroom. 课堂上电脑永远不会取代老师。 She replaced her husband as the local teacher. 她取代丈夫成了当地的老师。 联想拓展 in place 在适当的位置 out of place 在不适当的位置 in one’s place=in the place of 代替 take the place of=replace 代替;替代 take place 发生;举行 take one’s place 就位,就座 instead of 代替;而不是(介词短语) With everything in place, she started lessons. 一切就绪,她开始讲课 高手过招 单项填空 Bob is ill today. Who can him in our football match? (2009· 福建厦门检测) 12· A. Replace B. take place C. instead of D. in the place of 解析:选 A。根据句意此处有代替之意并且需要动词作谓语,replace=take the place of。instead of 是介词短语,不能作谓语。 4. marry
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v. (和某人)结婚;嫁;娶;把……嫁给…… 常用结构: marry sb. 娶某人,嫁给某人(marry 后不加介词) marry sb. to sb. 把某人嫁给某人 marry well 嫁个有钱人 She married a rich man. 她嫁给了一个有钱人。 He married both his daughters to rich businessmen. 他把两个女儿都嫁给了富商。 联想拓展 marriage n. 结婚;婚姻 married adj. 已婚的 get/be married (to sb.) (与某人)结婚 易混辨析 marry/get married/be married marry 与 get married 强调动作, 不能与表示时间段的状语连用; be married 强调状态,可以与表示时间段的状语连用。 可以说 She married/got married two years ago. 或 She has been married for two years. 或 It’s two years since she married/got married. 但不可以说 She has married/has got married for two years. 5. promise vt. 允诺,答应 vi.有希望;承诺;答应 n. 诺言,承诺;迹象,征兆 常用结构: promise sth. 答应某事 promise sb. sth./promise sth. to sb. 答应给某人某物 promise (sb.)to do sth. 答应(某人)做什么事 promise (sb.) that ... 答应(某人)…… keep/carry out one’s promise 信守诺言 break/go back on one’s promise 违背诺言 make/give a promise 许诺/答应 Promise (me) never to be late again. 答应(我)决不再迟到。 She promised her mother that she would come back. 她答应妈妈会回来。 He made a promise to come back. 他答应回来了。 This year promises to be another good one for harvest. 今年看来又是个丰收年。 联想拓展 promising adj. 有希望的;有前途的 高手过招
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单项填空 The girl to be a good dancer if she is well trained in an art school. (2009· 福建厦门检测) 11· A. expects B. allows C. Wishes D. Promises 解析:选 D。由句意可知,此处为“女孩有希望成为优秀的舞者”,只有 promise 有“有希望”之意。 6. charge n. 费用;指控,指责;主管;掌管 v. 指控;收费;要价;承担责任;掌管;充电;控诉 All goods are delivered free of charge. 一切物品免费送货。 He took charge of the farm after his father’s death. 父亲去世后,他掌管农场。 What did he charge for the repairs? 他们收了多少修理费? Before use, the battery must be charged. 使用前,电池必须充电。 He was charged with murder. 他被指控犯有谋杀罪。 常用结构: at no extra charge 无需额外付费 be charged with 被控告犯……罪 in/under the charge of 在某人照看(掌管)下 in charge of 处于控制或支配 (某人/某事物)的地位 free of charge 免费 charge sb. money for (doing) sth. 为做某事向某人收取费用 take charge 负责;控制局面 高手过招 (1)单项填空 He told me that the factory was his brother. (2009· 河北 12· 石家庄检测) A. in charge of B. in charge for C. in the charge of D. in the charge for 7. bargain n. 协议;廉价物 v.(与某人)讨价还价; 洽谈成交条件;谈判;讲条件 It’s a bargain.这可是便宜货。 常用结构: make a bargain with sb. about/over/for sth. 就某事与某人达成协议 bargain with sb. about/over/for sth.
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就某事与某人讨价还价 a good/bad bargain 一笔划算/不划算的交易 高手过招 (1)单项填空 The coat is really a good at such a low price. ( 2009· 江 西 师 12· 大附中检测) A. Matter B. pattern C. seller D. bargain 8. deserve vt.&vi.应受(报答或惩罚); 值得 The article deserves careful study. 这篇文章值得仔细研究。 They deserve to be sent to prison.他们应该入狱。 联想拓展 deserve doing=deserve to be done=be worth doing 值得做 The thief deserves punishing. =The thief deserves punishment. =The thief deserves to be punished. 这个小偷理所当然会受到惩罚。 重点短语 9. one after another/the other 一个接一个地;陆续地 Please line up one after another. 请按顺序排队。 联想拓展 one by one 逐个地;逐一地 one another/each other 相互 10. stand for (指缩写或符号)代表;象征;支持;主张 What does EU stand for?EU 代表什么? Which group do you stand for?你支持哪一组? 联想拓展 stand by 袖手旁观;无动于衷 stand by sb. 支持;帮助;站在……一边 stand out 显眼;突出 stand up 站起;站立;起立

高手过招 (1)单项填空 I don’t know what the signal “X” (2009· 江西信丰中学检测) 12·
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on the road. Could you tell me?

A. Stands B. refers to C. means D. stands for (2) 完 成 句 子 (原创) ①The letters UN (代表) United Nations. ②Don’t just (袖手旁观). You can do something to help. ③The letters (突出; 显眼) well against the dark background. (1)解析:选 D。mean, refer to 都有“代表”的意思,但是 stand for 一般是指“符 号、手势、记号等”所代表的意义,而 refer to 指某个意思的对象;mean 表达前 面的语言的意义。如 “To give up doing something” means “ to stop doing something”.(放弃做某事也就是停止做某事。 It” can be used to refer to a baby. “ ) (“It”可以用来指一个婴儿。) “V” is often used to stand for victory. (“V”可以 用来表示胜利。) (2)①stand for ②stand by ③stand out 11. as well 意为“也,又,而且”,意思等同于 too,also,但 as well 只能置于句末。 联想拓展 as well as 意为“不仅……而且……, 既……又……; 除了……之外, 还有……; 和……一样好”。 as well as 作介词用时,意思等同于 besides,意为“除……之外”,后跟动词时 通常用 v.-ing 形式。 as well as 连接主语时,谓语动词的单复数形式取决于 as well as 前面主语的 单复数形式。 may/might as well do 意为“不妨……;还是……好”。 Are you coming as well? =Are you coming, too? =Are you also coming?你也来吗? They sell books as well as newspapers. 他们既卖报纸也卖书。 She cooks as well as her mother. 她做菜跟她妈妈做得一样好。 His wife as well as his children was invited to the party. 不仅他的孩子,连同他妻子也被邀请参加那次聚会。 We may/might as well ask him for some advice. 我们不妨向他征求一些建议。 高手过招 单项填空 ①Jack plays football , if not better than David. A. as well B. as well as C. so well D. so well as ② E-mail, as well as telephones, an important part in daily communication. A. is playing B. have played C. are playing D. play
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解析: ①选 B。as well as 意为“和……一样好”。“if not+better than”是一个插 入语,去掉后,句子是 Jack plays football as well as David。 ②选 A。当 as well as 连接主语时,谓语动词的单复数形式取决于前面的主语的 单复数形式。 12. every four years 每四年;每隔三年 联想拓展 every 与基数词、序数词、other 或 few 连用,表示时间或空间的间隔,意为 “每……;每隔……”。 every+基数词+复数名词 every+序数词+单数名词 every+other+单数可数名词 every few+复数名词 every four days 每隔三天 every third day 每三天 He comes to see his parents every three days. 他每三天来看望父母一次。 高手过招 单项填空 “Where are we now?” few minutes one of the children asked Miss Cornwall the same question. (2009· 山东济南模块检测) 12· A. Every B. Each C. Another D. A 解析:选 A。every few minutes 每几分钟,符合句意。 13. take part in 参加,参与 The students take part in all kinds of activities after class. 学生们课后参加各种活动。 易混辨析 take part in/join in/join/attend take part in 指参加有组织的重大的活动。 I took part in the game. 我参加了比赛。 join in 指参加正在进行着的活动或游戏等,有时可与 take part in 换用。 Please come over and join in our game. 请过来参加我们的游戏。 join 指参加团体或组织,成为其中的一员,也可用于 join sb. in sth./doing sth.结 构,表示“和某人一起做某事”。 Many of them joined the army. 他们很多人都参军了。 attend 相当于 be present at,多指出席,参加会议,讲座等。 He decided to attend the meeting himself. 他决定自己去参加会议。 高手过招
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选词填空(join/join in/take part in/attend) ①—How many countries the Olympic Games in Athens? —202. ② The famous professor will come to give us a lecture. Will you go to it? ③His brother the army three years ago. ④May I your game? 答案: ①took part in ②attend ③joined ④join in

14. No other countries could join in, nor could slaves or women! 其他国家都不能参加,奴隶和妇女也不能参加! 句子结构为: nor/neither+系动词/助动词/情态动词+主语。 此句型是一个倒装句, 意为“……也不”,用于否定陈述句之后,说明后者的情况与前者相同。 联想拓展 用“so+助动词+主语”结构,表示肯定陈述句之后说明后者情况与前者相同,so it is with sb./It is the same with sb. 某人也是这样。so it is with sb./It is the same with sb.结构陈述两种或两种以上的情况,既可用于肯定,也可用于否定。 “否定词+助动词+主语”是常用的倒装句式,常用词:not, never, no, nowhere, neither, nor, hardly, seldom, little, rarely。 If you won’t go, neither/nor will I. 如果你不去,我也不去。 He don’t know about it. Nor do I. 他不了解这件事,我也不了解。 He never went again, and nor did he write to apologize. 他再也没去过,也没有写信道歉。 He disliked the film, and so did I.他不喜欢这部电影,我也是。 高手过招 单项填空 ①—I don’t think I can walk any farther! — . Let’s stop here for a rest. ( 2009· 江 苏 盐 城 检 12· 测) A. Neither am I B. Neither can I C. I don’t think so D. I think so ②—He has made great progress recently. — and . (2009· 江苏南通检 12· 测) A. So he has; so you have B. So he has; so have you C. So has he; so have you D. So has he; so you have
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解析: ①选 B。根据最后一句“我们停下来休息一下吧”可知,回答者也不能再 走了,因此用 Neither can I。 ②选 B。 第一空表示对说话者的同意和赞成, 意为“他的确如此”, 第二空表示“你 也一样”。 15. Women are not only allowed, but play a very important role in gymnastics, athletics, team sports and ... 妇女不仅被允许参加,而且她们还在体操、竞技和团队等比赛项目中起着非常 重要的作用…… not only ...but (also) ... 意为“不仅……而且……”。当此结构连接两个并列主语 时,谓语动词的单复数要和邻近的主语保持一致。若 not only 置于句首,其所在 的分句需要采用部分倒装。 He not only said it, but also did it. 他不但说到了,而且也做到了。 Not only you but also he is responsible for it. 不仅你而且他也要为此事负责任。 Not only does he work hard, but also he is very clever. 他不但学习刻苦,而且很聪明。 高手过招 单项填空 ①Not only English,but also he learns it well. (2009· 陕 12· 西宝鸡检测) A. he likes B. does he like C. likes he D. he does like ②—I would never come to this restaurant again. The food is terrible. — . (2009· 浙江杭州检测) 12· A. Nor am I B. Neither would I C. Same with me. D. So do I ①解析:选 B。not only 连接除主语以外的成分时,如果位于句首,该句用部分 倒装。故选 B。 ②解析:选 B。第二句句意为:我也不来了。故用 Neither would I。

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