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module3 unit3 language points

Retell the story by filling the following blanks.
Henry Adams ,an American young man, landed in Britain ___________( 偶然) One day , he sailed too far by accident and found himself carried out to sea by a strong wind. But fortunately a British ship, passing by, _______ him. spotted He earned his _________ and was permitted _________(允许) to passage stay on the ship by working without pay, which _____________ accounted for his appearance. Now he was lost in the street _______(衣裳褴褛). He tried to ______(寻求)help in rags seek but without luck. On the contrary (相反地), the two _______________ rich men thought how lucky they were to meet such a poor man. They decided to _________________ (冒险) take a chance and make a _____ on him. bet

bet. n./ v. make a bet =bet on sth / sb

I bet that it will rain tomorrow. You bet that we’re going to the concert.
I bet …= I’m certain… You bet…= Of course/Certainly…

After he got the letter, _______drove him to hunger

go into a restaurant. The owner and the waiters
served him in a_____ manner. However, when rude

they saw the note, their ________to Henry attitude
changed greatly . It was very common to judge a

stranger by the _________ in the capitalist appearance

in a rude manner 用一种粗鲁的态度 manner 表“举止,态度”,常用单数;


in an impolite manner He answered________________________. We walked in a leisurely manner, looking in all the windows.

表 “方式,方法”,也用单数; 表“礼貌,礼仪”,常用复数。


________________to talk with your mouth full. It is bad manners It is bad manners to wander while talking with others.


P 20 Ex. 2 改句4B

wander 漫无目的地走;走神
account 记录=record; 账户; 说明account for

fault 错误,责任; 缺点=shortcoming
spot 地点;斑点; 发现=find passage 通道; 船费;通行 author,envelope,businessman, adventure,patience,scene,permit, pavement,novel,seek,birthplace P 20 Ex. 1 Make up sentences!


My mother only permits me to read novels at weekends.
permit sb to do = allow sb to do sth What do your parents permit you to do? We are (not) permitted to…

permit doing (sth) Our school doesn’t permit us to smoke. We are not permitted to smoke at school. Our school doesn’t permit smoking.

? permit\allow

doing sth sb to do sth


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