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Unit 2
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(Period 3, Section B, 1a~2c)
教师查阅情况: (Period 3, Section B, 1a~2c, P13 )

Unit 2 What should

I do?

学 习 目 标

1.通过本课学习我们要通过谈论遇到的困难,学会给出合理建议,从而学会正确处理生 活中遇到的问题。 2.学会熟练掌握情态动词 should 和 could 表示提出建议的用法,能够用口头形式给别人 提出解决问题的方法。 3.重点词汇和语句: original, haircut, the same as, in style My friend wears the same clothes and has the same haircut as I do. 学 知识宝库 习 程 序 学习内容与方法 Step 1 课前反馈。 1.Put the following sentences into English.把下列汉语句子译 成英语。 我需要得到一些钱来付夏令营的花费。 我应该怎么做? 你可以从你弟弟那借些钱。 我想你应该找你父母要些钱 你可以把你的 CD 卖了。 2.Warming-up.热身练习。 (通过自主学习, 你能熟练读出 P13 的生词, 并知晓它们的汉语意思吗?) Step 2 Self-study. 自学&交流讨论 1.Finish 1a. When you choose clothes, what is important to you? Next to each statement, write NI(for not important), I(for important) or VI(for very important). 1. They are original. 2.They are comfortable. 3. They are the same as my friends’ clothes. 4. They are in style. 5. They are inexpensive. 6. They are colorful. 2.Pairwork Tell your partner the answers. We often need to do some shopping to buy clothes. What is important to you when you choose clothes? They should be 3.(1) Listen. Erin is calling “Teen Talk”, a radio advice program, to get advice about a problem.

1.They are the same as my friend’s clothes. 它们与我们朋友的衣服 一样。 the same as 为 固定 短 语,意为“与一样” 。其 中 same 表示“相同的事 物” ,前必须有定冠词 the 。其反义短语为 be different from“和…… 不同” 。

学习内容与方法 (2)Listen again. What advice do the people give Erin? Fill in the chart. 4. Listen again and repeat as much as possible. Pay attention to your pronunciation and intonation. 5. Put the sentences into Chinese. (1) I always wear fashionable clothes and I have a really neat haircut. (2)She buys the same clothes as I do and she even gets the same haircut. (3)She copies everything I do. (4)No one wants a friend who isn’t original! 6.Pairwork What’s your advice for Erin? Make up a new dialogue to give Erin some advice. The following dialogue is an example for you. A: I think Erin should B: Why ? A: Because Step 3 Showing. 展示提升。 就步骤二里的内容进行分组展示。 Step 4 Consolidation. 知识巩固。 谈谈你本节课的收获吧! 本节课我们主要学到了 。 Step 5 Test. 达标检测 1.Our math teacher always (wear) grey trousers. 2.I think we should buy the (expensive) clothes, for we don’t have much money. 3.The clothes in this store are not only good but also (color). 4.My friend has (nice) clothes than I do. 5.他们俩看上去长得一样。 They both . 6.他与他的妻子同龄。 He is age his wife.


2. advice 意见,建议, 为不可数名词 give sb some advice 给 某人提建议 advice on sth 关于某 事的建议

3. I want to have my own clothes and my own haircut. 我 想 有 自 己 的衣服和自己的发型。 own 在这里作形容词, 表示“某人自己的” 。使 用时应放在形容词性物 主代词之后。 eg: I don’t have my own house. (1) own 还可以作动词, 表示“拥有” 。其名 词形式为 owner, 意 为“主人” 。 (2) 与 own 相关的常用 词组有: of one’s own 某人自己的; on one’s own 独自地


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