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形容词和副词精讲精炼 08
241. 一 I want to have a dog as a pet. What do you think of it? —If I were you, I'd rather have a cat,because it's _______ to take care of. A. the easiest B. easy C. easier D. the easier 【答案】C 【解析】考查形容词的比较级。和狗相比猫更容易照看,所以用比较级。 242. The skin, an _____ part of your body and its largest organ, ____ as a barrier against diseases. A. vital, acting B. vital, acts C. essential, acting D. essential, acts 【答案】D 【解析】考查形容词及主谓一致。形容词重要的,注意冠词 an; 后面 act 做谓语不是非谓语. 243.Encouraged greatly, the young man tried with the intention of setting up his own business. twice hard B.twice as hard C.twice as harder D.harder twice 【答案】B 【解析】考查副词句型。句意:受到极大的鼓舞,那个年轻人尽了两倍的努力建立自己的事 业。 244.We put our books in the bookcase to keep them ____ from dust. A.empty C.loose D.short 【答案】B 【解析】考查形容词的用法。此处 keep 。 。 。free from。 。 。意为:免受。 。 。 。句意:我们把我 们的书放进书箱以免有尘土。 245. There are plenty of jobs ______ in the western part of our country. A. present B. available C. precious D. convenient 【答案】B www. 【解析】考查形容词的用法。此处present出现;available可获得的; precious珍贵的; convenient方便的。句意:在我们国家的西部有许多可以获得的工作。 246. ---Why didn’t you finish the task? ---I didn’t think it is ______ the effort. A. worthwhile B. deserving C. valuable D. worth 【答案】D 【解析】考查 worth 的用法。解题关键:be worth +名词/doing sth。句意:你为什么没有 完成任务?---我认为它不值得付出努力。 247. --- We found the steps up to the plane door in Charlottetown were so steep that we found it very difficult. --- Sorry about that. We will work out __________ way to get passengers onto the planes very soon. A. a better B. the better C. a best D. the best


【答案】A 【解析】考查形容词的比较级。句意:我们会想出一个更好的方法让乘客很快上机。 248. Work gets done _______ when people do it together, and the rewards are higher too. A. easily B. very easy C. more easily D. easier 【答案】C www. 【解析】形容词或副词的比较级表示两者间的比较。根据所提供的情景 and the rewards are higher too 可判断出要用 more easily,表示“人们在一起工作时工作做得更容易” 。 easily 是副词,修饰动词。easier 是形容词,修饰名词或作表语。 249.John was so sleepy that he could hardly keep his eyes . be opened open D.opening 【答案】A 【解析】考查形容词作宾补。www.解题关键:keep sb/sth +形容词(宾补) 。句意:约翰太 困了以至于他几乎睁不开眼睛。 250. Though you’ve got a tight schedule these days, I would be ____ if you could afford time to attend our meeting today. A. concerned B. fascinated C. grateful D. determined 【答案】C 【解析】考查形容词词义辨析。句意为“尽管你时间安排很紧,如果今天你能腾出时间参加 我们的会议我将很感激。 ”根据句意选 grateful“感激” 。 251. It is said that people are likely to tell lies over the phone as they are in emails. A. as twice B. twice as C. twice more D. twice than 【答案】B 【解析】考查倍数表示法。常使用 A+ be+倍数+as+形容词+ as +B 形式。 252. High-speed trains travel at 300 kilometers an hour, which is about normal trains. A.four times the speed as B.the speed four times of C.four times as the speed of D.four times the speed of 【答案】 D 【解析】考查倍数句型。此处用到了“A is+倍数+the +名词 of B”句式。 253. If you father knows that you cheated in the exam, he will be _______ a little angry. A. less than B. more than C. other than D. rather than 【答案】B 【解析】考查固定搭配。www.此处 more than a little+adj.表示加强语气,意为“非常”。 254. People can accept the fact that prices tend to rise year by year but at a(an) _______ rate. A. modest B. sharp C. regular D. amazing 【答案】A 【解析】 考查形容词辨析。 modest 意为 “适中的, 适度的” ; sharp 意为 “锋利的, 尖锐的” ; regular 意为“有规律的, 定期的,”amazing 意为 “令人惊异的” 。 本句意为:人们能够接受价格年年增长, 但应当是适度的。 255. He was __________ much surprised at the news that the amateur athlete beat the professional one who ranked top ten.

A. apparently B. rarely C. secretly D. desperately 【答案】A 【解析】考查副词辨析。apparently 意为“显然地” ;rarely 意为“很少地, 难得地” ;secretly 意为“秘密地;背地里” ;desperately 意为“绝望地;不顾一切地” 。 句意为:他很显然对这个消息 非常吃惊,一个业余选手居然打败了排名前十的职业选手。根据句意应选 A。 256.As a youngster, there was nothing I liked ______ Sunday afternoons at my grandfather's farm in western Pennsylvania. A. other than B. fewer than C. rather than D. better than 【答案】D 257.—How do the shops make money if they sell at such low prices? —Manufacturers, it seems, are willing to bring down prices _______ big volume purchases. A.under the name of B.on behalf of return for preparation for 258.The school is trying its best to make more accommodation ____for the increasing students A. approachable B. accessible C. affordable D. available 【答案】D

259. If you want to given a rise, you must be prepared to make a ____ contribution to the business. A. passive B. diverse C. secure D. positive 【答案】D 260.Obviously TV plays an important part in people's lives, for it brings us ____ images from around the world. A. casual B. visual C. gradual D. spiritual 【答案】B 261.As the story develops, the young woman has now got a ____ job in a library after several part-time jobs. A. precious B. special C. specific D. stable 【答案】D www. 262.Jasper is a great painter. He is ____ Picasso. A. the same great as B. as great painter as C. as great a painter as D. such great a painter as 【答案】C 263.Frank put the medicine in the top drawer to make sure it would not be ______ to the kids. A.accessible B.relative C.acceptable D.sensitive 【答案】A 264.--- We found the steps up to the plane door in Charlottetown were so steep that


we found it very difficult. --- Sorry about that. We will work out __________ way to get passengers onto the planes very soon. A. a better B. the better C. a best D. the best 【答案】A 265.One should accomplish tasks instead of always turning to other for help. A.actively B.independently C.skillfully D.voluntarily 【答案】B 266.—How much is _______ for a schoolbag? —Experts say students should carry_______ more than 10 or 15 percent of their body weight. A.far more; no B.too much; not C.very much; any D.many more; much 【答案】B www. 267. The islands developed on their own for 80 million years and _______ have many rare animals found nowhere else. A.soon C.early D.yet 【答案】B 268. ---People should stop using their cars and start using public transport during the city games. ---_______.The roads are crowded as it is. A. All right B. Exactly C. Go ahead D. Not really 【答案】B

269. If I had , I’d go to Africa alone, stopping at all the interesting places. A. an enough long holiday B. a long enough holiday C. a holiday enough long D. a long holiday enough 【答案】B 270.I should consider myself failing my duty if I didn’t take action at that moment. A.sudden B.general C.personal D.immediate 【答案】D 271.I’m not sure exactly how much money you’ll receive, but it will __________ cover your major expenses. A.firmly B.roughly C.relatively D.urgently 【答案】B 272.This new kind of chemical will help keep the air, soil and water________ from pollution. A.empty B.loose D.short 【答案】C 273.I spent ________ time doing the job, but I didn’t do any better than he.

-4- twice B.twice much C.twice much as D . twice as much 【答案】D www. 274. Staying in a hotel in Shanghai one day costs ____ renting a house in my hometown for a week. A. the three times price of C. as much as three times 【答案】B 275. —Do you like the place of interest? —On the contrary, it’s the place that I want to visit. A.worst B.last D.latest 【答案】B 276. You should look _______ into the matter to get more information about it. A. farther B. far C. farthest D. further 【答案】D 277.I can’t give you an answer right now. I’d like more time to consider my decision. A.still B.fairly C.quite D.a lot 【答案】A 278.Boris has brains.In fact,I doubt whether anyone in the class has IQ. A.a high B.a higher C.the higher D.the highest 【答案】B 279.As he works in a remote area, he visits his parents only _____. A.apparently B.occasionally C.practically D.abruptly 【答案】B 280.She thought herself _____ to her friends because her family was rich. A.higher B.better C.richer D.superior 【答案】D B. three times the price of D. as much three times as

281. The job is great in terms of salary . It has its disadvantages, _______ . A. though B. however C. even D. therefore 【答案】A 282. In order to continue to learn by ourselves after leaving school, we must ______ learn how to study in the school now . A. after all B. in all C. above all D. first of all 【答案】C 283. ------ I heard that there were a lot of shouts and screams at yesterday’s party. It must have been terrible. ------- Oh, no. ________ , I enjoyed every minute. A. In the end B. As a result C. On the other hand D. On the contrary

【答案】D 284.He asked Mary whether she had passed the exam ________. A.yesterday B.the day before C.the day ago D.before the day 【答案】B 285. I feel ________ that it is wrong to kill animals for food. A. good B. strongly C. bad D. excitedly 【答案】B 286. Progress so far has been very good. We are, ______, confident that the work will be completed on time. A. however B. otherwise C. therefore D. besides 【答案】C www. 287. It looks like the weather is changing for ______ . Shall we stick to our plan? A.the worse B.worse C.the worst D. worst 【答案】A 288. He watched her, _________. A. fascinating B. fascinated C. being fascinated D. having fascinated 【答案】B 289. The wings of the plane are ______ of its body. A. more than the length twice B. twice more than the length C. more than twice the length D. more twice than the length 【答案】C 290.It is said that Nigeria is Great Britain. A.three time the size of B.the size three times of C.three times as the size of D.three times the size of 【答案】D 291.I was sleepy. I decided to make myself some coffee so I could work . A.weak; better B.strong; well C.strong; better D.weak; well 【解析】C 根据语意,第一空用 strong coffee,浓咖啡才能提神;第二空表示比较,意 为“比现在工作得更好”,故用 well 的比较级。 292.—Jim, are you this Saturday? —Oh, sorry. I need to go to the bookshop the bank on Saturday. A.convenient; and B.convenient; as well as C.available; with D.available; as well as 【解析】D 考查形容词及词组的用法。convenient 的主语不能为人,常用于 it is convenient for/to sb 结构,先排除 A 和 B 两项。根据答语意思“既要去书店又要去银 行”可知,第二空要用 as well as。 293.After watching the movie Avadar, Mary lay in bed with her eyes open while all her family were asleep. A.widely; soundly B.wider; soundly C.widely; sound D. wide; sound 【解析】D 表示眼睛睁得大、嘴张得大等时,要用 wide 修饰 open;表示“酣睡”时,常


用 be sound/fast/deep asleep 或 sleepsoundly 来表达。 294.I was with my son about his carelessness, which the main cause of his failure in maths. A.annoyed; were B.amazed; was C.amazing; were D.annoyed; was 【解析】D 考查形容词和主谓一致。语意:我对儿子的粗心很生气,这(粗心)是他数学不 及格的主要原因。关系代词 which 指代先行词 carelessness,谓语应该用单数,先排除 A 和 C 项;annoyed 表示“生气的”,符合语意。 295.This new kind of chemicals will help keep the air, soil and water________ from pollution. A. free B. empty C. loose D. short 【解析】A 考查形容词辨析。句意:这种新的化学物质将有助于使空气、土壤和水免受污 染。此处 free 表示“免于,不受??影响的”。 296.On snowy days, you have to drive very to avoid traffic accidents. A.cautiously B.neatly C.smoothly D.properly 【解析】 A 考查副词辨析。 语意: 在下雪天, 你必须谨慎驾车以避免交通事故。 cautiously 谨慎地;neatly 整洁地;smoothly 平滑地;properly 适当地。 297.Boris has brains.In fact,I doubt whether anyone in the class has IQ. A.a high B.a higher C.the higher D.the highest 【解析】B 考查形容词比较级的用法。根据题干内容可知,这里是将 Boris 的智商与班级 里其他同学的智商进行比较,因此应该用比较级,排除 A、D 两项;另外,这里是表泛指, 因此用不定冠词,故 B 项正确。 298.Their university is located on a beautiful lake, ____ of this developing city. A. southeast thirty miles B. thirty miles southeast C. thirty miles to southeast D. to thirty miles southeast 【解析】B 考查方位表达结构。表达“在??地方多远”时,一般先“距离”,然后“方 位”, 表示方位的词前加 to the, 但 to the 也可以省略, 所以 C 项如果改成 thirty miles to the southeast 也可以,据此选 B 项。 299. He kept thinking of the question whether it was ____ for his father to change the habit of a life time in such a short time. A. possibly B. probable C. likely D. possible

300. Ernest visited the South Pole because he wanted to see one of the regions in the world. A.colder B.coldest C.more coldly D.most coldly B【解析】形容词最高级。语意:Ernest 去了南极,因为他想要去看看世界上最冷的地方。 这里应该用最高级 the coldest,故选 B 项。 301.In my opinion, your composition is not as interesting as his but yours is in writing. A.the best organized B.better organized organized as organized as


B【解析】语意:在我看来,你的作文(在内容上)没有他的有趣,但你的作文在结构上组 织得比他的好。根据语意,说话人把两个人的作文从内容和结构两方面进行比较,第一 分句用的是 not as?as 结构,相当于 less?than,第二分句用的是比较级结构。D 项后 缺少比较对象,故排除。 302.I have no dreams ____ to have a happy life. A. rather than B. more than C. other than D. less than C【解析】语意:除了快乐过一生,我别无梦想。rather than 表示而不是??;more than 表示不仅仅??远不止??;other than 表示除了??;less than 则表示少于??根 据语意可知,这里选 C 项。 303.--Sir, do you have any double room ______ now? ---Just a moment, I will find out. A. available B. fit C. reached D. suitable A 【解析】 考查形容词辨析。 语意: ——先生, 现在有双人间吗?——稍等, 我找找。 available 表示可得到的,可找到的,符合语意。fit 表示(大小)合适的,suitable 表示(样式)合 适的,均不符合语意。 304.Keeping hours does good to your . A、common, health B、regular, health www. C、familar, healthy D、usual, healthy B【解析】形容词和名词的用法。do good to?中 to 为介词,后应接名词,排除 C、D 两 项;common 表示常见的,regular 表示有规律的,根据题干内容可知 regular 符合题意。 keep regular hours 意思是有规律地生活,按时作息。语意:有规律地生活对健康有利。 305.Sorry.Somebody borrowed the book last week.but I’ll let you know once it is . A.possible B.probable C. available D.punctual C【解析】考查形容词辨析。语意:对不起,上周有人把书借走了,但一旦有的话,我会 让你知道。available 可得到的,符合语意。 306.Sometimes we buy a magazine with absolutely no purpose to pass time. A.other than B.rather than well if A【解析】短语辨析。语意为:有时候我们买杂志除了消磨时间外,别无他意。other than 除了;rather than 而不是;as well 也,还有;as if 似乎。根据语意可知 A 项正确。 307.The new airport is built close to the freeway , and it is ______ by Bus No. 2. A. accessible B. available C. alternative D. abundant A【解析】考查形容词辨析。accessible 可接近的,可到达的;available 可得到的; alternative 可替代的;abundant 丰富的。2 路公交车可以到达那个新建的机场。

308.Living in the dormitory means to take care of yourself, understand each others ' differences and share interests. A、to learn, common. B、learning, ordinary C、to learn, ordinary D、learning, common D【解析】非谓语动词和形容词的用法。mean doing sth 表示意味着??,mean to do sth 表示打算做某事,结合语意可排除 A、C 两项;common interests 意思是共同的兴趣爱好, 符合语意。 309. --Do you think the weather is good enough for a picnic? --Yes. You can't hope for day at this time of the year.


A. a nice B. a nicer C. the nicer D. the nicest B,比较级用在含有否定意义的句子里,且其前加不定冠词 a 时,表示“最??” 310.—Are you pleased with what he has done?—It couldn’t be ________ . Why didn’t he put more effort into his work? A. any worse B. much better C. so bad D. the best 【答案】A www. 【解析】考查形容词。因为“It couldn’t be any worse.”意思是“(他的工作做得) 非常差”,与后文内容相符。 311.—How is the result, doctor? —Well, your health is good, but you do have a few minor problems. A. normally B. frequently C. generally D. regularly C,考察副词辨析,句意为:你的健康状况总体来说是好的,但的确有些小问题。A 从正 常情况看;B 经常 D 有规律的。 312.—How are you today? 一 I’m feeling much ,but my doctor says I’ll still have to stay in bed for another few days. B.good C.better D.well C,考察比较级,句意为:你今天感觉如何?我感到好多了,但是医生说还需要再卧床休 息几天。Better 在此是 well 的比较级。 313.Rome was not built in a day. You should set ___________ goals and work hard to achieve them. A. alternative B. considerable C. subjective D. realistic D【解析】考察形容词的辨析。根据首句“罗马不是一天建成的”可以看出这里是说“制 定目标要切合实际”,因此选择 D. realistic。 314. I'd like to have ______ car.The one I have got keeps breaking down. A.a reliable B.a more reliable C.a most reliable D . the most reliable 答案 B 315. If I had , I’d go to Africa alone, stopping at all the interesting places. enough long holiday B.a long enough holiday C.a holiday enough long D.a long holiday enough 答案 B 316. A lot of girls want to be singers, but can realize their dreams. A.some B.any C.few D.many 答案 C www. 317. Jack’s room always has the dusty smell of an apartment whose windows are opened. A . rarely B . generally C . apparently D.frequently


答案 A 318. We could hardly believe what she says because she is ______ changing his mind. A. regularly B. steadily C. suddenly D. constantly 答案 D 309. Life is too short to waste and too __ to give up. A. expensive B. ordinary C. fragile D. precious 答案 D

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