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2014-2015届一轮复习 Book2Unit2 The Olympic Games

一﹑单词拼写 请根据读音、词性和词义写出单词。 1. _________ stadium ['steidi?m] n. 体育场 2.__________ athlete ['?θli:t] n. 运动员 3.____________ appreciate [?'pri:?ieit] vt. & vi.感激, 感谢 4.__________ ['p?ust?] n. 海报, 招贴, 脚夫 poster gymnastics [d?im'n?stiks] n.& adj. 体操 5. ____________ 6. _________ nowadays ['nau?deiz] ad. 现今, 现在 n. 现今, 当今 fine 7. _________ [fain] n. 罚款,罚金 adj. 美好的v. 罚款 8 __________ [prins] n. 王子, 亲王 prince 9. _________ princess [prin'ses] n. 公主, 王妃 10. ___________ gymnasium [d?im'neizi?m] n. 体育馆

11. __________ ['gl?:ri] n. 光荣, 荣誉 glory 12. __________ [swift] adj. 快的,迅速的 adv. 快速地 swift 13. __________ homeland ['h??ml?nd] n. 祖国 14. __________ reception [ri'sep??n] n. 接待, 欢迎, 接受 deserve 15. __________ [di'z?:v] vi. 应该得到 vt. 应受,值得 16. __________ ['beisik] n. 基本,要素 basic 17. __________ ['fu:li?] adj. 愚蠢的 foolish 18. __________ ['medl] n. 奖章,勋章, 纪念章 medal 19. __________ [ri(:)'pleis] v. 取代 replace competition 20. _______________ [k?mpi'ti??n] n. 竞争, 对抗

二﹑单词运用 根据句子的结构和意义,在空格处填 入一个恰当的单词,或者用括号中所给词的适当形式 填空。 host/hold the 1. When do you think China will ___________ World Cup? 2. Can you tell me some differences between the ________ ancient and modern Olympic Games? 3. The persons who take part in the games are called ____________. competitors pains no gains. 4. No ________, bargained with the trader till he would 5. The lady ___________ sell her the skirt cheaply.

6. Tom failed to reach the required __________, standard so he did not qualify for the race. running 7. She practiced __________(run) to take part in the basketball match. 8. Jill volunteered ____________ to organize (organize) the petition. 9. We don’t allow __________ smoking (smoke) in the office. 10. Do you think Hippomened deserved ___________ to win (win) the race?

三﹑词语派生 用括号中所给词的适当形式填空。 1. Most of the workers are making great progress but hopeless (hope) case. Jane seems a ___________ 2. Why not put some ________________ advertisements (advertise) in the local newspaper? magic 3. He is going to perform a ___________ (magical) at the party. similar 4. Your new shirt is _____________ (similarity) to mine. 5. When __________ slavery (slave) was stopped in the British colonies, all the slave owners had to set their slaves free.

6. “Come” is an ___________ irregular (regular) verb. responsible 7. Mike is ________________ (responsibility) for designing the entire project. 8. Last ___________ admissions (admit) to the park are at 5:00 p.m. 9. Hawing is one of the great ______________ physicists (physical) in the world. 10. Lots of people suffered from earthquake which used to be _______________ unpredictable (predict).

四﹑词组互译 将下列词组或短语翻译成中文或英语。 get/be married 1. 结婚 ____________________________ horse riding 2. 骑马 ______________________________ 3. 为了……而竞赛______________________ compete for 4. 也__________________________________ as well be in charge of 5. 负责……,管理……____________________ promise sb. to do sth. 6. 答应某人做某事______________________ every other day 7. 每隔一天____________________________ in high spirits 8. 情绪高涨____________________________ change one’s mind 9.改变主意_____________________________ 10. 过去经常做某事_______________________ used to do sth.

老实地说 11. honestly speaking__________________________ 12. break a promise___________________________ 违背诺言 13. take the place of __________________________ 代替 代表,象征,支持 14. stand for _________________________________ 15. as a matter of fact__________________________ 事实上 16. hear of ______________________________ 听说 17. as well as _______________________________ 和,既,又 与某人会见 18. have an interview with sb.__________________ 19. one after another __________________________ 一个接一个地 20. play an important role/part in…_______________ ____ 在……方面起重要作用

五﹑词组运用 (1)根据句子所提供的语境,从第四大题中选出一个 适当的词组并用其适当形式填空。 1. Electric lights ______________________ have taken the place of candles. 2. Our football team __________________ the honour will compete for of our school in the coming match. 3. My father is the chief engineer. That is to say, he __________________ the project. is in charge of 4. Computer __________________________________ is playing an important part/role in our daily life.

(2)根据汉语意识,从上述短语中选出一个恰当的词 组完成句子。 5.玛丽和彼特结婚已有十年多了。 have been married Mary and Peter __________________ for more than 10 years. 6.爸爸答应了我不再吸烟,但最后他还是没有做到。 My father _____________________ had promised me not to smoke, but finally he _________________. broke the promise (3)从上述短语中选出恰当的词组翻译下列句子。 7. W.T.O. 代表什么呢? ______________________________________________ What does “W.T.O.” stand for?

8. 你听说过那个儿子在战争中去世的老妇人吗? Have you heard of the old lady whose son died in ______________________________________________ the war? _____________________________________________ 9. 格林先生和他的两个孩子都已经去伦敦了。 Mr. Green as well as his two children has been to ______________________________________________ London. _____________________________________________ 10. 以前在我家乡有很多树,但现在大部分已经被砍 掉了。 _____________________________________________ There used to be lots of trees in my hometown but ________________________________________ nowadays most of them have been cut down.

1.compete vi.比赛;竞争 competition 比赛;竞争 ______________n.
______________n. competitor 竞争者;对手

competitive ______________adj. 竞争的;有竞争力的

competitors (compete) ⑴ More than 800 _____________ took part in the competition ___________ (compete) to compete ____ for the first prize.
against each ⑵ The two teams will compete _________ other _____ for the championship.

in the 1,500-meter race ⑶ He will compete ___ in the school sports meeting.

2.admit vi.& vt.容许;承认;接纳 admission n.允许进入;承认 _____________ has admitted (admit) that he ⑴ Now that he ______________ stole the money,you should forgive him. admission (admit) of guilt surprised ⑵ His ___________ everyone

⑶ He was admitted ___ as a member of the Youth League,which made him very happy.

⑷ Don’t worry.I think you should be admitted __ to hospital.

3.responsibility n.责任;职责;义务
__________ responsible adj.有责任的;应负责任的 __________ irresponsible adj.不负责任的;无责任感的 ⑴ His behavior was very _____________ irresponsible (responsible);he might have hurt somebody.

⑵ He holds a position of great responsibility _________ (responsible) in the company.
⑶ He tried to escape__________________ taking responsibility for (对……承担责任) the accident,which greatly annoyed the victim.

4.advertise vt.& vi.做广告;登广告 _______________ advertisement n. 广告 advertising _______________ n.广告业;做广告 _______________ n. 广告商 advertiser advertise for 搭配] 为征寻……而登广告 ____________[

⑴ If you want to sell your piano,put an______________ advertisement (advertise) in the newspaper. ⑵ I am interested in the new software you _________ (advertise) in yesterday’s newspaper. advertised

⑶ We should advertise _____ for someone to look after the house while we’re away.


____________________ every four years

3.代表 5.在现代

____________________ take part in
____________________ stand for ____________________ in modern times

4.起重要作用 ____________________ play an important role

6.与……达成协议 ___________________ make a bargain with 7.为……赢得荣誉___________________ win glory for well

___________________ 也;同样地;还不如
__________________ 过去常常 __________________ 用……取代…… after another__________________ 一个接一个 10.used to 11.replace...with


replaced most of its 1.The factories _________ workers ________ robots. with
2.I find the CDs very helpful and interesting as well . __________ 3.He _________ used to smoke heavily,but now he has stopped smoking due to his bad health.

stand for the People’s 4.The letters PRC _________ Republic of China.
5.They ___________________ played an important role in helping the earthquake victims rebuild their homes.

6.The Olympic Games are held every _________. four years

7.It was the time of break and students came out of the classroom ____________________. one after another 8.He_____________ took part in the winter sports in our town. 9.David _____________________ his made a bargain with partner to tell each other everything they knew. 10.In the Olympic Games,many athletes gained gold medals and _____________ won glory for our motherland.

1.bargain n.协议;廉价物 v.(与某人)讨价还价; 谈判 make a bargain with sb.about/over/for sth.就某 事与某人达成协议

bargain with sb.about/over/for sth.就某事与某 人讨价还价

(1)你做了一笔很划算的交易。 You’ve got __________________there. a good bargain (2)工会为缩短工作周而(与资方)讨价还价。 with the management The unions bargained ______ ____ for a shorter working week.

2.deserve vt.应受,值得,应该得到 deserve a rest/break/holiday应该休息 deserve consideration/attention值得考 虑/关注 deserve to be done=deserve doing值得 做某事 联想:need,require,want,be worth 后的动词-ing表被动意义。

⑴ 我觉得那么玩命工作之后我们应该休息。 deserve a rest/break/holiday after all I think we _________________________ that hard work. ⑵ 这电影值得一看。 deserves seeing/to be seen . This film____________________________ ⑶ 他应受处罚。 punishing/to be punished/punishment He deserved______________________________.

3.charge n. 费用;管理v.收费;索价;指 控;充电
in charge看管;主管 in charge of负责……;主管……

in/under the charge of由……主管/负责
under sb’s charge在某人照看下

take charge of掌管,负责,承担

运用:用charge及其相关短语完成句子。 in charge of the company ⑴ He was left _____________ while the manager was away. ⑵ The hotel _______ charges 180 yuan a night. in charge here? ⑶ Who is __________ in/under the charge of ⑷ The operation is_________________ Professor Li.

1.take part in参加(某项活动、比赛、辩论等)
join in参加(正在进行的)某项活动 join sth.和某人一起(进行正在进行的活动) join(the Party/army)参加某个组织(入党/参军) attend(school/the meeting)上学,出席(会议)

运用:用join,join in,take part in,attend完 成句子。 took part inthe race that day. ⑴ We all __________ ⑵ I’m here to _______ attend a conference.

join our club. ⑶ I’ll persuade him to _____ joined us in the discussion yesterday. ⑷ He______
⑸ Mary started singing,and we all _________. joined in

2.stand for(不用于被动)代表(represent),象 征;是……的缩写,支持(support)
运用:说出下列句中stand for的不同意思。

⑴ WHO stands for World Health Organization.

⑵ The sign of △ in the biology stands for the evergreen plant.

⑶ The olive branch stands for peace.

⑷ No one stands for his point of view.
支持 well as 也,又,还;和……一样好

运用:用所给词的适当形式填空或完成句子。 ⑴English as well as many other subjects,__ is (be) of great importance. =Not only English but also other subjects ____(be) are of great importance.

⑵ 他英语讲得和他的老师一样好。 He speaks English ___________________. as well as his teacher ⑶ 教师不仅要教书,也要能引起学生兴趣。 A teacher should entertain his students ____________________ as well as teaching . after another 陆续地;一个接一个地
Students left the classroom one after another.学 生一个接一个地走出了教室。 The passengers boarded on the train one after another.乘客一个接一个地上了火车。

1.There’s as muchcompetition among
countries to host the Olympics as to win

Olympic medals.(L40,P10)国家与国家之
间争取奥运会承办权的过程就跟争夺奥运 奖牌一样激烈。
句型:as + much +名词+ as...同……一样多


⑴ 生活充满了同样多的痛苦和欢乐。 Life is filled with ________________ as much pain as happiness.
⑵ 他花在书上的钱和花在集邮上的钱一样多。 He has spent _________________________on as much money on books as stamps.

⑶ 教书既是一门科学,又是一门艺术。 Teaching is____________________ it is a science. as much an art as

2.This is important because the more you speak
English,the better your English will

become.(P16 Learning Tip)这很重要,因为你开
口讲得越多,你的英语就会越好。 句型:the +比较级,the+比较级 “越……, 就越……”

仿写:将下列句子译成英文。 ⑴ 他占有的越多,他的胃口就越大。 The more he has,__________ the more he wants. __________ ⑵ 他越生气,她就越嘲笑他。 the more she The angrier he became,__________________ ___________________. laughed at him ⑶ 你越努力学习,你就会取得越好的成绩。 The harder you study,__________ the betterresult ____________ you’ll get.

课本原句:She was so angry that she said to her father she would not marry anyone who could not run faster than her.她很生气以至于向她父亲说她 不会嫁给一个跑不过她的人。(模块二第14页) 结构分析:这是一个含有三个从句的复合句。主 干是She was...;that引导的是一个 _________ 结果状语 从 宾语 句,she would not marry anyone 是一个_____ 从句,其引导词that省略了,who could not...是 定语 从句,修饰anyone 。 一个______


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