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1.It’sthe first time that???.(从句中用现在完成时) It wasfor the first time that???(强调句,对状语 for the first time 进行强 调) It’s(high) time that??..(从句中用过去时或 should do) 2.It’sthe same with sb. / So it is with sb.表示某人也如此(用于前句中既有肯 定又有否定或两个不同类的谓语动词) 3. ?beabout to do / be doing??when??.正要做/正在做??就在那时??. 4.A istwice / three times as +原级+as B A 是 B 的两倍/三倍 A istwice / three times the n. of B. A 的?是 B 的两倍/三倍 A istwice / three times +比较级+than B A 比 B 多两倍/三倍 5.It’s awaste of time / money doing / to do?做??浪费时间/金钱 It’s nouse / good doing??? 做??是没有用的 It’spossible / probable / (un) likely that???. 很可能?? It makesgreat / no sense to do??做某事很有/没意义 6. There’sno use / good doing??. 做??没有用 There’s no sense / point (in) doing?? 做??没有意义 There is no need for sth. / to do??. 没有过必要做?? There is (no) possibility that????(同位语从句)很可能/没可能?? 7.The+比较级??..,the+比较级???越??.., 越??. 注意:前半句为从句,用一般现在时代替将来时; 8.Itseems / appears ( to sb. ) that sb??.在某人看来某人??? = Sb.seems / appears to be / to do / to be doing / to have done??.. It seems / looks as if???.好象/似乎??.. 9.It (so)happened that sb. ??..某人碰巧??.. = Sb. happened to be / to do / to be doing /to have done?.. 10.It issaid / thought / believed / hoped / supposed ??.that sb??? =Sb. issaid to be / to do / to be doing / to have done???.(注意:这种句型 里如带动词 hope 则不能变成简单句,因为无 hopesb. to do 结构)[要学习网一直在为调动 你的学习积极性而努力] 12.??.such??.that??.如此??.以致于(引导结果状语从句) ??.such??像??..的这种??(as 为关系代词,引导定语从句,在从句 里充当主、宾、表) 13. Doyou mind if I do sth.? / Would you mind if I did sth.? 你介意我做?? 吗? 14. Thechance is that??../ (The )Chances are that???.很可能??. 15.Check/ Make sure / See to it / See that??..(从句中常用一般现在时) 确信/ 务必??.. 16.depend on it that??..取决于 see to it that??.负责/设法做到??. 注意:除了 except / but / in 等介词可以直接接 that 从句,其它介词后必须用 it 做形式宾语; 17.It is/ was +介词短语/ 从句/ 名词/代词等+that???

How /When / Where / Why is / was it that???..? 注意:此句型为强调句,当被强调的为表示人的词时,还可用 who 连接;强调主语时, 从句后的谓语动词应与前面的主语保持一致;注意与定语从句的区别) 18.How isit that??..(这几个句型都表示“怎么会??.?” “怎么发生的?”) How come+从句? How does / did sth. come about? ( How did itcome about that??.?) 如:How come you are late again? 19. Thereseems / appears / happens to be / must be / can’t be / is (are, was, were) saidto be / is (are, was, were) thought to be??. 表示 “.似乎有/碰巧有/一定有/不可能有/ 据说有/认为有??..” 介词(如 of )there being want /wish / expect there to be 要/希望/期待有??.. adj. /adv. enough for there to be??.足够??.会有??. 注意:there being / there to be 为 therebe 的非谓语形式;It is said / thought that there is / are??=Thereis / was / are / were said (thought) to be??. 如: Eg: Ihave never dream of there being such a good chance for me. It won’t be cold enough for there to be afrost tonight. 20. 疑问词+插入语+陈述语序? Eg: Whodo you think he’ll have attend the meeting? 21. Butfor + n. / pron., sb. / sth. would (not) have done?..要不是??.,某 人早就??(表示虚拟语气)=If it had not been for?..,??./If there had not been ??.. 22. Itwon(’t) be long before +从句(从句中用一般现在时)不久/很久就要??. It was (not) long before+从句(从句中用一般过去时)不久/很久才??.. 23. Thosewho????.(从句及主句中谓语动词用复数形式). Anyone who????= Whoever???..(从句及主句中谓语动词用单数形式) 24??.主句(一般现在时或过去时)?...when 从句?.(might/ should do 或 might / should have done) 表示”对比”,意思为 “本该??(可)而却”,主句中为陈述语气,从句 里为虚拟语气 Eg: Whyare you here when you should be in school?你本该上学的怎么在这儿? Hestopped trying when he might have succeeded .本该已成功了他却停止努力了. 25. Thereis ./ Sb. have no doubt that???(同位语从句,that 不可省略) 毫无疑 问?? There is / Sb. have some doubt whether??..(同位语从句不可用 if)不确定?是 否? Sb. doubtif / whether??. 某人怀疑是否?? Sb. don’t doubt that??? 某人不怀疑?? 26.immediately / directly / instantly / the moment +从句 on / upon + n. / doing No sooner had sb. done than ??.(过去时) Hardly had sb. done when??..(过去时) 注意:这几个结构都表示“一??.就”; 27. everytime / each time / the last time / the first time / next time +从句 (名词性短语引导一个时间状语句)

anywhere / everywhere +从句(相当于 wherever 引导的地点状语从句) Eg: Youcan go anywhere you like. Next timeyou come, please bring your son along. 28.Ifonly / I wish +从句(用过去类时态) 表示虚拟语气, “要是??.就好了” “但 愿??就好了!” 29.Considering+ n. 或 pron. 或 that 从句 / Seeing that???.考虑到/鉴于??. Given + n. / pron 作状语,表示 “在有??的情况下” “如果有” “假定”,有时 也表示”考虑到” Eg:Seeing (that) he refused to help us, there is no reason why we should help himnow. Given good health, I hope to finish the work this year. Given their inexperience / that they are inexperienced, they’vedone a good job. 30.Therewas a time when??.曾经有那么一度???. 31.otherthan 与 no, not, none 等否定词连用,表示肯定意思,如: Eg: Itwas none other than Mr. Smith.这正是 Smith 先生. 32. Notuntil??.did / do/ does / will sb. do?? It was / is not until ??that sb??? 33.It’s(un) like sb. to do / to have done??做某事很像某人/ 做某事可不像某 人 34.Itremains to be seen Wh--words ??..是否??.还有待于看.(不用 that, if 作连接词) 35.Itonly remains for sb. to do??剩下的只是要某人做某事. Eg: We’vegot everything ready. It only remains for you to come to dinner. 36.Onemoment??., and now???刚才一会儿还在做??而现在却??.. 37.Notall / both / everyone???表示部分否定 38. Suchis / are??..这(些)就是??.(谓语动词单复数由后面名词决定) 39.I’drather (not) do / have done??我宁愿?.. I’drather +从句(从句中用过去时或过去完成时) 40. It’simportant / necessary / strange / surprising?.+that??(用陈述语气 或 shoulddo) 41. Ilike / hate / appreciate it that / when 等从句 (it 表示后面从句的这种情 况) Eg: Iappreciate it if you will give me a hand. 42. Bythe time +从句(一般现在时/过去时),主句(将来完成时/过去完成时) 43???.,as is often the case with sb. / as is usual with sb.(as 引导非限制 性定语从句) 44 in case / lest / for fear that??.(从句中用陈述语气或 shoulddo) 45.While 置于句首可表示 Aslong as 或 Although Eg: Whilethere is life there is hope. While I admit his good points, I can see his bad ones. 46. cannot ( never) ??too +adj. (adv. ) / adj. (adv.) + enough “越??越 好”“非常” too + adj. ( anxious / eager / willing / ready / glad 等)+todo?.表示肯定意 思

Eg: I can’tthank you enough.我非常感激你. He wastoo glad to see his father.=He was very glad to see his father. 47. not /neve 等表示否定的词与比较级连用表示最高级,如: Eg:-----Doyou agree with his suggestion? -------I can’t agree more. 48. Whatif??..要是??.怎么办? Eg:Whatif he doesn’t come tomorrow? 49. more??..than 与其??.不如??.. Eg:He ismore nervous than frightened. 50. It is/ has been +一段时间+since 从句(从句中如为延续性动词,则实际表示的意 思相反) Eg:It istwo years since he drank.他不喝酒已两年了.



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