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Unit3 life in the future练习巩固

Unit3 练习巩固 1.用括号中所给词的适当形式填空(一) 1. The bridge was damaged in the flood, __________ (result) in the tra in falling into the river. 2. —Can the project be finished as scheduled? —Sure. __________ (complete)it in time, we’ll have to work two more hours a day. 3. The famous professor went onto the stage, sat down at the desk and opened his notebook, __________ (prepare) to answer the students’ questions. 4. He worked late into the night,__________ (prepare)for the coming meeting. 5. __________ (worry) about their children’s safety, the __________ (concern) parents together with the teachers went into the mountains in search of the __________ (lose) students. 6. __________ (blame) for her faults, the little girl was in low spirits. 7. Well __________ (manage), his business soon took off. 8. He lay on the beach at ease, __________ (expose) to the sun. 9. The little girl ran into the room,__________ (follow)by her pet dog. 用所给词的适当形 式填空(二) 1. My first visit was to a space station __________ (consider) the most modern in space. 2. No more __________ are working on a __________ or a computer.(type) 3. She is an __________ (efficiency) secretary and the manager is satisfied with her. 4. Who do you think will be the __________ (represent) of the company to attend the coming medical conference? 5. Always chew food well before __________ (swallow) it. 6. The people in both countries are overjoyed about the peaceful __________ (settle) of the dispute. 7. I picked him out __________ (instant) he got off the train. 8. Life is __________,but there is no __________ to serving the people.(limit) 填空(三) 1. 用 representative 的相关形式填空 (1)Joan, who is a __________ housewife, will be the only women’s __________ at the meeting. (2)The competition attracted over 500 players __________ 8 different countries. 2. 用 settle 的相关形式填空

(3)The villagers __________ in the new _________ and became new __________ there. (4)She wants to get married and __________ . (5)The __________ of the problem made us happy. 2.完成句子(一) 1. 我已经从事教育工作二十年了。 I have been __________ __________ teaching for twenty years. 2. 他承认缺乏资格。 He recognized his __________ __________ qualifications. 3. 尽管他在去年的那场事故中受重伤,但他现在已经完全康复了。 He has been __________ __________ __________ __________ now though he was badly injured in the accident last year. 4. 在浓雾中我们看不见这条船了。 We __________ __________ __________ the boat in the dense fog. 5. 天刚亮,他就起来扫街了。 He got up at first light to __________ __________ the road. 6. 我们迅速地溜进灌木丛里,观察动静。 Quickly we __________ __________ the brush and then watched. 7. 请提醒我明天给我母亲写信。 Please __________ me __________ __________ __________ my mother tomorrow. 8. 我进屋的时候,一只猫从门后蹦了出来。 A cat jumped __________ __________ _________ ________ when I walked into the room.[来 源完成句子(二) 1. 卡车下山时加快了速度。 The truck __________ when going down the hill. 2. 我将给经理打电话让他们加快办事速度。 I’ll phone the manager and get them to __________ . 3. 她被淹没在人群中,我们看不到她了。 She __________ by the crowd and we lost sight of her. 4. 他对我说我将通不过这次考试,但我一定要让他承认他说错了话。 He told me I wouldn’t pass the exam but I’m determined to make him __________ . 3.选词填空(一)

lose sight of, slide into, back on one’s feet, sweep up, tolerate, press, take up, surround 1. The little boy __________ the room without being noticed. 2. They followed the road into town and soon __________ the harbor. 3. My sister __________ writing when she was at college. 4. Lucy was left __________ the bits of paper. 5. The new measures are intended to get the business __________ . 6. We all hope to work in pleasant __________ in the future. 7. I wonder how you can __________ such big noise. 8. She __________ a handkerchief to her nose. 用所给词的正确形式填空(二) build, frighten, trap, follow, shoot, see, examine, discourage, exhaust, beat 1. __________ by the noises at night, the girl no longer dared to sleep in her room. 2. The lady returned home, __________ by two policemen. 3. After having been __________ carefully, the room was locked again. 4. __________ in 1949, the exhibition hall is over 60 years old. 5. __________ from a distance, the Opera House looks like ship sails. 6. If __________ in a burning building, you should send for help. 7. Although __________ in the leg, he continued firing at the police. 8. Much __________, she moved on to London for good luck. 9. __________ by the opposite team, the players were not discouraged and practiced even harder. 10. Jill lay on the grass, __________ by his long run.[来源:学 选词填空(三) adjustment; remind…of…; make a strong impression on; surrounding; flash; catch sight of; lack of; be uncertain about; worry about; slide into

1. The movie __________ me __________ my life in the countryside. 2. The military parade held on China’s 60th anniversary __________ us. 3. The trip was cancelled for __________ interest. 4. __________ her daughter, the mother came to see her yesterday.

5. They __________ what to do. 6. Tired out, he __________ bed and fell fast asleep. 7. The girl was almost frightened to death when she __________ a snake. 8. Why is the driver __________ his lights on me? 9. They are determined to explore the __________ area. 10. In my opinion, we should make a few __________ to the design.


We often think of future. We often wonder time.


the world will be like a hundred years’

Think of space. Perhaps people will be able to visit the moon will be able to visit the moon as developed, 4 3


(set up). Perhaps people

(visit). Cheap rockets for space travel will have been that time comes,

(permit) long journeys through the solar system. 5 6

people will be taking holidays in space and visiting made time. 9 7

planets. Great progress will have been in 8 hundred years’

medicine, too. Pollution will have been controlled

the world will have been developed—even Antarctica. We will have used up most of 10 (float) cities will have been built. The Japanese have

the earth’s land to build our cities, so

already plans of this kind. And there will be cities under the sea.



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