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1 语法和词汇知识(共15小题,每小题1分,满分15分) 21.—Would you _____ a game of table tennis, Cathy? —I?d love to, but I still have piles of homework to do. for about to D.take care of 22.—Does David often come to school ____ bus? —Yes, but sometimes he comes ____ his father?s car. A.take; in; by; in; with 23.—What do you want to do next? We have half an hour until the basketball game. —_____. Whatever you want to do is fine with me. A.It just depends C.All right A.since B.after B.It?s up to you D.Glad to hear that C.before D.when

24.Scientists say it may be five or six years ____ it is possible to test this medicine on human patients. 25.We were in _____ when we left that we forgot the airline tickets. A.a rush so anxious an anxious rush A.are; want stayed; wants B.stay B.a such anxious rush D.such an anxious rush; want staying D.are; wants D.have stayed

26.The number of the stamps _____ limited, so a number of people _____ to have a look at them. 27.Why don't you put the meat in the fridge? It will _____ fresh for several days. 28.—Mr. Johnson, would you have some more ice-cream? —No, thanks. It?s very good, but I have to _____ my weight, you know. A.remain A.So as to B.In order to C.notice C.So that D.In order that 29._____ meet his sister at the airport, he had to get up early. 30. In the midst of utter devastation and chaos, a father left his wife safely at home and rushed to the school where his son was supposed to be, only discover literature. A.Good knowledge; study C.Good knowledge; studying A.except A.happens B.running B.except for B.has happened B.A good knowledge; study D.A good knowledge; studying C.being run C.except that C.happening run D.besides happen that the building was as flat as a pancake. D.discovered be discovered C.discovering

31.English is more and more important in our daily life. _____ of English is helpful if you are to _____ English

32.Don?t leave the water ____ while you brush your teeth. 33.The boy has a handsome face _____ the scar on his forehead. 34.He hasn't come yet. What do you consider ____ to him? 35.Though the weather was _____cold and windy, I came _____ to see you. A.specially; specially C.especially; specially B.especially; especially D.specially; especially

21.A care for 喜欢,爱好;care about 在意,在乎,关心;care to 想,愿意(仅用于疑问句用否定句,to 是不定式符号,其后接动词原形);take care of 照顾,照看。 22.C 表乘坐方式用 by +名词,中间不用冠词,如果名词前有 a/ one?s 则用介词 in 或 on。 23.B 选项 A 意思是:看情况,表示情况不定;B 意思是:由你定,表示不管干什么,我都不在乎;C 意 思是:行,好,表示赞同;D 意思是:听到这事很高兴,表示心情。根据上下文及选项的意思,答案 选 B。 24.C 此题考查连词以及对句式的理解。It is + 一段时间+before,意为“要(多长时间)……才能……”。 25.D so 和 such 都有“如此”的意思,但 so 修饰形容词,正确词序是:so anxious a rush。such 修饰名词, 正确词序是:such an anxious rush。 26.C the number of +复数名词,主语是 number,谓语用单数。A number of +复数名词,谓语用复数。 27.B stay 在此为系动词,既没有被动语态,也没有进行时或完成时,与 will 一起构成将来时,表示即将 发生的动作或状态。句意为:为什么你没有把肉放在冰箱里?(在冰箱里)它可以保鲜好几天。 28.B watch 意为“注意,提防”;remain“仍然是”;notice 为“注意到,觉察到”;care“介意,计较”。 29.B 目的状语位于句首时,常用 in order to 而不用 so as to。so that/ in order that 其后接句子。 30.A only + 不定式结构表结果,表“出乎人的意料之外”。 31.B 在 knowledge 前加上不定冠词 a,表示“懂得……,了解……”,或加 a + adj.表示“对……某种程度的 了解或熟悉”。第二空是“be+不定式”结构,表示“打算做,计划做”。 32.B 本句的意思为“让水一直流”。leave…doing…相当于使役动词的用法“让……做……”或“让……保持 一种……状态”。 33. B except 多用于同类事物中被排除的的一项。 except for 用于引述细节以修正句子的主要意思。 except that 其意义与 except for 相同,但必须接句子;besides“除……之外,还……”。 34.B 有些同学可能受 consider 的误导而选择 C。我们不妨把 do you consider 看作插入语成分,去掉后很 明显句子缺少谓语部分。此句的意思是“他还没有来,你认为他发生什么事情了?”happen 动作尽管是 过去发生的,但强调对现在的影响,需用现在完成时,所以答案为 B。 35.C specially“特意地,专门地”强调目的;especially“特别地”强调程度。


单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分)从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处 的最佳选项 21.What _____ it is to travel around the world by sea. A.a fun and a pleasure _____August. A.The; the; / B.A; /; / C.A; the; the D. The; /; / 23. Scientists believe native Americans arrived by crossing the land bridge that connected Siberia and _____ more than 10,000 years ago. A.this is Alaska A.nothing; to B.Alaska is now B.none; for now Alaska C.some; in D. what is now Alaska D. neither D. to; on 24.Some people would rather ride bicycle as bicycle riding has ____ of the trouble of taking buses. 25.The temperature has risen _____ 34 degrees centigrade. It is quite hot _____ May. 26.—Are you satisfied with her answer? — Not at all. It couldn?t have been _____. A.worse A.undertake bad B.conduct C.better C.perform D. the worst D. accomplish 27.The best method to _____ this goal is to unite as many people as possible. 28.—Is there a basketball match between the Lakers and the Huston Rockets this evening? —There _____ be. I?ll phone the gym and find it out. A.might B.would C.must D. can 29.—The thread of my kite broke and it flew away. —I told you it would easily break _____ it was the weakest. A.when B.for C.since D. where 30.—I?m disappointed with the officer elected in our town. —I am too, but there?s no point _____ about it. A.we worry worrying worry D. with us worrying 31._____, Iraq is facing much trouble. A.The U.S. has air-stuck many weeks C.The U.S. air-strike last many weeks A.pick up B.wake up B.Having been air-struck many times D. Having air-struck many times C.grow up B.treating badly D. to have been treated badly D. show up B.pleasure D.a fun and a pleasure

22._____ new teaching building in our school was completed in _____ October of 2003, not in

32.Under good treatment, she is beginning to _____ and will soon come back to work. 33.He claimed _____ in the supermarket when he was doing shopping yesterday. A.being badly treated be treated badly 34.—Look! How long _____ like this? —Three weeks! It?s usual here that rain _____ without stopping these days of the year. A.has it rained; pours it raining; is pouring B.has it been raining; pours D. does it rain; pours

35.— Hi, Jack! I?m glad I came across you here.

— ______, Alice? A.Who is that speaking B.How about another cup of tea C.Why, what?s up D. What can I do for you 21. C 此题考查名词词义的辨析能力。 抽象名词 fun 不可数, 不可与 a/an 连用, 也不可加-s。 而 pleasure 作不可数名词时,意为“快乐、娱乐、满足;意志、愿望” ,也可作可数名词,意为“使人快乐的事,乐 趣” ,可与不定冠词连用。 22. A 第一空填入定冠词 the,特指我们学校的新教学楼。一般月份前不用冠词,但第二空是特指某年 的几月要用定冠词。 23. D 宾语从句 what is now Alaska“现在叫阿拉斯加的地方” 。what 引导的从句含有“所??的(东 西) ”之意。 24. B 句型 have none of the trouble of “不会惹??麻烦或事端” ; have none of “与??无关、 不理睬” 。 25. B rise to“上升到” ;for 表示“就/相对??而言; ” 。 26. A “否定词+比较级”表示最高级含义。答语中 Not at all 暗示了不能选 C。 27. D undertake“担任、约定、许诺” ; conduct“指导、指挥” ;perform“表演” ; accomplish“成功 地做完、实现(目标,任务) ” ,与 goal 搭配,意为“达到目标” 。 28. A 根据下文中的 I?ll phone the gym and find it out.可判断,应答者是没有多大把握的,所以选 might 来表示“把握性不大的可能” 。 29. D 从语境可知,这是一个由 where 引导的地点状语从句,意思是:在风筝线最细的地方容易断。 其他三项无论是引导时间状语从句还是原因状语从句均不符合题意。 30. B 此题含有一个固定结构 there is no point (in) doing sth.,意为“做某事没意义” 。类似表达还有: There is no use ( harm, hurry…) + (in) doing sth. 31. B 分词的逻辑主语就是主句的主语,表示“伊拉克已经多次遭受空中打击” 。 32. A 根据句中的信息词 good treatment 和 come back to work 可知, 她现在正逐渐好起来/恢复。 pick up “逐渐好起来/恢复” ;wake up“醒来” ;grow up“长大” ;show up“暴露,出现” 。 33. D 此题考查不定式的完成式。不定式所表示的动作发生在谓语动词之前,且含有被动意义,所以 用不定式的完成被动形式。 34. B 从语境上分析,说明这雨已经下了三星期并且还一直在下着,所以第一空用现在完成进行时。 第二空是对经常发生的习惯性的客观事实进行陈述,所以用一般现在时。 35. C “Why, what?s up? ”用于口语,相当于“What is going on / happening?” ,意为“ (最近)怎么样? / 近况如何?” 。其他选项不符合语境。

3 21.The number of coins found in the ancient tomb ______ two thousand. A.added A.Considered that C.Provided that A.makes; everyone; everywhere C.makes; everyone; anywhere A.Vitamin C not only provides C.Not only vitamin provides; should have C.should be; had A.entertaining; relaxed C.entertained; relaxed B.added to C.added up B.Considering D.Providing that B.make; anyone; everywhere D.make; anyone; anywhere B.Not only does Vitamin C provide D.Vitamin C, which not only provides B.was; have D.was; has B.entertaining; relaxing D.entertained; relaxing D.added up to 22._____ his wife had just recovered from a bad cold, he decided not to take her to the party.

23.Mobile phones _____ it possible for us to talk to _____ from _____.

24._____ to the ability to fight against disease, but also helps us build our body.

25.Jane?s pale face suggested that she _____ ill and I suggested she _____ a medical examination.

26.I think there are only a few sports that are both ____ and ______.

27.-- I began to work in this company after graduation. -- Sorry, manager. My car _____ on my way to the office. A.broke down A.drove A.respond A.turned out A.lived A.that A.need A.that; is; to B.broke up B.had driven keep B.turned off B.match B.whatever B.desire B.all that; to; be C.broke out C.would drive C.force C.turned down C.suit live C.feel C.that all; are D.broke off D.was driven stop D.turned around D.adapt D.been living matter what D.idea D.what; to; is 28.If only he ______ so fast on his way home yesterday. 29.We students should do what we can _____ the environment being polluted. 30.Little Tom was very nervous in front of so many strangers, so he _____ and ran to his mother. 31.The people who are out of work should ______ themselves to the new situation quickly. 32.You can?t imagine what difficulty that deserted cats will have _____ through the frozen winter. 33.Putin hopes his daughters can do _____ job suits their interests and personalities. 34.The young man works very hard from a(n) _____to become rich. 35.We believe _____ you have devoted yourself _____sure to come true.

21.D 考查动词。add 添加;add to 增添??;add up 把??相加;add up to 总计,共计。 22.B considering 常用作介词或连词;意为“鉴于;考虑到” 。 23.D 此处是“主语+make +it +n./ adj. +不定式短语”结构。 24.A 考查连词。Not only…but also 用于连接两个对等成分,此处连接两个并列谓语。B 项看上去似乎是 对的,但此题中不是连接两个句子。 25.B 考查 suggest 作“建议”解时,后接宾语从句用虚拟语气,但当 suggest 作“暗示,表明”解时,则 用陈述语气。 26.B 考查形容词。说明体育所具有的特征要使用-ing 形式的分词形容词,而不是-ed 形式的。 27.A 考查动词短语。break down 在此处是“ (车辆等)抛锚” ;break up“拆散,拆开” ;break out“爆发” ; break off“停止,中断” 。 28.B 考查 if only 结构。此结构常用虚拟语气,意为“要是??就好了” 。 29.D 考查句式。do what one can (do ) to do sth. 意为“尽力做某事” ,其中 to do something 是目的状语。 此处 to stop 意为“防止,阻止” ,from doing sth.中 from 被省略了。 30.D 考查动词短语。turn out 生产;结果是;turn off 关掉;turn down 把音量关小;turn around 转身。 31.D 考查动词。adapt oneself to 使适合;使适应。其它三个选项没有这种搭配。 32.B 考查固定结构。前面的 difficulty 与后面的谓语构成固定结构 have difficulty (in) doing something. 33. B 根据句子结构, 选项 that 无词义; how 不能用来修饰名词; no matter what 只能引导让步状语从句, whatever 引导名词性从句作 do 的宾语,故答案选 B。 34.B need 需要;desire 愿望;idea 想法;feel 感觉。本题的意思是:因为渴望富裕起来,这们年轻人努 力工作。 35.D 考查复合句。what you have devoted yourself to 是从句作宾语从句中的主语,is sure to come true 是谓 语部分。

4 21.This box _____ all the books you need, _____ an English-English dictionary. A.contained; included B.contained; including C.included; contained D.included; containing 22.—Do you think I ought to apologize for what I?ve done?—In my opinion, you _____. A.ought B.need D.should 23.As is known to all, our eating habits have changed, _____ has our way of life. A.that B.while D.which 24.The mother didn?t know _____ to blame for the broken glass as it happened while she was out. A.who B.when D.what 25.The tower ____ the Warring States is well worth visiting. A.dated from B.dated back from from date from 26.He is not ______ with his English teacher, for the English teacher looks down upon him. A.on good terms B.on watch C.on the way D.on the sly 27.Yesterday afternoon, I had a bad headache, so I _____ the doctor?s. A.called on B.called off C.called at D.called for 28.Many drivers stood in line in the gas station all the night, as _____ came ____ the price of oil would go up. A.words; that B.word; which C.a word; that D.word; that 29.—How are the team playing? —They?re playing well, but one of them _____ hurt. B.gets C.are D.were 30.Tom, the winter holiday is on the corner; where _____ you to spend the vacation? A.will B.shall C.are D.were 31.The house rent is expensive. I?ve got about half the space I had at home and I?m paying _____ here. three times much much three times C.much as three times D.three times as much 32.--What _____ the boy who fell off the bike? --Nothing serious. The doctor says in a day or two, he can come back to school. A.has become of B.has happened with C.has occurred D.has become with 33.Nick is looking for another job because he feels that nothing he does_____ his boss. A.serves B.satisfies C.promises D.supports 34.The speaker is giving rather an ____ speech, as I can judge from the ____ look of all the listeners. A.inspiring; inspiring B.inspired; inspired C.inspiring; inspired D.inspired; inspiring 35.Harry Fields said they wanted to make as much noise as possible to force the government officials to realize what everybody was having to ____. A.bear B.accept C.share D.settle

21.B 后一个空白处应使用 including,由此可推断此 B 项正确。 22.D 如选择 A 项,需要在后面加 to。 23.C as 表示“象??一样”,全句意为:众所周知,我们的饮食习惯发生了改变,我们的 生活方式也一样(发生了改变) 。 24.A 需要注意的是,blame 有“责备,责怪”之意。be to blame 为一固定结构,意为“该受 责备,应负责”。如:I am to blame. 是我不好。 25.C 句中已有谓语动词,故填空处应用分词作定语。date from 意为“始自(某时 期) ” ,不能用被动形式,故用现在分词作定语。 26.A be on good terms 意为“与某人关系好” ,符合句意。 27.C the doctor?s 是“医生诊所”之意,指的是地点,故用 call at。 28.D word 在此是不可数名词, “消息”之意。后面是一个 that 引导的同位语从句,修饰 word,表明其具体的内容。 29.A 此题从时态上分析,尽管前面出现的都是现在时,而最后讲的是“他们当中有一位 受伤了” ,表示过去的动作。 30.C are to do sth.在此表示“打算做”之意。注意 you 后面有一个 to 故不能选 A 和 B。 31.D 比较结构中涉及倍数词时,倍数词应该放在最前面。此题倍数的完整表达为“?I?m paying three times as much here as I pay at home。”故选 D。 32.A what has become of…意为“??怎么样了?”。 33.B serve 为??服务;promise 允诺;support 支持;satisfy 使满意。句意:尼克正在找另 一份工作。因为他觉得他做的一切都不能使老板满意。根据句意,答案为 B。 34.C 第一空修饰 speech,表达主动意义,故用现在分词形式 inspiring;第二空修饰 look,通常表达人的感情,即含有被动意义,因此用过去分词形式 inspired。 35.A bear 在此是“忍受”之意。句意:Harry Fields 说他们要弄出尽可能大的噪声,使政府 官员意识到他们不得不忍受的噪声之苦。

5 语法和词汇知识(共15小题,每小题1分,满分15分) 21. ---What present shall we make Xiao Li for his birthday? What kind of things does he like, football, pop music, model plane or ships…. ---_____ Let?s make him a model plane. A.It?s a good idea B.That?s it C.That?s true D.That?s right 22.--- John, would you lend me some money? ---Unless you _____ to pay the money back within six months. A.understand B.undertake C.underplay D.underline 23.--- What time would you like me to _____ his evening for the concert? --- I think 6:30 will be OK. A.pick you up A.It is well known C.It is well known that A.not more than B.less than B.pick you out C.pick you out B.We all know D.As is well known C.more than more than D.pick you off 24. _____, the materials expand and contract with the increase and decrease of temperature.

25.History is _____ a subject that not only let us know something in history; it also tells us a lot of truth.

26.In the evening the car broke down _____ and the heavy rain added to the helplessness of the girl driver on the country road. A.unexpectedly A.scared; into A.that; what A.careful A.turned up hand. A.that B.through B.when C.with D.while 32.---When were your legs injured? -- It was one Sunday last month ____ my father and I spend at the seaside. B.all of a sudden B.scared; out of B.what; what B.anxious B.turned down C.unfortunately C.scared; away C.what; that C.curious C.turned off D.immediately D.scares; out of D.that; that D.crazy D.turned out 27.News of the robberies _____ many people _____ fitting new locks to their doors. 28.It is not _____ you have said but what you have done _____ made us very disappointed. 29.---What do you think of Mr. Wang? -- He is a man full of curiosity. He is always _____ about my work.

30.Her parents had had a very anxious moment but everything _____ all right in the end. 31.I often think of those winter days when we spent time reading books together, ____ a cup of hot chocolate at

33.It?s always difficult being in a foreign country, _____ if you don?t speak the language. A.extremely A.more than twice C.twice as many as B.naturally C.specially twice as many D.more than twice as many D.especially 34.Americans eat _____ vegetables per person today as they did in 1910.

35._____ the heavy rain, we might have arrived there at midday.

A.If it were not for C.Had it not been for

B.Hadn?t it been for D.But with

21.B 根据 Let?s make him a model plane.这句话可知。That?s it 意为“那就是的” 。 22.B understand 意为“明白,理解” ;undertake“同意,保证” ;underplay“对??不够重视” ;underline “在??下划线” 。 23.A pick up 意为“驾车去接” ;pick out“选出,分辨出” ;pick over“仔细检查” ;pick off“摘取,采取” 。 24.D as 引导非限制性定语从句时,as 代表整个主句或主句的一部分内容, 并在从句中作主语、宾语或 表语。若选 B、C,则横线后的逗号应省去。若选 A,句子结构错误。 25.C more than 意为“不仅仅” ;not more than“不多于” ;less than“少于” ;no more than“仅仅,只” 。 26. B Unexpectedly 意为 “没有预料到地” ; all of a sudden “突然” ; unfortunately “不幸运地” ; immediately “迅速地” 。 27.A scare … into 意为“吓得某人去做某事” ;scare …out of 意为“吓得某人不敢做某事”scare away/off 意为“将某人吓跑” 。 28.C 此句是强调句型,强调 what you have done,意为“你所做的” 。 29.C be curious about 意为“对??感兴趣(好奇) ” 。 30.D turn up“出现,露面” ;turn down“关小,拒绝” ;turn off“关掉电源等” ,turn out“证明是,结果 是” 。 31.C 此处是由“介词 with+名词+介词短语”构成的复合结构,在句中作伴随状语。 32. A 从句中 spent 为及物动词,故用关系代词 that 作其宾语。as 在从句中也可用作关系代词,但先行 词前常有 such, the same , as, so 修饰。 33.D extremely 意为“极端地” ; naturally 意为“自然地” ;specially“特意地,专门地” ;especially 意为 “尤其” 。从题意来看,只有 D 项符合语境。 34.D 表示倍数时,语序为“倍数(twice)+ as many as + …” ,若是分数或其它副词如 almost, just 等也 要置于第一个 as 之前。句中 more than twice 意为两倍多。 35.C 题干中省略了 if,应用倒装句式,此处是与过去事实相反。

6 21.She is the only one among the _____ authors who _____ detective story. A.woman; writes a C.women; writes a 22.---How do you like the lecture last Friday? ---Terrible. Though _____ to stop, the _____ speaker kept on talking at the meeting. A.being told; exciting be told; exciting B.telling; excited D.told; excited B.women; write a D.woman; write a

23.— She shouldn?t have done that sort of thing. --- Whatever she did was reasonable, _____ to what you had done. --- Besides, it?s none of your business. Get down to _____ your lessons. A.comparing; doing C.compared; doing B.comparing; do D.compared; do

24.---This is the first time I _____ my first picture with my own hands. --- It is time that you _____ a picture for me. A.took; took B.have taken; took C.took; will take D.will take; have taken

25.--You were so brave. It _____ great courage to raise objections at the meeting. -- Well, but now I regret having done so. It might _____ me a good chance to get a rise. A.took; took B.needed; cost C.took; cost D.cost; cost

26.In the early 1920s, thousands of people went to Australia to _____ their fortune. A.Nor am I A.What; that B.take C.develop D.undertake D.So do I D.It; where

27.---I would never come to this restaurant again. The food is terrible. --_____. B.Neither would I C.Same with me B.It; that C.What; where 28._____ puzzles me most is that I don?t know _____ the difference between those two lies. 29._____ to give up smoking, he threw away his _____ cigarettes. A.Determined; remained C.Determining; remained B.Determined; remaining D.Determining; remaining

30.You will find this map of great _____ in helping you to get round London. A.price B.cost C.value D.usefulness

31.Why! I have nothing to confess. _____ you want me to say? A.What is it that A.when B.What it is that C.How is it that C.while D.How it is that D.the moment 32.Most of the Europeans refuse to accept GM food _____ Americans regard it as the fruit from high tech. 33.---It?s an unlucky thing that two paper-making factories have been built in this area. --- Yes, but to _____ the river _____ being polluted, the government requires them to operate their firms by the environmental law. A.make sure; of B.ensure; against C.keep; 不填 D.protect; for

34.---Shall we go and help them with their work? --- We?d better not. They said we?d just be _____ if we tried to help. a way the way C.on the way the way 35.You may _____ remember some idioms in the texts but you couldn?t _____ remember all the words in them. A.probably; possibly C.likely; possibly B.possibly; probably D.probably; likely

21.C one among the women = one of the women, 由于 one 前有 the only 修饰,定语从句中的谓语动词应与 其保持一致。 22.A 第一空是过去分词作状语,第二空是过去分词作定语。 23.C compare with / to 意为“将??与??相比较” ,如果单独使用时,常采用过去分词形式作状语,置 于句首或句末。短语 get down to 中的 to 是介词,常接名词、代词或动名词。 24. B This / It is the first /…time (that)…中 that 从句中, 谓语动词应用现在完成时, 译为 “这是第一次??” , It?s time that…从句中动词应用过去时(即虚拟语气) ,译为“该??的时候了” 。 25.C take 表示“花费,需要” ,句型为:It takes sb./ sth. to do sth.意为: “某人做某事用了多少时间或需要 什么” 。cost 表示“花费”时,句型为:sth. cost sb…主要用于 于金钱、时间等,主语是物,不能是人。 cost 还有“使付出(代价) ;使丧失” ,如:Dangerous driving could cost you your life. 26.A. seek 意为“寻求财富” ,B、C、D 项均无此义。 27.B 从语境中判断与上下文相同的语气, “我也不会这么做” 。 28.C 第一空是 what 引导的从句作主语,第二空由 where 引导宾语从句。 29.B 第一空是过去分词作状语,第二空是现在分词作定语。 30.C of +n.= adj., price (价格)和 cost (成本)不合题意;D 项中 use 可作名词。 31.A 此句是强调特殊疑问词 what,其语序应为倒装语序。 32.C while 在此处表示“对照,比较” ,意为“而,却” 。A、B、D 项没有此义。 33. B ensure sb. against (from)…保护某人免受危险;keep sb. from…中的 from 不能省略。protect 与 from 搭配,而不是 for。 34.D in a way 意为“在某种程度上” ,by the way“顺便” ,on the way“在路上,即将” ,in the way“阻碍, 挡道” 。 35.A probably 表示可能性大,十有八、九的可能,possibly 表示可能性较小,十有三、四的可能。likely 是形容词,可能性比 probably 小,比 possibly 大。

7 语法和词汇知识(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 21.Mary won the first place, though ______ of us ________ it. one, expected C.nobody, was expecting A.not to be filled B.not filled B.none, had expected D.none, would expect C.not being filled D.not having filled

22.Any applicant form ________ properly will not be accepted by the company. 23._______ is the kindness of the nurse that the patient can never be ________ to her. A.So, too thankful B.Such, so thankful C.So, that thankful D.Such, thankful enough 24.______ a dark night, they took the sick boy to the hospital.And after an hour ?s curing, the boy was out of danger. A.On B.At C.With D.In

25.It is said that there are plenty of hotels in that town.There _______ be any difficulty for you to find somewhere to stay. A.wouldn?t _________? A.doesn?t it B.wasn?t it C.mustn?t it C.has written D.hadn?t it D.was writing 27.Mary ________ a book about China last year, but I don?t know whether she has finished it. A.has been writing B.wrote A.a much happier time C.the happier time 29.Let?s clean the classroom, ________? A.won?t you A.will B.shall we B.shall we C.are going to D.will not you D.went 30.It?s high time we _______ to the theater. 31.Mr. Brown, _______ works as manager of the company. A.we got here in his car whose car we got here A.a great deal B.a lot of B.we got here by his car whose car we got here C.a great many D.a number of 28.If there were no hungry problem, the people of the world should have ________ in their daily life. B.a more happier time D.much happiest time B.mustn?t C.shouldn?t D.needn?t 26.I telephoned him twice and I couldn?t get through to his home.The line must have been out of order,

32.Maggie lives next door, we see each other _________. 33.By the time I saw the angry expression on his face, I ______ exactly what I was having to face.But not for a moment _______ I should quit. A.had known; I thought known; had I thought C.would know; I would think think 34.It?s politely requested by the hotel management that radios A.were not played C.not be played B.not to play D.did not play after 10 o?clock at night. D. knew; did I B . have

35.He knows a lot about films.No one in our class can _______ him in that knowledge. A.catch B.suit D.match

21.答案:B 解析:no one 与 nobody 的后面一般不接 of 短语,所以 A、C 两个选项可以先排除。though 引导状语从句时,一般不用将来时态,所以也排除掉。expect 的动作发生在动词 win 之前,所以用过 去完成时表示“过去的过去” 。 22.答案:B 解析:本句的意思是“公司不会接受没有填好的申请表” 。选项 A 是不定式的被动形式作定 语,它应该表示未发生的动作,不合题意;答案 B 为过去分词作定语,表示动作是被动的,而且已经 完成,符合句意;选项 C 为动词的-ing 形式的被动式,强调动作正在发生;选项 D 为动词的-ing 形式 完成式,不合题意。 23.答案:D 解析:本句考查结构“such … that”, 并且使用了倒装结构,正常语序应该是“The kindness of the nurse is such that the patient can never be thankful enough to her” 。句中的 that 为代词,意思是“象 那样的事 / 东西” 。 24.答案:A 解析:表示具体的某个、或者有表示天气状况的形容词修饰时,morning, noon, afternoon, evening, night 等表时间的名词要与 on 连用。 25.答案: C 解析:这个句子用 shouldn?t 表示“不应该 … ” ,是一种推测。 26.答案:B 解析:must 表示对过去发生的动作的推测时,用“must + have + done”结构,其后面的反 意问句部分不能用 must,要用 did, was, were, has,have 等形式适应不同的需要。本句指的是过去的时 间(当时打电话的情况) ,所以用过去时,另外,由于 must 后含有 be 动词,所以用 be 的过去时形式。 27.答案:D 解析:本句的第一个分句有表示过去的时间状语,所以不能用表示现在的时态;由于第二 个分句表示“但是我不知道她现在是否完稿了” ,说明这本书在去年并没有完成,只是那个时间正在 写。 28. 答案: A 解析: 本句考查虚拟语气, 表示一个与事实相反的假设; 另外, 还考查词组 “have a … time” , 本词组中的 a 不能省略或者换成 the;happier 本身为比较级,故不能用 more 修饰。 29.答案:B。解析:本题的“Let?s do sth. ”结构表示建议(我们大家)做什么事,包括听话一方在内, 故用 shall we。如用“Let us do sth. ”结构,则往往表示不包括听话方,就要用 will you 表示请求对方 允许。 30.答案:D。 解析: “It?s (high/about)time that + 从句”的结构中,其谓语动词多用过去时,有时也用 should + do,这是一个虚拟语气句,其中,用“should do”时,should 不可以省略。 31.答案:C 解析:本题考查非限制性定语从句。词组“in one?s car”表示“坐某人的车” 。 32.答案:A 解析:本题考查同义词辨析。B、C、D 项的后面都要接名词,而 a great deal 此处后面没有 加 of,相当于一个副词 often 的意思,表示频率。 33.答案:D。 解析:本题考查时态。尽管句中有 by the time 引导的时间状语从句,但主句谓语所表达 的动作不是发生在从句谓语所表示的动作之前,而是几乎同时发生,所以用一般过去时即可。by the time 此处接近 at the time。此题容易误选 A。 34.答案:C。 解析:本句的意思为“饭店管理部门恳请客人晚上 10 点以后不要开收音机。” 某些动词, 如: ask (要求) , advise, demand, desire, determine, decide, insist, propose, order, recommend, require, request, suggest 等后面的从句要求用虚拟语气。 句中的 play 同 radios 之间为被动关系, 空白处相当于 should not be played。 35.答案:D。 解析:本题主要考查动词词义辨析。本句意思是“他有丰富的电影知识,在电影知识方 面,没有人能与他匹敌” 。match vt.意为“匹敌, 与...相对应; 使协调”。

8 语法和词汇知识(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 21.—Would you like to go to the park with me? —I?m afraid I can?t go with you.__________! A.Let?s go B.Please go C.Bye D.Enjoy yourself 22.—Would you like to go to the concert with me, Mary? —I have got no interest in it; _________, I have lots of work to do. A.otherwise B.besides C.however D.therefore 23.—Put these glasses away before they _________. —OK, I?ll put them in the cupboard. A.have broken B.are breaking C.will be broken D.get broken 24.—May I take your order now? A.No, we need more time. C.Yes, here it is. A.For me A.What A.which, aren't we which, doesn't it A.Every few metres C.Every a few metres A.someone B.somebody B.In my opinion B.That —__________ B.Sure, we?d love to. D.Could you bring me the bill? C.To my mind C.It B.where, hasn't it D.that, isn't it B.Every few metre D.Every a few metre C.anybody D.nobody D.All the above D.This

—OK, I will come back in a few minutes.

25.________, this kind of works can?t represent Chinese culture, so it?s not worth publishing. 26._______ is well known that the area is rich in oil. 27.It is from the sun _______ we get light and heat,______ ?

28.________ there is a tree on either side of the road.

29.I am, just as is sung in a song, a __________.I live on my own. 30.—My son failed to be accepted by the firm after the interview. —Now that he wasn?t well prepared, he might as well __________. A.not try during the day. A.should have done C.must have done A.opens B.having opened B.would have done D.may have done C.opening D.opened B.not to have tried C.not have tried D.not to try 31.Research findings show that we spend about two hours dreaming every night, no matter what we _________

32.The road is designed for only motor vehicles, so once ________, bicycles are not allowed to go along it. 33.—She joined a football team last fall and was recently made captain. —Never _____ she'd ever have that much energy. A.I had thought C.could I have thought 34.No one ____ that to his face. B.I would have thought D.will I have thought

A.dares say job?

B.dares saying

C.dare say

D.dare to say

35. —The research on the new bird flu virus vaccine is challenging and demanding. Who do you think can do the — ____ my students have a try? A.Shall B.Will C.Could D.Should

21.答案: D 解析:此题考查口语的用法。当别人说要去公园玩、看电影、欣赏演出等的时候,你应该 说“Enjoy yourself”作为答语,意思是“祝你玩得愉快” 。 22.答案:B 解析:对别人提出得邀请,如果不答应,就应该说出理由。本题答语的意思是“我对音乐 会不感兴趣,而且我还有很多工作要做” 。选 besides 表示“除 … 之外,另外 还 …” 。 23.答案:D 解析:表示“玻璃杯被打破”的意思,用词组 get broken,表示被动。此句的 before 引导 一个表示时间的状语从句,用现在时态代替将来时态。 24. 答案: A 解析: B、 C 选项与后面的答语矛盾; D 项没有回答对方的问题; A 项与 “OK, I will come back in a few minutes”才是相呼应的。 25.答案:D 解析:A、B、C 三个选项都可以表示“对于我来说,按照我的观点”等意思。所以都对。 26.答案:C 解析: “It is well known that …”是一个固定句型,其中,it 为形式主语。英语中的形式主 语只能由 it 充当。 27.答案:D 解析:此句考查强调句型以及其后面的反意问句用法。第一个空选择 that,为强调句的构 成部分,为固定结构;第二个空选择“isn?t it” ,为反意问句的结构。 28.答案:A 解析:此句考查 every 表示“每隔 …”的意思。常用结构为“every + 基数词 / few + 复数 名词”或者“every + 序数词 + 单数名词” 。every 后不能接冠词,所以 C 被排除。 29. 答案: D 解析: 此题考查不定代词 nobody 的意思, 即 “平凡人” ; 另外, someone 为 “某个人” , somebody 为“伟人” ,anybody 为“重要人物(通常用于疑问句、否定句和 if 从句) ” 。 30.答案:C 解析:此题的答语“Now that …”表示“既然 …,就 …” 。由于“试”这个动作已经发生, 所以用完成形式。另外,要注意词组 may as well,它的意思是“不妨,干脆” 。 31.答案:D 解析:此句的意思是“研究表明,不管我们白天做了什么事,晚上都会做两个小时的梦” 。 “情态动词 + 不定式的完成式”表示对过去发生的事情的推测。Should have done sth.表示“过去应 该做某事而没有做” ,表示一种责备的语气;must have done sth.表示“肯定做了某事” ,通常用于肯 定句,may have done sth.表示“可能已经做了某事” ,可以用于肯定式和否定式。 32.答案:D 解析:此句选 opened 表示被动,是“once it is opened”的省略形式。 33.答案:C。 解析:本题考查倒装句和情态动词的用法。否定副词 never 位于句首时,主句用部分倒装; 因是“过去未曾想到”,故用 could have done 结构。 34.答案:C。 解析:此题考查情态动词 dare 的用法。Dare 作为情态动词表示“敢,胆敢,竟敢” ,用 在疑问、否定、条件句中,后接不带 to 的不定式,没有人称形式的变化,本题为否定句。句意:没人 敢当着他的面说那。 35.答案:A。 解析:本题考查情态动词 shall 的用法。第二、三人称作主语,表示征求意见时,用 shall。

9 语法和词汇知识(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 21.George works hard.He is often seen ___________ heavily before his teammates have even arrived. A.sweated A.that whichever C.anything whatever be sweated C.sweating B.anything that D.that whatever D.being sweated 22.The captain gave the order _______ could be done should be done to save the ship.

23.—This returned Chinese scholar has become one of the top experts in this field. —Yes, I know him very well.He ______ in African with wild animals for eight years. A.has worked B.had worked C.worked D.has been working 24.At present more and more people try to avoid public transportation delays by using their own cars, but this _________ creates further problems. turn B.once again case B.have to make up D.would make up D.after all 25.What a shame that you _________ such an excuse to get absent from school yesterday morning! A.should have made up C.should make up

26.The book is of great value.________ can be enjoyed from it until you have a deep understanding of it, however. A.Nothing A.drop in at B.Few on C.Something C.drop in on D.Much D.drop in 27.When we lived in the countryside, we would ______ their house and have a talk with them. 28.—I didn't go to see the doctor yesterday. —But you________. A.ought B.ought to have C.oughted to D.ought to 29.—Do you feel like ________ there or shall we take a bus? —I?d like to walk.But since there isn't much time left, I'd rather we________ a taxi. A.walking; hire walk; hire walk; hired D.walking; hired 30.—Miss White has decided to explore in the forest by herself. —She ________ ask her boyfriend to if she ________ go walking in the forest. A.needn't to; dares to C.need not to; dare to A.could have told C.should tell A.can?t have followed C.mustn?t have followed 33.—How can I wake up so early? —Set the alarm at 5 o?clock, _______ you will make it. A.but B.or C.and B.doesn't need; dares D.needn't; dare B.must have told D.might tell B.needn?t have followed D.shouldn?t have followed

31.I ____ you, but I didn?t think you would listen to me.

32.His failure in the exam suggested that he __________ the teacher?s instructions.

34.The rain is plentiful in the southwest of the country, ________ yearly. much as seventy inches C.seventy inches as much as A.what, which B.that, which seventy inches much as much seventy inches as C.that, what D.what, that

35.Was it _________ she said or something that she did ________ you were angry at so much?

21.答案:C 解析:此题考查动词 see 的用法。当其用于被动结构时,后面如果接不定式,就表示动作 的全过程;如果后面接动词-ing 形式,则强调动作的进行。此处选 C 表示“看见他大汗淋漓” 。 22.答案:D 解析:本题考查同位语从句的用法。That 引导一个同位语,进一步说明名词 order 的具体 内容,所以可以先排除 B、C 两个选项;这个同位语从句又包含了一个主语从句,而且该从句缺少主 语;whichever 表示“ (从句子里提供的范围中选择)无论哪一个 …” ,但该句没有提供这个范围;所 以选 whatever 表示“不论什么” 。 23.答案:C 解析:本句的意思是“这位归国的中国学者已经成为这个领域的顶级专家” ,说明了这位学 者已经不在非洲工作了,所以不能用现在完成时态。这里选择一般过去时指过去的情况。 24.答案:A 解析:本题考查词组的区别。In case 的意思是“以防,以免” ; once again 表示“再次” ; in turn 表示“转而” ; after all 表示“毕竟” 。 25.答案:A 解析:本句的句型“What a shame that …”意思是“ … 真是太丢人了” ,that 后接的从句 谓语动词常用“ should + 动词原形”构成虚拟语气结构,表示语气的委婉;本句指过去的情况,所 以用“should have made up” 。 26.答案:A 解析:本句的意思是“这本书很有价值。然而,你只有深刻地领会这本书,才能欣赏其中 的奥妙” 。其中,nothing 与 until 连用表示“直到 …,才 …” 。 27.答案:A 解析:本题考查固定词组的用法。call on somebody 表示“拜访某人” ; call at a place 表示 “到某处拜访” ; drop in on somebody 表示“随便拜访某人” ;drop in at a place 表示“随便去某处” 。 本题的空后为地点,所以用 A。注意 drop in 中的 in 为副词。 28.答案:B。 解析:本题的关键是对时间的理解、把握。从句中可以看出来双方谈论的话题是过去的 事,故应用“ought to have +过去分词”结构,在省略结构中,须留下 have。错选 D 者主要是没注意到句中 的状语 yesterday。 29.答案:D。 解析:“would rather + 动词原形”是一个固定结构,但此句的后面不是不定式,而是个 从句。此题的考查点是 would rather 接从句,从句中应用虚拟语气。 30.答案:D。 解析:本题中的 need 和 dare 都是作为情态动词使用的。它们作情态动词使用时,否定 式直接在其后面加 not,无第三人称单数形式。 31. 答案: A。 解析:本题考查情态动词的用法。 此处意思是“我当时本应该告诉你 (could have told you) , 但我想你不会听我的话”。 32.答案:A。can 用于否定句和疑问句;肯定句中用 may。 33.答案:C 解析:此句考查句型: “祈使句 + and / then / or / otherwise + 陈述句” 。前面的祈使句相当 于一个条件状语从句,后面的陈述句相当于一个结果。本句意思是“ (如果)把闹钟定在五点钟,你 就会做得到” 。 34.答案:A 解析:此题中的 as much as 表示程度,意思是“ (雨量)多达 …” ,后面接表示数量的词。 35.答案:D 解析:本句考查强调句型。其结构为“ It is / was + 被强调成分 + that + 其他成分” ,所以 第二个空选 that;第一个空的 what 引导一个名词性从句作介词 at 的宾语从句。

10 语法和词汇知识(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 21.The little boy ________ for ages.Where do you think he is? A.had been going —OK, I?ll take it. A.washes, lasts C.washes, is lasted A.that A.not so much B.which B.not so little washed, lasted washing, lasting C.of which more D.of that less gone C.has gone D.has been gone 22.—The cloth _______ well and ________ long.

23.The doctor did a lot to reduce the patient?s fear ________ he would die of the disease. 24.Although he sometimes loses his temper, his students like him ______ for it. 25.The robber was brought to the judge, ________ . A.with his hands were fast tied C.his hands fast tied A.Cleans B.To clean B.his hands to be fast tied D.his hand having been fast tied C.While D.While I was cleaning

26._______ the window, my finger was cut unexpectedly. 27.—When will the game begin? —It will begin later than usual _________ 15 minutes. —________. A.So I did A.Probably B.So did I B.Likely C.So you did C.Similarly D.You did so D.Generally 29.Our bodies are strengthened by taking exercise._________, our minds are developed by learning. 30.Throughout the world ________ advance has been made in science and technology is due to education that brings forth knowledge, creation and inventions. A.whoever A.showed off B.whatever B.paid off C.what C.put off D.that D.took off 31.Jenny worked hard before the final examination, and it _______ .She got an A. 32.—Would you like to wait here for _________ few minutes? —No.I have been here too long. A.another B.a C.other D.more 33.Weighing 300 jin,_________. A.she could not move the piano C.the piano couldn't be moved do B.done B.the piano couldn't move D.she would move the piano C.was done D.has been done B.on 28.—It?s said that you went to Macao last year.

34.The housework _________, we went out for a walk to relax ourselves. 35.He knew nothing about her journey _______ she was to be away for round months.

A.except that



D.except for

21.答案:D 解析:此题用词组 be gone 表示一种状态,意思是“某人已经离开 / 消失” ,用现在完成时 并与 for ages 连用表示这个男孩已经离开很久了。 22.答案:A 解析:此题的 wash 表示某物“好洗,经洗,耐洗” ,用主动形式表示被动的意思;last 为不 及物动词,表示“持续(多久) ” ,没有被动语态形式。 23.答案:A 解析:此题考查 that 引导同位语从句的用法。That 在引导同位语从句时,在句中不做成分, 其引导的从句对 fear 起进一步解释说明的作用。 24.答案:D 解析:本句的 although 引导一个状语从句,与主句的关系是转折的,全句意思是“尽管他 有的时候发脾气, 但是他的学生并不因此而少喜欢他” 。 “no less” 表示 “同样, 居然, 不少于” , “no more” 表示“不再” 。 25.答案:C 解析:此题考查独立主格结构。 “his hands fast tied”是一个由“名词 + 过去分词”构成的 独立结构, 这种结构的名词后还可以接介词短语等, 在句中通常作状语。 再如: The teacher came into the classroom, book in hand. 26.答案:D 解析:如果动词-ing 形式或者不定式短语作状语,而其前面又没有逻辑主语,那么它们的 逻辑主语就应该是主句的主语。本句的主语为 my finger,所以状语部分不能用 A、B、C 的几种用法, 因为主语 my finger 不能发出这个动作。 27.答案:C 解析:此题的 by 表示程度,如数量的增减等。再如: The price of apples has increased by 30%. 28.答案:A 解析:此题考查 so 后引导倒装句和陈述句的区别。 “So did I”中的 so 意思是“也” ,表示 上一句的情况也适用于下一句; “So I did”中的 so 意思是“的确,确实” ,表示对上一句的强调。 29.答案:C 解析:本句中的两个分句表示类比,用 similarly 连接。 30.答案:B 解析:此题中的答案 whatever 表示“无论什么” ,它在句中起引导主语从句的作用,同时还 作 advance 的定语。 31.答案:B 解析:此题考查动词词组的意义。答案“pay off”的意思是“得到报偿/回报等”。选项 A 意思是“炫耀” ;C 项意思是“延期” ;D 项表示“脱(衣服) ; (飞机)起飞” 。 32.答案:A 解析:根据第二个人的话可以知道“我已经在这里呆了很久了” ,由此可知,第一个人的意 思应该是“你愿意再等几分钟吗?” ,所以选 A 项。 “再几分钟”还可以用“a few more minutes”来表 示。 33. 答案: C 解析: 此题考查前面无逻辑主语的动词-ing 形式的用法。 当动词的-ing 形式前无逻辑主语时, 它的逻辑主语应该和主句的主语一致。 34.答案:B 解析:此题考查“名词 + 过去分词”结构。根据全句的意思,此结构在句中应该表示动作 已经完成。A 项的不定式表示还没有做的动作;C、D 项是在句中做谓语的形式。 35.答案:A 解析:此四个选项都有“除了”的意思。A 项“except that”后面是接从句的;B、C、D 三 项后都只能接名词或相当于名词的成分。空格后面就是一个从句,所以选 A。

11 21.If the work ___________ by the end of this month is delayed, the construction company will be fined. A.being completed B.have been completed be completed D.will be completed 22.After _________ seemed half an hour the door opened and in came the man. A.what B.that C.which 23.Anyone who has spent time with children knows the difference in the way boys and girls respond to __________ situations. A.similar B.alike C.same D.likely 24.As soon as Martin was seated, someone came to ______ seat ________ him. … to … for … / …with 25.It is said that the gang of people came here _______ making trouble. A.with the purpose of B.for the purpose of C.on purpose for D.all the above 26.The young man is such a person who __________ and never speaks to the people around him politely. A.holds up his head high B.holds back his own C.keeps his head D.keeps his head above ground 27.Although he is very busy at his business he __________ every morning with his wife no matter what the weather is like. A.manages to take exercise B.manages to have sports C.manages to do sports D.all the above 28.She tried her best ________ the same mistakes like this, but she failed. A.avoid to make avoid making avoid to make D.avoid making 29.The queue is too long and there are fifteen persons _______ me at the moment. A.ahead of time for B.ahead of C.go ahead D.look ahead 30.Beijing, for hosting the 2008 Olympic Games, its first loop (圈) of green belt around the downtown, an area of 102.3 square kilometers, in the past three years. A.prepared; built; covered B.preparing; built; and covered C.which prepares; building; covers D.preparing; built; covering 31.—Lucy doesn?t seem to be what she was. —No. so much in the war has made her more thoughtful. A.Seen B.Her seeing C.Having seen D.To have seen 32. twice a year, whether it is a car or a bus or a truck, is the rule that every driver must obey in this city. A.Examining B.Examined C.Being examined D.Having been examined 33.Great as Newton was, many of his ideas today and are being modified by the work of scientists of our time. A.are to challenge B.have challenged C.are challenging D.have been challenged 34.Under good treatment, many patients are beginning to _______ and will soon recover. A.pick up B.pick out C.turn up up 35.When the Greeks had _____ the Persians, a soldier ran from Marathon to Athens.





21.答案:C 解析:根据本句的语境,工作还没有做完,所以选不定式,表示“将来”的情况。 22.答案:A 解析:此题考查 what 引导一个名词性从句作介词 after 的宾语,what 本身在从句中作主语, 意思相当于 a period of time which…。 23. 答案: A 解析: same 意思为 “相同的” , 前面要加 the; alike 的意思是 “相象的” , 不能作定语; likely 的意思是“可能的” ;similar 表示“相似的” ,符合题意。 24.答案: D 解析:exchange … with …表示“与 … 交换” ;exchange … for … 表示“以 … 换 … ” ; 无“exchange … to …”这个搭配。 25.答案:D 解析:A、B、C 三个选项均可表示“以 … 为目的;为了 … ” 。 26.答案:A 解析:hold up one?s head high 表示“趾高气扬;傲慢” ;hold back one?s own 表示“守住阵 地,没有失败” ;keep one?s head 表示“镇定,不慌不忙” ;keep one?s head above ground 意思是“活着” 。 27. 答案: D 解析: 词组 manage to do sth.表示 “设法做到了 …, 达成 … ” ; 而词组 take exercise, have sports, do sports 均可表示“锻炼身体” 。 28. 答案: B 解析: 表示 “避免做某事” 应该选用词组: avoid doing something; try one?s best to do something 表示“某人尽力去做某事” ,to 不能省略,所以要选择 B 项。 29.答案:B 解析:ahead of time 表示“时间提前” ;ahead of somebody 意思是“在某人前头” ; go ahead 表示“前进, (事情)进行” ;look ahead 意思是“打算,为未来着想” 。根据前面句子的意思“队伍太 长了” ,应该选 B 项。 30.答案:D 解析:本题考查动词-ing 形式的用法。built 为谓语动词;preparing for … 与 covering an area of 102.3 square kilometers 都是作定语,为定语从句的省略形式。按照规 则,主动语态的定语从句要省略成动词的-ing 形式作定语。 31.答案:B 解析:本题易误选 C。her seeing 在句子中作主语,her 为 seeing 的逻辑主语。 32.答案:C 解析:本题考查动词-ing 形式的用法。句中 whether it is a car…是一个让步状 语从句,is 为系词,故全句缺少主语。A、B、C、D 中只有 C 可作主语表被动。注意 B 项不能作主语。 33.答案:D 解析:此题考察语态。challenge 同 ideas 之间存在被动关系。句子的意思是“尽管牛顿非常 伟大,然而他当年的许多想法受到了质疑”。另外,还要注意 as 引导一个让步状语从句,用倒装语序。 34.答案:A 解析:此题考查动词短语的意义。答案“pick up”的意思是“改善,好转”。B 项表示“挑 选出 …” ;C 项表示“出现,露面” ;D 项表示“出现,到来;使某物显现” 。 35.答案:C 解析:此题考查相似词语的含义。 “beat sb.”意思是“打败某人” 。另外注意 常用词组:beat sb. black and blue(把某人打得鼻青脸肿)。hit 的意思是“击,击中” ,如: hit a man on the head(打在人的头上)。win 后接比赛、战争名字等,不能接指人的词。Bitten 意思不符。

12 语法和词汇知识(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 21.One thousand people were trapped in the damaged building, ______ were saved. A.most of them B.most of that C.the most D.most of whom 22.Hardly _____ when the train suddenly pulled away. A.did they get to the station B.had they got to the station C.they got to the station D.they had got to the station 23.The seller would sell the shirt for ten yuan, but the customer ________ eight yuan. A.sold B.offered C.charged D.asked 24.The computer is ________ to be one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. A.considered B.regarded C.expected D.suggested 25.--Was the test hard? --The test was so hard that he ________ failed. A.almost B.most C.mostly D.hardly 26.— It _______ be Mr. Johnson who is in the office. — No, it _______ be him. I saw him off at the airport half an hour ago. A.can?t ; can?t B.must; can?t C.must; mustn?t D.may; mustn?t 27.— What?s the matter with Peter? — He was seen crying when he was coming out of the office. He ________ by the manager. A.may be scolded B.should have been scolded C.must be scolded D.must have been scolded 28.I ________ up early this morning, so I stayed in bed until 8 o?clock a.m. A.needn?t have got B.didn?t need to get C.shouldn?t have got D.can?t have got 29.But for the storm, we __________ a pleasant journey, but had to turn back halfway. A.would have B.would have had C.will have D.had 30.Many people in China are ________ a “Hope Project”, helping poor children to get compulsory education. A.taking on B.taking out C.working out D.working on 31.______ is known to all, the earth travels round the sun once every year. A.That B.As C.What D.It 32.I only know we will have a League meeting, but I have no idea when _________ it. A.shall we have B.will we have 33.—You didn?t invite Mary to the ball? —____ her, too? have D.having

A.Must I invite B.Should I have invited C.Must I have invited D.Should I invite 34.— Why didn?t you give a hand to the boy? — I _______, but he struggled to his feet before I tried to. A.would like to have B.would like to C.would rather to have D.would better 35.— My sons are not a little restless. — Oh? Boys _______ be boys. A.should B.can C.may D.will

21.答案:D 解析:本题考查非限定性定语从句与并列句的区别。选项 D 为非限定性定语从句;若选 A, 应将空格前的逗号改为分号或者在空格前加上一个并列连词 but。 22.答案:B 解析:本题考查倒装句的结构。在 hardly/scarcely … when … (一 …就 …)结构中,主 句的谓语动词一定用过去完成时态,而 when 引导的从句谓语动词用一般过去时。当 hardly / scarcely 置于句首时,主句部分需要用部分倒装语序,即提前助动词 had。 23.答案:B 解析:本题考查表示“买、卖”的几个动词的区别。sell 表示“出售” ;charge 表示“ (卖方) 要价 …” ; offer 表示“ (买方)出价, (卖方)开价” 。此句的意思是“卖主想要十元钱卖衬衣,但是 买方出价八元” 。 24. 答案: A 解析: 此题考查相似结构的意义区别。 动词 consider 与 expect 后面都可以接 “宾语 + to be …” , 但意思有区别。前者表示“认为 …; 把 …看成 …” ;后者表示“预计 …, 期待 …” 。本句用的 是被动语态。 25.答案:A 解析:本题考查 almost 的用法。almost 常用于肯定句,表示“几乎”的意思;在否定句中 常用 hardly。 26.答案:B 解析:本题考查 must 表推测的用法。must 只能用于肯定句;在否定句和疑问句中用 can。 27.答案:D 解析:同上题要点。 “must + have + 过去分词” ,表示对过去某事或某种情况的肯定的猜测, 只能用于肯定的陈述句。 28.答案:B 解析:need 用作行为动词时,前面用助动词 do 表示否定或者疑问。此句中的 didn?t need to get up 表示“没有必要而未做某事” ;needn?t have done something 表示“做了一件没有必要做的事” ; shouldn?t have done sth.表示“做了不应该做的事” ,是一种表示责备的语气;can?t have done sth.表示否 定的推测。 29.答案:B 解析:本题考察虚拟语气的用法。 “but for”表示“要不是 … ” ,后面常跟虚拟语气结构。 此题是对过去的动作或状态进行虚拟,所以用“would + have + done sth.”表示。 30.答案:D 解析:此题考查词组意义的区别。work on 表示“从事某项工作,如设计、创作、研究等” ; take on 表示“呈现,接受” ; take out 表示“拿出” ;而 work out 则表示“解决,做出(题目) ” 。 31.答案:B 解析:本题考查 as 引导的定语从句。当 as 引导定语从句、修饰整个主句时,可以放在句首、 句中或者句尾。注意:be known to …是一个固定词组,意思是“为 … 所熟知” ;如果本题用 D 项, 则应改为“It is known to all that the earth … ” 。 32.答案:C 解析: “wh 疑问词 + 不定式”结构作宾语、表语或者同位语,表示(将来)要做的事情, 等于从句:When we shall / will have it。 33.答案:B 解析:本题考查情态动词的用法。 “should have done sth.”结构表示“本该做但事实上并未 做某事” 。另外注意第一句的陈述语序后面用问号表示疑问的语气,意思是“难道你 …?” 34.答案:A 解析:本题考查 would like to 的用法。would like to have done 表示“过去本打 算做某事(未做)”。注意其后面的 have 不可以省略。 35.答案:D 解析:此句中的 will 表示“惯于,总是会,总归是”之意。

13 21.Korean culture is really popular right now. The Korean Wave is _____ Asian countries including China. A.sweeping A.set foot B.striking B.set out C.applying C.set forth D.experiencing D.set in 22.They will be filled with joy when they _____ on Chinese soil in late July. 23.—Is _____, you think, no doubt that she will turn up on time? —She promised to come on time last Friday. A.there C.she D.that 24.It is believed that on December 21st, 1891, the first basketball game in _____ history was played.Then in 1936 in Berlin, it became _____ Olympic event. A.不填; an A.because of return A.took down — No problem. A.rely on A.which I think it is C.which I think it A.every now and then C.little by little A.Would A.What; because 33.—Can I smoke here? —No, at no time _____ in the library. A.does smoking permit C.smoking is permitted 34.—How do you find the lecture by Mr. Lee? — _____. I doubt if I will come for his lecture next time. A.With the help of Mrs. Lee C.In the conference hall A.See B.Seeing B.By bicycle D.Very boring C.Seen D.To see smoking permitted D.smoking permits B.Should B.That; because B.take on C.look upon B.I think which is D.which I think is B.every here and there D.every minute and hour C.Must C.That; what D.Might D.What; that D.throw light on 29.The scientists made another important discovery, _____ of great importance to the study of space. B.a; an search of turn B.put forward C.the; the C.regardless of store C.took off D.不填; the D.for fear of surprise D.made up 25.I feel terrible, but he continued speaking, _____ my feeling on the matter. 26.No matter how clever you are, you will never know what the future has ______ for us? 27.The view he _____ at the sales meeting last night sounds a little reasonable. 28.—This is a puzzle to me. Could you _____ it to me?

30.I go out _____ with a friend or two and come back home by ten.

31. _____ you fall in trouble when in Tokyo, you are welcome to call Sandra who may help you. 32._____ makes the school famous is _____ more than 80% of the students have been admitted to universities.

35. _____ from the top, the 2008 Olympic Stadium looks like a bird?s nest made of tree branches.

21. A sweep 遍及,横扫;strike 打,打动;apply 应用;experience 经历 22. A set foot 进入,踏进;set out 出发,动身;set forth 起程,出发;set in(指雨,坏天气等)开始并可 能持续下去。 23. B 根据句意此处用 it 作形式主语,that she will turn up on time 是真正的主语,you think 是插入语。其 句型结构为:It is no doubt that…。 24. A 第一空不用冠词,in history 是固定用法。第二空用不定冠词表示“一项奥林匹克的比赛项目” 。 25. C regardless of 不顾,不理会某人/某事;because of 因为;in search of 搜寻;for fear of 担心。 26. C in return 作为回报/报答;in turn 依次,逐个地;in store 就要到来,必将发生;in surprise 惊奇地 27. B put forward 提出;take down 写下,记下;take off 脱下(衣服等) ;make up 编造,组成。 28. D rely on 依靠,依赖;take on 雇用;look on 旁观;throw light on 使某事显得非常清楚。 29. D which 引导定语从句修饰先行词 discovery,并作从句中的主语;I think 是插入语。 30. A every now and then 时不时地,时而。little by little 逐渐地,渐渐地;B D 两项没有这种搭配。 31. B should 用于条件句,表示可能性,可译作“万一” 。在正式场合,可将 should 置于句首而省略 if。 32. D 第一空是 what 引导的主语从句作主语,第二空是 that 引导表语从句作表语。 33. B at no time 表否定意义的词位于句首,句子用倒装。 34. D How do you find…? 意为:你认为??怎么样?用来征求对方意见。因为这里指的是 lecture 令人失 望,所以选择 D 项。 35. C 分词作状语时,主句的主语就是分词的逻辑主语,句中的主语 2008 Olympic Stadium 与分词有逻辑上 的被动关系,所以此处用过去分词作状语。

14 语法和词汇知识(共15小题,每小题1分,满分15分) 21.In the past couple of months, the world?s press _____ by the achievements that Liu Xiang made. A.has surprised technology. A.and B.when C.which D.because 23.—Is he content to accept our price? —Yes. He cares more about the quality. Money is _____ to him. A.everything A.abolished A.came to herself A.showcase A.Although; how —_____. A.Yes, I think not C.No, I believe not A.When introducing C.To be introduced 30.—Do you like _____ here? —Oh, yes. The air, the weather, the way of life. Everything is so nice. A.this A.a; 不填 B.these B.不填; the C.that C.a; the D.不填; 不填 31.If you are looking for _____ good clothes shop, I think you can go to _____ Harrison?s. 32.— Has anything new been discussed in the old temple so far? — _____, and more will follow, I think. A.Few B.Much C.All D.Little 33.—Can you tell me how to learn English well? —Do more speaking, I think, _____ you?ll be good at spoken English. A.or A.might fall A.must B.unless B.would fall B.may C.and D.until 34.I supported him in time, otherwise he _____ off the bike. C.would have fallen D.should have fallen C.should D.will 35.There is nothing to do, so I _____ as well go to bed. B.Yes, I don?t believe so D.Yes, I don?t guess so B.To introduce D.When being introduced B.none B.destroyed C.nothing C.hurt D.something D.wiped D.came to life D.rejuvenate D.When; how 24.Do you know which president of the USA _____ slavery? 25.When I mentioned our plans for a trip abroad, the kids _____ at once. B.came to nothing C.came to light B.announce C.achieve 26.We all hope the exhibition will _____ our country?s breathtaking economic progress. 27._____ I know how to do it, ______ to find the instruments still remained a big problem. B.Although; where C.When; where 28.— Will he be persuaded to help us tomorrow? B.surprises being surprised D.has been surprised 22.Sales of CDs have greatly increased since the early 1990s, _____ people began to enjoy the advantage of this

29. ____ to somebody, a British often shakes hands with the stranger.

21. D 根据时间状语 in the past couple of months,此处应用现在完成时。 22. B 此处是 when 引导非限制性定语从句修饰先行词 1990s。 23. C 根据句意“钱对他来说没什么” 。此处 nothing 才是最合适的。 24. A abolish 废除;destroy 毁坏;hurt 受伤;wipe 消灭。 25. D came to herself 苏醒;came to nothing 毫无结果;came to light 显露,为人所知;came to life 恢复生 机,活跃起来。 26. A showcase 展示,使显出优点;announce 宣布,宣告;achieve 取得成绩;rejuvenate 使年轻;使复原; 使恢复精神。 27. B 第一空是 although 引导的让步状语从句,根据句意第二空应选择连接词 where, where to find the instruments 是主句的主语。 28. C 考查交际用语。其意义为:说服他明天来帮我们吗?没有,我认为说服不了。 29. D 此处是分词作状语,在强调分词的动作与主句的动作同时进行时,可在其前加上适当的连词。 30. D it 可用于某些动词后(如 like, appreciate, hate)构成习惯用法,like it here 意为:喜欢这里的一切。 31. A 第一空泛指“一家好服装店” ,用不定冠词。第二空是用某人的姓氏来表示店名,不用加冠词。 32. B 根据后面的回答可知用 much,意为“讨论了许多新东西,并且还有更多的要讨论” 。 33. C 此处是“祈使句+and +分句(表示将来意义) ”结构。I think 是插入语。 34. C 由 otherwise 可知此处是与过去事实相反的含蓄条件句,主句谓语用 would +have +过去分词。 35. B may / might as well do sth (as do sth else)意思是“还是做某事好” ; “不如做某事” 。

15 :语法和词汇知识(共15小题,每小题1分,满分15分) 21.Her songs make the girl _____from the numerous newcomers in the music world. A.stand out A.weighs; in A.account for A.come about B.stand up B.measures; of B.take on B.come out C.stand for C.measures; or C.make up D.stand by D.weighs; with D.turn out 22.A locust _____ two grams but can eat its own weight _____ food every day. 23.We must _____ every penny we spend during a business trip. 24.Facing the emergence, we were at a loss and none of us could ______ a solution to the problem. C.come up against D. come up with 25.—Is this course rather difficult? —Yes. That?s why I ____ it. A.left B. missed C. abandoned D. fell 26._____, I have to put it away and focus my attention on study this week. A.However the story is amusing C. However amusing the story is A.vary the on-line-goers. A.informed; latest know; later A. does does does B.does did do A.operated D. requested 32. The environmentalists said wild goats? _____ on the vast grasslands was a good indication of the better environment. A.attendance A.In addition to A.given birth to B.escape B.Besides B.sung praise for C.absence C.Despite D.appearance D.Though 33.______ the fact that he gained a great many achievements, he remained modest. 34.The Chinese nation has ______ many national heroes and revolutionary leaders. C.given a reward to D.keep records of B.involving in; to be improved D.involved in; improved 35. There is a new problem _____ the popularity of private cars that road conditions need _____. A.involved in; to be improved C.involving in; improving C.learning; latter C.does does do B. referred D. to think; latest D. did do does C.intended 30. In my opinion, all Mr. White _____ good to his students in his class at present. He is very strict in their study. 31.The listening text is _____ to show your ability at listening for specific information. B.differ B. No matter amusing the story is D. No matter how the story is amusing C.change D.for D.tell

27.He was late for work many a time last week and _____ a consequence, he was fired by his boss. 28.The two books have almost nothing in common, they ____ greatly from each other. 29.Internet has lots of advantages. It keeps us _____ about the _____ news and also provides entertainment for

21.A stand out from sB. “突出;脱颖而出” 。 22.A 第一空是谓语动词,第二空表示“在??方面”之意,全句意议为“一只蝗虫两克重但每天能吃自 身重量的食物” 。 23.A account for sth 意为“ (对自己所掌管的钱等)作令人满意的交代” 。 24.D come up with 表示“找到或提出(答案、办法等) ” 。 25.C left 遗忘,留下;missed 未得到,遗漏;abandoned 放弃,遗弃;fell 击倒,砍倒。 26.D no matter 意为“不管;无论” ,常与 how,when,where,what,who,which 等词连用。引导让步 状语从句时,从句用陈述语序。注意 no matter how 后边通常紧跟形容词或副词。 27.C as a consequence 表示“结果” ,固定搭配。 28. B vary 与 change 表示“变化、改变” ;differ from 表示“与??不同” ;tell from 表示“把??与?? 区分开来” 。 29.A 根据句意:因特网有很多优点,它不仅可以让我们了解最新新闻,而且可以为上网者提供娱乐场所。 keep sB. informed 使人了解,the latest news 最新消息。 30.C all 后面的定语从句缺少谓语动词 do,这是第一个 do,主语是 Mr. White,应用 does 或 did。短语 do good to sB.中的 do 是第三个 do。第二个 do 则是强调句式的助动词,其主语是 all,代替事物,所以 要用单数 does。 31.C sB. intend sth. to do 意为“打算让??起某种作用” 。句意为:这个听力测试就是要检验你听细节 信息的能力。 32.D 考查名词辨析。意为:野山羊的出现,说明环境更好。 33.C despite 意为“尽管,虽然” ,是介词。though 意为“尽管,虽然”是连词。in addition to;besides 都意为“除??之外” 。 34.A give birth to 孕育;sing praise for 赞扬;give a reward to 给??报酬;keep records of 记录,记载。 35.A involved in 是过去分词短语作定语,意为“包含,牵涉” ;need 之后接动名词的主动式或动词不定式 的被动式。

16 21.They affected him not only as a man of _____ but as a politician. A.awareness follows A.made up time of B.consciousness follow B.made for charge of C.conscience follows C.made out want of D.mind following D.made off possession of 22.The winners are _____; in third place, Mandy Johnson; in second place…. 23.When he realized the police had seen him, the man _____ the exit as quickly as possible. 24.The house was built during Ming Dynasty. It is sadly _____ repair. 25.“Premier Wen?s report,” a smile on his face, he continued, “______ to several hot topics, discusses how to increase peasants? income in a comparative part.” A.referring A.fallen behind A.earned A.future A.adapt A.followed A.May themselves. A.employ B.take C.abuse D.overlook 33.—How long are you staying? —I don?t know. _____. A.That?s OK A.of a discount A.salary B.Never mind a discount B.allowance C.It depends a discount C.wage D.It doesn?t matter D.with a discount 34.Honesty seems never to be rather _____ today. 35.When he was a student, his father gave him a monthly ____ towards his expense. B.refers B.fallen down B.acquired B.pressure B.bring B.would follow B.Will C.having referred C.fallen back C.derived C.worry C.receive C.had followed C.Shall D.referred D.fallen off D.won D.risk D.adopt D.should follow D.Can 26.After her time in hospital, Jenney?s parents are afraid she has _____ in her lessons. 27.She has ______ at extraordinary command of the English language. 28.He thinks we shouldn?t go ahead with this plan because of the ______ of failure. 29.The old couple decided to ______ a boy and a girl though they had three of their own. 30.Look at the trouble I am in! If only I _____ your advice. 31.He said to his classmate, “_____ you succeed!” 32.It has been revealed that some government leaders ____ their authority and position to get illegal profits for

21.C conscience 良心;awareness 意识;consciousness 知觉;觉悟;mind 精神;愿望。 22. A as follows 是习语, 意为 “如下” , 不论句子主语是单数还是复数, 都只能说 as follows, 不能说 as follow。 在句中作表语。 23.B make for...向某地走去;make off 后常接介词,表示“从??跑掉”;make out 有“看出、理解、开 (收据等)、进展、装出”等含义;make up 有“编造、和解、弥补、化装、构成”等含义。 24.C in want of 需要;in charge of 管理;in possession of 占有。 25. A 本句的主干结构是: Premier Wen?s report discusses how to increase peasants? income. referring to several hot topics 部分作时间状语,故用现在分词表示。句意:他面带微笑,接着说,“当提到几个热点问题 的时候,温总理的报告讨论了怎样在一定程度上增加农民收入的问题。” 26.A fall behind 落后。 27.B acquire 指通过自己的努力或经过一个过程而获得才能、智力等,本句指通过努力很好地掌握英语。 28.D 他认为我们不应该执行这个计划,因为失败的风险很大。future 前途;pressure 压力;worry 担心。 29. D 这对老夫妇自己已经有三个子女, 但还是决定收养一个男孩和一个女孩。 据分析, 空白处应意为 “收 养” ,选项 D“采纳,收养”符合题意;adapt 使适应,通常用于 adapt sth. / sB.oneself to?等结构, 表示“改编,改写,改用”时,与介词 for 搭配。 30.C “If only...”是一个虚拟语气结构,意为“要是??该多好” 。如果与现在事实相反,用一般过去时; 如果与过去事实相反,则用过去完成时。本题意为“要是我当初听从你的忠告就好了” 。 31.A 表示祝愿时,常用 may,且应置于句首。 32.C employ“雇佣,使用” ;take“拿,取” ;overlook“俯瞰,瞭望” ;abuse“滥用” 。本句话意思是“一 些政府领导被揭露滥用职权,非法谋利。 ” 33.C 从 I don?t know,说明不很确定要在这里待多久,所以用 It depends. 34.C at a discount 是固定短语,意为“打折扣,低于正常价格”。 35.C 本句话意思是“他当学生时,他父亲每月给他零花钱。 ”allowance“津贴,零花钱” ,指为某一特殊 目的而给予某人的钱。

17 语法和词汇知识(共15小题,每小题1分,满分15分) 21.The girl likes showing off her beauty. Now, look she is _____ herself up again. A.making C.taking A.centered A.took care D.let out 24.As far as I know, he pulled through all kinds of hardships _____ length. to school. A.stopped work C.having worked 28.What have we said _____ her so unhappy? A.makes D.had made 29.The most important thing about cotton in history is _____ part that it played in _____ Industrial Revolution. A.不填;不填 D.a; the 30.Shelly had prepared carefully for her biology examination so that she could be sure of passing it on her first ______. A.intention A.wonder D.thought 32.I don?t think he is a good writer; he specially writes books to _____ to low tastes. A.stick daily life. A.advocates C.obtains B.distributes D.declines B.turn C.refer D.cater 33. The use of water is becoming tense in north China and the government _____ that we should save water in our B.attempt C.purpose B.suspicion D.desire C.hesitation 31.The disguise was so good that I had no _____ of his real identity. As a result, I was cheated. B.the;不填 C. the; the make C.made B.dropped C.pushed B.working D.being worked D.fought 27.Every minute is made full use of _____ at our lessons. B.surprise C.on C.challenge D.shame 25.The child has a talent for music and should be trained properly—it?s a _____ to waste such talent. 26.Being poor, many students in western areas have _____ out of school. I think it?s our duty to help them return B.set B.picking D.doing C.fixed B.made sure D.aimed C.made out

22.When he was making a speech in Beijing University, thousands of eyes were _____ on him. 23.He accidentally _____ that he had been laid off and had to make a living away from home.

34 . _____ two world-class athletic tournaments in three days, Olympic gold medalist Liu Xiang firmly established his status as China?s latest sporting sensation. A.To win C.Winning B.Having been won D.Won

35. _____ in the school regulation that teachers shouldn?t use cell-phones in class is often ignored.

A.What requires C.It requires

B.What is required D.It is required

21.D make up“弥补” ;pick up“挑选” ;take up“拿起;占据” ;do up“化装” 。 22.C 本句话考查短语 fix one?s eyes on。 23.D take care“当心” ;make sure“保证” ;make out“认出” ;let out“泄露” 。本句话意思是“他无意中 透露他下岗了,不得不离家去谋生。 ” 24.A at length 为固定短语“最终” 。 25.D joy 与 surprise 不符合语境;challenge 在此意思不太贴切;shame“遗憾的事” 。本句话意思是“这孩 子有音乐天赋,应该得到正确的训练—浪费那样的才能是一件遗憾的事。 ” 26.B 本句话考查短语 drop out of“辍学” 。根据语境 I think it?s our duty to help them return to school.可知。 27.A 此题 of 的宾语实际上是 Every minute。如果把它变为主动式,答案就显而易见了。We make full use of every minute to work at our lessons. 28.B 此题容易误选 C,有些学生相当然地认为线前的一部分是 what 引导的主语从句,此处选 made 用 作谓语。 同学们仔细看看: 横线前是 what have we said , 而不是 what we have said (注意其中的词序) ; 句末是问号, 而不是句号。 假若选 C, 使横线前成为主语从句, 那么该从句就应该是 what we have said, 且句末为句号。其实,此题应选 B, to make her so unhappy 为结果状语。 29.C part 后面被一个定语从句(that it played)修饰,应为特指,故用定冠词 the。Industrial Revolution 为 专有名词,习惯上要加 the。 30.B attempt“尝试” ;intention“意图,目的,打算” ;purpose“目的” ;desire“渴望” 。 31.B 根据前面的句子 The disguise was so good 可知“我没有怀疑他的真正身份” 。 32.D stick to“坚持” ;turn to“转向,求助于” ;refer to“指,参考” ;cater to“迎合” 。 33.A advocate“提倡” ;distribute“分发” ;obtain“取得,获得” ;decline“拒绝” 。根据意思“政府提倡 我们在日常生活中节约用水” 。 34.C winning 的动作是 Liu Xiang 发出的,所以用主动形式,同时该动作已经结束。 35.B What is required 在句中充当主语,谓语为 is often ignored。

18 语法和词汇知识(共15小题,每小题1分,满分15分) 21.Peter will _____ as managing director when Bill retires. A.trip over A.desperate A. Even if A.evident A.adequate B.take over B.hopeful B. For B.considerate B.excessive C.hand over C.eager C. Now that C.elegant C.accurate D.look over D.anxious D. Though D.innocent D.simple 22.Having been busy working for a long time, she is _____ for a sightseeing on weekends. 23._____ you have a strong desire to go to college, work as hard as you can. That's the only way. 24.The lady dressed in fashionable clothes is _____ in her appearance, but rude in her speech. 25.Your work is _____ but I?m sure you could do it better. 26.--Has he started off? He said that he would come here. --I _____. He is a man who keeps his word. A.can?t set off C.must have set off A.of which A.gifted; gift A.torn down in for which; gifted B.tearing out B.come up B.thanks to B.could have set off D.won?t set off C.for which C.gifting; a gift C.was torn away C.end up C.apart from D.which D.gifted; a gift D.being torn off D.fill up D.along with

27.I gave him a warning, _____ he turned a deaf ear. 28.Someone told me that the _____ boy has _____ for painting. 29.With the old stone bridge _____, a new steel one was going to be built there. 30.He?s never done this type of work before; I?m not sure how he?ll _____ with the other employees. 31.You can ask the others, but _____ myself, I?ll be busy in the office. 32. --Does anyone force you to do so? --No, I _____ for this work. A.offer --_____. A. It?s a pleasure C. Take your time A.fixed A.look through B.fixing B.dipped into B. Well, it just depends D. OK, just in case C.had been fixed C.dipped through D.had been fixing D.taken into B.attend C.volunteer D.tend 33.--The weather is changeable here. Please take more clothes.

34.The day for the sports meet _____, they set out to get everything ready for the coming event. 35.I have only _____ the book, but I find it rather interesting.

21.B 由句子when Bill retires推测Peter会“接管”的。take over“接管”。 22.A be desperate for“非常需要”,为固定短语。 23.C Now that 引导状语从句,意为“既然”。 24.C 根据but 连接的两个部分表示意思的转折来判断rude与elegant“优雅”对应。 25.A 由句子I?m sure you could do it better可知“工作做得好”,只有在“好”的前提下,才能更好。 26.C must have done用来表示对过去事情的推测。 27.B turn a deaf ear to意为“对??置若罔闻”。 28.D have a gift for意为“有??天赋”。 29.A 在with结构中,宾语同宾补存在逻辑动宾关系。 30. A 本句话意思是 “他以前从未做过这种工作, 所不太确信他能否与其他雇员配合好。 ” fit in with “与?? 相协调”。 31.A as for“至于,就”。本句话意思是“你可以问他人,但是就我来说,会在办公室很忙”。 32.C 从No来判断“没有人迫使我做这个活”,所以说“我是自愿的”。 33.D just in case“以防万一”。 34.A 独立主格结构,在句中作状语。 35 B dip into意为“浏览”。

19 单项填空 21.Something ________ wrong with the car, and it ________ not start. A. being; could B. going; should C. was; might D. went; would 22.________ the plan has been made, let?s get down to ________ it out. A. Now that; carry B. Because; carry C. Since; carrying D. Now; putting 23.Before Tom left home, his mother kept telling him to ________ his manners at the party. A. mind B. notice C. watch D. care 24.Dad is used to smoking and drinking. There?s no chance ________ I'm able to talk him into ________. A. whether; giving it up B. of whether; giving them up C. that; getting rid of them D. which; stopping it 25.________ a mobile phone can you ring ________ you want to talk with anywhere. A. Using; whoever B. Only on; whomever C. By; whatever D. With; anyone 26. The train ________ arrive at 11∶30, but was an hour late. A. was about to B. was likely to C. was supposed to D. was certain to 27. — What an amazing film! It?s the most interesting film I?ve ever seen. — But I?m sure it won?t interest ____.. A. somebody B. anybody C. nobody D. everybody 28. — Excuse me, could you tell me where I could make a call? — Sorry, I?m a stranger here. — ____. A. Thanks a lot B. That?s a pity C. Thanks anyway D. I?m sorry to hear that 29. English is a language that many people around the world __ not speak perfectly but __ at least understand. A. may; can B. would; might C. will; must D. could; might 30. It seems water _____ from this tap for some time. We?ll have to take it apart to put it right. A. had leaked B. is leaking C. leaked D. has been leaking 31.The recent information has been put forward _ more high school graduates will be admitted into universities. A. as B. which C. while D. that 32. — Mike, what did our monitor say just now? — Every boy and every girl as well as teachers who ______ to visit the museum _____ asked to be at the school gate before 6:30 in the morning. A. is; is B. are; are C. is; are D. are; is 33. After __ seemed an endless effort, the patient was finally able to carry out __ seemed a perfect normal walk. A. what; what B. that; that C. it; that D. which; it 34. — Which of those electronic dictionaries do you like most? — ____. They are both expensive and of little use. A. None B. Both C. Neither D. All 35. — We didn?t find the Blacks _____ the lecture. — No one had told him about ____ a lecture the following day. A. to attend; there to be B. attending; there being C. attended; there be D. attend; there was

21. D. 题中 and 说明是并列句,排除了 A、B。后空 would 表示“倾向” 。 22. C. 23. A. mind one?s manners 意为“注意礼貌” 。Mind your steps “当心走好。” 24. C. 25. B. 考查倒装. 26. C. be supposed to do “理当、应该” A 项不与时间状语连用 B,D 意思不对。 27. D。根据上下文语境及答话人的意思:我敢肯定这部电影不可能使每个人都感兴趣,说明该句为部分否 定。 28.C。根据对话情景可知,对话发生在两个陌生人之间,一人请求他人帮忙,但因为都是陌生人,未能提 供帮助。对这种情景的回答,也要表示感谢,但在后面常用 anyway 或 all the same。 29. A。第一空表示一种可能性,用 may not speak "可能不会说";第二空表示有某种能力。 30. D。根据句中时间状语 for some time 以及后一分句的动词时态可知,选项动词动作强调到现在为止并仍 在继续,故排除 A、C。由于选项 B 现在进行时不可与一段时间状语连用,选 D 现在完成进行时。 31. D。空格后的从句是说明句子的主语 The recent information 的内容,故该句是同位语从句,应选 that 连接主从句,且不可省略。 32. D。该题为一个带有定语从句的复合句,句中作定语的关系代词 who 指代先行词 teachers,为复数,故 谓语动词该用 are; as well as 连接两个主语时,谓语动词要根据前一个主语决定;由 every, no, each 等限 定的并由 and 连接的两个并列名词作主语时,谓语动词要用单数形式。 33. 为 A。分析句子结构和句子意思可知,空格所需的选项均为两个句子的主语,第一空作介词 after 的宾 语;第二空作动词短语 carry out 的宾语;根据四个选项,只有 what 可在句中作此成分。 34. A。根据问话人所用的 most 可以知道,句中 electronic dictionaries 应为三者以上,再根据答句意义判 断,选项应为否定,故应选 none。该句答句部分 both...and 很容易迷惑考生,使之误认为是两者的否定形 式,而误选 neither。 35. B。第一空动词 attend 为及物动词,表主动,根据感觉动词 find 所跟复合结构,不可使用 to attend,过 去分词 attended 表被动, 意义也不成立, 可选用 attending 或 attend, 但根据句意, 此处强调状态, 故 attending 现在分词为最佳选项;第二空介词 about 后应使用动名词形式 there being。

20 单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 从 A,B,C,D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑 21.— Don't put the waste on the ground, young man, — Oh, I'm sorry. I ________the dustbin there. A. hadn?t seen B. didn?t see C. can?t see D. wasn ?t seeing 22.— Why are you late again, Vera? — The bus took me a (n)________half hour to get to the hotel because of the traffic jam. A. extra B. spare C. more than D. other 23.— I wonder if you have a single room for tonight. — ________. — Thank you anyway. A. One monent, please. I?ll check it out for you. B. Sure, please fill out this form. C. Sorry, I?m afraid we have none at the moment D. How long are you planning to stay here, sir? 24.— Thank you, Joan, for the lovely party and the delicious food. — ________. A. No thanks B. Never mind C. All right D. My pleasure 25.— Where is my blue jeans? — It?s in the washing - machine. You?ll have to wear ________different one. A. any B. the C. a D. other 26.— He ________ to Beijing ten times in 1999. — So he must have covered ________ of it. A. went; much B. had; a lot C. was going; some D. had gone; many 27.— Do you have my passport, Janet? — Yes, I have ________right here, in the locker. A. one B. it C. a very one D. this 28.The picture was put in the corner of the room, nobody ________in it. A. had any interest B. being interested C. was interested D. to have an interest 29.I would appreciate it ________you help me with my English. A. that B. if C. where D. in case 30.— Where did the accident happen? — It was at the post office near the hotel ________ the peace talk would be held. A. that B. which C. where D. when 31.— How did you play in the match? — Well, our team was ahead by 2 to zero during the first half, but we ________ in the last ten minutes. A. had lost B. have lost C. were losing D. lost 32.A student of English________ limited exercise finds it hard to get good mark in an English exam. A. is used to deal with B. used to deal with

C. is used to dealing with D. used to dealing with 33.My new issue of Twenty - first Century. School Edition has disappeared. Who ________ have taken it? A. should B. must C. could D. would 34.— Mr Smith, I wonder if you are free this afternoon. We?d like you to come to our party. — ________. A. I?d like to B. I?d love you, too C. I will come D. I like it 35.After the storm nothing________ of the house, It really ________ us much to think about. A. stayed; keeps B. kept; makes C. remained ; leaves D. left; gives

21.A 如果描述刚才一瞬间进行的动作用过去进行时,如 I wasn't listening,过去某一结果用一般过去时, 如 I didn't hear it. 22.A 本句意思是多花了半个小时,因此用 extra 表示“额外的,附加的” 。 23.C 从答语可知要订房间没有订到,因此选 C 24.D 应答别人的感谢你的帮助或款待时用(It's)a/my pleasure. 25.C “另外穿一件衣服” ,表示没有具体所指的另外一个。 26.A 问句中有特定的过去时间,表示过去做过某事,因此用一般过去时;第二句表示“北京的很 多地方”用 much of+单数或不可数名词 27.B 用 it 代上文的 my passport. 28.B 用独立主格作状语,对主句作补充说明,如果选 A、C 项要有连词连接两个句子。 29.B “如果你能帮我学英词,我将感激不尽” 。 30.A 本句实际上是强调句式的省略式表示“ (故事发生在)和谈将要举行的那家旅馆旁的邮局里。 ” 31.D in/for/during the last/past+一段时间表示“在过去多长时间里”做过某事,与完成时连用,但 本句中并不是这个含义,而是在“最后十分钟”出现的结果。 32.D 选项部分完全形式为:a student(who is)used to dealing with. ,表示“习惯于?的学生” ,用 过去分词作定语 33.C 对具体情况的疑问判断用 may,might 或 can,could,表示“会是谁呢?” 34.A 应答对方的邀请表示同意时用 I'd like/love to。 35.C remain 表示“剩下,留下” ,其形式是 sth./sb.remains:leave 表示“把?留下” ,leave sth。



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