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unit6 lesson1 A matter of taste导学案

年级: 高一 学科 :英语 课题:Unit6 Lesson1 A matter of taste (3 periods) 主备教师: 黎元荣 参与人: 王义山 周丽 孙晔 何敏 审定人: 苏晟 Learning aims: To read the text to get specific information To learn about Chinese famous artists To practise using prepositions of time, place and movement To describe a simple scene Learning difficult and important points: To practise using prepositions of time, place and movement To describe a simple scene Learning guides: Pair work, group work, discussion Learning procedures: Step I Warm up 1. Look at the three paintings. Which one satisfy/suit you taste? Why? 2. Key Words about painting: style: realistic abstract pop cubist impressionist subject: scenery people war gardens flowers colours: light dark bright soft warm, cold shapes: round square clear curving(弯的) lines: straight wavy hard elegant thin thick 3.Do you something about the three artists ?


Step II Reading 1.Fast reading , and answer the following questions 1) Who is famous for drawing pretty women? 2)Who is more good at drawing simple pictures we often see in our life? 3)Why did Chen Yifei use black as the background of Poppy? 4)Who held exhibitions abroad to advance Chinese art? 5) What is Xu Beihong’s masterpiece? 2.Careful reading, fill in the table Place of exhibition ______ of exhibition Names of artists Names of well-known paintings Subjects of paintings Newman Gallery, Dinham 1 July to 15 September _______, _______ and ________ ________, ________ and ________

A horse______ at high speed; A tiny insect ______ its eyes on the cabbage nearby; A young woman sitting _____, deep in _____, her hand _____the fan above her knees _____, grey,______,_______

Colors used

3. Enjoy reading, tell about the description of the three paintings Step III. Vocabulary 1. Find the words in the text with the definitions. 1) something that people have done for a long time and continue to do: custom 2) to help the progress of something 3) having a lot of new ideas

4) people who watch or listen to a performance 5) ability to form new ideas and to make pictures in one’s mind 6) living being, esp. an animal 7) a way of doing something 8) to say strongly that something is important Step IV Grammar time After, at, before, during, In, on REPOSITION OF TIME, PLACE, AND MOVEMENT place Above, below, at, behind, Between, in, on, under, over movement Across, along, into, to To, from, by, through

Step V. Knowledge research--- key words, phrases and sentences 1. develop: e.g.开发、发展、开展, His business developed quickly.发展 We need to develop solar energy further.开发 I developed the habit of eating between meals.养成了 Please try to develop the idea more fully.说明 2. 形容词 副词 do-ing leave+宾语 + to do done 介词短语 Don’t leave her waiting outside in the rain. He got up slowly leaving the lunch unfinished. You’d better leave the drawing-room door open. His illness has left him weak. 试比较: leave 客观上存留的状态 make,have 强调主动性、目的性 ( make 后不用-ing 形式作宾补) keep 表示“使……处于状态” (后面不用 to do 形式作宾补) 3. deep in thought 陷入沉思 He sat there, deep in thought. 他坐在那儿,陷入沉思 4. fix one’s eyes’ attention on 注视、注意 She fixed her eyes on the clock.=Her eyes are fixed on the clock. 她眼睛一动不动地注视着表。 fix 确定,安排 Let’s fix a day, would Saturday night suit you? 咱们定个日子吧,星期六晚上你觉得合适吗? Fix 使固定,放在固定位置 We’ve fixed the picture on the wall. 我们把画固定在墙上。

fix 安排,解决 Everything had been fixed in advance. 一切都提前安排好了。 5. combine …with 把…和…结合起来 These films combine education with recreation. 这些电影把教育和娱乐结合起来了。 6. add to 增加 Their arrival added to our difficulty. 他们的到来增加了我们的困难。 Add…to…把…加到…上 She added sugar to her coffee. 她往咖啡里加了些糖。 add up 加起来 add up to 总计、总共有 e.g.She added some sugar to tea. Your carelessness added to our difficulty. Every time I added up these figures, I get a different answer. The money he spent added up to no more than $ 1000., on 和 in at 在某一点,在某物旁 at the shop 在商店 at +门牌号 in+街道名 at the end of the road 在路的尽头 Tom sat at the des 汤姆做在桌旁。k On 在……之上(尤指在某物的表面上) On the wall 在墙上 On the Thames 在泰晤士河上。 There is a bottle of wine on the table.桌上有一瓶酒。 In 在……(范围)内 In the room/lake/sky 在房子/湖/天空里 Before, in front of 和 in the front of Before 表示在空间的位置,“在……面前/眼前 In front of 在……面前表示建筑物或无生命的具体位置,其反义词为 behind In the front of 在……面前, 表示的是某一具体范围之内的前面。 There is a big tree in front of the house. He sat in the front of the bus. Above 和 over“在……上面,高出” A lamp was hanging above/over the table. Over 表示“越过” 或“覆盖”而 above 无此含义 He speed a cloth over the table. 他在桌子上铺了一块桌布。


Step VI Test yourself
一、单选: 1. He suddenly saw Sue _____the room. He pushed his way _____ the crowd of people to get to her. A across, across B. over, through C. over, into D across, through 2. You can’t wear a blue jacket ____that shirt—it’ll look terrible. A on B. above C. up D. over 3. I am sorry it’s ___my power to make a final decision on the project. A. over B. above C. off D. beyond 4. The sunlight came in ____the windows in the roof and lit up the whole room. A., through B. across C. on D. over 5. The newly-painted white tower looks magnificent _____the blue sky. A. in B over C. above D. against 6. The picture looks very beautiful ____the light wall. A. in B. of C. over D. against 7. As is shown on the map, Taiwan lies ____the southeast of China. A. in B. on C. to D. at 8. Please excuse me if I have left any of your questions_______. A. unanswered B. answered C. to answer D. answering 9. He found her eyes ____on him with an eager expression. A. fixed B. fixing C. been fixed D are fixing 10. We’ve ____the date for the wedding. A. fixed B. decided C. thought of D. arranged 11. His illness has left him_____. A. weakness B. weak C. to be weak D. be weak 12. The program has become ____firm favorite with young people. A. a B. / C. the D my 13. He was such ____good speaker that he held our attention every minute of ____three –hour lecture. A. /; the B a; / C. a; the D a; a 14. It was an easy test and he should have passed, but he ______. A. doesn’t B. wasn’t C. didn’t D. hadn’t 15. A driver is asked to keep his safety belt _____ while driving on the freeway. A. fasten B. fastening C. fastened D. to fasten 二、完形: “Everything happens for the best”, my mother said whenever I faced disappointment(失望). “If you 16 on, something good will happen some day.” Mother was right. As I 17 after graduating(毕业) from college, I had designed myself for a 18 announcer. So I went to Chicago to knock on the door of every station and was 19 every time. In one station, a kind lady told me that 20 stations wouldn’t employ a person without 21 since I had just graduated. “Go out in the town and find a small station tat might give you a chance,” she said. I returned to Dixon, 22 I had finished my high school education and had 23 in the school football team. My father said that our town had built a store and wanted a man to 24 its sports

department. The job sounded just 25 for me, but I wasn’t employed. My disappointment had shown as if 26 “Everything happens for the best.” Mom reminded(提醒)me. Dad 27 me his car to look for a job. I tried WOC Radio Davenport. The program director told me 28 had already employed an announcer. 29 if left his office, I asked myself aloud, “30 can a fellow get to be a sports announcer if 31 can’t get a job in a radio station?” Suddenly, I heard the director 32, “Do you know anything about football?” Then he asked me to 33 an imaginary game. It was easy, and I did it without difficulty. The director was 34 and told me I would be broadcasting a game on the 35 Sunday. 16. A. put B. take C. move D. carry 17. A. recovered B. discovered C. recognized D. developed 18. A. radio B. TV C. sport D. program 19. A. invited B. promised C. refused D. accepted 20. A. large B. all C. no D. small 21. A. experience B. exams C. agreement D. technology 22. A. which B. where C. there D. here 23. A. played B. joined C. taken D. fought 24. A. own B. manage C. report D. enter 25. A. possible B. successful C. right D. important 26. A. by design B. by accident C. expected D. supposed 27. A. borrowed B. lent C. bought D. sold 28. A. he B. she C. we D. they 29. A. While B. After C. Before D. So 30. A. What B. How C. Whenever D. Wherever 31. A. it B. me C. he D. I 32. A. calling B. answering C. broadcasting D. announcing 33. A. make B. act C. broadcast D. play 34. A. moved B. sorry C. thankful D. satisfied 35. A. future B. later C. last D. coming



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