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How do Chinese

people greet
each other in formal situations?

South America Japan Middle East Thailand USA Holland


Why do you think people in different countries greet each other in different ways?

Chinese chopsticks Western fork and knife

eating and clothes
festivals Cultural differences

greeting ways

body language

wedding customs

Christmas tree

Gatherings for
feasts & celebrations Mince pies



Traditional food

(在美国,感恩节是 每年11月的第四个 星期四; 而加拿大是10月第 二个星期一)

Spring Festival

Traditional wedding

Western countries

What’s their nationality?

Wedding in Western countries

Chinese wedding

Korean wedding



Teaching Goals
1. Get more common sense about cultural differences 2. Increase the students’ awareness of the importance of understanding cultural differences 3. Make the students proud of our own culture

Cultural differences

Go through the dialogue quickly and then answer several questions. 1. Where did this dialogue take place? In the student centre 2. How many people are involved in this dialogue? Who are they? Three people 3. Where do they come from? Ma Li is an exchange student in Japan. Waled is from Brunei, and Peter is from the UK.

1) Ma Li came to the chat room to______. A. make some new friends B. look for some native English teachers C. collect some information D. practice English

2) To some Westerners, it is ____ not to open the present as soon as you get it. A. polite B. friendly C. common D. impolite 3) You would be expected to see a live hen in_____ at the wedding ceremony.. A. the USA B. the UK C. Korean D. Brunei

4) If you went to a wedding in____, you wouldn’t expect any alcohol. A. The USA B. the UK C. Italy D. Brunei 5) From the text we can learn that there are different ideas about good manners. We should always _______ whenever we go. A. do as we like B. do as we are told to C. do as the local people do D. take off your shoes

roosters 1. In Korea, it is believed that hens can drive bad spirits away from the wedding ceremony. 2. The bridegroom and bride have to sit in different areas at the wedding reception in Brunei. 3. People in Brunei celebrate the wedding by playing drums singing and dancing throughout the night. 4. In the UK, people take off their shoes before entering someone’s house. Brunei 5. There can be great cultural differences

Detailed reading




even between people who speak the same language.

Further reading

Part 1 : (lines7-13)

the UK the USA

open the present the moment he is given it

do the same

If not, strange, rude

to see the receiver’s reaction

Part 2 Wedding in Korea

a live hen ____________________ to ensure good luck They have to drive bad spirits a live rooster _________________ away

Part 3 Brunei culture Differences in a wedding reception in Brunei? sit in The bridegroom and the bride __________ separate areas _____________. No ________. alcohol Play _______ for a long time, sometimes drums throughout the night ____________________.

What should you do instead of pointing with your first finger in Brunei?

Many countries’ people point first finger with their __________.
however in Brunei

Part 4

They use:


Part 4 Bonfire Night
UK (celebrated in ______)

Time: _________________________ on November 5th hot dogs and other food Food: _________________________ Activities: _____________________ light large fires outside

Task-based reading
____1____ differences Cultural Situations Reactions/Customs Both the American ___2___ and the British will Similarities on/upon open it ___3__ being given it. The celebration Differences held on Nov.5th is not to Familiar _4__ people in America.

Roosters and hen are ____5____ to be seen in the expected In Korea wedding ceremony because bring they are thought to ___6___ good luck to the bridegroom and the bride. Wedding 1) The bridegroom and the In Brunei bride are supposed to be separate seated in ____7_____ places. 2) The wedding reception permission give no ___8____ for alcohol. 3) The drums are played throughout the night.

Pointing Shoes

In Brunei, people point with instead their thumb ___9___ of first finger. In Brunei, shoes should be __10__ off before going inside taken someone’s house.



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