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2017高考英语一轮复习 Unit 3 Life in the future练习

Unit 3 Life in the future
一、单句语法填空 1.(2013·四川,阅读 B)Tim knew it would soon ________ (swallow) by the waves. 2.(2014·四川,阅读 D)Obviously,students are terrible at ________ (adjust) their sleep cycles to their daily schedule. 3.(2014·四川,阅读 E)After a week,the two groups switched ________ participants. 4.He took a medical examination two days ago and now he is anxious ________ (know) the result. 5.He's very optimistic ________ his chances. 6.She made a good impression ________ his mother. 7.(2015·重庆,6)________ (raise) in the poorest area of Glasgow,he had a long, hard road to becoming a football star. 8 . He showed us around the factory, ________ all these used materials would be recycled. 9.(2014 ·江苏,阅读 C)Physical expressions of anger are generally considered too socially harmful to ________ (tolerate). 10.(2014·江西,阅读 A)In his black and blue suit and with an oxygen tank ________ (fasten) on his back,Larry dived from boats into the middle of the ocean. 答案 swallowed 2.adjusting 3.with know 5.about 6.on 7.Raised 8.where tolerated 10.fastened 二、完形填空 完形填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从以下题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出 最佳选项。 Who designed (设计) the first helicopter (直升飞机)? Who __1__ of the most famous pictures in the world? Who knew more about the human body than most __2__? There is an answer __3__ all these questions --- Leonardo de Vinci (达芬奇).


Leonardo may have been the greatest genius (天才) __4__ have ever known. He lived in Italy around the year 1500, but many of his inventions seem modern to us today. For example, one of his notebooks has drawings of a helicopter. Of course, he couldn’t __5__ a helicopter with the things he had. But scientists say his idea would have worked. But Leonardo __6__ an inventor. He was one of the greatest artists of his day. By the time he was twenty years old, he was called a master ( 大师) painter, and as he got older he became __7__ more famous. Sometimes he drew a hand ten different ways __8__ he was ready to paint. Many of Leonardo’s wonderful paintings are still with __9__ today. You may know one of his most famous works the __10__ woman known as the Mona Lisa. 名师点评 本文介绍了堪称世界上最伟大的天才——达?芬奇在发明、 艺术等方面为人类所作的巨大贡献, 文章层次分明,通俗易懂。 (C)1. A. took B. made C. painted D. invented

【解析】C。为了引出话题人物━━达?芬奇,这里引用了设问手法,问题应表示“是谁画了世 界上最著名的画”,故选择动词 painted。 (B)2. A. artists B. doctors C. painters D. people

【解析】 B。 对人体比较了解的莫过于医生了, 将达?芬奇与医生相比才能显示其对人体的精通。 故选择 doctors。 (A)3. A. to B. of C. for D. from

【解析】A。介词 to 常表示一一对应的关系,“问题的答案”习惯表达为 an answer to a question。 (D)4. A. the scientists B. the artists C. the world D. people

【解析】D。达?芬奇应是世人所知道的天才中最伟大的人,the world 一般指每个人,相当于 第三人称单数,故 people 为正确选项。 (D)5. A. draw B. paint C. work D. build


【解析】D。draw 和 paint 不合文意, work 为不及物动词,不能直接接宾语。在那个时代,达 ?芬奇所不能做的应是制造飞机,故选择 build。 (B)6. A. was just longer 【解析】 B。 这一句起承上启下的作用, 意为“达?芬奇不仅仅是一名发明家”, 故选择 wasn’t just (C)7. A. less B. no C. even D. very B. wasn’t just C. wasn’t D. was no

【解析】C。less 和 no 不合文章,very 不能用来修饰比较级,而 even 常用来修饰比较级,意 为“甚至更??”,故为正确选项。 (A)8. A. before B. after C. because D. when

【解析】A。为了使自己的画达到最高境界,应在画这幅画之前去尝试不同的画法,所以应选 before。 (B)9. A. him B. us C. them D. you

【解析】B。达?芬奇的画今天依然保存在世,为本文作者以及读者所共享,所以应选 us。 (C)10. A. interesting B. crying C. smiling D. surprising

【解析】 C。 达?芬奇的名作━━Mona Lisa 以画中人物面部神秘的微笑而名扬天下, 故选 smiling

三、阅读理解 A段 【2016 高考训练】阅读下列短文, 从给的四个选项 (A、B、C 和 D) 中, 选出最佳选项。 In the mid?1950s,I was a somewhat bored early?ado lescent male student who believed that doing_any_more_than_necessary_ was_wasted_effort.One day,this approach threw me into embarrassment. In Mrs.Totten's eighth?grade math class at Central Avenue School in Anderson, Indiana,we were learning to add and subtract decimals (小数). Our teacher typically assigned daily homework,which would be recited in class the following day.On most days,our grades were based on our oral answers to homework questions. Mrs.Totten usually walked up and down the rows of desks requesting answers from


student after student in the order the questions had appeared on our homework sheets.She would start either at the front or the back of the classroom and work toward the other end. Since I was seated near the middle of about 35 students,it was easy to figure out which questions I might have to answer.This particular time,I had completed my usual two or three problems according to my calculations. What I failed to expect was that several students were absent,which threw off my estimate.As Mrs.Totten made her way from the beginning of the class,I desperately tried to determine which math problem I would get.I tried to work it out before she got to me,but I had brain freeze and couldn't function. When Mrs.Totten reached my desk,she asked what answer I'd got for problem No.14.“I...I didn't get anything,”I answered,and my face felt warm. “Correct,”she said. It turned out that the correct answer was zero. What did I learn that day?First,always do all your homework.Second,in real life it isn't always what you say but how you say it that matters.Third,I would never make it as a mathematician. If I could choose one school day that taught me the most,it would be that one. 1.What does the underlined part in Paragraph 1 indicate? A.It is wise to value one's time. B.It is important to make an effort. C.It is right to stick to one's belief. D.It is enough to do the necessary. 2.Usually,Mrs.Totten asked her students to ________. A.recite their homework together B.grade their homework themselves C.answer their homework questions orally D.check the answers to their homework questions 3.The author could work out which questions to answer since the teacher always ________. A.asked questions in a regular way


B.walked up and down when asking questions C.chose two or three questions for the students D.requested her students to finish their usual questions 4.The author failed to get the questions he had expected because ________. A.the class didn't begin as usual B.several students didn't come to school C.he didn't try hard to make his estimate D.Mrs.Totten didn't start from the back of the class 5.Which of the following can be the best title for the passage? A.An Unforgettable Teacher C.An Effective Approach 答案: 【语篇解读】 本文为记叙文。作者通过回忆自己小时候不完成家庭作业,只是应付数学老 师所提问题的故事,告诉大家自己从这件事中受到的教育以及吸取的教训。 1.D 解析: 考查句意理解。根据语境可知, 作者认为只要做必要的事就够了, 故 D 项正确。 2.C 解析:考查细节理解。根据第三段最后一句“On most days,our grades were based on our oral answers to homework questions”可知,大多数时候,老师只要求学生口头 回答家庭作业。 3.A 解析:考查推理判断。根据第四段的内容可知,作者的数学老师总是按照题目顺序和 学生的座位顺序提问,很有规律。故 A 项正确。 4. B 解析: 考查细节理解。 根据第六段第一句“What I failed to expect was that several students were absent,which threw off my estimate”可知,作者没有料到的是有几个 学生缺课,没有来学校,所以他没有估计对自己要回答的问题。故选 B。 5.D 解析:考查标题判断。根据全文尤其是文章最后一段可知,本文主要讲述了作者从自 己应付数学老师所提问题而有一次差点失败这件事上吸取了教训,上了宝贵的一堂课。故 D 项最适合作文章标题。 B.A Future Mathematician D.A Valuable Lesson

B段 2016 高考训练--阅读理解。 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中,选出最佳选项。 When I was growing up, I had an old neighbor named Doctor Gibbs. He didn't look like


any doctor I'd ever known. He never yelled at us for playing in his yard, but was always very kind. When Doctor Gibbs wasn't saving lives, he was planting trees. He had some interesting theories about planting trees. He believed in the principle: "No pain, no gain". He hardly watered his new trees, which flew in the face of conventional wisdom. Once I asked why and he told me that watering plants spoiled them because it made them grow weaker. He said you had to make things tough for the trees so that only the strongest could survive. He talked about how watering trees made them develop shallow roots and how, if they were not watered, trees would grow deep roots in search of water. So, instead of watering his trees every morning, he'd beat them with a rolled-up newspaper. I asked him why he did that, and he said it was to get the tree's attention. Doctor Gibbs died a couple of years after I left home. Every now and then, I walked by his house and looked at the trees that I'd watched him plant some twenty five years ago. They were all tall and strong. I planted a couple of trees myself a few years ago. Two years of attending these trees meant they grew up weak. Whenever a cold wind blew, their branches trembled. Adversity(逆 境) seemed to benefit Doctor Gibb's trees in ways comfort and ease never could. Every night before I go to bed, I check on my two sons. I often pray that their lives will be easy. But lately I've been thinking that it's time to change my prayer. I know my children are going to meet with hardship. There's always a cold wind blowing somewhere. What we need to do is to pray for deep roots, so when the rains fall and the winds blow, we won't be torn apart. 1. With the trees planted, Doctor Gibbs often __________. A. kept watering them every morning B. paid little attention to them C. talked to them to get their attention D. beat them to make them grow deep roots

2. What does the author think of the way Doctor Gibbs planted trees? A. strange and harmful C. original and reasonable B. interesting and funny D. cruel and unacceptable

3. Which prayer does the author wish for his sons? A. Have an easy life, without too much to worry about. B. Meet people like Dr Gibbs in the future.


C. Have good luck, encountering less hardship in their life. D. Be able to stand the rain and wind in their lives. 4. Which of the following can be the best title of the passage? A. Prayers for my sons C. Growing roots 参考答案 1--4 BCDC B. Doctor Gibbs and his trees D. Watering trees

四、七选五 (2015·北京市东城区第二学期综合练习一) Anxiety is your mental watchman. Its fixed pattern is to search for what may be about to go wrong.It continually, and without your conscious permission, scans your life, even when you are asleep, in dreams and nightmares.__1__ When it finds one, it worries it. Along with depression and anger, anxiety is one of the bad faces of worries. __2__ Controlled by anxiety, you will feel a lack of security and confidence. When anxiety is severe and pained, it can be a sign of a disorder, such as panic or terror. Although anxiety seems to have a biological basis, it is habit?forming for many of us. Some of our anxious feelings are in fact wasted energy. Anxiety has gotten out of hand when it is pointless and repeated. When you are faced with a problem at work, before taking a test, or making an important decision, you will feel anxious. When you are controlled by anxiety, you are unable to control your emotions(情感) to the point of it changing your daily routine and habits.__3__ Or you find you are usually anxious at work or around your family. At times, you should listen to the message of your negative emotions, as uncomfortable as they may be, and change your outward life rather than your emotional life. __4__ If you are worried about the dangers of your brother's new hobby, sky diving, perhaps you ought to tell him so. Taking action may relieve your anxiety.__5__By learning to stop always seeking guarantee, not only can you start to undo the automatic cycle of anxiety, but also you learn that you can manage just fine without the need for constant guarantee. This in turn creates a sense of self?confidence and self?respect, which is vital to overcome anxiety.


A.For these people, saying NO to others is often of much anxiety. B.It reviews your work, your love, your play, until it finds an imperfection. C.Comparing anxiety with depression helps to discuss possible cures for anxiety. D.These three common emotions are considered the cause of most mental illnesses. E.If that doesn't work, then it's time to deal with any automatic thoughts in yourself. F.If you are anxious about the work, you might get to the office an hour earlier every day. G.You find yourself waking up anxious, going through the day anxious and going to bed anxious. 文章大意:本文是说明文。该文章主要告诉我们如何摆脱焦虑这种情绪。 1.B 根据前文的 go wrong 和 B 项中的 imperfection 和下文的 worries 判断。故选 B 项。 2.D 根据前句的 depression and anger, anxiety 和 D 中的 three common emotions。 故选 D。 3.G 根据前句 unable to control your emotions(情感)和 G 中的 anxious 判断。故 G 正确。 4.F 根据前文的 negative emotions, uncomfortable 和 change your outward life 以及 F 中的 anxious about the work, you might get to the office an hour earlier every day 判断。故 F 正确。 5.E 根据前文的 Taking action may relieve your anxiety 和下文的 By learning to stop always seeking guarantee 和 E 中 deal with any automatic thoughts in yourself 判断。故选 E。



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