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高一英语places of interest教案5

Chapter3. Places of interest- Reading 教案
一、 章节分析(Reading section ) (一)综述 本章节通过介绍了四个旅游景点,向学生展示了祖国的大好河山和悠久的文化历史,向 学生提供了介绍某一个地点可展开的角度(如地理、历史、文化、景致的描述等),为培养学生的 文物保护和环境保护意识提供了一个教育平台。 本课的任务有两个: 1 对课文进行整体阅读,培养学生略读(获取大意)、扫读(整理有关信息)、细读(分析篇章结 构,概括中心)等阅读能力,掌握描述用语。 2 通过阅读培养民族自尊心和自豪感,激发对祖国的热爱,及保护文物和环境的意识。

(二)阅读目标(Reading Target) 教学目标


知识目标 了解文中介绍的景点的人文、地理;学习课文中重点词、词组、句型和语法。


能力目标 提高学生的阅读理解能力和培养学生的阅读技巧。阅读准备(收集相关资料)、略读(获 取大意)、扫读(整理有关信息)、细读(分析篇章结构,概括中心)等是高中学生必须 具备的阅读技能。


情感目标 激发学生对祖国大好河山的热爱和对悠久文化历史的自豪感。

(三)教学方法 采用任务型教学法组织教学,达到教学效果。 (四)阅读重点和难点(Language Focus and Difficult Points) 1 词汇学习 1) 核心词汇 ? arrange

? ? ? ? ? ?

structure construction preserve historic monument magnificent

? ? ? ? 2)

view scenery landscape


? ?

collection reflection


词组和短语 ?
? ? ? a group of 20 tourists rise and fall twist and turn take shape be fascinated by

2. 句型学习

祈使句+ and will 二、教学设计(Teaching Designs) 教学内容 教学实施建议 教学资源参考



学习积极性,激发学生参与、学习的兴趣。根据课文主题,组织学 生之间的交流。 [具体处理这部分内容的建议见[链接 1 ]。



延伸性问题等)使学生理解课文内容 [具体处理这部分内容的建议见链接 2]。



出;通过列举出旅游时不文明的行为(划刻、乱扔垃圾等),引发学 生的深层思考和保护文物及环境的意识。 [具体处理这部分内容的建议见链接 3]。

[链接 1] 说明: 课前热身活动,组织学生之间的交流、采访,对旅游给人的益处有一个全面的认识; 通 过 Reading A 的选择题,对中国目前的旅游现状有粗略的了解; Reading B (Scanning) 的阅读练习能很快进入本单元的学习。 Step One An interview The students can move around the classroom and interview several classmates and see who

has been to the most places, and the person who has been to the most places will list all the places he has been to. Step Two A discussion. The advantages and disadvantages of travel (broaden one’s experience, expand one’s horizons, create jobs, stimulate economic; cause pollution, do manage to the relics, etc) Step Three Reading A P38 [链接 2] 说明: 通过扫读获取有关信息;以问答的形式,帮助学生理解语句语段,提高学生的阅读理解 能力和培养学生的阅读技巧。 Step One. Scanning Reading B. Step Two. Reading Comprehension

仔细阅读每个部分,提问与回答 Great Wall

Questions: Why do people describe the Great Wall as a dragon? (Because it rises and falls, twists

and turns along the hill-tops of mountain chains.
How long did it take to build the Great Wall? ( About 200 years) If you visit Beijing, will you pay a special visit to the Great Wall? (Yes, a famous section

called Badaling is 85 kilometres north of Beijing.)
Is it necessary to preserve the Great Wall? (Yes, it is a historic monument.) Are you proud of the Great Wall? What do you think of it? (It is said that it is the only

man-made structure which can be seen from space. Although Yang Liwei, the first Chinese

astronaut circling the earth said that he didn’t see it, it should be considered as the
sign of China, a proof of Chinese people’s hard work and wisdom.
Shanghai Museum

Does the structure of Shanghai Museum have any special meaning? (Yes, it has a square base

and a circular top. And according to Chinese legend, that is the structure of the universe Chinese.)

What is the Shanghai Museum famous for? (It’sfamous for itscollections of ancient Chinese

bronze, ceramics, paintings and calligraphy.)
Look at Picture A, a picture of the Shanghai Museum taken at night, what do you think of the building? (It’s magnificent.) The Peak in Hong Kong How can tourists get to the Peak? (By taking a peak tram.)

When was the Peak Tram open to the public? (In 1888.)
How long does it take to get to the Peak if you take Peak Tram? (About 7 minutes).

Where can you find the terminus if you want to visit the Peak? (Walk for about five minutes

from the Bank of China Building, and you will find the lower terminus.)
Standing on the Peak, what will you see? (Enjoy a superb view of HongKong). The Lijiang River in Guilin

What is the usual means of transportation when visiting Lijiang River? (By boat)
What’s the feature of Lijiang River? (Oddly-shaped hills and peaks along the river and

their reflections in the clear water.)

What can be scenery along the Lijiang River compared to? (It can be compared to a beautiful

landscape painting.)
[链接 3]

通过读后讨论活动,让学生熟练应用语言知识和结构,变输入为输出;通过列举出旅游 时不文明的行为(划刻、乱扔垃圾等),引发学生的深层思考和保护文物及环境的意识。 Step One If you are given a chance to have a look at one of the four places of interest, which one would you like to see? Why? Step Two Have you ever been to the four places? Can you give an account of your experience or your feeling while seeing the wonderful structure and beautiful scenery? Step Three

While visiting those four places of interest, have you noticed some people’s behaviour which are not quite good? So can you list some Do’s and Don’ts while you go on a trip?

; 多吉美



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