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Key to Exercises of The liveliest __Hiroshima

II.B. Questions on Struture and Style(p.33)
B. 1 ? No. The writer takes the changes of his thoughts and feelings as the order of the whole text.

B.2. Words or expressions in the text that reveal the writer's attitude toward the atomic bombing are as follows: 1. …I had a lump in my throat and a lot of sad thoughts on my mind…(L.5, Para 1) 2. ... the strange emotion which had overwhelmed me at the stationreturned... (L. 2 , Para. 9 ) 3. ... I was again crushed by the thought that I now stood on the site of the first atomic bombardment... (L. 3 , Para. 9 ) 4. inhibited (L . 4 , Para. 20 ) 5. agitated ( L. 2 , Para .16)

B.3 The Japanese cultural traits(p.33)
1) Little girls and elderly ladies in kimonos.. .(Para.2 ) 2) Serious-looking men... bobbed up and down repeatedly in little bows, as they exchanged the ritual formula of gratitude and respect "Tomo aligato gozayimas". (Para.2 ) 3) As in Tokyo,taxi drivers in Hiroshima often know little of their city,but to avoid loss of face before foreigners, will not admit their ignorance, and will accept any destination without concern for how long it maytake them to find it. (Para.4 ) 4) The Japanese build their traditional houses on boats when land becomes too expensive. (Para. 7)

B.3 The Japanese cultural traits(p.33)
5) At the door to the restaurant, a stunning, porcelainfaced woman in traditional costume asked me to remove my shoes. (Para.8 ) 6) ... I entered one of the low-ceilinged rooms of the little floating house, treading cautiously on the soft tatami matting and experiencing a twinge of embarrassment at the prospect of meeting the mayor of Hiroshima in my socks.(Para.8 )

B.4 The Writer's major impression of the city
4. The writer's major impression of the city is that Hiroshima is a mixture of Japanese culture and Western culture. Symbols: ? 1) Little girls and elderly ladies in kimonos rubbed shoulders with teenagers and women in Western dress. (Para. 2 ) ? 2) The rather arresting spectacle of little old Japan adrift amid beige concrete skyscrapers is the very symbol of the incessant struggle between the kimono and the miniskirt. (Para? 7) (The East and the West)

? Anti-climax ? a common literacy device to achieve humor, surprise, satire, etc. ? The mayor said that Hiroshima is a town known throughout the world for its oysters,because he did not want to embarrass the foreigners by talking about the disaster and he wanted people to forget the tragic past and because Hiroshima is famous for its oysters.

B.6 the end of the story
? 6. The end of the story is well written. It does not answer the question whether Hiroshima is the liveliest city in Japan, but after reading the feature story, everyone would be able to have an answer whether it is or not. ? This way of ending the story leaves much room for the readers to ponder over what is going on in Hiroshima and arrive at his or her own conclusion.

? 7. The word “liveliest” in the title is put in quotation marks to show that this is what the city is said to be and the writer maybe considers it ironic to use the word “liveliest” to describe a city that had been destroyedby an atomic bomb.



? 1. The Japanese men with serious expressions were so absorbed in talking with each other that they didn' t seem to pay attention to the crowds around them ? The Japanese men with serious expressions were so busy talking with each other that they didn' t seem to be bothered by the crowd around them.

? 2. At last the taxi trip came to an end and I suddenly discovered that I was in front of the huge City Hall.

? 3. The rather striking picture of traditional floating houses among high, modern buildings represents the constant struggle between traditional Japanese culture and the new, Western style.

? 4.... a sudden feeling of shame and nervousness came over me when I realized that I was going to meet the mayor of Hiroshima in my socks ? I felt nervous, shy and uncomfortable when I realized that ... ? I suffered from a strong feeling of when ... ? 5.The few Americans and.. also seemed restrained like me. ? 6. After three days in Japan, one gets quite used to bowing to people (as a ritual in greeting and and to show gratitude)

? 7. I was just on the point of showing my assent by making my little bow when I suddenly realized what he meant. His last words shocked me out of my sad dreamy thinking. ? I was just going to nod my head to show my agreement that... ? 8. ... and nurses walked by carrying surgical instruments which were nickelplated and even healthy visitors could not help shivering when they seen those instruments.

? 9. I have the chance to raise my moral standard because of the illness.

IV. A. Words and Expressions (p34)
? 1. lump: the feeling in your throat when you are

going to cry
? 2. rub shoulders with:(informal)to meet and mix

with (people)
? 3. martyred: (the city) that has been made to suffer ? 4. screech:to make a harsh,piercing sound

? 5. arresting:attracting much attention;very attractive skyscraper:avery tall building in a city ? 6. stunning: very attractive or impressive ? 7. sink in:to be fully absorbed or understood ? 8. school:a group of people sharing the same thought ? 9. by trade:by occupation;by way of making a living

IV. B. Meaning of Italized Words
1. Was: fact must be : strong probability. 2. Was I at the scene... ? (not sure) Was I not at the scene? (quite sure ) 3. Elderly : approaching old age. 4. grin : smile broad ly, sometimes foolishly,without making any noise. smil : the most general term ; to make a facial expression but not accompanied by vocal sound which may show amusement,satisfaction,affection,etc ?

carefully/ cautiously
5. sketch: draw an outline quickly. 6. Carefully implies painstaking efforts, thoroughness, cautiousness in avoiding error, etc. Cautiously suggests a careful holding back from action until all possibilities have been considered to avoid failure or danger.

site/ spot
7. Site is almost always restricted to an area of ground,small or large. It may be one that has been set aside for a particular use or activity:a building site;a factory site.A site may be a circumscribed locate where some event has occurred :the site of the first atomic bombardment. A spot is a specific place, either indoors or outdoors, of limited extent: a beautiful spot in which to have a picnic.

8.Demolish has more of a physical sense, meaning tearing down destroy only means putting an end to. 9. Gay suggests light-heartedness and unrestrained good spirits. Delightful means giving delight,very pleasing and charming. 10. Gaze is to look long and steadily, often with the indication of wonder,admiration, fascination,etc. Stare is to gaze intently,especially with wideopen eyes,as in amazement, admiration or fear.

IV. C. Discriminate Synonyms(p.35)
? 1. Puzzle implies such a baffling quality or such intricacy,as of a problem,situation,etc. ,that one has great difficulty in understanding or solving it. ? ~ over sth think deeply about sth in order to understand it 对某事物苦苦思索(以便理解): ? She's been puzzling over his strange letter for weeks. ? 她几个星期也琢磨不透他那封奇怪的来信.

? Perplex adds to puzzle the implications of worry and uncertainty,especially about reaching a decision on a course of action or the right solution to a personal problem. ? 使(某人)困惑﹑ 糊涂或迷惑: ? Don't perplex the issue. ? 不要把这问题弄得更复杂。 ? perplex a person with a difficult question ? 用难题把人难倒

? Confuse implies a mixing up mentally to a greater or lesser degree. ? confuse cause and effect ? 混淆因果关系 ? Don' t confuse Austria and / with Australia. ? 不要把奥地利跟澳大利亚弄混淆了. ? Don't confuse liberty with overindulge. ? 不要把自由与放纵混为一谈

? Confound implies suchconfusion as completely frustrates or greatly astonishes one. ? The shock ~ed her. ? 那次打击使她惊惶失措 ? Bewilder implies such utter confusion that the mind is staggered beyond the ability to think clearly. ? I am totally bewildered by the clues to this crossword puzzle. 这个纵横字谜的提示完全把我弄糊涂了 ? Dumbfound specifically implies as its effect a nonplused(窘迫,不知道如何是好) or confounded state in which oneis momentarily struck speechless.

C. Discriminate Synonyms (p.35)
? Heinous implies such extreme wickedness as to arouse the strongest hatred and revulsion. ? Outrageous applies to that which so exceeds all bounds of right,morality,decency,etc., as to be intolerable. ? Horrible means causinga feeling of horror.

? Evil is not often applied to persons and frequently has a more or less sinister or baleful connotation. ? evil thoughts 邪念 an evil man 恶棍.
? Wicked implies the actual violation of moral codes. ? 指人或人的行为)不道德的, 缺德的, 邪恶的: ? That was very wicked of you. ? 你干的事可真缺德

V. Translation V.(P.35) A.
? 1. There is not a soul in the hall. The meeting must have been put off. ? 2. That modern construction looks very much like a flying saucer.

? 3. Sichuan dialect sounds much the same as Hubei dialect to the northerner. It is sometimes difficult to tell one from the other.
? 4. The very sight of the monument reminds me of my good friend who was killed in the battle.

? 5. He was so deep in thought that he was
oblivious of what his friends were talking

? paid no attention to ... ? took no notice of ... ? lost in thought ? 6. What he did had nothing to do with her.

? 7. She couldn't fall asleep as her daughter's illness

was very much on her mind
? ...because she was troubled by ... ? 8. I have had the matter on my mind for a long time. ? The matter has been bothering him for... ? 9. He loves these gatherings where/at which he rubs shoulders with young people and exchanges opinions on various subjects.

? 10. It was only after a few minutes that his words sank in. His words didn't sink in until a few minutes later.

? 11. The soil smells of fresh grass.
? 12. Could you spare me a few minutes? ? 13. Could you spare me a ticket? ? 14. That elderly grey-haired man is a coppersmith by trade.

Translation B (p36)
1. 其次,因为我当时喉咙哽咽,忧思万缕,那与一 个日本铁路官员会说什么毫不相干。 2. 对我来说,踏上这片土地,呼吸着广岛的空气, 这件事本身就比我以往的任何一次旅行或采访任务 更为激动人心。我不是在犯罪现场吗? 3.这座曾遭劫难的城市中的高楼大厦从我们身边一座 座飞掠而过,而与此同时,我们的身体也随着司机 手中急打的方向盘而在车里东倒西歪。

4. 非常出乎意料的是,在广岛车站时萦绕着的那种奇 怪情绪又一次袭上心头。当我想到自己正置身于第一 颗原子弹轰炸的地方时,我的心情再次沉重。这儿曾 有成千上万的 人顷刻之间遭到杀害,还有成千上万的 人在痛苦的煎熬中慢慢死去。 5. “很少有城市像广岛这样闻名世界。我自豪而高兴地 欢迎诸位来到广岛。一座因其牡蛎而举世闻名的城市 。” 6. 在这个牡蛎之城,有两派不同的看法,一派想保存原 子弹爆炸留下的痕迹,另一派则想销毁一切痕迹,甚 至要拆除竖立在爆炸中心的纪念碑。他们还想拆毁原 子弹博物馆。”

7. “如果您要写关于这座城市的文章, 别忘记说它是 日本最快乐的城市,即使这里的 许多市民身上还带 着暗伤,还有灼伤/灼痕。” 8. 但到后来,我的头发开始 脱落,腹内开始积水, 并感觉恶心。

? 1. The feature begins with how Mike Fay got hurt. The beginning raises a number of questions — who is Mike Fay and why is he on a California hillside,etc. — and leads people to read on. ? The author is not narrating the feature according to the order of occurrence. Rather, he adopts the method of flashback.

? 2. This feature is about environmental protection. To be more specific,it is about forest protection, and about striking a balance between timber cutting and forest protection. ? 3. Mike Fay wanted to find out if there was a way to maximize both timber production and the many ecological and social benefits standing forests provide.


At last this intermezzo came to an end,and I found myself in frontof the gigantic City Hall.

? (L.l,Para .5)
? At last the taxi trip came to an end and I suddenlydiscovered that I was in front of the huge City Hall.

? 8. The tall buildings of the martyred city flashed by as we lurchedfrom side to side in response to ? the driver’s sharp twists of the wheel. (L. 5,Pam. 3 )
? The tall buildings of the city of suffering passedquickly and when the driver made abrupt changes of direction,we were swung fromone side to another accordingly.



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