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南通市职业学校对口单招高三年级第一次调研考试 英语试卷 注意事项: 1.本试卷共 10 页,包含选择题和非选择题两部分。两 卷满分 100 分。考试时间 120 分钟。 2. 答题前, 考生务必将自己的姓名、 学校、 考试号用 0.5mm 黑色签字笔填写在答题卡规定区域。 3.选择题作答:用 2B 铅笔把答题卡上相应题号中正确 答案的标号涂黑。 4.非选择题作答:用 0.5mm 黑色签字笔直接答在相应题 号的答题区域内,否则无效。 第一部分:语言知识运用(共 40 小题;每题 1 分,满分 40 分) 第一节 在本节中,你将读到 10 个句子,从题后所给的 A、 B、C、D 四个选项中选出可以填入空白处的最佳选 项,并将答题卡上对应的字母涂黑。 1. ______ not only he but also you going to attend the party tomorrow? A. Are B. Is C. Were D. Was 2. The teacher said that light ______ faster than sound. A. has traveled traveled D. travels B. traveled C. had 3. It was ______ he said just now ______ disappointed us. A. that; what B. what; what C. what; that D. that; that 4. ______ he come, he would have known the truth. A. Should B. Were C. Had D. Did 5. Her mother _______ and she was very sad because she won’t meet her forever. A. passed away got away 6. Mr. Liu gave us some practical advice, would you like to ______ it? A. get B. follow C. receive D. bring B. went away C. ran away D. 7. ______ hard she tries, she can hardly avoid making mistakes in her homework. A. While B. However C. As D. Although 8. As a consequence, children labeled ?slow? may end up believing they are ______ learn slowly, even though they could progress more rapidly. A. fated to B. dependent on responsible for D. used to C. 9. Hearing the doorbell ring, ______. A. no one was at home was opened B. the door C. the house was quiet to answer it D. he went 10. How I regretted ______ so many hours in the Internet bars, ______ I should have worked hard. A. to waste; where when C. wasting; where waste; when 第二节 在本节中,你将读到 15 个短对话或句子,从题后 所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出可以填入空白 处的最佳选项,并将答题卡上对应的字母涂黑。 11. — Would you mind my opening this window? It ’s getting stuffy in here. — ______ A. I don’t like it. all, go ahead. C. Yes, please. please. 12. — The coat I received is not the same as is shown online. — ______? But I promise you we’ll look into it right away. D. Sure, B. Not at D. to B. wasting; A. Who says D. What if B. How come C. What for 13. — Thank you for the flowers. — ______. I thought they might cheer you up. A. That’s right right B. All right C. I’m all D. It’s all right 14. — What’s a reasonable tip to leave to the waitress? — ______, I usually leave 20% of the dinner price. A. Help yourself to you C. That’s the point deal 15. — Do you enjoy your present job? — ______. I just do it for a living. A. Of course little C. Not likely D. Not really B. Not a D. It’s a B. It’s up Tom: I’m looking forward to Child



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