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Unit 5

Nelson Mandela—a modern hero Reading---Elias’ Story

Knowledge aims: 1. Get the students to learn the following useful new words and expressions in this passage:hero quality willing active republic fight peaceful prison prisoner period?law advise continue fee gold youth league stage vote position accept violence equal lose heart in trouble worry about out of work Youth League as a matter of fact blow up put. . . in prison 2. Get the students to know the qualities of a great person. 3. Get the students to learn about Nelson Mandela. Ability aims: 1. Develop the students reading ability and let them learn different reading skills. 2. Enable the students to learn how to give their opinions. Emotional aims: 1. Get the students to learn noble qualities from great persons. 2. Get the students to learn from Nelson Mandela to develop their moral qualities. Teaching procedures: Step1: Warming up Do a gussing game. Discribe some modern famous persons and great persons. Let students guess who he/she is and tell who are great persons. 1. He is a young singer. He is very popular among young people. He sings in not a clear way. His English name begins with J. (周杰伦) 2. He is Chinese. He is the tallest basketball player in China. He is a member of NBA. (姚明) 3. He fought for the liberation of Chinese people in old days. He was the founder of our country--The People 's Republic of China. His hometown was in Hunan, Shaoshan. (毛泽东) 4. Once he was the richest man in the world. He set up Microsoft Company and makes his own software. (Bill.Gates) 5. He fought for the black people and was in prison for thirty years. He helped the black people to get the same rights as white people. He was the first black president in South Africa. (Nelson Mandela) Conclude: Most great people are also famous people, but famous people may not be great people. A great person is someone who devotes his/her life to helping others. Step2: Pre-reading Guess: 1.The story is about whom? 2. What’s the relationship(关系) between them? Answer: 1. Elias and Nelson Mandela 2. Help and courage

Step3: Skimming Give the students three minutes, ask them to read the text fast and then match the main idea with each paragraph. Paragraph 1 Elias’ Self-introduction Paragraph 2 Elias’ trouble –Poor education and job Paragraph 3 Mandela helped Elias Paragraph 5 Black people’s rights Paragraph 7 Elias’ true feeling and actions Paragraph Mandela’s speeches 4,6 Step4: Scanning Give students several minutes, ask them to answer the following questions: 1.Who is Elias? 2.Why did Elias visit Nelson Mandela? 3.What did Mandela do to help black people and Elias? 4. What problems did the black people like Elias have at that time? 5.How did Elias support Mandela? Suggested answers: 1. Elias’ basic information: name Elias birth place profession education Timeline Elias’ life of South Africa worker studied for only _2__ years 1940: He was born 1946: He began school 1948: He left school 1952: He was 12 and met Mandela 2. He had very little education because of his poor family. He had got to had a passbook to continue doing his work, but he didn’t have one because he was not born in Johannesburg. 3. He offered guidance to poor black people on their legal problems. He told Elias how to get the correct papers so that Elias could keep his work in Johannesburg. 4. They couldn’t vote. They couldn not get the job they wanted. They had to live in the poorest parts of South Africa where no one could grow food. 5. He joined the ANC Youth League organized by Mandela. He helped Mandela blow up some government buildings.

Step5: Summary Give students several minutes to fill in the following blanks Elias was a ______ _______in South Africa. He just received _______education when he was young. So he had some ___________(difficulty) in his work. When he was at the age of 12, he met Mandela who offered _________ on his ________ problems. He was grateful for his_____________ (kind). During Elias’ time, life for the blacks was______. They had no rights to _______ and were treated___________ (equal). So when Mandela organized the ANC Youth League to fight for the equal rights of the blacks, Elias ______it as soon as he could. At first they tried some _________(peace) way to break the law but it was____________ (allow) . As a result, they decided to ____________________________ to realize their dream of making black and white people________. Suggested answer: black worker, little, difficulties, guidance, legal, kindness, hard, vote unequally, joined, peaceful, not allowed, answer violence with violence, equal Step6: Post-reading Listen to the tape and do the following true or false statement: 1. Elias went to see Nelson Mandela when he was in trouble. T 2.Elias left school because the school was too far from his home. F 3.Nelson Mandela helped him keep his job. T 4.Elias trusted Nelson Mandela and he joined the ANC Youth League. T 5.Elias was willing to blow up government buildings. F 6.Nelson Mandela thought violence was a good way to help black people. F Step7: Discussion Let students discuss the following questions. What should a great person be like? What qualities should a great person have? Suggested answers: learned, devoted, confident, unselfish, wise, Strong-minded, determined, hard-working, calm, helpful, brave, generous, responsible, calm



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