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unit 1 learning a foreign language

To Section A

? 1.reward n. sth. received in return for work or services ? 他因表现勇敢而获得了一枚奖章。 ? He received a medal as a reward for his bravery. ? rewarding a. worth doing, satisfying ? Teaching is a rewarding career. 教学是一项很有意义的职业。

? 2. frustrate v. ① to cause sb. to feel angry or disappointed ? She was frustrated by her failure in the college entrance exam. 她因高考失利而灰心丧气。

discourage; disappoint; upset; annoy discourage sb. from doing sth. 阻拦;阻止

②cause the failure of sth
? The bad weather frustrated all our hopes of going out ? 恶劣的天气使我们出门的希望化为泡影


3. 很值得去努力 ? to be well worth the effort (L. 3)

生活中并非一切都值 得我们去冒险。 生活中并非一切都

值得我们去冒险。 Not everything

in life is well worth our risk.
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? 4. Because of this positive method, I eagerly answered all the questions I could, never worrying much about making mistakes. ? Because of…, 由于……,

? 由于下雨,运动会被延期了。. ? Because of the rain, the sports meeting has been put off. ? a. Difference between “because of” and “because” ? because of + sth. /doing sth. ? because + a sentence


5.在班里名列前茅 ? to be at the top of the class (L. 7)

On the list of good 在社交方面所有 policies in social 的良策之中诚信 contact, honesty 应列在首位。 should be at the top.
在社交方面所有的良策中, 诚信占首位。
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6. While my former teacher had been patient wit h a ll the stud e nts, my ne w te a c h e r quickly punished those who gave incorrect answers. (P3)

? ? ? ? ?

While… , 而……, “While” is used to show contrast. Translation 我喝清咖啡而他喜欢加奶油的。 I drink black coffee while he prefers cream in his coffee.

? 7. Not only did I lose my joy in answering questions but I also lost my desire to say anything at all in English. ? With “not only” or “only” placed at the beginning of a sentence, its order should be inverted (倒装).

More ? neither/little/only/hardly ? seldom ? neither/not… nor ? not until ? under no circumstances ? no sooner... than...一…就… ? scarcely (hardly)... when...一…就… Practice

A mini-test 1. We have been told that under no circumstances____ the telephone in the office for personal affairs. A. may we use B. we may use C. we could use D. did we use 2. The organization had broken no rules, but _____ had it acted responsibly. A. neither B. so C. either D. both

3. Not until the game had begun ______ at the sports ground. A. had he arrived B. would he have arrived C. did he arrive D. should he have arrived


8. 失去说英语的欲望 ? to lose my desire / eagerness to

say anything in English (L.14)

As a result of her dishonesty, I lost 由于她的不诚实,我 my desire to form 失去了与她建立进 further friendship 一步友谊的欲望。 with her.
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? to be far from perfect (L. 19)

Although our environment is still far 尽管我们的环境还远 from perfect, we 不尽人意,我们并没 haven’t lost the desire 有失去使其改善的意 to change it for the 愿。 better.
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? 10.access n. way of entering, right of using and reaching ? The only access to that building was guarded by the soldiers.

士兵把守着通向那栋楼 的唯一通道.

have/gain/get/obtain access to有权享用;可

输入用户名及密码,你就可以获得你的数据. You obtain access to your data by typing in a user name and password.

? 11. participate v. take part or become involved in… ? Members can participate in any of the activities organized by the club. ? 会员可以参加俱乐部组织的任何活动。

12 . embarrass: vt .make someone feel ashamed, nervous, or uncomfortable The others embarrassed her when they laughed at her mistake. 人们嘲笑她的错误弄得她好尴尬。 embarrassing : a .making someone feel ashamed, nervous, or uncomfortable It was embarrassing that I couldn’t remember his name. 好尴尬——我不记得他的名字了。

A mini-test
1. The people living in these apartments have free ____ to that swimming pool. A. assess B. excess C. process D. access 2. The two friends haven’t ______ with each other. A. associated B. wrote C. communicated D. heard
assess: v.评估,评定 excess: n.超过,过度, 过分 process :n.过程 v.加工,处理

3. If you get up early and run every day, you will ______ a lot from it. A. profit B. benefit C. derive D. receive
4.You can learn anything with a _______ attitude. A. positive B. constructive C. negative D. sensitive constructive: 建设性的 sensitive:敏感的

5. He felt _________ when he found he had difficulty with most of the math problem. A. frightened B. terrified C. encouraged D. frustrated 6. Why can’t you do this small _____ for me? I’ve helped you often in the past. A. favorite B. favorable C. favor D. demand

I. Expressions & Patterns


13. 跟上课程进度

(? to keep up with the flow of the course L. 33)

To keep up with the flow of world trade, 为了跟上世界贸易 China decided to 的进程,中国决定 join WTO. 加入世贸组织。
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I. Expressions & Patterns


14. 尝到刻苦学习的甜头 ? to reap the benefits of hard work (L. 42)

网上聊天使我能尝到学英语的甜头。 Online chatting made it possible for me to reap the benefits of English learning.



I. Expressions & Patterns


15. 拿什么都不换 ? not to trade(exchange / give) sth for

anything (L. 45)

在那场灾难中给我们印象最深的是他们随时准 备用自己的生命换得大众健康的精神。 What impressed us most in that disaster was their readiness to trade their lives for the public health.
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I. Expressions & Patterns


16. 使我认识了另一种文化 ? to give me insights into another culture (L. 46)

读好书使我认识了高 雅的含义。 Good reading has given

me insights into what good taste means.
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I. Expressions & Patterns


17. 使我从心里乐于接受新的看待事物的方式 ? to keep my mind open to new ways of seeing things (L. 46)

As long as we keep our 只要我们从心里乐 minds open to anything 于接受任何有助于 helpful to social 社会进步的东西, progress, our nation 我们的民族就充满 will be filled with hope. 希望。
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18.Now that I speak a foreign language, instead of staring into space when English is being spoken, I can participate and make friends. Now that... , 由于/既然……
你驾驶考试既已合格,就可以独自开车了。 Now that you’ve passed your driving test, you can drive on your own.

I. Expressions & Patterns

?to bridge the gap between different cultures (L. 52)

夫妇二人试图弥合两人之间 的感情分歧,但未能成功。
The couple tried to bridge the gap between their emotions, but without any success.

II. Chinese to English

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? well worth the effort

positive method

former teacher

come across new words

online course

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

virtual classroom

the flow of the course

reap the benefits of

stare into space

participate in

III. Matching Game

c __ medium

a __ screen
d __ gap e __ virtual b __ modem

a. the flat part of a computer
b. one of the necessities for getting online c. a way of giving information d. a space between two objects

a. effective, helpful b. a good chance c. give in return d. exchange ideas e. take part in f. the smallest g. right of reaching h. self-control

___communicate d ___participate in e a ___positive b ___opportunity ___reward c ___minimum f g ___access h ___discipline

? Writing

? Writing Cause and Effect Writing
When you explain the reasons why something happens by writing, you are having a cause and effect writing. Read the following passage and tell the cause and effect.

Sample 1
(effect) Do you know why winter is colder than summer? (cause 1) One reason is that there are fewer hours of sunlight in winter. (cause 2) But there is another reason. Winter sunlight is cooler. The earth gets less heat from it, though it is the same sun, and it shines just as bright as in the summer time.


Sample 2
(cause) Shopping online has many advantages. First, the web-stores can keep customers updated about the best selling products. Second, they can provide customers with a wider range of choices. Third, it is very convenient and time-saving. (effect) I enjoy shopping online very much.

Useful Expressions for Cause ? Owing to (because of / thanks to) sth.…
? ? ? ? There are three reasons for this. The reasons for this are as follows... This is due to (results from) several factors. A number of factors could account for(是…的原 因)… ? One reason is that… ? … partly because…, partly because… ? Many factors that contribute to (lead to/account for)… include…

? Useful Expressions for Effect
? So/Therefore/Consequently/As a result… ? The effect is evident/obvious. ? It will have/exert a deep influence (on…). ? It may cause a sweeping(有广泛影响的;深远 的) change. ? It leaves some serious consequences. ? It may give rise to a host of problems. ? The immediate result it produces is...

? Writing Task

Write a paragraph of about 80 words.
Topic 1: English Study General Statement: I want to study English for different reasons.

(For reference, Topic 1)
I want to study English for different reasons. Firstly, English is generally considered as the most common language of communication throughout the world. For example, English is widely used in many fields such as science, business, entertainment, just to name a few. Therefore, learning English enables me to have the opportunity to communicate with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Secondly, learning English broadens my horizon, giving me insights into other cultures. And my mind is opened to new ways of viewing things.

Topic 2: Enjoying Music General Statement: I am crazy about music for many reasons. Points:1) __________________. 2) __________________. 3) __________________. …

(For reference , Topic 2) I am absolutely crazy about music. There are many reasons why I have such a strong love for it. To begin with, music, such as light music, has the magic power to make me feel relaxed after a day’s exhausting work. Second, there are many types of music that may serve as an interesting and effective way of learning, such as some English songs from various countries. By learning to sing these kinds of English songs, I would be able to appreciate the driving rhythms of these kinds of songs. Finally, music from different countries allows me to have access to different cultures around the world.

Topic 3: My Ideal Job Topic sentence: My ideal job is to be an English teacher, and I want to stay in that profession for different reasons. Points:1) __________________. 2) __________________.
3) __________________.

? (For reference, for Topic 3)
My ideal job is to be an English teacher. I would like to continue in that profession for various reasons. First of all, teaching gives me challenges and gives me the opportunity to further my learning and growth. For example, I would be able to learn while sharing knowledge with young minds. Also, as a teacher, I have the power to fan the spark of curiosity and help students discover their potential. Last but not least, it makes me much happy to be able to see people grow and change right in front of me. At the same time, I hope I will be able to grow and change with them as well. It would be a magnificent experience and journey for me.

? ? ? ?

Exercises Vocabulary Positive: a. effective; helpful 积极的。 Opportunity: n. a good moment or chance of doing sth.机会 ,时机。 ? Communicate: v. exchange ideas . ? Continual:adj.1) continuing without stopping; 2)happening again and again.

? Reward: v. give sth. in return for good and valuable doings n. sth. received in return for work or services ? Minimum: a. the smallest ? Favorite: a. best liked or most enjoyed ? Commitment: n. the hard work and loyalty that sb gives to an organization, activity,etc投入,致力,献

? Post: v. put up sth on a screen, wall, or notice board.发贴子,张贴。 ? Virtual: a. created by the computer to be similar to the experience of real life.(虚拟的) ? Access: n. the right to have or use sth. ? Benefit: n. anything that brings help or profit. v. be useful or helpful to Gap: space between two object差距;分歧。 embarrass: make sb feel ashamed ,nervous,or uncomfortable.使尴尬,使难堪

? III .Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary. 1. The years he spent in the countryside proved to rewarding be a(n)_______________ experience. 2.You can learn a lot from this online course. It is designed to help people _____________ better communicate through speech and writing . 3.Over a third of the population was estimated to have no ____________ to health service. access 4.Asking too many personal questions during an interview can lead to a(n) embarrassing ___________situation.

5.Don’t just complain about what’s wrong with it; positive suggest some ___________ ways to solve the problem. 6.No one in the class could match John’s hard commitment work and _____________ to study, which is why the professor liked him. 7.The website allows you to take a(n) __________ virtual tour of the well-known city which was there about 2000 years ago. 8.Those who dare not answer questions in a traditional classroom can easily enjoy the benefits ____________ of online courses.

? 9.He couldn’t join the police because he was below the __________ height allowed minimum by the rules. opportunities ? 10. Many new ____________ will be opened up in the future for those with a university education.

1.他在乡下度过的岁月被证明是有意义的。 2你可以从这个网络课程学到很多东西,它就是被 设计来帮助人们更好地通过语音和文字交流的。 3据估计,超过三分之一的人口得不到医疗卫生服 务。 4.在访问中问过多的私人问题会导致一种令人尴 尬的局面。 5.别只抱怨出了什么问题,提些能解决问题的积 极地方法吧。 6.在对于学习的努力与投入方面,班里没人能和 约翰相比,这也正是教授喜欢他的原因。

? 7.这个网站可以让你对那里大约两千年前的一 个著名城市进行一场虚拟旅行。 ? 8.那些不敢在传统课堂回答问题的人可以很容 易地享受网络课程的好处。 ? 9.他不能当警察,因为身高没达到规定的最低 标准。 ? 10.许多新的机会将会对那些受过大学教育的 人开放。

? Ⅳ.Fill in each of the blanks with a suitable preposition or adverb. ? 1.up (give up) 2.into ( give sb insights into) ? 3.from (far from) 4.with ? (get access to) 6.up (keep up with) ? 7.of (participate in) ? 9. for (trade for) 10.with

? Ⅴ.Fill in the blanks in the following passage by selecting suitable words from the Word Bank. You may not use any of the words more than once. n: H) insights; K) benefit; L) medium; M) explanation; N) information; O) minimum V: A) interested E) post; I) embarrassed; K) benefit; Adj : A) interested B) frustrating; C) comfortable; D) valuable ; G) rewarding; I) embarrassed; O) minimum


Good communication is the key to success when learning online. You should take the opportunity to get to know your teacher and classmates through email and by participating in Internet discussions. This will lead to a positive and G) rewarding learning experience. __________


It’s true that learning the technology needed to take part in a class can at times B) frustrating be______________. For example, you E) post may need to ask how to _________ your assignment on the Web. But, don’t worry! If you have a problem, ask for help. There’s no such thing as a stupid question, so there is no need to be intimidated or H) insights I) embarrassed .Sharing ___________ and ? __________ answers freely is what makes the Internet such a great medium for learning.



Online classroom teacher Mike Roberts was asked about what he thought the greatest K) benefit _________ of online learning is. “As a teacher, I need the students to ask questions so that I know what areas of my lessons need further _____________ . That’s what is great about M) explanation teaching and learning over the Internet. In an ordinary classroom, time is limited, so students seem to ask the ____________ amount of O)minimum F)virtual questions possible. But in the _________ classroom, students are always asking C)comfortable questions. They really seem to feel__________ ? asking me for the information that they need. They also share a lot of valuable ideas with each other in a way that you don’t usually see in a

? Translation C to E 1.对于网络课程,学生不仅可以选择何时何地学习, 在回答问题之前他们还可以有时间思考答案。 (not only…but also) Not only can students choose when and where to learn for an online course, but they can also take time to think through answers before making a reply. 2.网上学习的想法使她非常兴奋,而他认为网上学 习毫无意义和用处。(while) She is excited by the idea of online learning while he considers it meaningless and useless.

? 3.与以英语为母语的人交谈是非常有益的体验, 从中我们能学到许多东西(communicate with) ? Communicating with native English speakers is a very rewarding experience from which we can learn a lot. ? 4.如今,越来越多的人可以利用互联网查找他们 需要的信息。(have access to) ? Today, more and more people have access to the Internet through which they look for the information they need.

? 5.他要她放弃工作在家照顾孩子,但是她觉得这 个要求太过分了。(give up) ? He wants her to give up working and stay home to look after the children. She feels, however, that this is too much for her.
? 6.既然我们已经学完这门课程,就应该多做些 复习。(now that) ? Now that we have finished the course, we shall start doing more revision work.

? Cloze
I , for me ,am far from ready to use online courses for my learning . Don’t get me _______. I am very happy about all the communication and learning opportunities the courses have given us. But for me those opportunities should not be used to replace classroom activities. In other words, they are only ____ to help me learn what has already been ______in the classroom. 1. A. unhappy B. wrong C. troubled 2. A. tools B. terms C. directions 3. A. served B. offered C. appeared get sb wrong 误解某人 机会只不过是帮助我学习(课堂已经提供了)的工 具。


Ilove the classroom. I love having classmates. There are forty students in my class right now, and I think it’s great. I even love having classmates who are better than me. And, let’s _____ forget the smell of ink on paper, the sound of chalk on a blackboard, the hardness of a wooden bench or the heat inside the classroom in the early September. I love it all. But most of ______ , I love having a teacher-a “real live ” teacher. I get excited when I am in the classroom with a good teacher. I learn in a way that has been proven to work. I am given insight not only _____ a certain subject, but also into the world.

? 4. A. don’t B. not C. always ? 5. A. everything B. anything C. all ? 6. A. at B. to C. into


What makes having a classroom teacher so_______ ? A good teacher pushes me to _____.A good teacher rewards me with praise when I have done well and stays ______ and gives me hope when I am down. I don’t believe that a teacher using a virtual classroom can ______ me in the same way. A teacher communicating ______ the internet cannot share the same type of _____ a classroom teacher and student share. ? 7 A. virtual B. special C. favorite ? 8.A. succeed B. increase C. accept ? 9. A. positive B. negative C. favorite 10 A. stay out with B. reach out to C. go out with 11 A. through B. to C. in 12 A. relationship B. situation C. relative


I guess that I am lucky to have had ______ to so many excellent classroom teachers. I will never forget the kindness and ______ that those teachers have shown me. Their examples make it hard for me to accept a way of learning that ______ include them. You can call me “oldfashioned”, but as there is a classroom, that’s where I will be learning. 13. A. path B. access C. entrance 14. A. commitment B. assignment C. companion 15. A. does B. does not C. may


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