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2014届高考英语一轮复习方案 作业手册(4) Unit 4 Earthquakes(含解析) 新人教版必修1


[必修 1

Unit 4 Earthquakes]

(限时:35 分钟)

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.—It's reported that over 1 billion people watched the live opening ceremony of ________ 2012 London Olympic Games on TV. —Yes, news came as________ shock to me. A.the; the B./; a C.the; a D.a; the 2.—Jack fell off the ladder yesterday,but he is all right now. —What a lucky dog! He________himself badly. A.should injure B.might injure C.should have injured D.could have injured 3. After the earthquake, poor girl was found________under the ruins of a church. the A.burying be buried C.buried D.being buried 4.Jack wasn't saying anything,but the teacher smiled at him________he had done something very clever. if case C.while D.though 5.Today we have chat rooms,text messaging,emailing?but we seem ________ the art of communicating face to face. A.losing be losing be lost D.having lost 6.Some parents are just too protective. They want to________ their kids from every kind of danger,real or imagined. B.dismiss C.shelter D.distinguish 7.Seventy?two hours passed.More than one hundred workers remained ________ in the coal mine, though fifty had been saved. A.trapping B.trapped be trapped D.being trapped 8.According to a recent survey, too much pressure and long working hours are ________ many people's health. A.hurting B.injuring C.ruining D.deserting 9.It is said that the old pot ________under the earth for about 1,000 years by the time it was discovered. A.had buried B.had been buried C.buried D.were buried 10.Anyway, the crowd around me were obviously enjoying their day out at the races,


________ by their happy faces and the sense of excitement. A.observing B.judging C.considering D.inferring 11 . The local government in Shenzhen has recently passed a new regulation forbidding supermarkets and stores to ________ free plastic bags to shoppers, in order to protect the environment. A.give off B.give in C.give up D.give out 12.________treating the homeless man as a shame to society, Mrs.Wang provided him with food and water. A.Instead of B.As a result of C.In the event of D.Regardless of 13.Nowadays, a large number of women, especially those from the countryside, ________ in the clothes industry. working D.worked 14.Most of us do read a lot in English, but our speaking and writing skills leave much ________. improve be improved C.improved D.improve 15.—Do you know if Linda is willing to take charge of the program? —________,does it? A.It takes no time B.It counts for nothing C.It doesn't hurt to ask D.It doesn't make sense Ⅱ.阅读理解 A On Sundays my father always wore that black apron—the one with the race cars all over it. After breakfast Dad always announced: “Go ahead everyone.I'll take care of the dishes!” With that my mother disappeared into the folds of the Sunday paper. Off_came_the_suit_coat_he_had_worn_to_church_that_morning._Up_went_the_shirtslee ves._On_went_that_apron. For the next hour Dad did the dishes, singing songs like“Who Put the Chow in Mrs. Murphy's Chowder”?

I suppose it was strange for a father to wear an apron—even one with race cars—but I never thought much of it until that Sunday when we walked home from church together.“Tommy”, he said,“There comes a time in every boy's life when he must take on responsibilities.” “Responsibilities?” I asked. “Yes. It's time you took a greater role in the household. Starting today, I want you to do the dishes on Sunday morning so your mother and I can relax.” “The dishes?” “Anything wrong with taking over the dishes?”I started to say something about a man's job, but I


knew immediately that my protests would fall on deaf ears. I didn't taste a bit of breakfast that morning. My father announced to my mother, “Let's go to read the paper, honey.Our oldest son has generously offered to fill the position.”So this was what my life had come to. People often say there is a special chemistry between a father and a son. He came back into the kitchen just as I was about to storm out. In his right hand was the old apron.“I want you to have this, Tommy. It'll keep your clothes from getting wet.” And before I could do anything, he had put that apron on me. “Thanks, Son. Your mother and I appreciate this.” With that he disappeared into the Sunday paper. I looked down at the apron.It had seen better days.I could see my dad reaching for the dishes. Soon I was singing about Mrs. Murphy's Chowder. 16.What is the main purpose of the underlined sentences in the first paragraph? A.To show the unwillingness of his father when doing dishes. B.To instruct the main steps of how his father does dishes. C.To emphasize his father's clumsy way of doing dishes. D.To stress the enjoyment and happiness of his father's doing dishes. 17.What does the underlined word “responsibilities” in the second paragraph refer to? A.Taking care of the brothers. B.Making progress academically. C.Doing all the dishes. D.Washing the apron with race cars. 18.What did the author mean by saying “People often say there is a special chemistry between a father and a son” in the fourth paragraph? A.Mind acts upon mind. B.Like father like son. C.A child is better unborn than untaught. D.Obedience is the first duty of a boy. 19.How did the author feel at the end of the passage? A.Proud. B.Enjoyable. C.Surprised. D.Regretful. B All over the world, libraries have begun the Herculean task of making faithful digital copies of the books, images and recordings that preserve the intellectual effort of humankind. For armchair scholars, the work promises to bring such a wealth of information to the desktop that the present Internet may seem amateurish in retrospect. ? Librarians see three clear benefits to going digital. First, it helps them preserve rare and fragile objects without denying access to those who wish to study them. The British Library, for example, holds the only medieval manuscript of Beowulf in London. Only qualified scholars were allowed to see it until Kevin S. Kiernan of the University of Kentucky scanned the manuscript with three different light sources(revealing detail not normally apparent to the naked eye) and put the images


up on the Internet for anyone to peruse(细读). Tokyo's National Diet Library is similarly creating highly detailed digital photographs of 1,236 woodblock prints, scrolls and other materials it considers national treasures so that researchers can scrutinize them without handling the originals. A second benefit is convenience. Once books are converted to digital form, patrons can retrieve them in seconds rather than minutes. Several people can simultaneously read the same book or view the same picture. Clerks are spared the chore of reshelving. And libraries could conceivably use the Internet to land their virtual collections to those who are unable to visit in person. The third advantage of electronic copies is that they occupy millimeters of space on a magnetic disk rather than meters on a shelf. Expanding library buildings is increasingly costly. The University of California at Berkeley recently spent $46 million on an underground addition to house 1.5 million books—an average cost of $30 per volume. The price of disk storage, in contrast, has fallen to about $2 per 300?page publication and continues to drop. 20.The best title for this passage would be “________”. A.Three Benefits of Libraries B.Libraries Going Digital C.Space?saving E?learning D.Security of Electronic Reading 21.Which paragraph(s) in the text offer(s) further explanation of the central idea? A.Paragraphs 2, 3 and 4 B.Paragraphs 3 and 4 C.Paragraphs 2 and 4 D.Paragraph 4 22.Which one of the following is mentioned as an advantage of e?libraries? A.Old manuscripts can be moved more easily. B.Materials can be examined without being touched. C.Fewer staff will be required in libraries. D.Libraries will be able to move underground. 23.What does the word “scrutinize” probably mean? A.Keep for a while. B.Reprint. C.Restore. D.Examine carefully. Ⅲ.短文填词 I started to learn English at the age of seven. The experience of singing and chatting 24.________ English gave me the feeling that English is a beautiful language, 25.________ can bring people a lot of joy. At that time, English was indeed a very good friend to me. After I 26.________ (上学) middle school, I began to find English learning wasn't so 27.e________. In fact, I had to be as hard?working as 28.o________ fellow students, but I 29.________ (不能) to make any greater progress. I was about to give up my English study 30.________ I met Miss Wang, a kind teacher, who encouraged me to 31.p________ more. With her help, I took part in English competitions and won many 32.p________. Since then English has absolutely been one of my 33.________(最 喜欢的)subjects.


参考答案 课时作业(四) Ⅰ.1.C 考查冠词的用法。 第一空特指 2012 年伦敦奥运会; 第二空考查抽象名词具体化, 此处指“一个震惊的消息”。 2.D 考查情态动词。could have done 表示“本来可能而实际未??”。根据句意应选 D。 3.C 考查非谓语动词。句意:地震之后,那个可怜的女孩被发现埋在一个教堂的废墟 下。 4.A 考查连词。句意:杰克什么都没说,但是老师对他微笑着,好像他做了件很明智 的事情。as if 意为“好像,似乎”,根据语境可知,A 项正确。 5.B 考查动词不定式的用法。动词 seem 接动词不定式构成 seem to 结构,故首先排除 A、D 两项。再结合语境可知,此处描写的是我们目前的状况,故用动词不定式的进行式表示 目前正在发生的事情或所处的状态。即 B 项正确。 6.C 考查动词辨析。根据前一句中的内容可知父母想给孩子提供“庇护”,让他们避 免各种危险,无论是真实的还是想象的。A 项表示“认出;发现”;B 项表示“开除;解散”; D 项表示“区分”,都不符合语意。 7.B 考查“remain +v.?ed”的用法。由语境可知,工人是被困的,所以用 trapped。 8.C 考查动词辨析。ruin 破坏, 毁灭。句意:根据最近的一项调查,压力过大和长时 间的工作正在破坏许多人的健康。hurt 伤害(感情);injure 伤害,损害(感情),损害(名誉); desert 放弃,抛弃。 9.B 考查动词的时态和语态。截止到被发现已经被埋藏了千年,故用过去完成时态, 且使用被动语态。 10.B 考查习惯用法。judging by “通过??判断”,在句中通常作状语。 11.D 考查动词短语辨析。give out 分发,符合句意。 give off 散发,放出; give in 屈服;give up 放弃。 12.A 考查介词短语辨析。句意:王女士给这个无家可归的人提供食物和水,而不是把 他看作社会的羞耻。 instead of “代替??,而不是??”,其后接名词、动名词等; as a result of 由于; in the event of 在??关头; regardless of 不顾,不管。 13.C 考查主谓一致。a large number of?作主语,谓语动词用复数,由 Nowadays 可 知,时态为一般现在时。 14.B 考查非谓语动词。to be improved 用作补语, 表示尚未发生的动作。 our speaking and writing skills leave much to be improved 意为“我们的说和写的能力有待于极大提 高”。 15.C 考查交际用语。根据答语中的反意疑问部分可知前半句是否定句,由此可排除前 两项。C 项的意思是“问一下没关系”,符合语境。 Ⅱ.A 一条黑色的围裙,一对心照不宣的父子,维系着一个无比温馨的家庭。 16.D 推理判断题。下一句提到作者的父亲一边唱歌一边洗刷餐具,再结合本段中他所 说的话可推测这三个倒装句是为了强调作者的父亲非常享受这个过程,乐在其中。 17.C 词义猜测题。根据下文中的“Starting today,I want you to do the dishes?” 可知画线词指的是“洗刷所有的餐具”。 18.A 推理判断题。下一句提到正当作者要冲出来时,作者的父亲拿着那件旧围裙来到 了厨房,由此可推出两人“心有灵犀一点通”。后三项分别表示“有其父必有其子”、“养 不教,父之过”、“男孩以服从命令为天职” ,都不符合语境。


19.B 推理判断题。最后一段最后提到作者也效仿父亲的做法,边唱那首歌曲边洗刷餐 具,由此可推断作者感到非常“愉快”。 B 本文叙述的是图书馆数字化了之后对读者和管理员的好处。 20.B 推理判断题。根据第一段可知,图书馆将会建立网上图书馆,这就意味着图书馆 的数字化。 21.A 推理判断题。文章第二、三、四段分别就三个优点进行了深层次的剖析。因此选 A。 22.C 推理判断题。根据第三段可知管理员无需亲自把书放入书架了,这样就省了大量 的员工,因此选 C。 23.D 词义猜测题。根据画线词所在的句子:有了网上浏览,读者不需花大量的时间仔 细地寻找自己需要的书了。 Ⅲ 25.which 26.entered/attended 27.easy 28.other 29.failed 30.when 31.practice/practise 32.prizes 33.favo(u)rite



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