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人教版-英语-必修四Unit 2-Period 2课堂教学设计-Teaching Notes(完整教案)-Word版.doc

__人教__版本必修__四_ Unit__2__ 设计教师:_______

Teaching content


Unit 4 Working the land
Teaching aims 1.知识目标
1)Vocabulary: New Words: sunburnt, struggle, decade, super,

output, crop, hunger, disturbing, expand, Vietnam, circulate, satisfied, freedom Phrases: rid ... of, be satisfied with, lead a ... life, would rather, refer to, search for, thanks to, would…rather, 2) Grammar: The -ing form used as subject and object.

1) Enable students to learn more ways of reading. 2) By reading, they will realize the role that agriculture plays in human life. 3) Enable students to use the -ing form as subject and object correctly and freely.

1) The students can learn some noble character from Dr. Yuan and learn to cherish life. 2) The students can learn the –ing form and use them to persuade people to save the food and protect our land.



of expressions.

1) Grasp the usage of some words and


Difficult Teaching


2) Help to comprehend the text and grasp the main idea of the text. 3) The usage of the important words and the -ing form used as subject and object. 1) How to help students learn more about of agriculture. 2) How to use the words and expressions and the -ing form freely. New lesson The first period: Warming Up and Speaking The second period: Reading The third period: Grammar The fourth Period: Writing Pictures, video, flash, computer, etc.

Lesson type Teaching periods

Teaching aids

Teaching Procedures (教学过程)

Unit 2

Working the land

Period 2 Reading 课堂教学设计
Step 1: Revision(温故) (3 mins)

Activity 1: A quiz
T:Good morning, everyone! Ss: Good morning, teacher! T:In the last period, we learned the part warming up and pre-reading, this time, we will have a quiz to check your words and phrases.

1. 呈现 PPT,点击第 3 页; 2. 学生各自独立完成,教师抽查和评讲,答案因人而异。

以下内容制作 PPT,为第 3 页。
Task 1 Filling in blankets according to the phrases in the box.
rid...of; be satisfied with; equip...for; struggle for; care for; thanks to; would rather; build up; from;lead to

1) Measures should be taken to________ the children and old________ the polluted vegetables above all. 2) Rather than lend him more money, I________ you gave him more time to learn how to operate a company better. 3) It's obvious that his carelessness________ the serious accident. 4) We are glad to see that he has________ his strength after the illness. 5) ________ the support from the local government,they could rebuild their houses soon after the earthquake. 6) “I________ my performances,and I am very excited to know that there are so many fans here to support me,” the singer said. 7) He thinks that it is the most pleasant thing in the world to________ a great cause. 8) When people________ and respect each other,trust takes root and grows.

9) We cannot really learn anything until we________ ourselves________ being too proud. 10) I don't think that his education is good enough to________ himself________ such a difficult task.

Step 2: Learning the new (知新)(35 mins)

Activity 2: Greeting and leading in
T: Before we watch a movie, I’ll ask you a question: Who is Yuan Longping? what kind of people does he do?

1.呈现 PPT,点击第 4 页; 2.学生各自思考回答,教师抽查并评讲,答案因人而异。

以下内容制作 PPT,为第 4 页。

Activity 3: Listening and skimming
OK, now, please open your books, turn to page, first, let’s have a listening, while you are listening, please scanning the text quickly, and finish the following blankets, are you clear?

1.呈现 PPT,点击第 5 页; 2.让学生边听边找出每段的段落大意

以下内容制作 PPT
Match the following headings with the right paragraphs. Para1 A. Dr. Yuan’s dreams. Para2 B. Dr. Yuan’s personality. Para3 C. Dr. Yuan’s biography. Para4 D. Dr. Yuan’s appearance and his achievements.

Activity 4: Careful reading
T: Good, now, we will have a careful reading, please read paragraph by paragraph to find the answers to the following questions.

1.呈现 PPT,点击第第 6--9 页; 2.Ask ss to read the text carefully, and finish the following exercises..

以下内容制作 PPT,为第 6-9 页。
Para.1: 1. What does Dr. Yuan look like? ___________________________________________________________ 2. What’s his achievement? __________________________________________________________ Para.2: 1. Put the following information in the right order

a. He was born into a poor farmer ’s family. b. He graduated from Southwest Agricultural College. c. In 1950, Chinese farmers produced 50 million tons of rice. d. 200 million tons of rice was produced by growing his hybrid rice. e. He searched a way to increase rice harvests without expanding the area of fields. f. He helps rid the world of hunger by circulating his knowledge in less developed countries.
__________________________________________________________ Para.3: 1. Which of the following description about Dr. Yuan’s personality is not true? ___________

A. He is satisfied with his life because he is now rich and famous. B. He cares little about money and fame. C. He would rather work than lead a comfortable life. D. He enjoys a simpler life than most rich and famous people.
Para.4: 2. What did Dr. Yuan’s rice look like in his dream?

Activity 5:

Key sentences

Now let’s learn some language points.


1.呈现 PPT,点击第 10--13 页; 2.教师一边呈现,一边让学生翻译,然后点拨,最后要学生仿写句子。.

以下内容制作 PPT,为第 10--13 页。
1)Have you ever grow any plants? If so, what did you do to grow them? If not, what kind of plant would you like to try growing? SS: (翻译)你种过植物吗?如果种过的话,你是怎么种的?如果没有种过 的话,你想要尝试什么植物? T: (点拨)if so 为省略句,意为“如果是这样的话” ,if 用作连词,so 用来 代替上文内容,以避免重复。If not 为 if so 的否定形式。 2)In 1974, he became the first agricultural pioneer in the world to grow rice that has a high output. SS:(翻译)他成为世界上第一位种植高产水稻的农业先锋。 T: (点拨)to grow rice 是动词不定式作定语;that has---output 是定语从句, 修饰先行词 rice。 “the first +n.+ to do”意为“第一个要做------的------” 。不定式常 用在被序数词、最高级修饰的名词后作定语。而且这些名词与不定式有逻辑的主 谓关系。 3)This special strain of rice makes it possible to produce one third more of the crop in the same fields. SS: (翻译)这种特殊的水稻使得同样的土地多收获三分之一的粮食。 T: (点拨)本句中 it 作 make 的形式宾语,而真正的宾语为其后的不定式 to produce one-third more of the crop in the same fields, possible 在此处作 make 的宾语 补足语。一般的表达式为:make +it+宾语(to do/that) 。 4)Using his hybrid rice, farmers are producing harvests twice as large as before. SS:(翻译)用他的杂交水稻种子,农民种出的粮食比以前多了一倍。 T: (点拨)twice as large as before 是倍数表达方式。常用的倍数表达方式有: A is+倍数+as +adj.+as B +比较级+than B +the +名词(size, length, width, height)+of B +what 从句

Step 3: Summary(总结) (3 mins)

T:OK, now, I will check if you really master this text, let’s retell the text together, OK?

1. 呈现 PPT,点击第 14 页; 2.可以学生先总结,教师再评讲:

以下内容制作 PPT,为第 14 页。
Yuan Long ping, born in a poor family, saw the great need for1( ) the rice 2( ) when he was young. He has 3( ) for the past five 4( ) to grow 5( ) hybrid rice. 6( ) his research, the UN has more tools in the 7( ) to 8( ) the globe 9( ) hunger. Dr. Yuan is quite 10( ) with his life. Though he is famous, he cares little about money and fame. 11( ) he gives millions of yuan to 12( ) others for their research in 13( ).

Step 4: Assignment(作业) (2 mins)

T:Now today’s assignment, two tasks.


1. 呈现 PPT,点击第 15 页; 2.教师布置作业。

以下内容制作 PPT,为第 15 页。
1. Retell the text in your own words in about 150 words. 2. What would you do to help people in hunger?


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