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圣泉中学高效六结构课堂导学提纲 高二英语 Unit 13 Lesson1 Grammar 班级: 姓名: 组别:

I . Learning Aims 1. To enable students to learn how to use the past participle correctly. 2. To develop students’ sense of group cooperation. II. Important and difficult points To let students learn and consolidate how to use the past participle. III. Teaching procedures 一、导入导学
EX.4 on Page9. Find more of them in the text and try to guess their functions.

过去分词的形式:______________ 否定式:______________ 过去分词通常在句中作_____________、 _____________、 ______________ 和______________。 现在分词和过去分词的根本区别是: 过去分词在时态上强调动作______________,在语态上侧重于______________; 而现在分词在时态上强调动作______________,在语态上侧重于______________。

(一)过去分词作定语 1.Tsinghua University,___________(found) in1911,is home to a great number of outstanding figures. 2.The island, ___________(join)to the mainland by a bridge, is easy to go to. 3.The players ___________(select) from the whole country are expected to bring us honor in this summer game. 4.Mrs. White showed her students some old maps ___________ (borrow)from the library. 5.The experiment shows that proper amounts of exercise, if___________(carry out) regularly, can improve our health. (二)过去分词作状语 注意:过去分词作状语其逻辑主语要和句子主语一致;过去分词作状语时分词前一般不用 being。 6.____________(translate)into English, the sentence was found to have an entirely different word order . 7.___________(offer)an important role in a new movie,Andy has a chance to become famous. 8.___________ (see)from the top of the tower ,the south foot of the mountain is a sea of trees . 9.____________(give)more time,we could do it much better. (三)过去分词作宾补 注意:使役动词 keep,have,make, get 和 with 复合结构 10.Michael put up a picture ofYao Ming besides the bed to keep himself ___________(remind)of his own dreams.

11. Claire had luggage ___________ (check)an hour before her plane left. 12. Now that we’ve discussed our problem, are people happy with the decisions_________(take)? 13.I raised my voice to make myself ___________(hear). 14.Even the best writers sometimes find themselves ___________(lose)for words. (四)过去分词作表语 15.In April, thousands of holidaymakers remained ___________(stick)abroad due to the volcanic ashcloud. (五)过去分词作独立成分? 16.___________(give) the general state of his health,it may take him a while to recover from the operation.

四、质疑探究 Present their answers. 五、精评精讲 易错点:
1. 非谓语逻辑主语分析不清 ___________(ask) about the result of his IQ test, the senior 3 student made no answer. 2. 谓语和非谓语混淆不清 Before you quit your job, ____________(consider) how your family would feel about your decision. 3. 非谓语动词中的语态问题 Do you have anything more _______________(type), sir?

六、尝试练习 EX.5 on Page 9. Join the sentences by using the Past Participle phrases. Ⅳ. Homework
1. 作定语时,done, being done 和 to be done 的区别是什么? (1)This is a problem discussed. done 表示____________________________________________ (2)This is a problem being discussed. being done 表示_______________________________________ (3)This is a problem to be discussed. to be done 表示________________________________________ 2. 作状语时,doing, having done, having been done 和 done 的区别是什么? (1) Hearing the news, we jumped with joy. doing 表示____________________________________________ (2) Having finished his homework, he went to bed。 having done 表示_______________________________________ (3) Given more time, I'll do it better. done 表示_____________________________________________ (4)Having been told that some guests were coming, they got the room ready. having been done 表示__________________________________



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