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高中英语选修7单词 Unit 1 disability disabled hearing eyesight △syndrome lap ambition ambitious dictation noisy suitable entry beneficial in other words clumsy △bump outgoing adapt adapt to bench cut out microscope out of breath absence fellow annoy annoyed △annoyance all in all firm software sit around as well as parrot tank tortoise in many ways psychology psychologically make fun of encouragement conduct conduct △mainstream △fulfilling

never mind politics abolish △abolition resign slavery literature companion assistance congratulate congratulation bowling graduation certificate all the best architect adequate access accessible △wheelchair handy △earphone △impair row basement outwards exit meet with approval dignity profit △italics community Unit 2 △household fiction desire satisfaction test out bonus alarm alarmed apron sympathy overweight elegant favour

pile scan fingernail absurd haircut △makeup accompany cushion bedding necklace clerk counter ring up turn around awful affair armchair declare cuisine envy leave…alone digital mailbox state aside set aside grand △alphabetical receiver in all affection boundary be bound to biography holy △imagination △transfusion part-time △master’s degree staff △Philadelphia navy junior biochemistry talent chapter △the Foundation

△empire theoretical framework thinking divorce obey disobey assessment Unit 3 △snorkel △aquarium anecdote △baleen △baleen whale annual △migration witness accommodation shore offshore opposite yell pause △oar telescope teamwork △blow-hole dive flee △harpoon drag depth △meantime △in the meantime lip △overboard urge abandon shark Help relationship conservation △iceberg jog seaside net target v

tide △driftnet dimension reflect pure cell aware be/become aware of vivid neat seaweed narrow flashlight upside down suck △turtle △eel sharp tasty △giant △clam grey scare (be) scared to death shallow steep boundary Antarctic the Antarctic awesome △leap seal △refund pension pensioner Unit 4 airmail fortnight hear from (be) dying to roof muddy textbook concept △bucket the other day weekly

△bubble relevant remote △ridge weed △hut rectangle rectangular adjust platform broom tin jar sniff participate interpreter grill dry out △leftover △evil dry up otherwise privilege paperwork arrangement toast comb astronaut angle catalogue donate voluntary in need purchase anniversary seed △seedling △vaccination △loan sew sewing machine △supplement ox △plough trunk trunk library tractor

click tailor △economic political distribute distribution △financial security operate clinic Unit 5 adjust to keep it up fit in motherland visa queue cafeteria

qualification preparation recommend shopkeeper idiom comfort substitute academic requirement essay tutor △revise revision draft numb acknowledge as far as one is concerned contradict autonomous occupy be occupied with enterprise apology seminar videophone Rugby bachelor bachelor’s degree

routine minibus optional day in and day out cage bark battery △site drill oilfield agent travel agent △geographical parallel abundant govern △onwards destination inn out of the question △hike tomb settle in △illustrate distinct distinction immigrant

live on strait Arctic the Arctic means by means of… △prehistoric majority ministry Catholic △adventurer make a life △despite hardship elect federal rail percentage Italy Italian

keep up boom aircraft Korea Korean △immigrate immigration racial crossing vice nephew pole applicant customs socialist socialism occur cattle indicate back to back luggage shave △cable △cable car tram apparent apparently brake conductor slip △wharf bakery ferry team up with hire △fascinating mark out seagull take in angle a great/good many apply for nowhere △miserable punishment justice mourn

civil authority reform grasp △thoughtful thankful insert
选修8 △ Unit 1 illustrate distinct △ distinction immigrant strait △ the Arctic despite hardship federal immigration racial vice applicant indicate △ luggage △ cable cable car apparent apparently brake conductor slip bakery ferry △ angle miserable mourn civil authority △ reform thoughtful Unit 2 △ commercial complicated pay off procedure △ carrier fate

correction △ objection impact moral conservative compulsory chorus △ regulation △ nonsense popularity strike vi & vt. (struck, △ struck) bison initial in vain merely △ decoration fairly hatch reasonable Unit 3 distinguish powder △ passive △ recognition claim file △ string rod greengrocer identification directory dial △ innocent occasionally dynamic wire straw practical refrige version △ competence competent Unit 4 plot

whistle outcome brilliant Classify remark extraordinary ambassador make one’s acquaintance status superior antique wax △ shabby shilling compromise laundry sob waist disgusting △ alphabet effective Unit 5 △ identify alternative starvation quilt botanical analysis category significance academy division wrinkle applaud △ arrest arrowhead △ skillful craftsmanship



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高中英语选修七单词 - 人教版 Disability n. 伤残;无力;无能 D

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