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高考英语人教版一轮复习习题 必修1 Unit 3 Word版含解析

第一部分 Ⅰ.阅读理解 导学号 01830113 必修一 Unit 3 LAKE MINNEWANKA BOAT TOUR Welcome Aboard Just 15 minutes from Banff is Lake Minnewanka where a 90minute cruise(乘船游览) to the Devil's Gap is sure to be the highlight of your summer adventure! For information & group reservations, phone 762-3473! www. minnewankaboattours. com GUIDED MOUNTAIN FLIGHTS of the Columbia Ice Field & Canadian Rockies Leave the Crowds Behind Tour Narrated by Your Host Owner/Pilot Steve Neill(from $ 110/person) ●Comfortable window seats ●Headsets for clients/pilot conversation ●Ski plane available for glacier landings Reservations: 1-877-344-7117 www. rockiesairtours. com THREE SISTERS MOUNTAIN VILLAGE Which stars will you be watching tonight? When you discover the beauty that surrounds Three Sisters Mountain Village, you will be surprised at how much brighter they are in the sky than on the screen. So make some popcorn, pull up a comfortable chair and settle in for a quiet night in the mountain. All the stars will be there. Call toll-free (866) 388 - 2877 www. PERFECT PICTURES Discover the Rockies's most desirable natural attractions on a Brewster guided excursion. As national park specialists, we are proud to share the wonders of Canada's largest outdoor living museum. Our 111 years' experience ensures a most memorable guided adventure! ●Wildlife viewing ●Nature walks ●Sightseeing Tollfree: 1-800-760-6934 www. brewster. ca RAFTING & OUTDOOR ADVENTURES 第- 1 -页 共7页 Youth & group rates available! A spectacular adventure is waiting for you between Banff and Calgary, a short scenic drive to paradise. Join us for a fun, exciting and safe adventure in the Kananaskis and Bow Valley. Adventures are available for all ages and skill levels. Our professional and highly qualified guides are all Wilderness First Aid and River Rescue certified. Tollfree: 1-877-999-7238 www. insideoutexperience. com 文章大意:本文是广告应用类文章,给广大旅游爱好者推荐了五个户外旅游的好去处。 1.The Johnsons ( aged 9-68 ), adventure lovers, are more likely to check ________ for more information. A.www. minnewankaboattours. com B.www. rockiesairtours. com C.www. brewster. ca D.www. insideoutexperience. com 答案:D 考 查 细 节 理 解 。 根 据 RAFTING & OUTDOOR ADVENTURES 中 的 “Adventures are available for all ages and skill levels”可知, 这个地方的冒险旅游活动适合各个年 龄段。其网址是 D 项。 2.What kind of activities do the five tours all provide? A.Outdoor activities. B.Adventurous activities. C.Educational activities. D.Free activities. 答案:A 考查推理判断。根据文章的整体内容可知,它们的共同点是都是户


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