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Thanks to the strong recommendations from my friends ,I have recently enjoyed the film ‘Roman Holiday’.This film has impressed me a lot,which is acheerfully charming romantic comedy, something of a fairy tale. Its memorable qualities lie primarily in its two leading stars, who are both perfect in their roles. As a remarkable work in the film history, this film is really worth watching. The film ‘Roman Holiday’ can be summarized in such a delightful story: Princess Anne, who was performed by Audrey Hepburn, was getting bored with her restricted schedule when she was on a publicizedtour to Rome. One night, she sneaked out of her luxurious residence and fell asleep on a public bench in central Rome. However, she was found by Joe Bradley, an American newspaper reporter, who was performed by Gregory Peck. Joe took her home without knowing who she truly was. Anyway, he was subject to make a big fortune by secretly interview the princess when the truth turned out. But instead of that, after showing Ann around the city and having a good time with her, he forced himself to say farewell to her, for he knew the romance between them oughtn’t to be happened because of their great difference in standing, even though they had fallen in love with each other. In the end the truth comes out and the princess realizes that her duty to her country and family come first and she reluctantly returns to her official role. The two meet briefly at the end during her press conference. She addresses Bradley as Mr. Bradley just like the others. Tears can be seen easily lurking in the princess's eye during her seeing Bradley, but there's a sense that both her brief taste of unscheduled freedom and her experience of first love have given her maturity and self assurance.As he is leaving, Bradley, quietly slips her the photos that his friend Irving had taken and lets her know that his story and pictures of their time together will never be published . The end of the romantic film is really disappointing to most of the audience, though it ought to be imagined at first. However, Audrey Hepburn had successfully performed Ann as a naughty, naive and sweet angel, who ordered a glass of expensive champagne without thinking, who curiously had her first cigarette, who fell in love with a poor but kind man, and who finally firmly returned to the place she hated, only because of her responsibility. Roman Holiday is a fun romantic comedy, but stays realistic with its commentary on society and royalty.



《罗马假日》英文影评 - 《罗马假日》英文影评 This is an enc


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罗马假日英文影评 - The angle befalls tonight Whe


善改了到得也活生们我足富件条质物步进的代时着随,前当 罗马假日英文观后感 200 《罗马假日》(Roman Holiday)是 1953 年由美国派拉蒙 公司拍摄的浪漫爱情片,...

英文影评:《罗马假日》(Roman Holiday) -.txt

英文影评:《罗马假日》(Roman Holiday) -_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。英文影评 英文影评:《罗马假日》(Roman Holiday) - 52影评网 - 电影评论-英文影评 - 发表...


《罗马假日》英语观后感800字 - Freedom or Responsibil


罗马假日英文观后感_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。Roman Holiday is a fun ...《罗马假日》观后感 2页 免费 罗马假日电影观后感 2页 免费 《罗马假日》英语...


观后感英语_计算机硬件及网络_IT/计算机_专业资料。观后感英语 follow your dream...《罗马假日》观后感 并不是每一段故事都能够成为经典的,看完了《罗马假日》 ,...


罗马假日英文观后感 The story is about a young pri


《罗马假日》观后感 - 《罗马假日》观后感 在上这门选修课期间总共看过两遍这个电


《罗马假日》影评 - 《罗马假日》是赫本的经典代表作,使她第一次担任女主角的戏,


罗马假日观后感_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。中外电影史结课论文 中医学院 中医...不用鼓动就开出 一整季夏天的花,是威廉.惠勒导演的《罗马假日》(Roman Holiday...


罗马假日电影英文介绍_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。...《罗马假日》英文影评 2页 2下载券 罗马假日 景点...

Roman holiday 罗马假日观后感讨论.doc

Roman holiday 罗马假日观后感讨论_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。A


《罗马假日》观后感 - 《罗马假日》观后感,罗马假日观后感100字,罗马假日观后感500字,罗马假日观后感600字,罗马假日观后感400字,罗马假日观后感3500,罗马假日读后感500,...


《罗马假日》讲述的是一位到罗马访问的英国公主,逃离行宫,与一位美国记者像普通...罗马假日影评电影罗马假... 5页 免费 英文电影影评---罗马假日... 2页 ...

罗马假日(Roman Holiday)中英简介和影评.doc

罗马假日(Roman Holiday)中英简介和影评罗马假日(Roman Holiday)中英简介和影评罗马假日(Roman Holiday)中英简介和影评 罗马假日 中英简介和影评 Year Released: 1953 ...


《罗马假日》影评 - 罗马假日影评 罗马是一个梦想中的城市、历史上的繁华古城、银

必看英文电影 影评.doc

必看英文电影 影评_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。经典英文电影 影评 重温经典 ...罗马假日影片《罗马假日》讲述的公主与平民记者间的爱情故事,这原本是个充满矛盾与...

从语言学角度分析电影《My Fair Lady》.doc

电影《窈窕淑女》英文影评(语言学角度) 从语言学来看《窈窕淑女》 《窈窕淑女》...赫本的另一部 电影《罗马假日》中,标志性的上层语言暴露了她的公主身份。这些都...

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