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【新课标人教版】(福建专用)2012届高考英语一轮复习精品学案:选修7 Unit 4 Sharing

Unit 4 Sharing 导读: 观察一下大学校园里来来往往的车辆, 你经常能看到“校园有车族”神采奕奕地驾驶着 汽车,而对此,人们看法不一:是助长了攀比心理,还是培养了理财意识? Task: Do you think it necessary for students to drive to school? Each year universities and colleges across the country are seeing more students arriving for the new school year along with their own private cars. Students driving to school is common and well accepted in some foreign countries, but the growing trend in China is causing controversy. Some people express concern about the trend. They think some students drive just to show off and that more students driving to school encourages a culture of luxury consumption on campus. What's worse, they race on the roads in campus, and because of their lack of experience they are dangerous. On the other hand, some people don't seem to be against this trend, they think it is necessary to master the skill of driving, but more importantly, students should learn how to earn what they want by themselves, not always depend on parents. 请根据语义及提示写出单词 1. The astronomer presented a new c__________ of the beginning of the universe. 2. I am from a r__________(遥远的) ancient oriental country, and I like the culture here very much. 3. The teaching of higher mathematics should __________ to the new demand and change the traditional teaching method.(adjustment) 4. He is on the p__________(讲台) giving a talk, but his voice sounds slightly strange. 5. Life is a gift and p__________, one we should appreciate every day of our lives. 6. Fate is not an opportunity but a choice. We should not wait for its a__________(安排) but create it with our own efforts. 7. Many of the graduates decided on jobs straight away, but Cliff decided to

spend a year doing __________(志愿的) work. 8. Supermarket is a big store in which you can p__________(购买) all the meat, groceries, vegetables and other items usually used in the kitchen or around the house. 9. Most scholarship aid goes to students in __________(金融的) need who do well in their first year. 10. With the development of science and technology and popularization of computer network, the network 1. concept 5. privilege 8. purchase 2. remote 6. arrangement 9. financial 3. adjust 4. platform

7. voluntary 10. security

__________has caused the high attention of computer users. (secure) 请根据语义写出短语 1. hear __________ 接到……的信 2. (be) __________ to 极想;渴望 3. __________ sure 无疑,肯定 4. meet __________ (偶然)遇见 5. the __________ day 不久前的一天 6. have no __________ of 没有……的概念;不知道 7. ask __________ 询问 8. dry __________ (使浸水等之物)完全变干;干透 9. dry __________ (指河流、井等)干涸 10. __________ need 在困难中;在危急中 1. from 2. dying 6. idea 7. for 3. for 4. with 5. other 9. up 10. in

8. out

1. The other day I was showing the boys the weekly chemistry experiment when, before I knew it, the mixture was bubbling over everywhere!(P29) 2. Sometimes I wonder how relevant chemistry is to these students, most of whom will be going back to their villages after Year 8 anyway. (P29) 3. We walked for two and a half hours to get there — first up a mountain to a

ridge from where we had fantastic views and then down a steep path to the valley below. (P29) 4. When hot, he placed them in an empty oil drum with kau kau (sweet potato), corn and greens (P30) ①relevant adj. 有关的;切题的 根据语境感悟其用法 (1)For further information see the relevant chapters in the user's booklet. (2)These issues are directly relevant to the needs of slow learners. 短语 be relevant to 和……有关 链接 表示“和……有关”的相关短语: be related to be connected with be linked to be associated with be involved in have something to do with ①relevant adj. 有关的;切题的 用适当的介词填空 (1)Are there any special traditions associated __________ different seasons in your country? (2)The police arrested three young men involved __________ the murder. (3) Here you should have a goal for the year related __________ your life purpose. (4)Non-speech activities are relevant __________ speech. You teach the necessary movements, and ①relevant adj. 有关的;切题的 practice them, and then put them together for speech. (5)The study which comes after a report suggested that a third of all cancers

are linked __________ diet and weight. ①relevant adj. 有关的;切题的 (1) with (2) in (3) to (4) to (5) to

②participate v. 根据语境感悟其用法 (1)Not everyone who enjoys sporting events likes to participate in them. (2)Please write at least one complete sentence in English to express your opinions about charm. Welcome to participate. Thanks! ②participate v. 短语 participate in 参加 participate in sth. with sb. 同某人参与某事 链接 participant n. 参加者;共享者 participation n. 参与;参加 ③otherwise conj. & adv. 根据语境猜词义 (1)We were delayed at the airport. Otherwise we would have been here by lunchtime. (2)The government claims that the economy is improving, but this survey suggests otherwise. (3)Their arrival livened up an otherwise dull afternoon. 根据语义找匹配 A. 除此之外;在其他方面 B. 否则;要不然 C. 并非如此说 / 认为 / 决定等 (1)B (2)C (3)A

③otherwise conj. & adv. 句型 otherwise / or / or else 引导的后面的分句中常用 would / could / might /

should have done 的形式表示虚拟语气。 They got two free tickets to Canada;otherwise they'd never have been able to afford to go. A surveyor's inspection of the building revealed faults that might otherwise have been overlooked. ③otherwise conj. & adv. 单项填空 ( )(1)The programme has saved thousands of children who would __________

have died. A. therefore C. furthermore ( B. anyhow D. otherwise

)(2)I was caught in a traffic jam for over an hour, otherwise I __________

you waiting for such a long time. ③otherwise conj. & adv. A. will not keep B. have not kept C. had not kept D. would not have kept (1)D (2)D

③otherwise conj. & adv. ④ donate vt. 捐赠 根据语境感悟其用法 (1)If I had one million dollars, I would donate it to the charity. (2)What would you give to keep a smile like this? To receive a smile so great, please donate! 短语 donate sth. to sb. / sth. 把某物捐给…… donate blood to a blood bank 向血库献血 链接 donation n. 捐赠,捐赠物;捐款

donator n. 捐赠者,赠送者 give / make / present a donation to…捐赠给…… send a donation to…把捐款寄至…… ④ donate vt. 捐赠 单项填空 ( )(1)Local people are lining up to __________ blood for the badly burnt girl in

yesterday's big fire. A. abandon ( B. arrange C. donate D. handle

)(2)If we all save a little money every day to __________ to the Project Hope,

then many dropouts can return to school again. A. send (1)C (2)B ④ donate vt. 捐赠 ⑤operate v. 根据语境猜词义 (1)More important, it could improve the skills to operate the computer. (2)A playgroup operates on the campus. (3)The whole tax system is now operating more efficiently. (4)He did this although he only had permission to operate on the right ear. 根据语义找匹配 A. (企业,团体)经营,营业 B. (机器或设备)操作;操纵 C. (系统或过程)运作;运行 D. 动手术;开刀 ⑤operate v. (1)B 短语 operate on / upon sb. 给某人动手术 operate a business 经营一家企业 come / go into operation 开始工作 / 运转;生效 (2)A (3)C (4)D B. donate C. present D. give

put / bring into operation 实施,施行 do / perform / carry out an operation 实施行动 be in operation 在运转中,在行动中,在实施中 ⑤operate v. 完成句子 (1)What skills are needed to __________ (操作这台机器)? (2)The new rules __________ (开始生效)from next week. (3)The system __________ (已经运行)for six months. (4)We will have to __________ (给他的眼睛动手术). ⑤operate v. (1) operate this machine (2) come into operation (3) has been in operation (4) operate on his eyes ⑤operate v. ⑥be dying to 极想,渴望 根据语境感悟其用法 He is dying to be the next star in Hollywood. 他渴望成为好莱坞的下一个明星。 ⑥be dying to 极想,渴望 短语 (1) be dying to do sth. / for sth. 渴望得到某物 类似词组: be anxious to do sth. / for sth. be eager to do sth. / for sth. be thirsty for sth. long to do sth. / for sth. desire to do sth. / have a strong desire for sth. (2) 有关 “die” 的短语 die off 相继死亡

die away 消逝;静下来 die out 灭绝,废除;绝迹 die down 平息;变弱 die for one's country 为国家捐躯 ⑥be dying to 极想,渴望 用 die 的适当短语填空 (1) You may __________ know what your new lady thinks about you and your behavior. (2) The deer in the forest are all __________ from disease. (3) The noise of the car __________ in the distance. (4) Those species inadaptable to changing conditions may __________. ⑥be dying to 极想,渴望 (1) be dying to (2) dying off (3) died away (4) die out ⑥be dying to 极想,渴望 ⑦get through 根据语境猜词义 (1)Let's start; there's a lot of work to get through today. (2)I finally managed to get through my driving test. (3)I tried ringing you several times but I couldn't get through. (4) don't know how we're going to get through the winter. 根据语义找匹配 A. 通过 C. 熬过;度过 ⑦get through (1)D (2)A (3)B (4)C B. 接通 D. 完成

单项填空 ( )(1)Readers can ______ quite well without knowing the exact meaning of each

word. A. get over C. get along ( B. get in D. get through

)(2)When I was very young, I was terribly frightened of school, but I soon

______ it. A. got off C. got across ⑦get through 用适当的介词填空 (3)The government managed to get the new law __________. (4)Our new manager is easy to get along __________. (5)The farmers are busy getting __________ crops these days. (1) C (2) D (3) through ⑦get through (4) with (5) in B. got away D. got over


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