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背诵 20 篇短文记住高考 3500 个单词(一)
1. Fall in Love with English(黄色标注的为重要单词短语,仅做示范,具体可自己操作哟) 爱上英语 Hiding behind the loose dusty curtain, a teenager packed up his overcoat into the suitcase. He planned to leave home at dusk though there was thunder and lightning outdoors. He had got to do this because he was tired of his parents’ nagging about his English study and did not want to go through it any longer. He couldn’t get along well with English and disliked joining in English classes because he thought his teacher ignored him on purpose. As a result, his score in each exam never added up to over 60. His partner was concerned about him very much. She understood exactly what he was suffering from, but entirely disagreed with his idea. In order to calm him down and settle his problem, she talked with him face to face and swapped a series of learning tips with him. The items she set down helped him find the highway to studying English well. The teenager was grateful and got great power from his friend’s words. Now, he has recovered from being upset and has fallen in love with English.(你不一定要爱英语,但是不学好英语, 你会很痛苦~~为了自己的幸福,↖(^ω ^)↗加油吧~ps 汉语才是美美哒) 有个少年躲在积满灰尘的松散窗帘后把大衣装入手提箱。 尽管外面正打雷闪电, 他仍计划在 黄昏时分离家出走。 他不得不这样做是因为厌倦了父母对他英语学习的唠叨, 不想再忍受下 去了。他的英语学习总是无法取得进展,而且不喜欢参加英语课的学习,因为他以为老师有 意忽视他。结果,他每次考试的分数合计从未超过 60。 他的搭档很关心他,也确切地理解他遭受的折磨,但却完全不同意他的想法。为了使他冷静 下来好好解决问题,她和他面对面地交谈,并交换了一系列的学习心得技巧。她写下来的条 款帮助他找到了学好英语的最佳捷径。 这个少年非常很感激,并从朋友的话里获得极大的动力。现在,他已经从沮丧中恢复过来, 真正爱上了英语。

2. Different Countries Have Different Kinds of English 不同的国家有不同的英语

Voyages of people from England play an important part in spreading the English language. At present, English is frequently spoken as an official or common language in many countries, such as America, Singapore, Malaysia and some African countries. All based on British English, the English spoken in these countries can be well understood by native English speakers. But actually, these English have been gradually changing in accents, spellings, expressions and the usage of vocabulary. Because of this fact, you can make use of the differences to tell which country the foreigners of your block are from. For example, if a boss fluently commands his driver, “Come up straight to my apartment by elevator and take some gas for my trucks and cabs” ,instead of requesting, “Please come to my flat by lift and take some petrol for my lorries and taxis”, you can recognize his American identity, while the latter suggests that he is British. 英国人的航海在英语的传播中扮演了重要的角色。 目前, 英语在许多国家被作为官方语言或 通用语言频繁地使用,例如美国、新加波、马来西亚和一些非洲的国家。这些国家的英语都 以英式英语为基础, 能很好地为以英语为本族语的人所理解。 但是实际上, 这些英语在口音、 拼写、表达和词汇的使用方面都在逐渐变化。 因为这一情况的存在, 你就可以利用这些英语之间的区别说出你们街区的外国人是哪个国家 来的了。例如,如果有个老板流利地命令他的司机:“Come up straight to my apartment by elevator and take some gas for my trucks and cabs(直接搭电梯到我公寓上来拿卡车和出租车 的汽油)”,而不是要求说, “Please come to my flat by lift and take some petrol for my lorries and taxis(请直接搭电梯到我公寓上来拿卡车和出租车的汽油)”,你就可以轻易地辨认出 他的美国人身份,而后者却暗示着那是一位英国人。(请注意:听力录音里第二段两个“电 梯”的单词跟原文不一致,原文是对的,录音弄错了,elevator 才是美式说法而 lift 是英式 说法。)

3.A Hard Trip 一次辛苦的旅行 My sister was fond of traveling. Ever since graduating, she had been determined to organize a trip to an old temple. Since transporting fare was expensive, she decided to use a bicycle to cycle there not caring about the disadvantages. Her stubborn attitude was always her shortcoming. Once she made up her mind to do something, no one could persuade her to change her mind. Finally, we

gave in as usual though we preferred to take a train. After we prepared everything, including the schedule, reliable weather forecast and the insurance, we began our trip. Our journey was along a river flowing from a high altitude. Our pace was slow because the river frequently had many sharp bends through deep valleys, where the water seemed to boil.Just as I recorded in my journal, it was really a hard journey. But we also enjoyed great views. One night, I put my head on my pillow--a parcel of wool coats, and lay beneath the stars. When the flame in front of our cave went out at midnight, I found the sky so beautiful! 我的妹妹很喜欢旅行。自从毕业以来,她就下定决心要组织一次往一座古庙的旅行。因为 交通费用昂贵,她决定骑自行车去,毫不担心其中的不利情况。顽固的态度一直都是她的缺 点,一旦她下定决心要做的事,就没有人能说服她改变主意。最后,我们像往常一样让步, 尽管我们更喜欢乘火车去。我们准备好了所有东西,包括时间表、可靠的天气预报,还有保 险,就开始了旅程。 我们的旅程沿着一条从高海拔处流下来的河流前行。 但我们的步伐很慢, 因为当流经深深的 峡谷时,这条河流急转弯很多,急湍的河水都似乎沸腾起来。正如我在旅行日志里记录的那 样,这真是一次艰苦的旅行。但是我们也欣赏到了美丽的景色。一天晚上,我把头枕在一包 羊毛衣服做的枕头上,躺在星空下,当岩洞前的火焰在午夜熄灭时,我发现夜空是如此的美 丽!

4.A Horrible Earthquake 可怕的地震 Dirty water rose in wells and canals before the earthquake. But no one judged that an earthquake was coming. Suddenly, everything shook. It seemed as if the world was at an end. Millions of brick houses and a number of dams were destroyed. Railway tracks became useless bars. Pipes in mines burst and let out smelly steam. Huge cracks trapped cyclists everywhere. The next day, this event was the headline or main title of all newspapers. With the reporters giving an outline of the disaster, the whole nation was shocked by the damage and the victim’s extreme suffering. People were moved when they read that the survivors comforted each other by saying “Congratulations! You survived!”. So they not only expressed their sympathy sincerely, but also organized together to help the victims right away. The injured were rescued and the dead were

buried. The frightened survivors were dug out from under the ruins and were offered shelter, fresh water and electricity. Thanks to people’s help, the loss was minimized. 地震前,水井和运河里的污水都涨涌起来。但是却没人判断出地震即将来临。霎那间,一切 都在摇晃,似乎整个世界就要结束。数以百万的砖房和许多水坝遭到破坏;铁路轨道都变成 无用的铁条; 煤矿管道纷纷爆裂, 发出有臭味的蒸汽; 到处都有骑车的人被巨大的裂缝陷住。 第二天, 所有报纸都纷纷以大字标题或主要标题报道了这一事件。 记者们描述了灾难的大概 情况,全国都被地震的破坏和灾民们极度的苦难所震惊。当人们读到幸存者以“恭喜啊,你 还活着。”来互相安慰时,都被感动了。人们不仅衷心地表达了他们的同情,而且还立刻组 织起来帮助灾民。伤员被救助了,死者被埋葬了,吓坏的幸存者被从废墟中挖出来了,栖身 处、净水和电力也很快得到提供。多亏了人们的帮助,灾区的损失被减到了最小。

5.The Great President 伟大的总统 As the founder of the republic, the president had many good qualities. Before coming to power, he was a generous lawyer. He was willing to selflessly help everyone who turned to him. He accepted no fee to offer legal guidance and opinions to those who were out of work or uneducated. Later, believing all mankind to be equal, he devoted himself to stopping the unfair anti-black laws. He set up the Black Youth League and was voted to be the leader. However, though he kept peaceful principles without violence and terror(非暴力)), his mean enemies still blew up his house and attacked his relatives, and he himself couldn’t escape(escape doing) being sentenced to (被 判处??)30 years in prison. Not fearing of the prison guards’ cruelty, he kept active and begged no mercy from them. As a matter of fact, he was always hopeful and never lost heart during the stage even though he was in trouble. Finally, people rewarded him with the leader’s position and a gold blanket. 作为共和国的创始人,这位总统具备许多的优秀品质。还在掌权之前,他就是一位慷慨的律 师。他愿意无私地帮助那些向他求助的人。他免费为失业的,或没有受过教育的人提供法律 指导和意见。后来,因为相信所有人类都是生来平等,他全身心投入到废除不平等的反黑人 法律工作中。他建立了黑人青年团并被选为领袖。然而,尽管他坚持没有暴力、没有恐怖的 和平原则,卑鄙的敌人还是炸毁了他的家、袭击了他的亲属,他自己也无法逃脱被判 30 年

徒刑的遭遇。 在狱中,他毫不畏惧狱警的残酷,始终保持积极的态度,不向他们乞求怜悯。实际上,他在 任何一个困境时期都充满着希望,从未灰心。 最后,人们以领袖的职位和一块金毯子回报了他的贡献。

6.A Brave Maid 勇敢的女仆 A wooden vase from the Ming Dynasty at the entrance of the reception hall amazed everyone. The artists designed it in a rare style and selected valuable jewels to decorate it. People thought highly of its fancy colour of honey and the beautiful paintings on it. The vase used to belong to a former castle. But when the country was at war, the enemy troops exploded the castle. Debates on how the vase survived went on and on. In order to remove people’s doubt, a team of no less than 20 people carried out an informal investigation. The evidences they found showed that a maid took the vase apart and asked a sailor to sink it in a local well. She never gave away the secret even under the cruel trial of the enemies who were in search of treasures. It is worth giving this brave maid a fortune in return. 接待大厅入口处的明朝木制花瓶 使每个人都惊奇不已。艺术家以一种罕有的风格设计它, 并挑选了贵重的珠宝装饰它。人们高度赞赏它那蜂蜜般的奇特颜色,还有上面绘制的绘画。 这个花瓶曾经属于一座从前的城堡,但在战争期间,敌人的军队炸毁了城堡,于是关于这个 花瓶是如何幸存下来的争论就一直在持续着。为了解开人们的疑问,一个由不少于 20 人的 调查队开展了一次非正式的调查。他们找到的证据表明,有个女仆 把花瓶拆开,然后让一 名水手把它沉到当地的一个水井里。 她从来没有泄露这个秘密, 即使是在搜寻财宝的敌人残 酷的审讯下。 这位女仆真是值得给予一大笔钱作为对她的回报。

7.A Fair Competition 公平的比赛 Swifter, Higher and Stronger stands for the spirit of the Olympics. But fairness is the basis of this motto. Only when you win fairly will you and your home land deserve the great glory. But

nowadays, unlike the ancient honest slave competitors, some hopeless athletes who can’t bear the pain of training cheat when taking part in games. Medals seem to have magical power causing them to cheat, and the prize money has replaced the motto as their only goal. So, in the gymnastics event to be held in our city next month, one of the host’ s responsibilities is to keep competitions fair. They advertised on posters outside the stadium to promise that every competitor is to have a regular physical examination in a gymnasium one after another. No one can bargain on this. The volunteers in charge will be very strict. It is foolish to cheat because they will not be admitted to compete and will even be fined as well. “更快!更高!更强!”代表着奥运精神。但是公平却是这一格言的基础。只有当你公平地 赢得比赛,你和你的祖国才会承受这样的光荣。但如今,不像古代那些诚实的奴隶参赛者, 有些没有希望的运动员无法承受训练的痛苦, 于是在参加比赛时作假。 奖牌似乎有某种魔力 使他们作假,奖金也已经代替了奥运格言成为了他们唯一的目标。 因此, 在我们市下个月即将举行的一场体操赛事中, 主办方的其中一项责任就是要确保比赛 的公平。 他们在体育场外的海报上做广告, 承诺说每个参赛者都将在体育馆一个一个地参加 常规的身体检查。对此没有人可以讨价还价。负责此事的志愿者将非常严格。作假是很愚蠢 的,因为他们将不被允许去竞赛,甚至还将被罚款。

8. Computers 电脑 The goal of early calculating machines was to simplify difficult sums. But with the help of new technology, electronic chips replaced tubes and a revolution of artificial intelligence has arisen. From then on, the appearance of computers totally changed our lives. They can not only download information from the wet when connected by the network or mobile phone signals, but also solve different types of logical problems. With operators as their coaches, they can even control rockets to explore the moon and instruct androids with the human race’s characters to mop floors and watch over your naughty niece. Anyhow, computers are so helpful that they do bring happiness. However, computers are easily attacked by viruses. This reality has become a hard-to-deal with-problem. As a result, computers are dangerous in a way. So, personally, I worry about their universal applications in some fields, such as finance. 早期计算机器的目的是简化比较难的计算。 但是在新技术的帮助下, 电子芯片代替了电子管,

一场人工智能革命由此掀起。从那时起,电脑的出现完全改变了我们的生活,它们不仅能在 网络或移动电话信号的连接下从网上下载信息, 而且可以解决各种类型的逻辑问题。 在操作 员的教练下, 它们甚至还可以控制火箭探索月球, 指导具有人类性格的机器人擦洗地板和照 顾你调皮的侄女。不管怎么说,电脑都是如此的有用,以致的确给人们带来了快乐。 然而,电脑很容易受到病毒的攻击,这一现实已经成为一个难以处理的难题,结果,电脑在 某种程度上是很危险的。因此,就个人而言,我很担心电脑在某些领域,例如金融方面的广 泛应用。

9.保护野生动植物 Wildlife Protection Dinosaurs died out because of an unexpected incident. But wildlife today disappears or is in danger just because humans do harm to it. For example, tigers are hunted for fur to make carpets so that they can only live in secure reserves; grassland is destroyed without mercy so that dust storms come into being affecting distant cities. Last year, scientists saw some monkeys rubbing themselves with a certain kind of insects to protect themselves from fierce mosquitoes biting. According to the result of the inspection, they found that the insect contains a powerful drug, so local farmers were employed to catch the insects. The ending was that the insects disappeared from the whole zone. When told that it was a loss to humans, the farmers burst into laughter and responded,“Our real loss is our decreasing income.” We should appreciate the natural balance and pay more attention to the importance of wildlife protection. Not until we succeed in letting wildlife live in peace, can we smile in relief. 恐龙因一次意外事件而灭绝, 但是今天的野生动植物却是因为人类的伤害而消失或处在危险 中。例如,老虎被猎杀以获取做地毯的皮毛,以致它们只能生活在安全的保护区里;草地被 毫不怜悯地破坏,以致沙尘暴开始影响遥远的城市。 去年, 科学家观察到猴子在身上擦某种昆虫来保护自己不受凶猛的蚊子的叮咬。 根据检查的 结果, 他们发现这种昆虫含有一种具有强大效力的药物, 于是, 当地的农民都被雇来抓虫子。 结果是,这种昆虫从这整个地区都消失了。当被告知说这是整个人类的损失时,农民们都突 然大笑着回应道:“我们减少的收入才是我们真正的损失呢!” 我们应该意识到自然平衡的重要, 更加注意野生动植物的保护。 直到我们成功让野生动植物 安详平静地生活,我们自己才能如释重负地笑开颜。

10. My First Band 我的第一支乐队 I was very sensitive to music. Just dipping into the music books briefly, I could sing or play well. To be honest, I always dreamt of becoming a famous folk actor. I was so confident that I never decreased my devotion. I formed my first band called “Rolling Frog”. At the beginning, we relied on performing on instruments in pubs or to passers –by to earn extra money in cash. Then we wore false beards to pretend to be the musicians whom people were familiar with. In addition, we attached humorous acts to our performances and played jokes on each other. Soon, our“funny jazz” became famous and invitations to perform for broadcast stations began to come. Afterwards, we sorted out attractive music and made a record in a studio. A million or so copies were sold and we became millionaires. It was painful that the band broke up finally. But above all, I realized my dream to be a musician. 我对音乐很敏感,只要简要地浏览一下乐谱,我就能演唱或演奏得很好。说实话,我一直都 梦想着能成为出名的民间演员,自信的我从未减少过热爱。 我组成的第一支乐队叫做“摇滚蛙”。开始,我们依靠在酒吧里或向路人表演乐器来挣些零 花的现金。然后我们带上假胡子假扮人们熟悉的音乐家,除此之外,我们在表演中加上幽默 的动作,互相开着玩笑。很快,我们的“滑稽爵士乐”出了名,到广播电台表演的邀请开始 多起来。随后,我们把我们吸引人的音乐做了分类,在一间音乐工作室录制了 1 张唱片,大 约卖出了 100 万张,这使我们都成了百万富翁。




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