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Travel journal

Moon River Moon river, wider than a mile; I'm crossing you in style some day; Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker; Wherever you're goin', i'm goin' your way; Two drifters, off to see the world; There's such a lot of world to see; We're after the same rainbow's; Waitin’ round the bend, my huckleberry friend; Moon river, and me …

Warming Up

Which kind of transport do you prefer to use?Think about the advantages and disadvantages of each form of transport .

on foot

by bus by bike by plane / by air by car

Warming Up
Suppose you have four days, discuss where you might go in pairs. Remember to ask the following questions: ?Where are you going on holiday? ?When are you leaving? ?How are you going to…? ?How long are you staying ? ?When are you arriving in /at…? ?Where are you staying? ?When are you coming back?

Here are some famous rivers. Do you know their names?

It is in Egypt.

The Nile River

This river is called our mother river.

The Yellow River

This river is the longest one in China.
The Yangtze River (Chang Jiang River)

Mississippi(USA) Seine ( France) Thames (England)

Amazon River (Brazil)

Nile River (Egypt)

TheLancang River

This river begins in Qinghai Province and flows through several countries.

Out of China, it is called

the Mekong River

How much do you know about the Mekong River?

Part of it is in China, too!

Map of the Mekong River

II Pre-reading

China Burma Laos Thailand Cambodia Vietnam

Can you list the countries that the Mekong flows through?

The Mekong River
Myanmar Laos Vietnam



List the countries that the Mekong River flows through. China Thailand Vietnam Myanmar



澜沧江 —— 湄公河是东南亚最重要的一条国际河流, 有 “ 东方多瑙河 ” 之美称。源头在我国青海唐古拉山, 全长 4880 公里 ,在我国内河道里程长 2161 公里 ,其 中在云南境内 1247 公里 ,从勐腊县南腊河口 244 号 界桩处出境后,澜沧江始称湄公河,流经缅甸、老挝、 泰国、柬埔寨、越南 5 个国家,最后在越南胡志明市附 近注入太平洋。 许多重要城市、港口和商贸重镇坐落在湄公河畔。它 的下游孕育了世界最大的粮仓 —— 湄公河粮仓,闻名全 球的四大米市均在湄公河畔。紧靠岸边的 “ 金三角 ” , 从前以种植、制造、贩卖鸦片而闻名于世,而今已变成 泰国的旅游胜地,每年吸引着 400 多万游人前去观光。 澜沧江 —— 湄公河是沿岸 6 国人民的共同财富。据 考察,我国西南和东南亚各国间,开展水陆联运。所以, 这条天然的水上大动脉,被誉称为未来的 “ 黄金水 道 ” ,沿江各国人民把它奉为 “ 幸福之母 ” 、 “ 生

Mekong River (湄公河)


III Reading

1.Read the text quickly and find out the main

Idea of the passage .


2. Read the text again and find the topic sentence of each paragraph .

Carefull reading

3.Do some exercises in the book andnews----


A outline of the text
1. prepare to take a bike trip

2.Wang Wei organized the trip

3.Information about the MeKong River

Topic sentence 1 Topic sentence 2
It was my sister who first had the idea to cycle along the entire Mekong River. Although she didn’t know the best way of getting to places, she insisted that she organize the trip properly.

Topic We found a large atlas with good maps sentence that showed the details of the world 3 geography.


plain glacier delta

rapids valley

Match each word to the proper meanings 1. rapid 2. waterfall 3. glacier 4. delta 5.plain
a. A high place from which a river suddenly goes down b. A large flat place c. A fast-moving part of a river d. A large body of ice moving slowly down a high valley e. The low place where a river enters the sea.


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