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株洲市 2014 高考英语阅读理解、短文改错训练(7)及答案

(第 篇) When I was going home to India last year, I called up my mother to ask if she wanted anything from China. When India had not opened up its markets to the world, I carried suitcase loads of dark glasses and jeans. Thankfully,we can get all these anywhere in India now. Still, her answer surprised me,“ Green tea.” As long as I can remember she didn’ t even drink Indian tea. I dutifully bought a big packet of Longjing and headed home to hear the story. My mother and her brother, both regular newspaper readers, believed that Chinese green tea was the wonder drug for all illnesses. At the turn of the century, China was not really familiar to the average Indian. It was a strange country. How things change! And how soon! Now every town of any size seems to have a “China Market”. And everyone is talking about China. The government o f India has planned to send a team to China to see how things are done. A minister once said that India must open the doors for more foreign investment(投资) and such a step would “work wonders as it did for China”. But it’_s_a_two?way_street. I just heard about a thousand Shenzhen office workers who have gone to Bangalore to train in software. Meanwhile, all the Indian IT majors are setting up a strong presence in China. No wonder that trade, which was only in the millions just ten years ago, was expected to hit about US $15 billion for last year and US $20 billion by 2008, a goal set by both governments. No wonder, my colleague wrote some weeks ago about this being the Sino?Indian (中印)century as the two countries started on January 1 the Sino?Indian Friendship Year. But what is still a wonder to me is my mother drinking Chinese tea. [语篇解读] 文章主要讲述了一个印度人对中国的印象:中国的发展令他惊讶不已。另

外,中国和印度相互合作,实现了双赢。 1.Why did the mother ask for Chinese green tea?


A. She was tired of Indian tea. B. She had a son working in China. C. She believed it had a curing effect. D. She was fond of Chinese products. [解析] 根据第五段最后一句话可知答案。 [答案] C 2.What does the author mean by “it’ s a two?way street” in Paragraph 10? A. China and India have different traffic rules. B. Tea trade works wonders in both India and China. C. Chinese products are popular in both China and India. D. The exchanges between India and China benefit both. [解析] 结合上下文可知,这句话的意思是“中国和印度互惠互利,共同发展”。 [答案] D 3.What do we know about the Indian IT industry? A. It will move its head office to Shenzhen. B. It is seeking further development in China. C. It has attracted an investment of US $15 billion. D. It caught up with the US IT industry in 2008. [解析] 由第十段可知,B 项正确。 [答案] B 4.In the text the author expresses________. A. his concern for his mother’ s health B. his support for drinking Chinese green tea C. his surprise at China’ s recent development D. his wonder at the growth of India’ s IT industry [解析] 综观全文可知,作者对中国的发展变化惊讶不已。因此 C 项正确。 [答案] C ****************************************************结束

Hilary Smith belonged to a good family. But by the age of twenty, he had spent all the money the good old family had. He then had some trouble with the bank and was put in prison. He escaped from the prison and ran to Australia without delay.

Hilary did not like Australia and Australia did not like Hilary. What he could do seemed to be one of two things: die or work. The thought of neither of these gave him any pleasure. Then he remembered that he was not alone in the world. He possessed an aunt. She was his father’s only sister, but his father used to say sh e brought no glory to the family. Hilary, of course, tried to discover what she had done. It seemed that she had failed to marry a nobleman. Instead, she had chosen a husband who was connected with trade. Of course as soon as she became “Mrs Parks”, her brother considered her dead. Later on, Mr. Parks died and left her a lot of money; but that did not bring her back to life in her brother’s opinion. Hilary discovered his aunt’s address. Fortunately she remained faithful and honest to him even after she fell ill. So Hilary’s star shone again. When he was feeling honest, he could talk attractively. He frequently visited his aunt’s house; and soon he was living comfortably in the building which the profits of trade had provided. One thing was soon clear: his aunt was seriously ill, and nothing could cure her illness. Hilar y w as very worried. Fate had found a home for him, and was now going to throw him out of it. There was only one thing that could save him: her will. “Will?” she said, “yes, I have made one. That was when I was a girl and had not much money. I left all my money to some religious people.” “Didn’t you make another will when you were married?” Hilary asked. His aunt shook her head. “No,” she said in a low voice, “There was no need. When I finally had a l ot of money I found I had no relations.” On the next day he went to the public library and examined a book of law. It told him what he already believed. When a woman is married, an earlier will loses its value. A new will must be made. If no new will is made, the money goes to the nearest relation. Hilary knew that he was his aunt’s only relation. His future was safe. After a few months had passed, Hilary’s problems became serious. He badly needed money. He had expensive tastes, and owed a lot of money to shopkeepers. They trusted him because his aunt was rich; but the debt was terrible.

Unfortunately his aunt did not want to discuss money matters at all. In the end they had a quarrel about the small amount of ten pounds. Hilary was now very angry. He began to wonder about a new problem. Was it kind to want his aunt to live any longer? Was it not better for her to die now? While he was considering what to do, his aunt told him that she was going to send for her lawyer. So she was going to make a new will. Hilary thought she might leave all her money to someone else. Soon he reached a clear decision.He must do a great kindness to the poor old woman. One night when the old servant who had been nursing his aunt went off, he doubled the amount of some medicine. The total amount was too great and it could just put her to sleep forever. “Thank you,” his aunt took the glass from his hand with a grateful look. “I want, mor e than anything, to sleep, and never to wake up again. Is that what you wish, Hilary? I have given you your chance. Don’t blame me if I have some doubts about what you intended to do. Sick people get these ideas, you know. One thing I ought to explain to you. Mr. Parks never married me. He already had a wife and couldn’t marry again. That made your foolish father very angry with me? Well, if I am alive tomorrow I shall make another will in your favor. If I die tonight, you’ll get nothing? No, Hilary, don’t try to take the glass away. If you do that, I shall know; and I don’t want to know. Good night, Hilary.” Then, very carefully, she raised the glass to her mouth and drank. 15. From the story, we learn that Hilary’s aunt was ______. A. bad-tempered and lonely B. kind-hearted and wise C. careless about money D. cruel to her nephew 16. Why did Hilary’s father consider his aunt dead? A. Because they lost contact with each other after her marriage. B. Because she married a businessman. C. Because she broke away from the family for a better life. D. Because he thought she was a shame to the family

17. The underlined sentence “He must do a great kindness to the poor old woman” in Paragraph 11 suggests that Hilary Smith ______. A. was determined to put his aunt’s life to an end B. decided to do his aunt a favor to call in a lawyer C. made up his mind to take good care of his aunt D. would help his aunt to donate all her money to religious people 18. Which of the following is the focus of the story? A. Hilary’s aunt’s money. B. Hilary Smith’s debts. C. The intended murder. D. Hilary’s aunt’s marriage. 19. Which part of what Hilary’s aunt said eventually might make Hilary frustrated? A. She wanted to sleep and never to wake up again. B. She never got married to Mr. Parks. C. Mr. Parks had a wife. D. She would make a new will tomorrow. 20. Which detail from the story is the climax(高潮)of the story? A. Hilary escaped from the prison. B. Hilary quarreled with his aunt about ten pounds. C. Hilary’s aunt drank the medicine her nephew prepared for her. D. Hilary’s aunt made a will to leave all her money to someone else.

参考答案 BDAABC ******************************************************结束

(2010·内江、广安模拟) Last Saturday we had a party at home. Dad's friends come1.________ along with their families. Since Mom was not at home, Dad2.________

and I had to prepare everything, so it turned out such a miracle3.________ that they did make it! Everything went perfectly fine.4.________ A lot of kids who came that day. I had the most wonderful time5.________ with Steven. It was just amazed to find someone so much6.________ like me. We had a lot of things by common. The time seem ed7.________ short to me, and I wished we could have had some more time8.________ to continue the conversation. Hopeful we're going on9.________ a trip together next summer, and also summer after next.10.________ 答案与解析: 1.come→came 整篇文章为一般过去时,应把 come 改为 came。 2.√→but 前后语境为转折关系,应把 so 改为 but。 4.they→we 根据上文可知作者使用了第一人称,此处指作者和父亲俩人,因此应把 they 改为 we。 5.去掉 who 本句为简单句,去掉 who。 6.amazed→amazing 主语为 it,应用 amazing 作表语,表示“令人惊异的”。→in 固定短语 common 表示“有??相同之处”。 8.去掉 had had 去掉。 9.Hopeful→Hopefully 副词 hopefully 放在句首,表示“希望”副词作状语修饰整 个句子。 10.在 also 后加 the next summer 指明年夏天,the summer after next 指后年夏天。 *************************************************************结束 wish 后的宾语从句用虚拟语气,谓语应用情态动词+动词原形,因此把


链接 1. (2012 全国卷 1) Honey(蜂蜜) from the African forest is not only a kind of natural sugar, it is also delicious. Most people, and many animals, like eating it. However, the only way for them to get that hon ey is to find a wild bees' nest(巢)and take the honey from it. Often, these nests are high up in trees, and it is difficult to find them. In parts of Africa, though, people and animals unexpected helper 一 a little bird called a honey guide. The honey guide does not actually like honey, but it does like the wax(蜂蜡) in the beehives (蜂房). The little bird cannot reach this max, which is deep inside the bee’s nest. So, when it finds a suitable nest, it looks for someone to help it. The honey guide gives a loud cry th at attracts the attention of both passing animals and people. Once it has their attention, it flies through the forest, waiting from time to time for the curious animal or person ad it leads them to the nest. When they finally arrive at the nest, the follower reaches in to get at the delicious honey as the bird patiently waits and watches. Some of the honey, and the wax, always falls to the ground, and this is when the honey guide takes its share. Scientists do not know why the honey guide likes eating the wax, but it is very determined in its efforts to get it. The birds seem to be able to smell wax from a long distance away. They will quickly arrive whenever a beekeeper is taking honey from his beehives, and will even enter churches when beeswax candles are being lit. 【考点】说明文 【文章大意】短文介绍了一种特别的鸟类,它获取食物的方式与其 他鸟类不同。 56. Why is it difficult to find a wild bees' nest?

A. It's small in size. B. It's hidden in trees. C. It's covered with wax. D. It's hard to recognize. 56.【答案】B 【试题解析】从短文第 1 段可知,蜂巢高高挂在树上,以至于难以发现。因此,正确答案为 B 选项。 【难度】容易 57. What do the words "the follower" in Paragraph 2 refer to? A. A bee. C. A honey see ker. 57.【答案】C 【试题解析】短文划线词前面提到,这种鸟能够把寻找蜂蜜的动物或者人引到有蜂巢的地方。 由此来判断,C 选项与划线词的意思相符。因此,正确答案为 C 选项。 【难度】一般 58. The honey guide is special in the way_· A. it gets its food B. it goes to church C. it sings in the forest D. it reaches into bees' nests B. A bird. D. A beekeeper.



2.(2011·全国 II)短文改错(共 10 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分) 此题要求改正所给短文中的错误。对标有题号的每一行作出判断:如无错误,在答 题卡该行右边横线上画一个勾(J) ;如有错误(每行只有一个错误) ,则按下列情况改正: 此行多一个词:在答题卡短文上把多余的词用斜线(\)划掉,在答题卡该行右边横线 上写出该词,并也用斜线划掉。 此行缺一个词:在答题卡短文的缺词处加一个漏字符号(八) ,并在答题卡该行右边横线 上写出该加的词。 此行错一个词:在答题卡短文错的词下划一横线,并在答题卡该行右边横线上写出改正 后的词。注意:原行没有错的不要改。 Dear George, It's been a week after we left your family and we are now back home. Thank you very much for showing them around your city and providing us for the wo nderful meals. After we said goodbye to you, we went to Washington D.C., where we stayed for three days. My brother was so much fond of the museums there that he begged my parents to staying another couple of day. However, my fathe r had to return to work on Monday so we fly back last Saturday afternoon. It was really a nice exp erience. If you'd like to make trip to our city some day, I will be better than happy to be your guide. Yours, Mike 76._______ 77.______ 78._______ 79._______ 80._______ 81.________ 82.________ 83.________ 84._______ 85._______

【参考答案】 76.after---since 77.them---us 78.for---with 79.正确 80.去掉 much 81.staying---stay 8 4.trip 前 a 85.better----more


- 10 -



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