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2014 高考英语阅读理解基础练习题(33)及答案
阅读理解-----A In our old neighborhood, neighbors chatted over fences. Newcomers were welcomed with chocolate and bread. It had been easy to find friends there. Our new community was difference. It seemed that family roots grew deep. Deep as the Mississippi River that flowed past the tiny river town. We’d moved to decrease my husband’s commute to work. Only thirty miles. After living there for six months, I was ready to move back home. I was lonely for a friend. My three boys were lonely. My husband, Lonny, fared okay, but he spent his days at work.. Lonny noticed my sinking disposition. “Shawnelle, you look unapproachable,” he said. He and I were sitting in lawn chairs. Samuel, our three-year-old sat in his own little chair. “What do you mean?” “Body language. You placed our chairs fifteen yards away from everyone else.” “It doesn’t matter. I’m not going to have friends hers.” Just then Samuel looked up. “Mom’s right, Dad. And we just want to go home.” That’s when I knew that I needed an adjustment. I didn’t want my boys to learn that the way to work through a tough time was to use a wounded and bitter attitude. Over the next few months I smiled when I didn’t feel like it. We signed up for reading programs at the library and frequented parks and the bike path along the river. One afternoon Samuel and I clambered up the stairs to the library activity room. A woman who I hadn’t seen before sat at an oblong table with a tiny boy. “Hi,” she said. “I’m Tammy. Do you need a seat? There’s one right here.” I sat down next to Tammy. Soon class was over, and we still had a lot to say. “Why don’t you come over later?” Tammy asked. “I live on a farm. There’s plenty of room for the kids to run.” We went. And since that day, we’ve been back a million times. When I look back, I’m grateful for that tough time. I learned to persevere. I’m


glad I didn’t give up. And as for my boys, they learned a lesson too. “Keep moving forward,” is what I tell them. “Your heart will follow.” Why did the writer move to a new neighborhood? To find a part-time job in the library. B To make new friends with the local people. C To enjoy the beauty of the Mississippi River. D To make her husband go to work conveniently. Shawnelle decided to keep going when _____________________. A Tammy encouraged her to join conversations B Samuel expressed his wish to go back home C Lonny pointed out the mistakes of her body language D Tammy invited her to go to her farm Shawnelle mentioned her friendship with Tammy to prove___________ women seemed to have endless words to say B Tammy was rich to have room for kids C her family had finally fitted in the new place D Tammy’s farm was suitable for kids to play on What lesson did Shawnelle teach her kids? Have a dream in difficult times. C Be careful in making friends. B Never break up with old friends. D Keep up in a tough time.

参考答案 A


阅读理解 (共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 A Dear Rudyard Kipling, Father has consistently tried to instill(灌输) a sense of being a man in me ever

since I was very young. When I reached the age of twelve he began taking me to his auto body shop. He told me this tough job would build me into a man of character. But this all changed a year ago when my mother passed away and stumbled upon your poem, If. My mother was the person who could understand me. If I ever got tired during my work hours at the shop I could call her to come and pick me up. It was my mother who instilled the love of literature and languages in me. My mother spoke six languages fluently and had thousands of books, which still sit in the attic of our house. It was in this “library” of hers that I picked up a book of poetry from a cold metal shelf and found your poem, If. Because of the death of my mother I felt alone, as if I belonged to no family. The image of a man was completely shattered when I saw him break down and cry, which looked so pathetic(凄惨的)and “unmanly” compared to his usual stoic(禁欲主义 者)and emotionless countenance. Yet I remained silent remembering the golden words: “If you can keep your head when all about you/ Are losing theirs and blaming it on you? you’ll be a Man, my son!”

If reminded me to remain calm and “keep my head” because I wanted to be a man
and wanted to be the one supporting my family. I sacrificed my ability to compete in a winter sport so that I could stay home and cook for my family and clean the house. My father saw this and our relationship has grown much stronger. He finally respected me for who I was and told me he was proud to have a man for his son. Through this poem, I realize that to be a man is not about putting weights on a barbell(杠铃) but rather putting the weight of others on your back. Your poem was so much more than just a simple list of guidelines or morals that some see it as; it really changed my life and my relationship with my dad. 41. According to the passage, what kind of person does the author’s father expect him to be? A. A person who will shoulder responsibilities. B. A person who knows how to earn a lot of money. C. A person who knows how to do housework.

D. A person who respects his parents. 【答案】A 【解析】细节理解题。根据 Father has consistently tried to instill(灌输) a sense of being a man in me ever since I was very young.作者的父亲想要他成为一个真正的能肩 负起责任的男人,故选 A。 42. Who does the underlined word “him” in paragraph 3 refer to? A. the character in the poem C. the author 【答案】C 【解析】词义猜测题。根据 The image of a man was completely shattered when I saw him break down and cry,可知这里指的是作者自己,是作者痛苦,因为自己的母亲去世,故选 C。 43. According to the passage, a man in the author’s mind would have the following qualities EXCEPT _________. A. responsible 【答案】D 【解析】细节理解题。responsible 有责任心的; calm 镇静的; caring 爱心,有同情心的; enthusiastic 热情的。根据 because I wanted to be a man and wanted to be the one supporting my family. 作者认为人要有责任心;If you can keep your head when all about you/ Are losing theirs and blaming it on you? you’ll be a Man, my son 这里作者 引用母亲的话来说明人在遇到事情时要镇静;要 If I ever got tired during my work hours at the shop I could call her to come and pick me up.作者认为要有爱心;只有选项 D 的热情没有提到,故选 D。 44. We can learn from the passage that ___________. A. the poem has helped to improve the relationship between the author and his father B. the author would not know how to help his family without the poem C. the author’s father must have read the poem as well D. the author’s mother had told him about this poem before 【答案】A 【解析】 细节理解题。 根据 Your poem was so much more than just a simple list of guidelines or morals that some see it as; it really changed my life and my relationship with

B. the author’s father D. an unknown person

B. calm

C. caring

D. enthusiastic

my dad.那首诗帮助改善了作者和父亲的关系,故选 A。 45. The author has written this letter to ___________. A. share with Rudyard Kipling his sadness resulting from the death of his mother B. show his appreciation for the positive influence the poem has brought to him C. share his opinion on the poem D. tell Rudyard Kipling how he got the poem 【答案】B 【解析】作者意图题。根据短文的内容可知作者想让我们知道那首诗带给他的积极的影响。

阅读理解 Are you nervous about climbing because you think it's too dangerous? Do you feel you're not fit enough to climb? Do you know how to start climbing? Let's consider the idea that climbing is dangerous.Being afraid is natural, but if you use suitable ropes and other climbing equipments you will feel completely safe .Climbers are usually very careful because they know what they are doing is dangerous . Accidents happen, but when they do, they tend to attract a lot of publicity.As a result, people think there are many more accidents than there are in reality. You cannot expect to start climbing straight away.Climbing is a challenge and challenges take time.It is necessary first of all that you achieve a good level of fitness.Begin as soon as you become interested in climbing ?go to the gym, go swimming, take up jogging and continue to do so throughout your training period. Discover as much as you can about climbing . Visit the library and find book, especially for beginners or buy climbing magazines and look for articles which describe your situation. Look up information on the Internet. Find out about equipment, methods and places to go. Next, take a course on a climbing wall.There are plenty of climbing walls all over the country which have trained and qualified people as instructors.Call your local leisure center to find out if there is one in your area. These training sessions

are a quick way to get experience and you are likely to meet other beginners. After this, you can do an outside course of join a club where you can meet climbers of all abilities and eventually join in group-climbing events. At first you may not understand the importance of a good training period, but after you have completed your first climb and you are standing safely at the top of a rock feeling thrilled, then you will know it was the right thing to do. 1.The article is written by A.a doctor C.a beginner . experienced climber D.a fitness instructor .

2.The writer thinks a new climber should A.begin by becoming fit B.have the courage to meet the challenges aware of the causes of the accidents enough sports to get interested in climbing 3.By climbing walls you can A.join a club you like C.become qualified instructors .

B.gain controlled experience D.take part in group-climbing events .

4.The underlined word “it” in the last paragraph probably means A.the climb B.the training D.the achievement

C.the equipment



阅读理解-----A More than half of young black men in the United States do not finish high school. Many grow up without fathers and in neighborhoods with gangs, drugs and violence. Sixty percent of those who drop out of school have spent time in prison by the age of thirty-five. Joe Marshall co-founded the Omega Boys Club in San Francisco, California, twenty-three years ago. Mr. Marshall tries to give boys — and girls — a safe refuge

and a chance at a better future. Every week, he has two basic messages for his young students: "Stop the violence" and "Don't do drugs." Mr. Marshall taught math in middle school and expected to see his best students go to college. He got a lot of horror stories — a lot of his former students ended up dead or in prison for selling drugs, being involved in gangs, and girls ended up getting pregnant(怀孕). The Omega Boys Club serves more than four hundred young people every year. Two times a week, it offers after-school classes in math, reading, family and life skills, and college preparation. Joe Marshall sees gangs and violence as a disease that needs to be dealt with as a public health problem. "That's what these young people get. They develop a street mentality—anger, fear and pain. Then we tell them to follow some new rules for living that will decrease their chances of ending up dead or in prison and increase their chances dramatically of staying alive and free." But his most effective way to spread his anti-violence message is through radio. In 1991, Joe Marshall started “Street Soldiers,” a weekly call-in show. Marlena, one of the graduates of the Omega Boys Club, is at Southern University right now, going into her third year. She talked about what she had learned by coming to Omega, by listening to “Street Soldiers,” and she said she had learned how to love herself. The club provides guidance and financial assistance to help students stay in school. Over ninety percent of members who were accepted into college have graduated. 41. The passage is mainly about____________. A. what problems many young black men are faced with B. how Mr. Marshall helps his students to go to college C. why many young black men end up in prison D. how an organization helps young black people 42. The passage mentioned Marlena in order to _______. A. showcase the success of the Club’s effort B. invite girls to attend the after-school classes

C. highlight the failure of normal schools D. prove the importance of after-school classes 43. “Street Soldiers” is _________________ . A. an armed force C. a TV program B. a gang of blacks D. a radio program

44. According to the passage, which of the following is true? A. The Omega Boys Club help the government to keep male students at school. B. Gangs and violence are public health problems that need to be dealt with. C. The Club offers after-school classes in basic knowledge and living skills. D. Over ninety percent of the members have graduated from college.

参考答案 41——45 DADC

This is an old tale. It’s the story of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf that blew down a house made of straw and one made of sticks. The only house left standing was the one made of bricks. Now there is new evidence to suggest that houses built with bales of straw can be very strong. They are also environmental. Pete Walker is a professor at the University of Bath in Britain. He and a team of researchers there have built a house made out of straw bales and hemp material. During the next twelve months the team will study the effectiveness of these materials in home building. Professor Walker says there are many good reasons for using straw. Professor Walker says that one of the benefits is that it’s a relatively inexpensively renewable material that’s readily available. According to Professor Walker, straw takes in carbon dioxide as it grows. So it can be seen as having no harmful effects on the environment. He says straw helps the environment in other ways. Professor Walker: “The straw bale walls are relatively thick and so all that straw provides very good thermal(of heat) insulation. So we make buildings that

require very little heating in the winter or indeed very little cooling in the summer. So they require very little additional energy.” Professor Walker says this reduces home operating expenses. It also reduces the effect on the environment. He says the current interest in straw bale houses is a direct response to the problem of climate change. David Lanfear owns an eco-friendly home building service in the United States called Bale on Bale Construction. He says he laughed when some friends first told him about houses built of straw. But after doing his own research, he learned that building with straw bales made a lot of sense. He has now helped to build more than ten straw bale houses and says the building material is becoming more widely accepted. To build the houses, he fills a wood frame with tightly packed bales of straw. Next he coats the walls inside and out with layers of clay plaster. He says the common ideas about straw houses continue, including stories about the threat of fire. Mr. Lanfear says straw bale houses have done well when tested for fire resistance. And he says his builders use the same building methods as traditional builders to keep out rain. David Lanfear: “We use what we call good shoes and a good hat, and that would be a solid foundation and a really good roof.” 46. The function of the story in the first paragraph is to _____________. A. amuse the readers B. introduce the topic of this passage C. help the readers to recall their childhood memory D. remind the readers that bricks are no longer the best choice for building 【答案】B 【解析】推理判断题。根据用这个寓言故事来引出下文,因为它们有相同之处都是叙述的房 子的问题,故选 B。 47. Which of the following words is closest in meaning to the underlined word “insulation” in paragraph six? A. protection B. condition C. transmission D. expansion

【答案】A 【解析】词义猜测题。根据 The straw bale walls are relatively thick 及 So we make buildings that require very little heating in the winter or indeed very little cooling in the summer.可以猜出厚厚的草起保护的作用,故选 A。 48. What’s David Lanfear’s attitude towards the straw houses at last? A. Doubtful 【答案】B 【解析】推理判断题。根据 He has now helped to build more than ten straw bale houses and says the building material is becoming more widely accepted. 最后 David Lanfear 是同意接受了用草做成的房子的。故选 B。 49. Which of the following is NOT the advantage of the house built with straw bales? A. It is environmentally friendly. B. The supply of its building materials is easily guaranteed. C. It is comparatively economical. D. It is free from fires. 【答案】D 【解析】细节理解题。根据 So it can be seen as having no harmful effects on the environment.这种房子是环保的,选项 A 符合原文;that’s readily available.这些草是 可以再生的,更新快,所以房子的原料是可以保证的,选项 B 符合原文;it’s a relatively inexpensively renewable material that’s readily available. 这种房子是经济适用, 花费不多,选项 C 符合原文;以上都是草屋的优点,只有选项 D 没有提到,故选 D。 50. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage? A. Professor Walker is still not very sure about whether the straw bales and hemp material are as useful as they expect. B. According to Professor Walker, climate change contributes to people’s present attention to straw bale houses. C. People’s idea about the straw houses remains the same. D. The straw bale house built by David Lanfear share the same method to keep out rain as the traditional ones. 【答案】C
- 10 -

B. Approving

C. Defensive

D. Negative

【解析】细节理解题。根据 the common ideas about straw houses continue, including stories about the threat of fire.人们的对于草房子的观点不可能完全一致,故选 C。

- 11 -



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