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Unit 8 Adventure 单元知识清单

高一英语 M3 Unit 8

Adventure 单元知识清单。

第一部分 重点短语过关 1.起飞 take off 3.出现, 到场 turn up 2.颠倒地, 倒置地 upside down 4.轮流 in turn/take turns 1.The food 第二部分 重点句型过关 (cook) on the fire smells great and you are

5.(坏事)突然发生, 爆发 break out 6.损坏, 不能运转 break down 8.开始从事;占据 take up 10.为了(某一目的) in order to 12.使理解(某事) get across 7 值得做 be worth doing

having a hot cup of tea, you relax and watch the sun _____(go) down. 正在火上烹调的食物气味好极了, 而且在你在喝杯热茶期间, 你放松看着夕阳 西下。

9.就在此刻 right now 11.决定不履行(允诺的事) back out 13.坚持(某种)说法 ;支持 stand by 15.继续(做某事) carry on 17.回答 reply to

2.All our guides have several years of experience in _____(lead) hiking trips。 我们所有的导游都有一两年从事远足旅游领路的经验。 3.The hike costs ?2,500 ______(include) all flights and accommodation.这 次远足费用是 2500 英镑个,包括所有的航班费和住宿费。, 4.He had teams of dogs …and … on skis. 他让狗队拉雪橇,他的所有人都划雪。 5. this, he . 由于这个原因, 他进步迅速。 , and then the horses began to (pull) the sledges and all his men were

14.为……准备 in preparation for 16.和(某人)进行贸易 do trade with 18.完成 go through with

19. 在地平线上 on the horizon 21.在…… 之间 between

20.和…, 也…, 还有… as well as

22.把(某人)关进监狱 put … into prison 24. 因为 because of 26. 用完, 耗尽 run out of 29. 与不同 differ from 28. 做……有困难 having great difficulty

23. 在途中 on one’s way made rapid progress

25. 取得很快的进步

27. 没做成某事 fail to do sth

6. First, his two sledges the snow and the cold.

先是他的两个雪橇坏了,后来马匹开始应付不了大雪和严寒的天气。 with / doing sth 7. The next to go was Captain Oates, (walk). was having great difficulty

下一个要死的人就是 Captain Oates,因为他当时行走困难。 8. When I to with it. 当我第一次参加蹦极时, 我太紧张了以致我想退出, 但是我的朋友最终说服我 完成这次尝试. 9. people enjoyed reading his book, many of fantastic to be true. thought , for my first bungee jump I was so nervous that I tried my friends persuaded me (go) through

中国多么美,又多么强大,马可反过来也惊奇不已。 14. came the total darkness of the polar winter . 接着极夜到来了。 第三部分 1.Hiking holidays sound excited? 2.The food smells terribly. 3. Hiking can hard work. 单句改错

that Marco’s stories about China were

4.our porters carry your luggage ,that means that you can simple enjoy the experience 5. It’s worth waiting . 6. It’s difficult to get across what exciting it is . 7.The walls covered in gold and silver . 8.Not long after his return, a local war was broke out near his town. 9. Under the help of his teacher , he made rapid progress maths . 10.The men were soon exhaused and were running out food. 11. I would not like to ask his questions , which he always replies , “sorry ,I don’t know.” 12. I found someone seating at the back of the classroom

虽然人们爱读马可写的书,但许多人认为他写的东西太离奇而不可信。 10.the Hall was dinner. 这个大厅是如此之大,可轻易供 6000 人入座就餐。 11.Marco was lucky enough listening to his stories about China. 马可足够幸运地遇到另一个犯人,这位犯人喜欢听他讲关于中国的故事。 12.Just before he died, aged 70, Marco was asked the question, “Was it all true?”, he replied, “I have only told a half of I saw. (meet )another prisoner who enjoyed large it could easily 6,000 people for

就在他去世前,年已七旬,马可被问到这个问题: “那是真的吗?”对此,他 回答,“我仅告诉了我所见所闻的一半。” 13. Marco, powerful China was.

, ____________ (amaze) by

beautiful and



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