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I am reading a book now. 现在我正在读一本书。


She is not watching TV. 她没在看电视。


肯定回答:Yes, 主语+be(am/is/are).

否定回答:No, 主语+am not/isn't/aren't.

—Are you playing soccer now? 现在你正在踢足球吗? —Yes, I am. 是的,我在踢足球。


1.直接在词尾加 ing。

go→going; do→doing; cook→cooking; look→looking

2.以不发音的字母 e 结尾的单词,去掉 e,再加 ing。

write→writing; drive→driving; skate→skating; have→having; ride→riding; dance→dancing

3.以重读闭音节结尾,且末尾只有一个辅音字母的单词,先双写末尾的辅音字母,再加 ing。

swim→swimming; run→running; get→getting;

put→putting; sit→sitting;


4.以 ie 结尾的词,变 ie 为 y,再加 ing。

die→dying; lie→lying; tie→tying



( )1.What ________ Jim and Mike doing now?

A. am

B. is

C. are

D. /

( )2.2016·永州—What are you doing now? —I ________ to the music. listening listening C.was listening ( )3.—Who's your friend________? —Her mother. to with C.talking

D.talking with

( )4.Listen! A girl________ an English song.

A.sings singing

C.sing sing

( )5.—Is he________ a movie on TV? —No,he's ________ an email.

A.reading; writing B.seeing; writing C.seeing; watching D.looking; reading

( )6.—What________ he________ now? —He's reading.

A.does; do; doing C.has; to do D.was; do ( )7.—What is he doing? —He ________ his MP4. listening listening to C.listening D.listening to

( )8.Look at the photo. The boy ________. A.swimming B.doesn't swim C.swims swimming

( )9.It's seven o'clock. My father is ________ a newspaper.





( )10. —Is David playing computer games? —________.

A.Yes, he is B.No, he is

C.Yes, he does D.No, he doesn't

( )11.What are your parents talking________?



( )12.Wang Bin is ________ a book. Li Tao is ________ the blackboard.

A.reading; seeing B.reading; looking at C.seeing; seeing D.seeing; looking at

( )13.Mike and his classmates________ over there. play playing

C.are playing

D.are play

( )14.Look! She is ________ a book under the tree.







( )15.Bill is talking ________ the phone now.


( )16.I want ________ this novel now.

A.reading reading read

( )17.The boy isn't________ the teacher in class.




D.listening to

( )18.It's 8 o'clock. Jim's family ________ TV. watching

B.are watching watch

( )19.Let me ________ these books into the box.


B.put put


( )20.—________ you ________ the window? —Yes, I am.

A.Do; clean

B.Is; cleaning

C.Are; cleaning D.Do; cleaning

( )21. My grandma isn't here now. She is ________ a storybook in her room.

A. looking

B. reading

C. seeing

( )22.—Where is Rose? —She ________ at the mall. shopping


D. watching D.are shopping

( )23.There is a ________ pool near here. I often go there________.

A.swim; swim B.swimming; swim C.swimming; to swim D.swimming; swimming

( )24.—Let's go swimming. —________. I like swimming very much.

A.Sounds good B.Sure, I'd love to C.Sorry


( )25.—Keep quiet, children. Dad ________ in the bedroom. —OK, Mom.


B.sleeps sleeping sleeps

( )26. Listen! My sister ________ on the phone.

A. talks

B. to talk

C. is talking

D. talk

( )27.________ the first photo, I ________ at the mall. A.On; do shop B.On; shopping C.In; am do shop D.In; am shopping

( )28. The girl wishes ________ icecream, but her mother doesn't want her ________ it.

A. eating; to eat B. to eat; eating C. eating; eating D. to eat; to eat

( )29.Danny is living ________ his grandmother.



( )30.Mary is playing with her cat and her brother ________ at the pool. swimming B.swims

C.swim swim

( )31.—What ________ Mary and Sara ________? —They are playing the guitar.; do

B.are; do

C.are; doing

D.does; do

( )32.Here ________ two ________ of my family.; photo B.are; photos C.are; photos; photos

( )33.2016·昆明 Each couple in China can have two ________ from January 1st, 2016.





( )34.My parents are ________ races on TV in the living room.




D.looking at

( )35. Her ________ are watching TV now.

A. house

B. home

C. family

D. school

( )36.2015·菏泽—Hi, Wang Ning! How's the weather in Heze now? —It is terrible. It ________ all the morning.

A.rains raining C.rained

( )37.2015·安徽 —Cathy, can you answer the door? I ________ the room. —I'm coming, Mom.



C.have cleaned cleaning

( )38.2015·威海 Listen! Someone ________ the violin in the music room.


B.played playing

( )93.Mom, someone ________. Please pick up the phone.

A.has called calling C.will call

D.was calling

( )40.2015·苏州—Where is Joan? —She ________ a novel in her study.

A.has read B.reads

C.will read reading

( )41.Look! Simon ________ in the playground.



B.runs running


( )42. —Hello, Betty! What are you doing now? —I ________ on the Great Wall of China. I'll send them to you later.

A. will take pictures B. am taking pictures C. was taking pictures D. take pictures ( )43. —________English every morning? —Yes, but now I ________ Chinese.

A.Are you reading; read B.Do you read; read C.Do you read; is reading D.Do you read; am reading

( )44.Look! That's my younger brother, Mike. He ________ with his dog.

A.plays playing play

( )45.Look! Jack and his monkey ________ in the garden. playing B.playing C.are playing

( )46.My father is ________ a newspaper under a tree. A.reading B.watching C.looking


( )47.Who is talking ________ Mr. Green?



( )48.Today Wang Meimei is ________ a beautiful skirt.

A.putting on B.wear

C.wearing D.wears

( )49.You can't use the bathroom now. Robbie ________ a shower.


B.will take taking D.are taking

( )50.Tom ________ a big family. Now his family ________ at home.

A.has; are eating B.has; is eating C.have; are eating D.have; is eating

( )51.—________ they playing games over there? —Yes, they ________.

A.Do; do

B.Are; are C.Do; are D.Are; do

( )52. Listen! The bird ________ in the tree.

A. sing

B. sings

C. singing

D. is singing

( )53.He is studying ________ a test.





( )54.—________ are they doing? —They are talking about a new film(电影).

A.Where B.What



( )55.—Where is your mother? —She ________ zongzi for us in the kitchen.

A. makes

B. make

C. to make

D. is making

( )56. Look! It ________ outside.

A. rains

B. rain

C. is raining

( )57.—________ it going? —Very good.

A.What's B.What does C.Where's

D. to rain D.How's

( )58.Mary is studying ________ her friend's home.

A.with B.for

( )59.My mother often tells me ________ at school.

A. not fight B. not fighting C. to fight

D. not to fight

( )60.

( )61.Li Ming ________ music in the living room now.

A.listening B.listen

C.listens to listening to

( )62.I'm watching TV in the living room and my mother is ________ in the kitchen.



( )63.What are you doing ________?


B.right now



( )64.It's ten o'clock. The students ________ a Chinese class.


B.having having D.are having

( )65. Everyone in my class ________ a good time.

A. are having

B. have

C. is having

D. to have

( )66.It's ________. Let's play volleyball.



( )67.—Hi, Mary ________. —Hello, ________ Steve.

A.speaks; this is

B.speaking; this is C.speaking; I'm

( )68.—Where's Linda? —She ________ in the classroom.



D.rainy speaking; I'm studying

( )69.Some people ________ in the river now.


B.swam swimming D.are swimming



二. 写出下列动词的现在分词和第三人称单数形式

1.swim ________ ________ 2.take ________ ________ ________ 4.go ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________7.listen ________ ________ ________

9.clean ________ ________ 10. talk________ ________11.do________ ________ ________ ________

13.clean ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________17.write ________ ________ ________

三.根据句意及汉语提示完成句子 1.Who is ________(使用) the computer? Mrs. Smith. 2.Look at the photo. Are they ________ (看) TV?

3. —What is she doing? —She is ________(读) a book. 4.I'd like some coffee to ________ (喝).

5.Are you ________(做) soup at home?

四.用括号内所给词的适当形式填空 1.One of them ________ (take) photos for us now.

2.The man ________ (not sing). He's________(talk) now.

3.It's eight o'clock now. The students ________(have) an English class.

4.Look! The little boy ________ (play) with a cat.

5.—What ________ your mother ________ (do) now? —She ________ (watch) TV.

6.Mary ________ (read) books in the library now.

7.We are________(play) basketball now.

8.—Where is Tom? —He ________ (play) basketball on the playground.

9.The teacher is ________(have) a class.

10. —Is your father at home? —Yes, he is. He ________ (drink) tea with my grandfather.

11.Look! Who's ________ (clean) the classroom? 12.What are they doing? Are they ________(take) photos?

13.My brother likes ________(read) magazines before going to bed.

14.Kate and Jim want ________(swim) this afternoon.

15.—________ they ________(wait) for us? —Yes. Let's hurry.

16. My parents ________ (watch) TV now.

17. Look! The boy ________ (play) computer games.

18. Listen! The birds ________ (sing) in the tree happily.

19. There are some boys ________ (swim) in the river.

20. —Where is your mother? —She ________ (cook) in the kitchen.

21. Where ________ he ________ (come) from?

22. His sister wants ________ (go) shopping. 23.The boy ________ (miss) his family very much and wants to have dinner with them.

24. Look! They ________ (play) soccer happily.

25. This idea sounds ________ (good).

26. Thank you for ________ (tell) me the story.

27. Let's ________ (begin) our class.

28. Bob can ________ (speak) Chinese very well.

29. They like ________ (see) action movies.

30. Do you enjoy ________ (watch) TV?

31. It's ________(snow) outside. You'd better wear warm clothes. 32.—What are you doing, Ben? —I _______ _ (listen)to the radio. I often ________(listen) to the radio in the evening. 33.—________ Ella ________ (make)the bed? —Yes, she is. She ________(make) her bed every day. 34.—What's Danny doing right now?
—He ____ _ (play)basketball with his friends. He always ____ (play)basketball after school.

35.—________ you ________ (study)Chinese now? —No, I ________ (study)English. I ________ (study)English for



one hour every day. 36—What is Julia doing now? —She ________(wash) her clothes. She ________ (wash)her clothes on weekends.

37. Li Mei is ________ (have) fun in Shanghai. 38.They are ________ (take) photos in the park. 39.The girl ________ (skate) on the river now.

40. Everyone ________ (have) a computer in our class. 五.根据汉语意思完成句子,每空一词

1.“他正在做什么?”“他正在做作业。” —________ he ________? —He ________ ________ his homework.


My mother ________ ________ TV now.

3.“他们正在吃午饭吗?”“不, 没有。” —________ they ________ lunch? —No, they ________.


________ you want ________ ________ to the movies?


—Who is ________ soup? —My mother.


My uncle is now ________ in the ________ ________.


He is ________ dragon boat ________ ________ TV.

8.“他们在干什么?”“他们在听光碟。” ________________________________________















15.他爸爸和叔叔在电视上看划船比赛。 __________________


16.“你姐姐正在干什么?”“她正在写作业。”—_____ _____ your sister ___ _? —She ______ _____her homework.

17. 王林正在打篮球吗?

________ Wang Lin ________ basketball?

18. 我爷爷没在读报纸。

My grandpa ________ ________ a newspaper.

19. “你妈妈正在购物吗?”“不,她没有。”—________ your mother ________? —No, she ________.


He often ________ ________ ________ in the evening.


________ Lisa ________ on the phone?


Mike ________ ________ in the room.


________ it ________ with you?



25.“约翰现在在干什么?”“他在踢足球。 _____________________________________________

26. “多伦多正在下雪吗?” “不,正在下雨。”—________ it ________ in Toronto? —No, it is

27. 现在沈阳正在下大雨。

It is ________ ________ in Shenyang now.


__ ________.

1.Jim is talking with his grandfather.(改为否定句)

Jim ________ ________ with his grandfather.

2.Jack is getting_up.(就画线部分提问)

________ ________ Jack doing?

3.I'm doing my homework.(改为一般疑问句)

________ ________doing your homework?

4.Ben is playing soccer at school.(用 every day 改为一般现在时) Ben ________ ________ at school every day.

5.He has lunch at school.(用 now 改写句子)

He ________ ________ lunch at school now.

6.We want to go to the movies tonight. (改为一般疑问句)

________ you________ to go to the movies tonight?

7.David often wears a white Tshirt. (用 today 改为现在进行时) David________ ________ a white T-shirt today.

8.They are talking about an exciting TV play. (改为否定句) They________ ________ about an exciting TV play.

9.We want to go at_6_o'clock. (对画线部分提问)

________ do you________ to go?

10.Are you talking on the phone now? (作否定回答)

________, ________ ________.

11.I'm dancing with my sister in the photo. (改为同义句)

My sister________ I are dancing in the photo.

12.They are playing_computer_games in the living room. (对画线部分提问)______ they________in the living room?



13.My brother plays the piano in the evening.(用 now 改写句子) My brother ________ ________ the piano now.

14.Linda, are you reading a book?(作否定回答)

No, ________ ________.

15.The children are swimming in the river.(对画线部分提问)

________ are the children ________?

16.Betty is reading an English book. (对画线部分提问)

________ ________ reading an English book?

17.She eats breakfast at home. (用 now 改写句子)

She ________ ________ breakfast at home now.

18.boy, pool, the, swimming, the, is, in, now (.) (连词成句)


19.Is her daughter playing with a toy bear? (作肯定回答)

________, ________ ________.

20.Mary is writing a letter to her mother. (改为否定句)

Mary ________ ________ a letter to her mother.

21.They are looking_at_the_bird_in_the_tree. (对画线部分提问) ________ ________ they ________?

22.Mary often reads newspapers in the evening. (用 now 改写句子) Mary ________ ________ newspapers now.

23.Do you have any flowers in your room? (改为同义句) ________ ________ any flowers in your room?

24.树下有一些女孩。 她们正在玩游戏。(汉译英) ______ the tree, there are some girls. They are _______ games., is, dinner, your, making, mother(?) (连词成句) ____________________________________

26.What are Lucy and Lily doing? (用 watch TV 回答问题) ________ are ________ TV.

27.He is playing_computer_games. (对画线部分提问)

________ he ________?

28.They play soccer every day. (用 now 改写句子)

They ________ ________ soccer now.

29 . They are eating in_a_restaurant.

________ ________ they eating?

七. 完形填空


Today is Saturday. It's nine o'clock p.m. The Smiths are all at home. Mrs. Smith is watching TV. __1__ watching TV

Shopping. She wants to buy a __2__ on TV, because she wants to ride it to work. Mr. Smith is __3__ a newspaper. He is reading some news(新闻) about Liu Huan, because his favorite __4__ is Liu Huan. He sings very well. Their son, Jim, is talking __5__

the phone. He is __6__ one of his friends.He wants to go to the __7__ to see animals with his friend. Their daughter, Lily is

playing with her small dog. She is only four years old. Look! She's eating a(n) __8__. This is her favorite fruit. What's that over

there? Oh, it's a cat. It's __9__. Jim, please be __10__. Don't wake it up(弄醒)!

( )1.A.He's




( )



( )3.A.seeing

B.watching C.looking D.reading

( )4.A.musician B.teacher

C.villager D.child

( )



( )6.A.calling


( )7.A.supermarket B.movies

C.emailing D.studying


( )8.A.tomato ( )9.A.singing ( )10.A.happy B.sleeping B.noisy

C.egg C.dancing C.quiet

D.carrot D.playing D.strict


Tony and Bill are in the same school,__1__ they are in different classes. Their favorite __2__is Chinese. They __3__ Chinese is very interesting. They go to school on weekdays. They get to school __4__ 7:00 in the morning. Today is Tuesday.

Tony __5__ an English class. Look! He is talking __6__ his English teacher in English. Bill is having a Chinese class. His

teacher is talking__7__ Beijing Opera with them. The students are looking at their teachers. They __8__ carefully (认真

地).But one of Tony's classmates __9__ a book,because he isn't good at English and he __10__ English.

( )1.A.but




( ) ( )3.A.say

B.language B.speak C.tell


( )


( )5.A.have have

( )

( )

( )8 .A.listen to B.listening to

( )9.A.are reading reading C.has C.for C.about C.are listening

D.about having D.of D.are listening to

( )10.A. likes

B.doesn't like C.don't like D.isn't liking

(C) There__1__ many people in the park. What are they__2__? Some__3__ are playing games. Some__4__ are working



__5__ a small house. The Young Pioneers are __6__ basketball. Two girls are__7__ a book. What __8__ those women? They

are__9__ tea under a big tree. Look! Two cats are __10__ up the tree.

( )



( ) do C.doing


( )3.A.children B.girl C.woman D.boy

( )



( )5.A.about B.near C.under D.with

( )6.A.throwing C.doing D.playing

( )7.A.seeing C.reading D.looking

( )8.A.about B.are



( )9.A.eating B.drinking C.putting D.making

( )10.A.dancing B.singing C.seeing D.climbing


It's Sunday morning. My grandparents, my parents, my cousin and I are at my home. We are all __1__. What are my

grandparents doing? Oh, my grandfather is exercising. He is playing __2__ two balls. My grandmother is reading a newspaper.

She is reading a story in it. The story is __3__. Look! How happy my grandmother is! And my father is watching TV. He is

watching CCTV Morning News. It's his favorite __4__. My mother is in the kitchen. She is __5__. She can cook delicious food.

She is a good mother. I love __6__ very much. My cousin Peter is my uncle's __7__. He is 10 years old. He is listening to

music in my room. He likes music and he __8__ play the piano and the guitar. He is good at __9__. He wants to be a singer(歌

唱家). What am I doing? I'm using the computer, __10__ I'm not playing games. I'm writing an email.

( )1.A.lazy

B.healthy C.busy


( )


( )3.A.boring B.interesting C.short


( ) B.subject

( )5.A.reading B.writing C.sleeping

( )6.A.him


( )7.A.daughter C.son


( )8.A.must B.can



( )9.A.singing B.studying C.talking


( )10.A. or

B.because C.but


八. 阅读理解


There is a big square(广场) near my home. People like to go there after work. Some of them go to the square every day.

Look! That is Mr. King. He is sitting on a chair and watching the children. Some children are playing a game. Some boys are playing football. Lucy and Lily are standing under a tree. They are talking. Some children are flying kites(放风筝). Listen! A

girl is singing. This is really a nice square. I come here after school every day. ( )1. ________ like to go to the square.

A. Children

B. Fathers and mothers C. Lucy and Lily D. People

( )2. There are some ________ in the square.

A. birds and cats B. chairs and trees ( )3. Lucy is talking with ________.

C. balls and kites

D. houses and buses

A. Mr. King

B. the boys

C. Lily

( )4. The writer(作者) can't see________ in the square.

D. the birds

A. boys

B. men

C. girls

D. birds

( )5. What is the writer doing?

A. He's watching the people in the square. B. He's playing a game. C. He's flying a kite. D. He's singing. (B)

It's Saturday morning. Betty is having her breakfast. Betty's mother and father are with her. Betty doesn't go to school today. She often helps her parents do some housework. This morning she says to her mother. “Can I help you, Mom?”“Yes, you can help me,” her mother says. “Can you go to Mr. White's shop? There is something wrong with our clock. Mr. White mends(修理) clocks. Our clock is in his shop.”“Is he mending our clock?” Betty asks. “Yes,” her father says. She asks, “And is it ready?” “Yes, it is ready,”her mother says. “Go to Mr. White's shop. Take this bag. You can put the clock in it.” Betty takes the bag and goes to the shop to get the clock back home.
( )1. What is Betty doing when the conversation takes place(当对话发生的时候)?

A. She goes to school.

B. She is having her breakfast. C. She is cooking with her mother.

( )2. Betty often helps her parents ________ on Saturdays.



A. do some cleaning

B. do some shopping

C. do some housework

( )3.There is something wrong with their ________.

A. radio

B. clock

C. car

( )4. ________ is mending it.

A. Mrs. White

B. Mr. White

C. Mr. Brown

( )5. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. The clock is ready this morning.

B. Betty goes to the shop to get the clock with a backpack.

C. Betty and her mother go to the shop together.


It's 7:15 a.m. The students are coming into the classroom. A girl is opening the windows. Some of the students are talking

and laughing. Some other students are listening to them. Some are reading books. Some are doing their homework. Miss Chen

is standing behind the teacher's desk. She is writing on the blackboard. Ella and Brandy are wearing their new dresses today.

Sam is cleaning his desk. Ann is helping him. They all look happy. What are Jim and Tom doing? Oh, dear! They are still play-

ing basketball on the playground.

( )1.The students are ________. the school home the park

D.on the playground

( )2.Who is the teacher for this class?

A.A girl.

B.Miss Chen. C.Brandy.


( )3.What are the students not doing?

A.Doing their homework. B.Talking and laughing. C.Writing on the blackboard. D.Reading books.

( )4.How many students are playing basketball now?





( )5.Which of the following is wrong?

A.Sam is cleaning the teacher's desk. B.Ann is helping Sam.

C.Jim and Tom are playing basketball. D.The students all look happy in the morning.

(D) At this moment(时刻), in different places of the world, people are doing different things. In Beijing, it's midday. Some people are having lunch. Some are seeing friends and some are shopping. In London, it's early morning. Most people are sleeping. In Juneau, it's evening. People are having dinner at home or in restaurants. Some are going to watch a movie. Some are watching TV at home. In New York, it's late at night. Most people are sleeping, too. In Moscow, it's morning. People are working. Children are starting their lessons. 根据短文内容,回答下列问题。

1.How many places are there in the passage? __________________________________________

2.Is it time for lunch in Beijing? 3.When is it in Juneau?

__________________________________________ __________________________________________

4.Where are most people sleeping? 5.Are people in Moscow having dinner?

__________________________________________ __________________________________________


Dear friend, Thanks for 1.________(写信) to me. Here are some photos of my family. In the first photo, I am with my sister. We
2.________(与……交谈) our parents. In the second photo, I 3.________ (锻炼) with my friends. In the next photo, I 4.________(读) a storybook. I think it's fun. Do you want 5.________(读) it? In the last photo, we are at my sister's birthday party. We 6.________(吃), drinking and 7.________(唱歌). You can see all of us are happy. That's my 8.________(家庭).
I 9.________(打扫) my room now. I often help my mother with some housework on weekends. What are you 10.________(做) now? Could you tell me something about your life?
Write to me soon, please.
Emily 十.单句改错

( )1.LookA atB the photo. He swimmingC inD the pool. ______________

( )2.WhatA isB Tom andC Betty doingD? ( )3.—WhenA areB they readingC? —InD the library.

______________ ______________

( )4.He doesn'tA wantsB to goC to the moviesD.




( )5.My sisterA isB eatingC theD dinner. 十一.补全对话,方框中有两项多余


A.Yes, they do.

B.No, they aren't. C.He is reading a newspaper. D.What's in your hand?

E.What's she doing? F.Sure.

G.What's he doing?

Meimei: 1.________

Peter: A picture.

Meimei: Can I have a look at it?

Peter: 2.________

Meimei: Oh, there's a beautiful woman in the picture. 3.________

Peter: She's making cakes.

Meimei: What's the man doing?

Peter: 4.________

Meimei: Look at the two children. Are they playing cards?

Peter: 5.________ They're drawing pictures. 十二.作文

1.假设你叫魏梅,请你根据下面的提示给你的朋友 Helen 写一张明信片,介绍一下你和你的家人正在做什么。不

少于 60 词。

提示: 现在是星期三晚上八点,你的爷爷和爸爸在下象棋,奶奶和妈妈在看电视,姐姐在房间看书,哥哥在玩电






______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2.假设你叫詹妮,现在是晚上 7 点,请你写一篇英语短文,介绍一下你和你的家人正在做什么。不少于 50 词。





______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3.假如现在是晚上七点半,请你根据 Tony 提供的信息,写一篇英语短文描述一下 Tony 一家人此刻的活动情况。
要求:使用现在进行时态;60 词左右。


Read a book


Clean the room


Watch TV


Do his homework


Play the piano









一.1-5.CBDBB 6-10.BBDAA 11-15.CBCDA 16-20.DDBBC 21-25. BBCAC 26-30.CDDCA 31-35.CCCAC

36-40.BDCBD 41-45.CBDCC 46-50.AACCA 51-55.BDBBD 56-60.CDDDC 61-65.DBBDC 66-70.CBDD 二. 1.swimming; swims 2.taking; takes3.running; runs 4.going; goes5.buying; buys 6.helping; helps

7.listening; listens 8.dancing;; cleans 10.talking; talks

11.doing; does 12.watching; watches; cleans 14.reading; reads 15.talking; talks 16.eating; eats 17.writing;

writes 8.playing; plays 三. 1.using2.watching 3.reading 4.drink 5.making 四 taking not singing; talking3.are having; doing; is watching reading 7.playing playing 9.having 10. is drinking 11. cleaning 12.taking 13.reading swim 15.Are; waiting16. are watching 17.

is playing 18. are singing19. swimming 20. is cooking 21. does; come/is; coming 22. to go 23. misses24. are playing 25. good

26. telling27. begin 28. speak29. seeing/to see 30. watching 31. snowing listening; listen33.Is; making;

playing; plays35.Are; studying; am studying; study washing; washes37. having 38. taking 396. is skating 40. has

五.1.What's; doing; is doing 2.isn't watching 3.Are; having/eating; aren't 4.Do; to go 5.making 6.studying; United

States 7.watching; races on

8.—What are they doing?—They're listening to a CD. 9.—Are you doing your homework?—Yes, I am./No,I'm not. I'm cleaning my room. 10.—Are they using the computer?—Yes, they are./No, they aren't. They're exercising.

11.What is your brother doing? 12. Are you listening to music? 13. He's swimming in the pool. 14. He is studying in the

United States. 15. His dad and uncle are watching boat races on TV. 16. What is; doing; is doing 17. Is; playing 18. isn't reading 19. Is; shopping; isn't 20.does his homework 21.Is; talking studying23.How's; going24.—What are

you doing? —I'm cooking. 25. —What's John doing right now? —He is playing soccer. 26 Is; snowing; raining27. raining

heavily 六.1.isn't talking 2.What is 3.Are you 4.plays soccer having 6.Do; want wearing 8.aren't talking 9.When; want 10.No;

we aren't/I'm not 11.and 12.What are; doing playing 14.I'm not 15.What; doing 16.Who is eating

18.The boy is swimming in the pool now. 19.Yes; she is 20.isn't writing21.What are; doing reading

23.Are there 24.Under; playing 25.Is your mother making dinner now? 26.They; watching 27.What's; doing 28.are

playing 29.Where are 七.(A)1-5.CBDAC 6-10.ADBBC

(B)1-5.ADACD 6-10.BCCBB (C)1-5.BCACB 6-10.DCABD

(D)1-5.CCBAD 6-10.BCBAC 八.(A) DBCDA (B) BCBBA (C)ABCBA (D)1.Five.2.Yes, it is. 3.It's evening.4.In London and New York.5.No, they

aren't. 九.1.writing 2.are talking exercising reading read 6.are eating7.singing cleaning 10.doing

十.1.C swimming→is swimming 2.B is→are 3.A When→Where 4.B wants→want 5.D 去掉 the

十一.1.D 2.F 3.E 4.C 5.B 十二.作文
1.Dear Helen,

How are you?

It's eight o'clock in the evening now. What are you doing now? People in my family are doing different things. My brother

is playing computer games. He likes playing games very much. My grandpa and my father are playing chess. My grandma and

my mother are watching TV and my sister is reading a book in her room. We are having a good time. See you soon.


Wei Mei

2.It's seven o'clock in the evening. My family are all at home. I am doing my homework. My father is reading a book. My

mother is watching TV. My grandfather is listening to the radio and my grandmother is cleaning the room. My sister, Betty, is

playing computer games. We are all enjoying ourselves.

3.It's 7:30 in the evening now. Tony's family are doing different things. Look! Tony's mother is cleaning the room. His

father is reading a book on the sofa. His grandfather is watching TV. Tony is doing his homework. He has a sister. Her name is

Nancy. What's she doing? She is playing the piano. Everyone is busy in Tony's family!



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