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2007 年全国中学生英语能力竞赛(NEPCS)初赛 初三年级组试题参考答案 听力部分(共四大题,计 30 分) I.句子理解(Sentences) 1—5 CADBC II.问句应答(Responses) 6—10 CBAAD III.对话理解(Dialogues) A) 11—15 DBDCA B) 16—20 BADDC IV.短文理解(Passages) A) 21—25 CBDBA B) 26. 7:30 pm 27. $1.40 28. mothers 29. babies 30. June 22nd I.选择填空(Multiple-choice) 笔试部分(共七大题,计 120 分) 31—35 ADCCB 36—40 DBCDA 41—45 BDCAA 46—50 CDCBA II.阅读理解(Reading comprehension) A) 51—55 DCBBA B) 56. easy 57. collar 58. bite 59. without 60. dry 61.因此,很多学生都尽自己最大努力在考试中取得好成绩。 62.因此,在新加坡,虽然中学生的学习生活看来不易,但却丰富多彩。 63. Because a good education is regarded as a ticket to success in the future. 64. Outside school hours. 65. Hollywood blockbusters, Hong Kong and Singapore movies. 66. AF117. 67. At 9:10. 68. A23 69. the heavy rain / the bad weather 70. Because he wanted to get to the airport early. III.完形填空(Cloze) A) 71. distance 72. spaceships 73. photos 74. so far 75. of 76. which 77. useful 78. exploration 79. a waste of money 80. others B) 81. has visited 82. started 83. were 84. to travel 85. caught 86. carries 87. flying 88. using 89. want 90. finding / to find IV.句式转换(Sentence pattern transformation) 91. five days 92. spent, cleaning 93. Both, and 94. too, to 95. borrowed, from V.翻译(Translation) 96. So far, Li Ming hasn’t travelled farther than Beijing. 97. I agree with you, but I have a better idea. / I have a better idea, although / though I agree with you.

98. Daniel either goes fishing or goes boating in his spare / free time. 99. We should not laugh at others when they are in trouble. 100. Mr Wang used to live in the city, but now he is used to living in the country. VI.智力测试(IQ) 101. Two. Just Mr Green and his dog. 102. 199。因为(m + n)的 5%是 10,所以 m + n=200,我们设 m=1,1 是最小的正整数,则可知 n 的最大 值是 199。 103. RECVO 寅 COVER 104. 55。通过计算,我们知道: (8÷2)×(7+11)=72;按同样的方法计算: (9÷3)×(6+12)= 54,那(10÷2)×(9+2)=55,问号的数字应该是:55 105.c VII.写作(Writing) A) One possible version: One day, Bob and Betty were walking along the beach. Suddenly, they found a seal pup lying on the sand. They rushed to it and found that it was injured. They took it to an animal hospital in a van. The vet looked it over carefully, gave it some medicine, and then sent it to a zoo. A keeper fed it with small fish. A few days later, the seal pup became well. Then Bob and Betty helped to put it back in the sea. The seal pup swam away, free and happy. B) One possible version: I will try my best to get on well with the people around me. At school, I will listen to my teachers carefully and help my classmates. I will work hard on my lessons and try to get good marks. At home, I will help my parents do housework. I will help clean the house, wash dishes, and so on. At weekends, I will do what I can to help my neighbours. For example, I will help old people walk across the street or carry bags. When I am with my friends, I will help them with their studies and be kind to them.



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