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外贸函电 Part I 连词成句 (unit 3、5、6、7) Unit 3 1.We think that 、 when you see our samples、 you will agree that、 the quality of the material used、 and the high standard of craftmanship 、will appeal、 to the most selective buyers. 我们认为,当你看到我们的样品,你会同意,所用材料的质量和工艺上的高标准 会吸引最挑剔的买主. 2.though、We are at present unable、 to meet your requirement、 for the captioned articles、 once our supplies are replenished,we shall be only too pleased、 to revert to the matter. 我们现在无法满足你的要求的标题的文章一旦我们恢复供应, 我们将很乐意回复 此事. 3.We should like to、 draw your attention to、 our other proucts、 such as stainless steel kitchenware、 details of which、 you will find in the catalogue、 and look forward to your first order. 我们想提请你注意我们的其他产品如不锈钢厨具的细节, 你会发现在目录和期待 你们的第一份订单. 4.At、 your request ,we are now quoting you、 for、 1,000 dozen、 steel tapes、 at USD5.--per dz.、 CFR Lagos. 在您的要求,我们报 1000 打钢卷尺在 500。——每 DZ。CFR 拉各斯。 5.We are well aware that、 our competitors、 are quoting、 considerably、 at、 lower prices、 but our products、 are obviously superior in quality、 and therefore、 represent better value. 我们都知道, 我们的竞争对手报价相当以更低的价格,但我们的产品质量明显优 于他们所以更好的价值. Unit 5 1. We would like、 you、 to arrange、 an、 all risk、 open cover policy、 for our chinaware shipments 、which、 we intend to export、 over the next three months. 我们希望您能安排所有风险开覆盖的政策我们瓷器的出货量, 我们打算在未来三 个月的出口. 2. If you can、 offer、 us、 competitive rates, we will consider、 further policies、 with you、 on other shipments. 如果你能为我们提供具有竞争力的价格, 我们会考虑进一步的政策与你的其他货 物. 3. As we now desire to have、 the shipment、 insured、 at your end, we shall be pleased、 if you will arrange、 to insure the goods、 on our behalf、 against All Risks、 for 110% of the invoice value. 我们现在想把这批货投保您为此,我们如果你会安排,以确保货物以我们的名义 投保了一切险,按发票金额的 110%为高兴. 4. As requested, we have covered your order、 with PICC, and、 the insurance policy、 together、 with the other shipping documents、 will be sent to you、 through the bank . 按照要求, 我们已覆盖保您的订单, 并在保险单连同其他单据将通过银行寄给你.

5. We had、 the case、 opened、 and、 the contents、 examined by、 a local insurance surveyor、 in the presence、 of the shipping company’s agent. 我们已经打开的情况,在船舶公司的代理存在的地方保险检查员检查的内容. Unit 6 1. If cartons are used, please、 supply、 each chemical、 in strong polythene bags、 to、 ensure、 protection from damp. 如果用纸箱,请将化学强塑料袋以确保防潮. 2. A light case、 reinforced by battens、 would、 meet your requirements、 and、 be much cheaper 、 than a solid wooden case, as the former 、 would be non-returnable. 光增强的木条会满足你的要求, 是不是一个坚实的木箱便宜得多,前者将不予退 还. 3. When、 the various items、 of your order、 are complete、 in our warehouse, we will pack them、 into bundles、 of suitable size、 for shipment. 当你订购各种物品都完全在我们的仓库,我们会把它们装进出货的合适大小的 包. 4. Please make our order up、 into bales、 of about 200 kg. each, covered with waterproof fabric、 and、 strapped、 vertically、 and、 horizontally、 with metal bands. 请让我们的订单到约 200 公斤的包。每一个,覆盖防水织物在垂直和水平方向的 金属乐队. 5. All polished parts、 of the machine、 are to be wrapped、 and、 generously padded、 to avoid、 scratching、 and、 knocking、 against the container. 机器的所有抛光面被包裹和慷慨填充以避免刮伤和撞击容器. Unit 7 1.We are pleased、 to inform you、 that、 your order no. 32、 has been despatched, packed in twelve 100 kg. cases, in accordance with your instructions. 我们很高兴地通知您,您的 32 号订单已发货,包装在十二 100 公斤。例,按照 你的指示. 2.In view of the urgency of、 the order, we have despatched、 it、 today、 by air, so that the goods、 should reach you tomorrow. 在订单的紧迫性,我们将今天的空气,使货物到达你的明天. 3.Our rates、 are subject to、 alteration、 without prior notice, except、 in the case of、 special contract. 我们的价格如有变动不另行通知,除非在特殊的合同情况. 4.We have connections、 throughout the world、 and、 as a result of、 our wide experience、 we can advise you、 on suitable packing、 and、 method of transport、 for any country、 to which、 you wish to export. 我们有连接全世界, 由于我们的丰富经验,我们会建议你合适的包装和运输方法 对于任何一个国家要出口. 5.As you have been informed、 in one of our previous letters, the users、 are、 in urgent need、 of the machines、 contracted、 and、 are、 in fact pressing us、 for an early delivery.

当你已经在一个我们以前的信件通知,用户急需所订购的机器,事实上在催促我 们早日交货. Part II 翻译句子 Unit2 重点 2 个翻译小题 Page 37-V 1. There is a large demand for Chinese low voltage microwave ovens in our country. We would be grateful if you quote the most competitive prices for the types available at present. 我国对中国低压微波炉的需求很大, 请你们对目前能供应的型号向我方报有竞争 力的价格,非常感谢。 2. This is to introduce ourselves as a leading importer in the line of surgical instruments. And we would be interested in receiving your latest catelogue for our reference. 兹介绍, 本公司是经营手术器械的重要进口商,希望贵方讲最新目录寄来供我方 参考,我们非常感兴趣。 3. We specialize in candies and keep an extensive contact with the grocery stores in the country. 我们专营甜食糖果,与全国的食品店有广泛联系。 4. In order to make us fully familiarize with your exporting products, we would appreciate your sending me the complete leaflets. 若能把你方出口商品的全套散页印刷品寄来,供我方全面了解你所经营的产品, 我们将不胜感激。 5. We have learned from Brown & Clark Company in our city that you are a regular distributor of Chinese kitchenwares, for which there is a growing demand here. 我们从本市 Brown&Clark 公司处获悉,贵方经常经营中国厨具。我地这方面的 需求在不断增长。 6. Your advertisement in the latest issue of TV Word appeals to us. Could you please introduce the specification, price and packing of your products in detail? 我们已看到贵公司在最近一期《电视世界》上所做的广告,很感兴趣。请详细介 绍你们产品的规格、价格、包装等情况。 Page 40-VII 1. We have learned your Finance Guide software package from the latest issue of Computer World. We would appreciate your sending an illustration of this package. 从最近一期的《电脑世界》我们得知你们的“财物指南”软件包。如有说明书请 寄一册,我们将不胜感激。 2. We were impressed by the cars that were displayed on your stand at the recent BeiJing Trade Expo. We would like to know your prices on FOB New York of the cars listed above. 你们在最近的北京贸易博览会上展出的汽车给我们留下良好的印象。 请对以上所 列的各款汽车报你方的 FOB 纽约价格。 3. Please let us know whether you can supply the articles specified in the enclosed list. We would be grateful if you send us the export prices and inform us of the export terms. 请告诉我们你方能否提供本函所附清单中列明的各类货物。 如能寄有关的出口价

目表并告知出口条件,我们将不胜感激。 Unit 3 page 65-V 1. In reply to/ Regarding/ Concerning your inquiry of 12 January, we are glad to inform you that the catelogue and the price list have been sent seperately for your reference/ for your information. 关于贵方 1 月 12 日的询购,我们高兴地通知你方,已另邮寄出目录及价目表供 参考。 3. You would be aware that our prices are competitive. We can promise the delivery within a month of receipt of your L/C, as we have all types in large stock. 贵方会注意到我们的价格很有竞争力。我们所有型号均有大量现货,可承诺于收 到信用证后一个月内交货。 5. Though we no longer supply Type SB-95, we have Type SB-99 in stock, which has a better performance and a more reasonable price. 尽管我方不再供应 SB-95 型,我们备有 SB-99 型的现货,其性能更佳,价格更 合理。 page 68VII 2. We appreciate it that you are interested in our new products and that you are well aware of our competitive prices. We look forward to receiving your initial order. 谢谢您对我们的新产品感兴趣, 并且您还注意到我们的价格是有竞争性的。我们 盼望收到贵方的首次订单。 3. Please note that our prices are quoted on CIF Melbourne basis and that we allow 10% discount off all net prices. And you will be granted 15% quantitiy discount on the order exceeding AUD 30,000 in value. 请注意我们报的事 CIF 墨尔本价,并在所有的净价上提供 10%的折扣。对于金 额达 3 万元澳元及以上的订单,您可以享受 15%的数量折扣。 4. If you can deal on payment by L/C or by CWO, we will give you an additional cash discount of 5%. 如果你们同意以信用证或随订单付现的方式支付货款,我们还可以给 5%的现金 折扣。 Unit 4 Page 95-V 3. Please make sure that the quality of the goods should be in strict conformity with that of the sample. If this first order is executed satisfactorily, we will order regularly. 请注意货物品质必须与样品完全一致。此第一笔订单的执行情况如能令人满意, 将会经常订购。 4. Thank you for your immediate reply to our inquiry of April 22. We are glad to order 2000 dozen of silk T-shirts. For details, please refer to the Order No. 58. 感谢你方迅速答复我们 4 月 22 日的询购,现高兴地订购 2000 打真丝 T 恤衫, 详见所附第 58 号订单。 5. Our prices are a little higher than that of other suppliers, but our products are superior in quality and therefore represent better value. It is to your own advantage to order goods in superior quality.But our products are well worth the extra money because of their good quality.

虽然我方价格略高于其他供货商,但由于产品质量优良,这点差价完全合算。订 购真正优质的货物,符合你方本身的利益。 Page 100-VII 1. We have already studied your catalogue and sample and are enclosing our order for men's and boy's sweaters in assorted sizes, colors and styles. 我们已看过贵公司的产品目录和样品,现随函附上订单一份,订购各种尺寸、颜 色和款式的男士和男孩的羊毛衫。 2. We can supply all your items from stock and are making up your order. Your goods can be delievered within one month of receipt of your L/C. 你方订购的所有品种均有现货, 我们目前正在办理你方的订货,并可在收到信用 证后一个月之内发货。 3. Enclosed is our order No. GH9736. If the goods sell well in our market, we will send further orders in the near future. 兹附我方第 GH9736 号订单,如果所订货物能在我市场畅销,我们不就还会下订 单。 5. We are enclosing two copies of our sales confirmation No. DTE97064 made out against your order mentioned above. Please sign and return one of them for our file. 兹附根据贵方上述订单而缮制的我方第 DTE97064 销售确认书两份。 请签退一份 供我方存档。 Unit 5 Page 125-V 2. We have noticed that you ask for cover against War Risk. But we would like to remind you that our CIF quotation includes WPA only. Therefore, if you require this additional coverage, the extra premium will be for your account. 我方注意到你们要求投保战争险, 但是要知道我方 CIF 报价只包括水渍险, 因此, 你方若想加保战争险,则增加的保险费由你方负担。 4. We regret to inform you that of the invoiced 12 laser printers in Case No. 8, five were found upon arrival to be badly damaged. 我们遗憾地通知你方,发票所列第 8 箱,内装 12 台激光打印机,在到货后发现 其中 5 台严重受损。 5. PICC is a large-scale state-owned company with agents in all the major cities and ports in the world and noted for settling claims promptly and equitably. 中国人民保险公司是一家大型国有企业,享有理赔迅速,处理公正的声誉,并在 全世界各主要港口及地区设有代理机构。 Page 128-VII 1. We usually insure the goods with our underwriter for 110% of the total invoice value against All Risks and War Risk from port to port. 我们通常是以发票金额的 110%向我们的保险公司投保至港一切险和战争险。 2. In future, we will have to ask you to hold the damaged consignment for our inspection to determine the cause of damage. 以后我们只能请贵方把受损的货物保存好, 待我们前来查看以确定造成损毁的原 因。 4. As you know, the goods are shipped clean. As you are the insured of this shipment,

please make a claim against your insurer. 如你所知,货物是完好无损装上船的;由于你方是这批货物的投保人,因此请向 你方的保险商提出索赔。 Unit 7 page 177-V 1. We have effected shipment for the part of your order which we can supply from the stock/ which we have in stock. The reminder/ rest may have a delay of 4 to 6 weeks./ The reminder may be delayed for 4 to 6 weeks. 你方订单中能供现货的部分,我们已经执行。其余部分可能地耽搁 4-6 周。 3. Your order No. 297 has been packed for shipment. Enclosed is the shipping note. Please sign and return it to me as soon as you complete it. 你方 297 号订单项下货物已装箱待运,现附上托运(指示)单,请尽快填写签署 后寄还我方。 5. In order to assist/ help you in introducing/ to introduce our products to your market, we agree to advance the initial shipment of one third of the total quantity from June/ July to April/ May. 为协助你方尽早将我们的产品销入你地市场,我们同意 6、7 月份的首批交货, 即整个数量的 1/3,提前 4、5 月份。 Page 181-VII 1. Thank you for your delivery instructions. We're pleased to inform you that your order has been made up to be shipped on SS Polaris at Qingdao on 20th this month. 谢谢你方的装船要求。兹告我方已将货物备妥,将于本月 20 日由青岛港装“北 极星号”(Polaris)轮。 2. We opened the L/C two months ago. We are eager to know your shipping arrangements such as the name of the ship, the departure date from your port, and the expected arrival date to our port. 我方信用证开出已近两个月, 我们亟想了解你方的发运安排, 请告载货轮的船名, 预计离你港时间和预计到达我港时间。 3. As these goods are urgently required by our customers, please dispatch them by air as soon as possible. The extra charge for air transport is for our account. 鉴于我们的客户急需这批货物, 请贵方尽快安排空运,空运与海运之间的差价由 我方承担。 Unit 8 Page 206- V. 1. Our terms of payment are by confirmed, irrevocable letter of credit available by draft at sight, reaching us one month ahead of shipment, remaining valid for negotiation in China for another 21 days after the prescribed time of shipment, and allowing transhipment and partial shipments. 我们的付款条件是,保兑的、不可撤销的即期信用证,于装运期前一个月开到我 方,其有效期至规定装运期后 21 天,在中国议付,并允许转船及分批装运。 3. Regretful, as of today, we have not received any information about your L/C which should have reached us by the end of last month 该信用证本应于上月底开到我方,但遗憾的是,直到现在尚未收到你方任何有关 消息。

4. Please amend L/C No. 99S086 to read “Transhipment allowed”, and delete the clause about insurance policy as this transaction is concluded on CFR basis. 请把 99SD86 号信用证修改为“允许转运” 。另因此笔交易系以 CFR 条款达成, 故请删除有关保险单的条款。 Page 211- VII. 4. You are requested to insert the wording "10% more or less is allowed" in both the total-value and the quantity clauses and extend the shipment and validity dates to June 30 and July 21 respectively. 请在总价和数量的条款中插入“允许 10%增减”的字样,并将装船期和有效期分 别展至 6 月 30 日于 7 月 21 日。 5. Unit 9 P237-V. 2. We would appreciate it if you can provide us with any information about their financial status and credit. Meanwhile we would keep it secret. 如果能提供有关他们的财务状况及商业信誉的任何情况, 我们将不胜感激并予以 保密。 4. In order to facilitate your promotion of our products, we would make an exception of your case and accept D/P at 45 days. 为了给你方推销工作铺平道路,我们例外同意接受以 45 天付款交单的方式进行 支付。 1. We've been dealing with you on the L/C basis for over one year and would like to change to payment by D/P at 30 days. 我们以信用证进行交易已有一年多了,现在希望改用 30 天期的付款交单作为付 款方式。 2. We suggest making a part payment of USD 2000, and paying the balance by cheque by August 31. 我们建议现在以现金支付部分货款 2,000 美元,其余的款项将在 8 月 31 日前以 支票付清。 4. As agreed we have forwarded our bill of exchange No. 2782 for 17,200 euros with shipping documents to your bank, the China Construction Bank, Gaoqiao Branch. 按照约定,已将我第 2782 号汇票,金额为 17,200 欧元,连同装运单据一起交给 我方银行--中国建设银行外高桥分行。

Letterhead (the full name of your company) (your address) (telephone number, fax number and e-mail address)

20 September 2014

Inside address (the full name of the potential supplier ’s company) (the name of the building where the company is located ) (number of the building, name of street) (name of the town or city, postal code) (name of country)

Dear Sir or Madame,

We are a company specilizing in travel goods in New York and interested in your Carry-on with regard to its advertisement in one of the issues of Sky Mall in September. Would you mind answering the following questions? 1) How many colors does it have? 2) What advantages does it have compared with its counterparts? 3) Could you please provide 20% trade discount? 4) If we order 1000 at a time, what quantity discount can you offer? We would expect your reply before 1 October. Thanks a lot. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Faithfully yours, (autograph) YE Ting Import Manager

Unit 2 Inquiry Quantity discount Trade discount Bill of exchange Documents against payment Article number Cash discount Chamber of commerce Trade fair Parent company Retailer Specifications Subsidiary Supplier List prices Counter offer Distributor Chain store Wholesaler Unit 3 Quotation

Quotation sheet Firm offer Non-firm offer Offer FOB CIF Confirmed L/C Cash with order (CWO) Unit 4 Order form Unit price Total price Sales confirmation Purchase confirmation Prompt shipment Regular order Repeat order Trial order Sales contract Unit 5 Cargo transportation insurance Insured

Insurer/ underwriter insurance company Insurance certificate Insurance policy Cover note Premium Ocean marine cargo insurance FPA WPA All risks War risk Insurance claim Claims form Unit 6 Transport packing/ outer packing Selling packing/ inner packing Shipping marks Indicative marks Warning marks Paking list Delivery instructions Certificate of origin

Unit 7 Freight rate Shipping company Shipping agent Carrier Shipping space Shipping note Customs form Consignment note Bill of lading Shipping documents Port of shipment Port of destination Departure date Arrival date Transshipment Partial shipments Unit 8 Documentary L/C Beneficiary Issuing bank Advising bank

Negotiating bank Unit 9 Remittance Telegraphic transfer Mail transfer Remittance by banker’s demand draft Collection Documentary collection Documents against payment Draft at sight/ sight draft Documents against acceptance





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外贸函电--考试整理-翻译_学习总结_总结/汇报_实用...换句话说,我方可以 以托收方式,通过我方银行向你...外贸函电复习资料-句子翻... 3页 1下载券 喜欢...



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