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book 2, quiz two (12-13 unit 5, 7)

Quiz 2 (unit 5, 7)


1. _____ by a strange loud noise downstairs, the two girls jumped from their bed and screamed. A. Stunned
C. Promoted

B. Amazed
D. Startled


2. His tastes and habits ________ with those of his wife. A. combine C. coincide B. compete D. compromise


3. While the doctors analyzed the patient’s condition, his family waited outside in considerable _____. A. tension B. anticipation C. eagerness D. anxiety
4. I have told her on _____ occasions that George is not a man to be trusted.


A. ridiculous C. sentimental

B. numerous D. alternative



5. Not having a good command of English can be a serious ________ preventing you from achieving your goals. A. obstacle B. fault C. offense D. distress 6. Sadly, as spending on private gardens has ________, spending on public parks has generally declined. A. heightened
C. flown

B. lifted
D. soared


7. In my opinion, he’s ________ the most imaginative of all the contemporary poets. A. in all B. at best C. for all D. by far 8. The mayor ________ the police officer a medal of honor for his heroic deed in rescuing the earthquake victims. A. rewarded B. awarded C. credited D. prized



9. Professor Smith and Professor Brown will ________ in presenting the series of lectures on American literature. A. alter B. alternate C. substitute D. exchange
10. This research has attracted wide ______ coverage and has featured on BBC television’s Tomorrow’s World. A. message B. information C. media D. data



11. The renewal of the debate was anticipated but its _______ was not. A. intensity B. tension C. degree D. sensitivity 12. After working all day, he was so tired that he was in no ________ to go to the party with us. A. taste B. mood C. sense D. emotion



13. What he described as a _______ detail I thought was the most important part of plan. A. mere B. plain C. just D. common
14. The thief tried to open the locked door but ________. A. in no way B. in vain C. without effect D. at a loss



15. Before he started work, I asked the builder to give me an ________ of the cost of repairing the roof. A. assessment B. estimate C. announcement D. evaluation
16. ________ recent developments we do not think your scheme is practical. A. In view of B. In case of C. In memory of D. In favor of



17. Louis was asked to ________ the man who stole her purse. A) confirm B) recognize C) claim D) identify 18. The bank is offering a ________ to anyone who can give information about the robbery. A) prize B) reward C) bonus D) compliment



19. The old building is in a good state of ________ except for the wooden floors. A) observation B) preservation C) conservation D) compensation 20. When he applied for a ________ in the office of the local newspaper he was told to see the manager. A) location B) profession C) career D) position



21. In order to make things convenient for the people, the department is planning to set up some ________ shops in the residential area. A) flowing B) drifting C) mobile D) unstable
22. As the old empires were broken up and new states were formed, new official tongues began to ________ at an increasing rate. A) bring up B) build up C) spring up D) strike up



23.It’s pleasure for him to ________ his energy and even his life to research work. A) dedicate B) dictate C) decorate D) direct


24.To prevent flooding in winter the water flowing from the dam is constantly ________ by a computer. A) graded B) managed C) conducted D) monitored

25. In developing countries people are ________ into overcrowded cities in great numbers. A) breaking B) filling C) pouring D) hurrying 26. The new appointment of our president _________ from the very beginning of next semester. A) takes effect B) takes part C) takes place D) takes turns

27. Last year the advertising rate ________ by 20 percent. A. raised B. aroused C. arose D. rose 28. Some fish have a greater ________ for acid water than others. A. tolerance B. resistance C. dependence D. persistence

29. I have had my eyes tested and the report says that my ________ is perfect. A) outlook B) vision C) horizon D) perspective
30.The newspaper did not mention the ________ of the damage caused by the fire. A) range B) level C) extent D) quantity

31. The ________ of our trip to London was the visit to Buckingham Palace. A) summit B) height C) peak D) highlight 32. All the children in the family ______ the father, and Mike is no exception. A) attract B) assemble C) contract D) resemble

33. The present law needs to be slightly ______ to meet new situations. A) modified B) modeled C) molded D) shaped 34. Believe me. I’ve got the information from a reliable ______. A) origin B) source C) resource D) root

35. The invaders finally put down their arms and ______. A) surrendered B) retreated C) withdrew D) paraded 36. In the United States, private cars are an absolute ______ rather than a luxury. A) possibility B) potential C) necessity D) relativity

37. That was so serious a matter that I had no alternative but ________ the police. A) called in B) calling in C) call in D) to call in 38. A systematic study ______ that many modern languages ______ from a common parent language. A) revealed; ascended B) concealed, descended C) revealed; descended D) concealed; ascended

39. The Anglo-Saxons ______ to us their farming vocabulary, including sheep, ox, field and work. A) passed by B) passed on C) passed out D) passed away
40. Many people are not yet aware that water is a precious resource that must be ______. A) conserved B) deserved C) preserved D) reserved

Suggested Key
? ? ?

? ? ? ?

1-5: DCDBA 6-10:DDBBC 11-15:ABABB 16-20: ADBBD 21-25:CCADC 26-30: ADABC 31-35:DDABA 36-40:CDCBA


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