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2014-2015学年高中英语配套课件:Unit 4《Section Three Grammar》人教版必修1

Unit4 Earthquake


None of the students is here. Nothing is good. Neither of them is a student.

The Attributive Clause


God helps those who help themselves.

自助者天助之。 2. He who laughs last laughs best. 谁笑到最后,谁笑的最好。 3. He who doesn’t reach the Great Wall is not a true man. 不到长城非好汉。

Some sentences with atrributive clause in the text

1.THEN, LATER THAT AFTERNOON, which was almost as strong ANOTHER BIG QUAKE _________________ as the first one __________SHOOKTANGSHAN. 2.THE ARMY ORGANIZED TEAMS TO DIG OUT THOSE_______________________.
who were trapped and to bury the dead

But the people in the city, ________________ who thought little _____________ of these events, went to sleep as usual that night.

It was heard in Beijing, which is more than 200 ______________________ kilometers away. _______________

A huge crack ____________ that was eight _________________________ kilometers long and thirty ____________ meters wide cut across houses, roads and canals.

The number of people ____ who __________________ were killed or injured reached more than 400,000.

1.定义: 在复合句中修饰名词或代词的从句 2.先行词: 被修饰的名词,代词或整句话 There was an earthquake which happened in Tangshan in 1976. 3.引导定语从句的词 关系代词、关系副词:
关系代词:who, whom, whose, which, that等 关系副词: when, where, why等

关系代词的用法 关系代词在从句中可以:
指人 指物 subject (主语) that which who whom

做宾语时可以省略 object attribute (宾语) (定语)

√ √

√ √ √

√ √ √ √

√ √ √ √


Let me try!

The man _________________ is who ran fastest Liuxiang. Liuxiang is the man ________________. who ran fastest

a boy, has a scar, forehead

Harry Porter is a boy ____________ who/that has _____________________. a scar on his forehead


develop fast

a city

Changzhou is a city ___________________ which /that develops _____. fast

Which house is mine?
My house


The house _________________ whose roof is brown is mine.

The city host(举办) 2oo8 Olympic Games


which\that hosted the 2008 The city _________________________________ Olympic Games is Beijing. ___________________

Beckham is a football player.

He is handsome.

Beckham is a football player, who is handsome . _______________

Beckham, who ___________________________, is handsome is a football player.

1.The man _________came to our school is Mr. Wang. who, that
2.The girl _________________ whom, that, who, / I met is Lucy.

3.A child _______parents are dead is called Tom. whose
4.I like the book ____________ that, which, / you bought yesterday.

5. We shall never forget the days ____________we that, which, / spent

6.I like the person _________you just talked. to whom
7. I have a room ________window faces south. whose

(1) 先行词为all, everything, nothing, something,
anything, little, much 等不定代词时。

(that) you can borrow. I am sure she has something _____
Do you have anything _____ (that) you don’t understand? (2)先行词被all, every, no, some, any, little, much等 修饰时。 I’ve read all the books _____ that you lend me. Please send us any information _____ that you have about the subject.

This is the first book _____ (that) he has read. that I’ve ever It is the most beautiful city _____ seen.

(4)先行词被the only, the very, the same, the last修饰时。 that belongs to him. This is the very book _____ that was present at the He is the only person _____ time.

(5)先行词既有人又有物时。 The famous writer and his works _____ that the radio broadcast are popular to the students. (6) 先行词是who或which引导的主句。 Who is the girl _____ that drove the car? (7) 主句以there be 引导时。 There are more than 400,000 people _____ that died or were injured in the earthquake.

(1) 关系代词在限制性定语从句中紧跟介词作宾语 (介词提前)。 under which they can There are many trees __________ have a rest.

This is the ring __________ she spent 1000 on which dollars.
(2) 在非限制性定语从句中。 which is a very popular game, is Football, ______ played all over the world.

who has nothing to fear dares to tell the truth. One ____ The ones ____ laugh at the disabled are not good students. who Anyone ____ fails to finish the task should be who punished. Those ____ want to go to The Great Wall sigh up here. who

先行词是one, ones, anyone, those时用who.

3. 表所有关系及整体中的一部分或全部时,用介 词of, 有时可用whose转换。 of which is 1) I’m painting a house, the roof _________ round. I’m painting a house __________ whose roof is round. 2) They live in a house, _______ whose windows face south. They live in a house, the windows of which face south. _________

Let me try!

1. All ______ is useful to us is good. A.which B.what C.that D.whether 2. She will never forget the days ______ she spent in Beijing. A.when B.what C.which D.why 3. The man ______ you are talking about is in the next room. A. to whom B. whom C. who D. which

4. The text is one of the most interesting stories ______ learned in the past three years. A.that have B. that have been C.which has D. which has been 5. The college won’t take on anyone ______ eyesight is weak. A.who B.whose C.of whom D.which

6. Here is the bicycle ______ in the shop. A.that you saw it B.that saw it saw saw it 7. Those ______ to take part in the game write down your names, please. A.who B.who want C.that wants D want 8. I, _____ your good friend, will try my best to help you out. A.who is B.what is C.what am D.who am

Make a report about the typhoon: (using attributive clauses)

on Oct. 7th

attack Huzhou
for a long time

strong wind and heavy rain
cause damage 5 million people

go through

trapped or injured
flood and mud-rock flow

4.5 billion money
on one was killed

rescue, help

Make a report about the typhoon:

(using attributive clauses)
There was a typhoon ______ that attacked Huzhou on Oct. 7th this year. It was a strong typhoon ___________ that / which stayed in Zhejiang for a long time. It brought strong wind and heavy rain, ______ which caused a lot of damage. More than 5 million people went through the typhoon, among ______ whom many people were trapped or injured. Many buildings fell down. It caused flood and mud-rock flow in many places, which _____ resulted in a loss of more than 4.5 billion money. Teams were organized to rescue those ______ who were trapped and help was given to those ______ who suffered from the typhoon. Luckily, it was reported that no one was killed.


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